Match preview: Atlético vs. Sevilla

Atleti look to extend unbeaten run in the league

He's back! Simeone returns (

He's back! Simeone returns (

Atlético Madrid are looking to extend their unbeaten run in the league on Saturday night when Sevilla visit the Vicente Calderon.

The Andalusians are on a run of their own, and will be hoping to notch up their fifth league win in a row.

It all kicks off at the Vicente Calderón at 20:00 CET.

Despite a fantastic win over Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, Atlético have had a tough few games so far in La Liga, with single goal victories over both Eibar and Almeria.

Los Rojiblancos have received a massive boost, with Diego Simeone returning to the touchline following his four-match ban in the league, a week after picking up his 100th victory for Atlético as boss.

He still has four games left to serve in future Spanish Super Cup matches, but Cholo will be back at the helm for the rest of our league campaign – and he has been sorely missed.

Atleti have no new injury concerns, with Mandzukic still a major doubt due to his nose injury. The forward tweeted a picture to his new accessory, the Maskzukic.

It’s a possibility he could play, but it’s likely that Atlético will start with Griezmann and Raul Garcia again, with Jimenez potentially given another starting role.

Griezmann has enjoyed a good start to Atlético, arguably the most impressive of Atleti’s summer signings alongside Moya and Mandzukic.

Tiago was full of praise for Antoine at the pre-Sevilla press conference, and also insists the team isn’t taking Sevilla lightly.

“Sevilla has a great coach who knows how to play each game. It’s his second year and the team has really followed his philosophy. They can drop back but they some fast, quality players,” the midfielder said.

“They’ve lost an important player [Moreno] but it’s hardly noticeable. Sevilla are a strong and compact team, and Saturday’s match is going to be a very hard one.”

Gabi is expected to return to the side after a couple of disappointing performances, and it’s a mystery as to how much good Saul’s performance in midweek did for the youngster, and if this is enough to dislodge Mario Suarez.

Before kick-off on Saturday, Atlético will be celebrating the annual Día de las Peñas, which includes lots of activities dedicated to all of the Atleti Supports Clubs all over the world.

Some of AtléticoFans’ contributors and friends will be in Madrid for the events, so let us know if you’re going to be taking part in the events.

Last year, more than 5,000 peña members turned up to celebrate – it’s a fantastic occasion!

Let’s hope we can mark the day with another strong win, going into our midweek match with Juventus in the Champions League.

  • I really hate to correct you guys, and it seems that some of the readers doesn’t like that either, some accused me of trying to look like a smart person who knows everything,
    well, I’m not, but when I know that something is wrong I just can’t help it, I have to correct it

    1- if Grizi, RG8 & Jimenez are all going to start then one of Arda & Koke will be benched, unless Simeone plays Koke as a holding midfielder next to Gabi or Tiago, and I don’t think he will do that tomorrow
    it will be Arda-Koke-Griezmann and in front of them only one of the 2 Rauls, if Mandzukic isn’t ready yet to start

    2- When Tiago said that Sevilla lost an important player (and din’t name him) he obviously meant Rakitic, not Moreno

    3- That photo of Mandzukic is from Wednesday, and it’s clear that he can’t see well enough from that Mask, yesterday he had a new one

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Let’s go guys, no predictions. Let’s cheer our asses off again and I hope saul starts.. he deserves it

  • A little off topic, sorry, but Sergi Dominguez (@futbolsergi) said this about Oliver Torres just now: “Oliver Torres looked excellent for Porto tonight. Highly rate the kid. Brilliance oozes out of him. Bright future with Spain.” — We’ll need to get a place for him next season.

  • Actually I believe his place was available since this season, the spot occupied by Cebolla
    I sincerely appreciate what Cebolla gave us, but it was time to leave this summer, and actually the club and the player were looking for a way out but they didn’t receive a decent offer

    with Oliver instead of Cebolla in the 21-men squad we have right now the kid would have had a lot of chances .. maybe this will happen next season

  • in another off-topic :

    Gabi is one of 33 people who will be questioned by a judge in a match-fixing case, the last game of 2010-11 season between Lavante & Zaragoza that ended up 1-2 for Zaragoza and helped them to avoid relegation,
    Gabi was the Captain of Zaragoza and he was the one who scored both goals that night (two magnificent goals in fact)

    our former coach Javier Aguirre who was the coach of Zaragoza at that time is also among them

  • Ringo ST Gambo


    On: yeah me too, kid deserves a chance and might be most technical of the bunch (if we don’t count Koke among them)

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    Saúl starts, but not instead of Tiago, but as an extra.
    With Koke, Arda and Mandžukič as the most offensive players on our side, Simeone is not relying on pace tonight, at least not till later on in the game.

    I feel possession game coming up.

  • atleti10

    So close, drop Saul back in midfield and swap Tiago with Griezmann and you’ve got our best team. Hopefully we’ll see that at some point tonight. Aupa Atleti!

  • Chewie

    That’s the drive I was talking about! The game today is a piece of beauty. At last the Atletico’s genius is shining again. I think we’re playing that good because of Simeone – just notice the constant movement that he produces sprinting around the pitch, and the remarks he never ceases to give to everyone from the referee to the assistants and the players. When Gabi was brought down by a Sevilla player, he stood up and looked at Simeone, then returned calmly to his position.

