Miranda: “Atlético is a team built to fight for titles”

Our Brazilian defender earns a recall to the national side



Dani Hidalgo, correspondent for AS, spoke with Joao Miranda following his match against Colombia for the Brazil national team.

Miranda played the full 90 minutes after a year-and-a-half long absence for the ‘canarinha’.

“I think that Atlético de Madrid is a team built to fight for titles and we will try to do what is necessary in order to win trophies this season.”

With a derby coming up the following week, Miranda was asked on his thoughts of the match.

“Right now the mentality is to think about the Brazilian national team and I’ll start to think about Atlético de Madrid after my session with the national team is done.”

Miranda after the match against Colombia

Miranda after the match against Colombia

After a busy transfer season for Atleti, Miranda shows his content with the new project for the 14/15 season.

“They are great players, great signings and we will have to wait a bit for them to show their worth.”

After a goodbye just a few months back, Miranda reunited with old teammate and friend, Filipe Luis. When asked about Filipe’s replacement, Miranda only had kind words for Guilherme Siqueira.

“Siqueira is a very good player, a high quality one. Definitely on the same level as Filipe Luis. In a little bit we will give great joy to Atlético.”

When asked whether if it’s possible to repeat what happened last season, Miranda was quick to reply.

“We will try.”

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    we have lost Dani Hidalgo, he was a great journalist and a great Atleti fan, and maybe this is why AS has moved him to Miami this summer
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