Five-star Atleti hammer Wolfsburg

Rojiblancos overcome German test and put goal worries to bed

Youngster Hector on target (Getty Images)

Youngster Hector on target (Getty Images)

Atlético Madrid dispelled all doubts concerning their lack of goals in pre-season so far on Sunday, winning by a resounding 5-1 scoreline at German side Wolfsburg.

Raúl García got the ball rolling with a brace, before Mario Mandžukić opened his Rojiblanco account from the penalty spot, and further strikes from canteranos Koke and Hector Hernández capped a good evening’s work for Diego Simeone’s side.

With goals the order of the day, Cholo experimented a little with his line-up, opting to play two recognised wingers in Cristian Rodríguez and Juanfran, who’s right-back slot was filled by debutant Jesús Gámez.

Unsurprisingly, the first goal would come from a Gabi set-piece, the captain’s corner nodded home by Raúl García who got up higher than anyone else to open the scoring.

Both teams had chances before the break, but it wasn’t until the introduction of Koke at half-time that the game started to open up. The Spanish International began working his magic and carved open the home side’s defence on numerous occasions.

Ten minutes after the restart, Koke laid the ball on for Raúl García to double his and our tally, and shortly after that, he played a delightful pass for Mario Mandžukić to round goalkeeper Diego Benaglio and eventually make it 3-0 after being hauled down for a penalty.

However, we didn’t stop there, as Simeone decided to introduce Antoine Griezmann for his unofficial debut on the hour mark. The Frenchman may want to forget his first contribution for his new club though, his deflection carrying a powerful Naldo free-kick past Moya for 3-1.

The excellent Koke soon restored our advantage, curling home the goal of the game almost straight from kick-off, and Hector Hernández added a fifth in the closing stages, Griezmann this time showing his class with an unselfish assist.

With nine days to go until the Super Cup curtain-raiser at the Bernabéu, the ‘new’ Atleti are starting to show signs of what may be in store for the season ahead, as work continues behind the scenes to put finishing touches onto the squad.

One sour note to report was the injury to Mario Suárez in the first half, a freak collision with Christian Ansaldi forcing him off early on. The club’s official website announced after the match that he had undergone a brain scan and would not return with the rest of the squad. Let’s hope for positive news.

Two friendly matches remain now before the start of the season, Cádiz our opponents on Friday in the Trofeo Carranza, followed by either Sevilla or Sampdoria a day later.

Goals: 0-1 Raúl García (“14); 0-2 Raúl García (“54); 0-3 Mandžukić p.k. (“63); 1-3 Naldo (“67); 1-4 Koke (“68); 1-5 Hector (“83)

  • Erik

    I hope this is a taste of what is to come! Griezmann being a team player is what Atleti is all about. As fans, we have not seen any real offensive spark until this game. This is, of course, because they had not played. I am courious to see how Raúl Jiménez works out. Looking forward to seeing the next two friendlies. But less injuries please.

  • AaX

    The only Improvement I can see from the previous defensive counter attacking gameplay for Atletico this season is to be able to execute decisive high ball pressing up front that won the ball in the opponents half at opportunistic moments to set up goals (this time with even sharper and quicker moves and players) .

    We will still rely on our already set disciplined defensive positional game (which shouldn’t be compromised) but we should look and be able to break the opponent’s move earlier on this time as an evolving improvement.

    Remember the season is long. Experience, Timing and Form is what will count and hopefully along with the Right Luck. The support would as has been Ever Present.

    That’s my Hope and Thought.


  • Abdullah Karam

    i think Caminero is doing a great work and i talked it about not changing our plan a lot of time and why we need a speedy player in front with mandzu you all can check what was am talkin about << about Caminero there is talking about a purtoges player called Rafa Silva play in braga he is winger ,, mmmm from one video you all gona be in love hhhhh ,, yes he is the right sub for Arda Koke position he will be just fine what a dribbler what a control what a vision !! and about Raul Jimenez i can say one word "THE NEW 'MARIO JARDEL' " ,, GREAT GRAET PLAYERS IF WE GET THEM ,, GOOD WORK :))))

  • I’m very impressed from what I’ve seen from Raúl Jimenez.
    In my opinion, the most smart signings in this transfer window are Correa and Jimenez. I wish I could say that from Oblak but he was expensive and I’m not completely sure it was a good deal.

