Atlético agree deal for Alessio Cerci

The Italian forward will join Atleti after a medical

Alessio Cerci at Torino (pic:

Alessio Cerci at Torino (pic:

Atlético Madrid have announced that a deal has been agreed to sign Alessio Cerci from Torino, subject to a medical and the striker signing a three-year deal.

The fee is unclear so far, but Atleti have done well to beat out Arsenal, AC Milan and Juventus, who have all been repeatedly linked with the player.

The 27-year old Italian forward, who has up until now never played for a club outside of Italy, was included in the Azzurri’s 23 man squad for this summer’s World Cup.

He has been the driving force behind Torino’s 7th placed finish in Serie A last season, and Cerci finished with the most assists in the league, tied with Francesco Totti at 10.

In our last two games against Eibar and Rayo, it’s been clear that we lacked a creative spark with the absence of Arda Turan from the team through injury, and Atleti will be delighted to finalise the signing after weeks of negotiation.

“We’ve had to make an important effort after all the work we did this summer – but we’re convinced that it was worth it. We consider Cerci key to our team,” said Atlético Sporting Directer Jose Luis Caminero.

“Cerci will bring us penetration, speed and goals. He gives us more options in attack. Reaching an agreement is a joy for everyone.”

It is said that Cerci was brought to the Vicente Calderón after a special request from Cholo Simeone.

Atlético may rush through the presentation in what is likely to be the final signing of a hectic transfer window – one which slams shut tonight. Although Alderweireld and Cristian Rodriguez could still leave Madrid.

What do you think of the signing? Do you want us to sign anyone else before the window closes?


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think it was a done deal for about a month, even Cerci has tweeted few weeks ago that he is coming to Atleti, although he deleted it and denied it soon
    and for that I followed him on twitter and put him on my Atleti list three weeks ago, I was very sure

    what I believe was the reason of the delay is that we where trying to git rid of some players to make a space for Cerci’s salary (remember that we raised the salaries of our key players with a sum of 15 million, that’s why -beside Simeone’s lack of rotation- we wanted a 20-man squad)
    There were 3 names on the departures list : Insua, Toby & Cebolla
    Insua was loaned to Rayo yesterday, Toby will leave on loan to Southhampton today while Cebolla hasn’t decided yet, and he could stay

    and PLEASE : does anybody know what’s the situation of Silvio ?!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    13 goals and 10 assists last season in Serie A, the most defensive league in the world
    not bad at all

    Mandzukic is the undisputed striker
    BUT who will play behind him, and how ?!
    Koke, Arda, Griezmann, Cerci, RG8, Jimenez .. El Cholo has a lot of homework to do, and now he must rotate, either he liked it or not !!
    let’s see how he will do it, and let’s hope he figure it out very soon

  • Daneatl

    @ahmadhossainy:disqus: You are forgetting Cebolla, unless he is leaving 😉

    Overall really impressiv transfers so far, unless Arda or Koke are being sold to finance these expensive transfers.

    Speaking of the financial situation: Is there anybody who knows the overall numbers of the money-income/outcome of these transfers? And are the club really reducing the debt, while making these transfers?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Players out :
    Costa 38
    Filipe 20
    Adrian 11
    Asenjo 5
    Roberto Jimenez 6

    AND THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL INFORMATIONS for how much we got for our loaness, who are 14 until now,
    6 from B team : Bono, Moreira, Kader, Thomas, Borja Baston & Jony Ortiz
    and 8 from the first team :
    Oliver, Manquillo, Leo, Toby, Insua, Guilavogui, Roben Perez & Velazquez, the defender who we just signed three days ago and loaned to Getafe
    Guilavogui deal alone was for 5 million, but let’s just say that all the loaness brought us 10 million

    so, what we gained is 90 million

    While what spent is :
    Mandzukic 22
    Griezmann 30
    Jimenez 10.5
    Siqueira 10
    Oblak 16
    Moay 3
    Ansaldi 2
    and Cerci deal is said to be 16 M, while Gamez came for free
    and although we didn’t pay anything yet to San Lorenzo for Correa, waiting for his full recovery, but let’s also add his 7.5 million

    that’s make the sum of what we spent : 117 million

    so, we spent 27 million more than what we gained in this transfer market
    a very small number in these days measures

    and Arda and Koke are not going anywhere my friend, not even Florentino Perez would sell them to finance the signing of any one of the 10 players we brought on this season, with all due respect to all of them

