AtléticoFans joining the Football Collective

We're delighted to announce partnership with exciting new network

Excellent team spirit - a feature for Atleti

Excellent team spirit - a feature for Atleti

It’s been just over four years since AtléticoFans launched, and in that time we’ve seen some accomplishments that even the most optimistic Atlético fans weren’t expecting.

Atlético winning the La Liga crown, coming within seconds of winning the UEFA Champions League, ensuring that a victory against Real Madrid isn’t some form of miracle – but something we can achieve on a regular basis.

We’re delighted to have been there every step of the way.

As always, we’re keen to keep growing as a site and as a result I’m really pleased to announce that we’ll be part of an exciting new network for the rest of the season called the Football Collective.



The FC will bring new possibilities to AtleticoFans. Increased traffic, more collaboration with other blogs and the potential to bring our coverage of Atlético Madrid to a completely different level.

As part of this, we’ll be linking up with some of the other leading football blogs across the world.

The way we write, our opinions and what we talk about won’t change – we’re just being given a wider platform to reach more and more fans of the club we all love.

I can’t give away too much at the moment, but for anyone looking for some more information, be sure to sign up for the FC Newsletter at

It’s all coming soon, but if you really want to support all of us here at AtleticoFans, be sure to follow them on Facebook and on Twitter at @fbcollectivecom.

Thanks for all your support over the last four years (yes, all of you) – you’ve made this site what it is – and we hope you’ll join us in this exciting new adventure.


  • Kris

    I’m really happy for you guys… It has come a long way and even though I’ve only been an active member of this website for about two years, it has been the best way to read about Atleti and discuss about Atleti with fans who love Atletico just as much as I do(I really don’t know a single Atleti supporter in my city).
    Being in this network will most definitely take you to a new level in terms of traffic and even help you guys improve your journalism. I am just hoping that you guys do not add extra ads on the page though, I have Adblock disabled for your site and I would like to continue my support but too much ads will just ruin your beautiful page design. Keep up the great work and help us connect with even more Atletico fans on this website! You guys are the best Atletico fan site there is! Aupa Atleti!

  • Mohammed Basith

    You know what..I am following just to read the comments 😉
    It’s like a hobby for me <3
    I am from Kerala,India
    Me too really don't know a single Atleti supporter in my COUNTRY

  • Atleti now have a franchise in India, so I guess you will know a lot of Atleti fans soon, especially if you are from Kolkata or near it
    and even if not, when Atleti start to make summer trips to India (and I say when not if) they will have fans in all over the country

  • Mohammed Basith

    Atletico de kolkata
    I know
    But majority of them just like us because we invested money in Indian football..
    At the end of the day they all love some teams with big money and big stars :3

  • Sierra Godfrey

    Fantastic news, guys!