  • Kris

    So according to Marca, we have signed Raul Jimenez for 10.5 million euros. Let’s see how this turns out. Jimenez, I have seen him play for Mexico and he’s a good striker. It’s a very smart signing.

  • Abdullah Karam

    Am with you about Jimenez it is the most smart singings this year , but i dont know Correa if he joining us or no ? but bro Jimenez like Mario Jardel the brazlian striker who played for porto and galatasaray he was my favourite striker he was classic 9 with a great header and finish , and if we get Rafa Silva to rotate him with arda and koke we will be fine this year and he is also young with bright future of my opinion what do you think :),,
    and think one player and we are set for this year competitions .. Graet Work Caminero and mr.Cerezo
    Aupa Atleti 🙂

  • Chewie

    Here’s what we had last season and what’s changed now:

    Two LBs with an extreme gap in class. Two and a half right backs one of which was a youngster and the other a central defender. Which means we had serious problems with flanks – if one of the starters got injured or exhausted, it almost certainly caused an immediate drop in quality.
    This year we have three new full backs one of whom can even play on both flanks. And they have already proved their class. Now we’ve got two equally solid left backs with different sets of skills and a good sub for Juanfran who can even be used as a winger.

    Four CDs one of which was 18 years old and the other quite shaky. Okay, this hasn’t changed at all except Toby now can concentrate on playing the part he is most used to.

    Three DMs with one – Gabi – being twice as good as the other two. If two of them were unavailable we had to either waste Koke’s talent using him as a DM or employ Raul Garcia in a position that doesn’t suit him either. This year we might have the missing link – Saul – and let our AMs concentrate on, well, attack!

    Four wingers with the subs being way weaker than the starters. I mean, comparing Arda and Koke to Cebolla and Sosa is just ridiculous. This year we have a stunning reinforcement in the face of Griezmann who can also play as a striker. Here’s the missing link – we probably need another winger/supportive striker. Sure, we can use Juanfran or Raul as wingers but I don’t really think it’s a good idea. What if we decide to use Koke as CAM? Who then will provide the width?

    One greedy CAM who sucked badly and left, luckily for all of us.

    Two strikers and Adrian. Now, here we’ve lost a lot. Costa could create goals on his own, he could push through, run away with all his speed, win a lot of duels. Mandzukic is a good replacement yet an incomplete one. With the help of our providing midfielders he will definitely score a lot but who will replace him if he’s out? Baptistao, Hector, Griezmann? Maybe, but this is a serious issue that has to be dealt with. Because Villa – with all his weaknesses – was a champion.

    Hopefully in the remaining weeks Caminero and the gang will answer these little questions and make us unstoppable. Looks like it’s my turn to write in length =)
    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Please .. you call that length 🙂

    Great analysis, but why didn’t you start with the first position in the field, the goalkeeping ?!
    let me do this one :
    we had one of the best 5 GKs in the world and one of the worst 10
    now it’s more balanced and the gap between our 2 GKs is very small (theoretically) since we only have seen Moya
    but the most important is the gap between Courtois and our first GK, but we all anticipate that it won’t be big since we signed a very promising one that he became the most expensive GK in the history of La Liga

    I agree with you in almost every point, except 2 :
    1- Things in CD have changed, the 18 year old boy became 19 with 3 games in the world cup to his name, while the shaky Toby had 4, one of them against Argentina in the 1/4 finals, that surely will help him become less shaky

    2- Gabi is magnificent, he was (with Godin) our best players last season in my opinion, but the other 2 weren’t bad, Tiago was very important and I will never forget his unbelievable performance against Barca in the Calderon in UCL and against Chelsea in the Bridge
    while Mario had a long injury in the worst place for the footballers, the knee

    about the incoming signings, it seems that Raul Jimenez is a done deal
    he is a great striker and will fit perfectly with us
    and I don’t care about all that noise made about him in twitter (Billy Edwards was one of those who started it) that he is a Real Madrid fan and that he was tweeting to support them in UCL final against us
    Juanfran was not just a Real Madrid fan, he was a Real Madrid player, but now he is one of our heroes

    Come on .. most of the young people around the world are either Real or Barca fans, and Jimenez is no exception
    not everybody has a high taste like us to support Atleti !

    one last point :
    this season we have more let-footed player who are not LBs than the last season, it was only Cebolla if I’m not mistaken, and he didn’t play too often, but now we have Griezmann and Saul
    I think this will add something different, especially from

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    especially from Griezmann

  • Chewie

    Damn, completely forgot about the goalies! You’re right, now we have two players who can substitute each other almost seamlessly – at least, in theory.