    ABOUT THE DEBT, it’s getting reduced every year, we have no say on that, La Hacienda (Taxes authorities) has been scheduling our payments, we paid 80 million last year, and we should pay 70 million this year, and we have them, despite the negative 27 million in the transfer market, thanks mainly to the champions league (50 million) and Azerbaijan (said to be more than 10 million per season)

    and also LFP and RFEF are putting a sealing for our spendings for some seasons now, for both signing and salaries
    if I’m not mistaken, our limit for spending on signings last season was 30 million, no matter how much we get from selling players

    It’s a very hard job for Cerezo, Gil, Caminero and Berta, but they are doing it impressively very well

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m sorry .. did I say sealing ?!!
    I meant ceiling (limit)

  • Daneatl

    Thanks Ahmad. Again a nice thoroughly worked response from you!
    And i agree with you about Cerezo and co. doing a great job

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m glad that you asked, because when Madridista & Catalan media talk about our transfer market they only mention Costa, Filipe & Adrian on the selling side, and totally ignore the 2 GKs & the 14 loanees (could become 15 with Cebolla) then they attack Simeone when he complains
    “you spent more than 100 million” they say “so shut the fu** up” they say in their minds

    for every player we signed this season we sold another one and loaned out one & a half

  • Kris

    All I remember about Silvio is that he got injured BAD in Europa League playing for Benefica. Now, I think his loan deal with Benefica is over and should come back to Atletico or he was loaned back to Benefica again. I don’t think he will be playing football this year at all.

  • Cerci seems to be the missing piece. I don’t follow the Calcio but watching Cerci’s best moves on Youtube gave me confidence that he has the speed we are needing right now.

    Come one, we have an outstanding ahead now. Cerci, Mandzukic, Griezmann, Arda, Koke, RG8… We can’t perform like we did against Eibar.

  • Kris

    I would prefer the 4-2-1-3 to fit in all of Koke, Arda, Griezmann, and Cerci.
    Of course, this is going to mean Koke is going to have to do deep playmaking from infront of the defense and I think he is more than capable of playing the double pivot alongside Gabi. Gabi will break all the plays and Koke will play the balls up to the forwards and try to hold on to the possession linking up with Gabi and Arda in the midfield. Imagine this line-up:






    You are right though, tough decisions await El Cholo. Hope he gets everything right and starts playing more attack-minded games with all the attacking players that he has now.

  • Chewie

    I think the man should stop torturing himself and retire, maybe work as a commentator ot train the kids. He had several bad injuries in a row, poor guy, and still recovering! As for his place in the team, I’m sure he’ll be loaned out.

  • Mohammad Kreidieh

    He is loaned for another season to Benefica,its official

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The sad thing is that he really got the talent, I watched him with Manzano and he really is a good full back, both on right and left flanks

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Just read 2 interesting facts about Cerci :

    1- He was THE ONLY player in Serie A to have a double figures in goals and assists in the last 2 seasons (double-double in NBA style) with 21 goals and 19 assists

    2- He can run the 100 meter in 11 seconds
    be slow as you wish Mandzukic !

  • Sid

    He is a known as La Ferrari for a reason.

  • Mrtn

    OFF: How the hell can Arda play today in the national team when a few days ago he couldn’t even make to the bench against Eibar?

    Ridiculous… Arda totally lost control and motivation, he’s being injured every game he plays (at least for our matches), and when he plays he just can’t provide the assists he should neither does he score a lot.

    That’s unacceptable IMO, even if he made a miraculous recovery from Saturday to Wednesday, he can’t be fully fit and risks another injury. But I don’t believe fairy tales any way…
    Useless player, but I hope he proves me wrong this year…
    Vamos Atleti

  • Adnan Khan

    Wow, that is a little bit harsh. He was one of the key players last season and he gave everything in every game he played. And honestly getting injured is not his fault either even though it is a little bit weird that he is playing with the national team, maybe simeone did not see him fit for the eibar game but the turkey coach did. And we don’t need to worry about the lack of assist and goals. He do so much more when he plays. But i understand your frustration. He will be back and he will shine again. He is like a rocket, in the games he plays, he always explodes.

  • Daneatl

    Relax, he only played the last 30 minutes of the second half, and even assisted the winning goal. To me it looks like an agreement between Atletico and the Turkish national team, about how much he can play right now.

