AtléticoFans present the LFP Awards 2013-14

Here's how last week's awards ceremy should have gone

Simeone enjoying the occasion

Simeone enjoying the occasion

As you may know if you’ve been following any sort of Spanish newspaper this week – there has been an outcry over the results of the LFP Awards presented on Monday night. The event honoured the best players in the 2013-14 La Liga season.

With the exception of Simeone picking up the LFP Coach of the Year, Atlético didn’t manage any other awards, despite picking up their tenth league title on the last day of the season away to Barcelona.

Here at AtleticoFans, we’re delighted to bring you exclusive access to how the awards ceremony should have unfolded.


Goalkeeper of the Year – Thibaut Courtois (Atlético de Madrid)
Runner-up: Gabi (Atlético de Madrid)

In his third and final season on loan at Atleti, Courtois had a year he will never forget. Picking up the Zamora trophy with the lowest goals-to-game ratio (0.65 per game) and only 24 goals conceded (the fewest in the league) topped off a spectacular season for the Belgian.

It was a tight-race, but Courtois managed to just edge out Gabi for La Liga’s best goalkeeper, after the latter’s appearance in the goalkeeper kit against Almeria. (He really pulled it off – despite his attempt at saving the penalty.)


Defender of the Year – Miranda (Atlético de Madrid)
Runner-up: Godin (Atlético de Madrid)

Joao Miranda helped Thibaut Courtois to 18 clean sheets last season. You want more stats? He made 259 tackles. He made 415 clearances. 155 of those were made with his glorious, goalscoring head.

Miranda’s partner in crime, Diego Godín is the runner up on our list. Assisting Miranda in the defensive duties required by Diego Pablo Simeone, Godín also scored one of the most important and beautiful goals in Atlético history. His header at the Camp Nou will be remembered for years to come. Maybe Diego should think about legally changing his last name to God-in.


Midfielder of the Year – Gabi (Atlético de Madrid)
Runner-up: Diego Simeone (Atlético de Madrid)

The heart and soul of the Atlético midfield is none other than the captain, Gabi. He may not have long luscious locks like Andrea Pirlo or Luka Modric, but he makes up for that with his non-stop playing style. His constant pressing of the ball, deadly recoveries, superhuman stamina, and delicious passes make him the midfielder of the season. His goal scored against Real Madrid at the Calderón is one of the beauties of the season.

Although he did not feature in any official games, Diego Simeone is the runner up for best midfielder of the year. Because let’s face it – there’s no better midfielder across the whole of La Liga. Even at 44, he seems in better shape than the guy who scored twice against us at the weekend.


Attacking Midfielder of the Year – Koke (Atlético de Madrid)
Runner-up: Raul Garcia (Atlético de Madrid)

Koke, Spain’s brightest star for the future. The player that has already replaced Xavi in the heart of a Spanish midfield that was tagged as the best in the world over the last decade.

Our youngster finished the season with 13 – yes 13 – assists in the league, scoring six goals in the process. It was an outrageous season from the 22-year-old.

The only player that got anywhere close to pipping Koke to the prize was his fellow Spaniard, the real Raul, Raul Garcia. RG8 managed to score nine goals to aid Atleti’s pursuit of the Championship – albeit playing further forward at times alongside Diego Costa.


Forward of the Year – Diego Costa (Atlético de Madrid)
Runner-up: David Villa (Atlético de Madrid)

He may no longer be with us, but The Beast of the Manzanares notched up 27 goals in just 35 league appearances, his best ever season in what was his last for Atlético. It’s no wonder Chelsea came calling (although how early they came is still up for debate).

David Villa was the runner up, after scoring some very important goals in his single season at Atlético. Our favourite was the volley against his former club, and subsequent celebration (and yes, we know this was in the Super Cup, but who really cares?)


Breakthrough Player of the Year – Saul Niguez (Rayo Vallecano)
Runner-up: Arthur Guisasola (

Saúl Ñiguez just edged out AtleticoFans writer, Arthur Guisasola for Breakthrough Player of the Year. The fact that Arthur doesn’t play football is the main reason that Saúl took home the trophy. There’s not another young man alive who can match the abilities of Atlético’s youngster.

Last season at Rayo, Saúl was implemented in a wide-array of positions, in which he showed off how versatile he can be. Rayo coach Paco Jemez had nothing but praise for the young starlet.

“He has the technical ability to be able to play in whatever position on the pitch.”

It is still unclear if Jémez was talking about Saúl or Arthur.

And that’s it! We hope you enjoyed our Awards Ceremony – and we hope you agree with the selections!

DISCLAIMER: If the LFP can make it up – so can we.