    Indeed, Tiago was good and Mario did miss half of the season due to injury but now, with Saul in the squad we can worry less about the DM position.

    As for Jimenez – as long as he plays well and gives it all to Atletico, I don’t care where he comes from and what’s his favourite club. Almost every player would like to play for clubs like Barcelona, Real, Bayern and the English clubs since they win trophies regularly and
    offer unthinkable salaries.

    Though I have to admit that it’s a bit disappointing to have a madridista in the team. It’s really bad taste to support the richest club in the world.

  • Abdullah Karam

    i think we are done with the strikers ,, Mandzukic and Jimenez for the main striker and Raul Garcia as a backup

    Griezmann , Raul Garcia and Jimenez as a second striker that moving arround the main one to open spaces and crossing or shooting or scoring when the chance appear ,,

    for wingers mmmmm i see only arda and koke and we can use Griezmann if we want to change our formation to 4-5-1 or when we need a 2 tall and powerful striker in the front but i like Griezmann as a free striker that moving around he is better like this , dont put him on the flank “this is my opinion” ,, so as a sub for Koke and Arda is Cebolla and some times Raul Garcia and mybe we will use Saul to be Koke backup but now Suarez is injured so we need him here to cover and be ready as a CM , so,, we need a WingerPlaymaker kind of play and i saw this guy Rafa Silva and i see a very good player and mybe he will be cheep so lets see who they will bring , and about our back 4 and thier 4 sub i think is to much , let one of them go for loan or sell him “alderwieldGimenez” but i think we have a good squad this year ,, i said it before Guilavugi,Leo they are out cuz i dont see them be good for the team “not now” ,, lets prey to have this season like the last one and even better 🙂 ,, Aupa Atleti

  • Sure I remember him and I’m Brazilian. He won the Golden Boot. Twice, I guess.
    Hope you’re right about Jimenez. 🙂 And hope we secure the deal with Rafa Silva too. I’ll try to watch some videos of him later today.

  • David Lee

    Guys- This is David from San Francisco-

    Cholo has spot on when he said he wants a small and compact squad of 20- Versatile and players who work for the team. No messing around like Manchester City who can field 3 teams with the squad- Obviously that’s going to disrupt team harmony as you found with Manchester United and City. Last year, even though we had a larger squad, like Ahmad and Chewie has so eloquently put, the depth wasn’t there….

    I trust that these 20 players will push one another in training as the only guaranteed starters are: Godin, Miranda, Gabi, Koke and presumably Griezmann- this can only result in a better end product on game days.


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Hi David from San Francisco ! .. glad to see you here again
    I agree with what you said, but I would add Juanfran to those guaranteed starters
    would also add Arda, but he picks up a lot of injuries, I don’t know why, he just missed Wolfsburg game and the last 4 or 5 training sessions

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Anybody knows what happened to Silvio ?!
    is he still with us .. and why ?! .. is it because his injury he can’t find another club ?!
    I believe we can sell him for something close to 10 million, and we really need that money

  • Meursault

    Benfica wants him, so he will go to Benfica.

  • Abdullah Karam

    There is a big rumor about Marco Reus !!!!
    That we offerd 28 million + C.Rodrigez + some insentive around 6 million !? Plz help me god if that is true :))))))))))
    And sorry about bringing some remurs but this is BIG if its HAPPEND ,, sorry bros 🙂

  • Don’t ask for sorry. It’s a good rumor. I just don’t think Borussia is willing to sell the guy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, right?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    yes they are willing sell,
    he refused to renew his contract and they are afraid that he could leave for free like Lewandowski (very disgusting thing to do to the club that made you who you are by the way)

    and the reports say that his clause is around 25 million, but we don’t have that money
    I wish they would accept some money + Cebolla like Abdulla said, but if they did we will not pay 28 million like he suggested, we cloud pay 15 million (assuming that Cebolla worth 10 million) but I don’t think we have that 15 million either

    it seems a long shot, but who knows, it could be Caminero’s surprise for this year, as he used to do in recent years !!