    And the set-piece! Surely one from Cholo’s textbook. One-two-three-four, and Saul clears any doubts about who’s destined to be the number one DM. Mario Suarez better ready a warm blanket and a tablet with FIFA 15 installed, since only there he’ll play as a starter.

    Arda is on fire, by the way. Haven’t seen him as deadly and efficient for a while.

  • Chewie

    Loved how Jimenez, after scoring the goal, grabbed the club’s emblem, almost tearing his jersey apart, as if saying: “See, haters, I’m rojiblanco now, Ro-ji-blan-co!”.

  • It’s a relief to have Arda. When things get complicated you can literally shoot the ball to him and the bearded will have the job done. Gabi played better today and the Saúl boy is a real gem. Everything is easier when Mario starts and remains on the bench.

    Happy for Jimenez. The guy had a nightmare two matches ago and now is leaving the pitch with “an assist” to the penalty and a goal! Sure, Simeone on the sideline is totally necessary 🙂 .

  • Parsa

    Perfect momentum in a perfect time.

    Just before our most important game in the UCL group stage, We destroyed sevilla like a tank ! This is the atleti spirit that lead us to new heights last season. I love the tactics that simeone used in this match, He gave gabi freedom to press hard sevilla defenders with a relief that there are 4 midfielders behind him, and that was a real success. They were always forcing to mistakes and missing the ball. After he got the result, He subbed him off so he can rest for juve’s game.

    I’m also delighted for jimenes. He showed he’s ready to give all for the team. If he does that, I have no problem with his past. He made me smile tonight and that’s enough for me.

  • Adnan Khan

    Agreed, agreed and agreed. Loved this comment, well said 🙂

  • Amr Misir Mukadaffi

    We need to keep this up, and push this line to the next game against Juventus.. A very important game for us.. We have no injuryes everyone is fit.. So we can do it.

  • He also did that vs Celta after his annulled goal
    for me, Jimenez goal was the best thing happened tonight
    if I had to choose between 5-0 without Jimenez scoring, or 1-0 scored by him, I would definitely pick the 2nd choice

  • This what I call a perfect night,
    El Cholo is free
    4 goals vs the S.O.B of Sevilla,
    Mandzukic is back,
    Saul starting, playing the most number of minutes in a single game so far, and scoring
    RG8 started his scoring account in Lai Liga this season
    We kept clean sheets for the 2nd game in a row, after conceding 5 goals in 2 games
    And the top of all :
    Jimenez scored and put down a huge amount of pressure from his shoulders

    if there is only one negativity it would be the coward Jose Gonzalez
    after all that hitting and kicking from Sevilla, we ended up with more yellows than them, we got 4 while they only got 3 !

  • Chewie

    I would also add that Ansaldi is a player of real quality. Solid in defense, precise and clever in offense. Calm, cool and collected, as it goes.

    As for the ref – yes, Sevilla should’ve played with ten men. But I’m not sure it would’ve been better. Tonight was like a night in a cinema, a masterclass.

    I also was shocked to see a successful dribbling by RG8, right before he passed the ball to Griezmann who missed by inches. RG8 and dribbling…

  • I’m one of the biggest fans of RG8, but I think he was shocked himself !

  • Neptune’s Aya

    Haters?. You only support Atletico because you want to stand out as no-one pays attention to you. Flawless machinery…it gets better every time….Every goal he scores, hopefully faster than every 300 minutes, is one more million that your cheaters, you know who they are?, are going to have to pay for him when he wants to leave. Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Neptune’s Aya

    Ahmad, you are priceless…Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Neptune’s Aya

    Nice going, thank God Mario hasn’t got the pleasure of reading you. And you get 7 votes. Any web for Atletico fans?….According to your “study” had Simeone been in the derby Atletico would have won 0-4. Oh, sorry i forgot you don’t like to talk about that game. I’d love to see your comments about the Supercup, but no time to waste…I should have told you this the other day: x square triangle, L1 and switch console off to come back to reality. The closest thing you’ve experienced to drive is the GT3
    Slugging Mario off and gets 7 votes…AHAHAHAHA…better than the flawless mechanism…Any web for Atletico fans?…Aupa Atleti!!!.

  • Neptune’s Aya

    Another one slugging Mario off. Any web for Atletico fans?. Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Neptune’s Aya

    I’m rojiblanco….now….( say, till January…)”… priceless…seriously Chewy…you know you’d get ten seasons running and the highest ratings with the NBC, and then it be time for Ahmad’s spin-off…Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Neptune’s Aya

    Same advice i gave to your co-actor : x triangle square and jump!!!, to turn the console off. Though you are a bit old for that to be honest… Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Adnan Khan

    Mario suarez is a good player but there is no doubt that he does not deserve to start the games anymore, Saul does. 4 games and 4 yellow card is not that good. Mario has underperformed in compared with the other midfielders, so it’s just naturally to wish a better and younger player to start a match. Not slugging anyone off.