  • Good humor .. although you forgot to mention that LFP stands for “Liga Florentino Perez”

    But to speak seriously, what really upset me is not that the players of the champion team didn’t win any individual trophy, it is the system itself
    The votes of the 3 captains of each team … WTF

    If we assumed that they voted according to their technical views and not their love and hate for the nominees, the big names, the fame and the achievements in Copa del Rey & UCL which are not the subject of the trophies, if we assumed that they were reasonable and impartial (which is very hard to believe), then how in hell could any one of the 60 players who get to vote watch all the 380 games in La Liga to make a right judgment & a fair vote ?!

    I actually didn’t know that this was the system before that absurd ceremony, but I talked and wrote a lot about the system of FIFA awards, especially Balon d’Or which -since 2010 after France Football & FIFA became one award- is always being given to the wrong player

    FIFA system is the votes of the captains and the managers of the national teams, while the committee that makes the nominations is also a joke, you just need to know that Florentiono Perez is a member of it !!

    But at least FIFA publish the votes of those captains and coaches, while in Spain they are military secrets
    We demand to know each and every single idiot who voted for Modric over Gabi, for Navas over Courtois and for Iniesta over Koke

    Both LFP & FIFA awards need to change their systems to the votes of a respectful group of journalists, retired players and neutral coaches
    But while that would make FIFA awards go to who really deserve them, I doubt that it will make a big change in LFP awards, because it is very difficult -if not impossible- to find such a respectful group in a bipolar Spain .

    Not to forget :
    Spanish media reported that both Courtois and Gabi did win the votes, but they were denied the prizes because the first couldn’t attend the ceremony, while the second is being investigated in Levante-Zaragoza case
    But what Señor Tebas forgot is that Iniesta also didn’t attend the ceremony, while the whole Barcelona Football Club is being investigated in a couple of cases

    This is hopeless !!

    I think what we really should discuss is :
    Should we and could we boycott these awards ?!!

  • Brad

    I like your sentiment, but your suggested system still doesn’t really work…they tried that to pick a national college football champion in the US for years and people still bicker over it.

    I think there needs to be some level of objectivity in it, especially for certain categories (especially the keeper)

  • Santi

    This is brilliant.

  • People will never stop bickering, and a good system is not the one that doesn’t cause any bickering, but the one that causes the less bickering

    My system does work, in fact, any system other than giving the right of vote to 20-years old players in Granada and Valladolid would work !

    UEFA’s best player in Europe award gives the votes to 54 journalists from each national association in UEFA, and that’s why it is one of the most respected awards in football, and it causes (the less) debates and arguments
    in 2012 it went to Iniesta when Messi won Balon d’Or the same year
    and in 2013 it went to Ribery not Ronaldo

    In fact, that was the system of Balon d’Or before 2010, (with much bigger group of journalists from all around the world) and that’s why players like George Weah, Michael Owen, Nedved, Shevchenko & Canavaro have won it, and they would never have a chance if the system was like now, it would have been between Ronaldo, Ronaldinho & Zidane every year

    I will finish with this :
    Captains of Madagascar, Malta, Andora, Belize, Haiti, Afghanistan (with all due respect to these countries) get to vote in FIFA balon d’Or
    While Xavi, Pirlo, Gerard, Ruben, Ribery don’t get to vote because they are not the captains of their respective national teams

  • Chewie

    Baptistao with a wonderful double today and 6 league goals in total. Will he get another chance next year? Hope so, the guy clearly has the talent.

  • Chewie

    Complete off-topic: looking at the photos, I noticed that Gabi is sporting the same outfit as Simeone, Courtois looks like a politician (or TV commentator), Koke features an ugly, messily-knotted tie and Saul has the looks of a rising Hollywood star. Can’t say much about Costa except that he looks relaxed.

    It’s interesting to see how players’ personality is expressed through clothing, for instance. What’s more interesting is that there’s a link to their football careers as well: Courtois’ decision to play in Atletico was strategic, he always knew what he wanted and got it, like a good politician would; Costa didn’t give a shit about club loyalty and went to Chelsea – and adapted – effortlessly and without fuss; Gabi is Simeone’s incarnation on the pitch and just an awesome guy who is always at ease; Koke is a clumsy little football genius; and Saul is a serious youngster with a star quality.

  • This is awesome

  • next year ?! .. I just tweeted : “can we get him back in January” !

    although January is also next year, but you know what I mean 😉

  • Kris

    Damn. Brilliant!

  • Kris

    Good argument. I personally would give it to old, retired, respected footballers. As in letting Ibrahimovic vote when he is about 60-65.

  • Do you think Baptistao would do well with Atleti? I am not sure he is the right fit. Why do you see him doing well with us?

  • Courtois was the person who was robbed blind. Navas was not better than Courtois, but of course if Courtois went to Real Madrid, then he would have won. This award is a JOKE!

  • Chewie

    I don’t see him doing well, but taking into account our shortage of decent strikers, I’d like him to at least have another chance.