  • Meursault

    Official: JImenez signs for Atleti.
    Maybe, he will wear the No.19 shirt.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I wish all Atleti fans (especially the Spanish ones) stop being childish

    we all should support Jimenez because he is now an Atleti player, and more importantly because he didn’t do anything wrong (at least in my opinion)
    he didn’t insult our club in anyway, and it wasn’t his fault that he grew up watching Real Madrid wining the champions league while Atleti were playing at Segunda division !
    Sorry, but it’s the truth

    The real insult is to make it look like that our only goal in life is to hate Real Madrid and everything about them

    Gareth Bale was also tweeting to support RM when he was still with Tottenham, and I dare those who hate Jimenez to say that they would have said NO to Bale if we had the money and tried to sign him !!

    and I even bet that many of those who hate Jimenez don’t hate the real traitor, the other Mexican Hugo Sanchez !

    Please, show your support for the kid through his twitter account @Raul_Jimenez9

    He needs it .. and Atleti need it

    **A request for this website :
    if you are going to post an article about signing Raul Jimenez, do not let Billy Edwards write it .. I doubt that he could be impartial in this subject, he was one -maybe even the first one- to start this campaign against him in twitter
    Sorry Bill 😉

  • Mrtn

    Mourinho spoke about Costa’s transfer fee:
    “You can consider that [a bargain] because the market is crazy and the
    values are very high. For a striker like him, a champion in Spain, a
    Champions League finalist, a 25-year-old, we consider the price was very
    much in our favour.”
    Now he is very right.

  • Abdullah Karam

    The are saying reus sign a pre contract with us !!!!!!!!! According to sky ?? Is this shit rael?!?!?!? Plz help me god 🙁

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    any player Mourinho wants and he is represented by Mendes he will be brought to him as a bargain
    but yet, when I see how most footballers became disloyal, and ungrateful I consider us very lucky to get some money from selling him
    BVB didn’t get a penny from Lewandowski, and to add insult to injury, he signed for their arch-rivals, Bayern

    There was a time when football was our escape from darkness, suffering and unfairness of real life .. what the fuck happened ??!!!

  • Abdullah Karam

    Sorry it was a rumor 🙁 ,, Very sorry bros

  • Kris

    Exactly. Why the hell should it matter that he “cheered” for probably the best team in history against an Atletico team that he didn’t know much about? Only those who know about us will cheer for us, right? These recent years have been the first time we have come in to the headlines and when we were in the headlines Jimenez was how old three or four years old? For fuck’s sake man, Juanfran was RAISED in Real and now he gives his all for Atletico every time he puts on his Atletico shirt. Why are we still living in this 18th century shit just because a player cheers for a team means that he is a “fan” of them? I cheered for Bayern Munich in the 2013 Champions League Final, doesn’t mean I am a fan of Bayern. It’s just choosing a side in the biggest game of the year in Europe. People need to get over themselves, man.

  • Chewie

    Instead of Reus we might land Sosa 🙂 According to Ukranina media, his agents are trying to terminate the contract so he could join us as a free agent. I say it’s a bargain! We get a reliable sub who’s okay with being a sub, and the man gets to play for the Spanish champion, train with Cholo and just have a good time in sunny Spain in the twilight of his career.

  • Abdullah Karam

    yes is a good news that Sosa is mybe join us for free but i dont think he is enough , we need one more player and they are talking about Schurrle now ,, we need that player to have a choices cuz yes i like 4-4-2 formation cuz we beat real,barca,milan and chelsea and we won la liga and 2 minute from champion league glory BUT when we are playing with mid table teams and teams below we are suffering with this kind of style of play , i mean Chewie that we the team againts us playing attack we are good cuz we are good in counter attack and we know how to play but when we are playing againts teams defend we are suffering and always sccores from free kick or corner or plenteys and always i think is very hard to score againts them we always won with little luck ,, and i think Simeone knows that cuz we have a solid Defence but in front we just have Diego Costa and Raul Garcia step up for us and scores a very importent goals for us so Cholo want to have a good Front to be very lethal with a solid Defence ,, so what do think Bros 🙂