  • Abdullah Karam

    its wrong formation technically i know that everybody want to see them play together but you must have a anchor man or ball winning midifelder in this formation and the only one who is capable to do this is Mario i think, but with Gabi it will be a risk and no one gona defend will in midfield but with Simeone it may work but i dont think so we will see 🙂 ,, about Cerci yes he is the missing piece but but i think as a decent sub for Arda , Koke or Griezmann and with his speed , dribbling and shooting skill he will be lethal to us in front with Mandzu but i think he will have a great partnership with Griezmann cuz he work good with other quick player ,, and i heard that he is a bad boy out side the field and he only wark good with torino manger Ventura !! so lets see what he will add to us “great things i wish” ,, and about koke playing as a deep laying mid YES YES YES to this position for him cuz he have the CONTROL , VESION , PASSING and this where should he play 🙂 but you must put somebody with him strong to stops the attack and run after the ball as i mention before ,, anyway we all have vesions of our team and how we gonna play but we trust Simoene and we know that he is the best person to do that :p ,, AupaAtleti

  • Brad

    Plus there were rumors he would be back with the team for the Eibar match. It might have been decided that an international friendly would be a smoother transition back to regular playing time.

  • Brad

    We spent 100 million on our entire transfer window…they spend 100 million on one player.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    if this is what you think about Arda, I wonder what would you say about Mario Suarez ?!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Saul Goal last night, Spain U-21 vs Hungary U-21
    He’s coming for your Mario Suarez … he’s coming for you

  • Mrtn

    I haven’t seen Mario faking an injury and playing for another team 3 days later yet…
    but unfortunately they are similar as both tend to play worse every season for 3 years now…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    if Arda was faking an injury then all our medical staff should be fired .
    you just insulted Arda, Simeone, all the coaching staff and all the medical staff

  • Brad

    He played 30 minutes in an international friendly. If anything I’d give credit to our medical and training staff for giving him the opportunity to test his skills in a match that means next to nothing and is less likely to see him re-injured than any la Liga match-up.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    yeah, against my country. hehe, the thing is i feel happy for saul, and i i dont give a damn about the hungarians loss. strange, huh.

  • Mrtn

    OK, please, think about Messi and Barca…
    Barca said he felt some discomfort while playing the whole game at the weekend (and providing the assist for the winner goal), and recalled him from international duty.
    While here at Atletico: Arda is out for weeks again, we can’t count on him again at the weekend, still he flies home to play on a friendly game (!!!)…
    Do you think this is right?
    So yes, I think the staff did a very bad job in this case, and this is not the first time.

  • Kris

    So.. I guess Arda injures himself so he doesn’t have to play for Atleti?? smh… You are letting your emotions control what you are saying. Think logically man and it will make more sense as to why Arda played the thirty minutes that he did for Turkey.

    And “Useless player”! Really? More like the most creative player in the team. We need for him to be playing this season for us, and he’s definitely going to prove you wrong.

  • Mrtn

    I think the ones who let their emotions control are the ones whoe can’t admit that the statistics of Arda’s last year show how disappointing season he had: starting only 22 games scoring 4 and assisting 3…
    These numbers are not acceptable from our “creative” midfielder, who played as a CAM and RW. It has been proven that he gets injured every 2-3 games.
    If I let my emotions control my words I would say that I am so sad becasue of Arda as I expected so much more from him when we signed him. In contrast, I can say that I never liked Raul Garcia really (as many of us, I think) but I just can’t fight with the fact that he just can’t stop scoring and performing above expectations.
    With the arrival of Griezman and Cerci I am sure Arda has to raise his game a lot to get in the starting XI, which is very good for all…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Sir, you have all the right to criticize the performance of any player, you even can criticize El Cholo himself, but this is not the point
    The point is that you accused Arda of faking an injury, and this is a very serious accusation without any basis whatsoever

    bad performance can get better .. and it can be forgotten and forgiven, but faking an injury is a capital treason, and its punishment is to be kicked out of the club immediately

  • Kris

    Exactly! And like you said, if he really is faking an injury then it’s not only about him. It is about everyone in the medical and coaching staff, including El Cholo.

  • Kris

    Assists and goals scored don’t say much about the contribution of a creative midfielder to a team. Take for example Andres Iniesta last season. He was easily the second best player for Barcelona but his stats didn’t say that he was.

    I get what you are saying. It’s frustrating to see a player constantly getting injured especially if he has so much expectations but I wouldn’t degrade Arda like that, man. When he plays, he tries his best to help his team win. But yes, the competition in the team with the arrivals of Antoine and Cerci is going to make the team much better than last. Everyone wants to play. And in order to play, you must be at your best.