Oh Captains, My Captains

Arthur Guisasola looks at the merits of our three leaders

Our three captains

Our three captains

Atlético has three captains: Gabi, Raúl García and Godín. As we are now in the seventh fixture of La Liga it is safe to ask, did Cholo make the right choices?

Gabi is the heart-and-soul of this Atlético team; his composure and way of seeing the game is as if he were the Atlético crest itself playing. His command of not only the midfield, but also every part of the pitch is remarkable.  This is his third consecutive year being first captain for the club.

Gabi = Well deserved.

Godín is a superhero in the defense and like most superheroes he works best with his trusty sidekick, Miranda. His ability to neutralize the opposition is incredible; his leadership in the defense is unquestionable. Godín arrived at the club four years ago and we will always remember him for his league-winning goal at the Camp Nou.

Godín = More than deserved.

Raúl García, the silent warrior, the man that has been at the club the longest. The only squad player left from that 2009/10 Europa League Campaign. The Atleti player that has played the most Champions League matches, surpassing club legend Luís Aragonés. This is his second year as a captain for the team.

Raúl Garcia = Definitely deserved.

The player that to this day still receives criticism is Raúl García. I don’t understand why.

Raúl is one of the players that embodies the Atlético fighting spirit. He never gave up while he was being booed and criticized every time he stepped foot on the pitch.

He stayed quiet and began to respond with stellar performances. He has even been rewarded with his second consecutive call up for the Spanish national team.

Questions tend to arise asking why Juanfran isn’t one of our captains. Arguments tend to say that Raúl García is too much of a hothead to be our captain, while Juanfran is more calm and level-headed.

Juanfran too was booed and given a tough time during the beginning of his Atleti career. The man from Alicante had to completely change positions in order to have a future in the club; his switch from right winger to right back has cemented his name in the hearts’ of colchoneros everywhere.

In my opinion, Raúl has earned the right to be an Atleti captain. After being mocked for years, he is finally where he should be. Raúl Garcia, Atlético de Madrid’s number 8 and Spain’s number 7.

Following Cholo’s words, “If you believe and you work, it will happen.”

Raúl believed he had what it took to be an Atleti player and he worked hard to prove it.

Who do you think are the right men for Atlético?

  • Chewie

    Gabi is our field general, master of set-pieces and the hardest working player. The team’s heart.

    Godin is badass. He’s got it all. He’s so good he can decide not only the match, but the tournament outcomes.

    RG8 is unbreakable. When he’s on the pitch, you know that he’ll keep on fighting no matter what. His work rate is incredible.

    Thanks to Simeone, these three have reached the peak of their abilities, and I believe that the captain bands they’re wearing are deserved, without a doubt.

  • Gabi is a captain because it’s his ” birthright ”
    “when I grow up, I want to be an Atleti player” .. that’s the answer he gave when he was asked as a little boy about what he wants to be
    he is a canterano who debuted with Atleti 12 years ago, and on that team there were our current coaches, Cholo & Mono

    Raul is a captain because of his numbers
    he is the most capped, the top scorer, the one who played more seasons and the one with more trophies in our current squad (6 of our 7 since 2010, only missed Europa League 2012 because Manzano loaned him to Osasuna)

    Godin is a captain because of his personality
    just like Chewie said : ” he is a badass ”
    you can compare him to Miranda -for example- , the Brazilian is a shy person, he is not weak, he can’t be bullied, but he is not strong like Godin, he can’t argue with the refs like he does, he doesn’t celebrate his goals like him, bulling his shirt & kissing the logo, he doesn’t usually look to the fans and asks them to start chanting and supporting the team like Godin does

    and being a “badass” doesn’t mean that he is short-tempered or hothead, in fact he is much calmer than RG8 & Arda for example, but he is not too calm like Juanfran, and that’s a good thing, because for a club like Atleti and for a place like Spain, being calm and nice aren’t good qualities for a captain !

    I wouldn’t pick anyone other than those three

  • Kris

    So, Atletico de Kolkata won the opener of ISL, and Koke played a good game today for Spain against Luxembourg. I am proud of Koke, he has established himself into the Spain XI, replacing Xavi.

  • Neptune’s Aya

    Well said Chewie!!!. Aupa Atleti!!!

  • I would say Koke, but I think next year he will be El Capitan.