  • Ali

    Found this on twitter hoping it might come true.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Why hasn’t anyone post anything about our signing of Raul Jiminez as yet? Is this site slacking? Even a rumour about bakali was posted this isn’t cool at all

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Maybe they are not happy about it, some of them made it clear on twitter that they are against that deal because the kid was a Real Madrid fan !
    maybe the others share that view and nobody wants to write about it, or maybe they are just lazy

    There should have been also an article about Carranza trophy, one of the most famous and oldest friendly trophies in Spain and maybe in Europe, and the one that we hold its record with 8 titles (shared with Cadiz), who are in fact our first opponent in this year’s edition (less than half an hour from now)

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Atleti XI vs Cadiz (and probably vs Real Madrid in 1st leg of the Super Cup)
    Juanfran – Godin – Miranda – Ansaldi
    Gabi – Tiago
    Koke – RG8 – AG7

    Arda is injured .. again .. he picks up more injuries than any other of our players
    and it seems that Simeone share the opinion of many fans including me and prefer the loanee Ansaldi over the 10-million-euros Siqueira !
    and our latest signing Raul Jimenez is with the team and could debut today, or tomorrow in the final or in the 3rd position match against either Sevilla or Sampdoria

    a strange system for the trophy, and that’ why Simeone traveled with 28 players, as he will play each game with a whole different team

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i wonder what those people gonna do when jimenez score some important goals. some people are so childish… or blind, cos thibaut had a real madrid flag in his room in an interview. or is that forgotten/forgiven now?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    and Falcao’s childhood dream was (and maybe still) to play for Real Madrid, and he could fulfill this dream in the next few weeks
    but to be fair, he wasn’t the one who confessed that, it was his father

    but what really drives me crazy is that some of those people who can’t stand Jimenez are cheering for every goal Diego Costa scores with Chelsea, the club with the “great history” and “best coach in the world”, and the club that is very big that he didn’t think for second when they offered him to join them !!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    what a great goal by Raul Garcia .. I love this man

  • Ahmad Hossainy
  • Atleti10

    I find him hard to watch at times, can’t argue with his goals though. Ansaldi was good today.

  • Brad

    Wait…a goal from outside the box? What is this? XD

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    and now Diego Costa is apologizing for wining with Atleti at Stamford Bridge and being a part of the team that knocked Chelsea out of the Champions league
    but hey, let’s hate Jimenez instead !
    and they call themselves Atleti fans !!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Oliver played the whole 90 minutes tonight with Porto in the first game of The Portuguese League, while for the other 3 Spaniards: Tello played 10 minutes, Adrain & Andres Fernandes watched from the bench

    We should expect a lot of full games for Oliver with the man who he himself called once “my football father”, Juelen Lopetegui
    I guess it would have taken him at least a month to play 90 minutes in La Liga with Simeone, and for that I believe it was a very good decision to loan him to Porto, and it could be a perfect decision if they qualified to UCL group stage

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Well he did clear up himself eventually so I don’t hold any animosity towards Costa either. But for heavens sake it’s silly to be angry at jiminez for that.. when I was I kid I supported real madrid also, heck I supported barca and juventus too but what does that matter now???? Raul Jiminez is an OFFICIAL ATLETICO MADRID PLAYER NOW and I support ATLETICO MADRID also so there is no problem on my ends

  • Guest

    About the reus rumour, Gil Marin said that Reus doesnt meet the needs of what our clubs want and our consider our pursuit of marco reus over..

    I think we need One more midfielder still, then we can challenge for everything spain and europe has to offer.. Lets hope for a better season than last because we are looking to improve every year! Aupa Atleti!! <3

  • David lee

    I’ve always called him Raul Golcia. ;). Jesus Gamez looks a weak link. Saul looks like he should be a regular

  • Kris

    Saul is such a smart fucking player, man. Saul must get the minutes that he needs to develop. He is on the same level as Mario, if not better. He is also more versatile than Tiago. I may be overrating him but damn does he deserve to start. He plays his position like it is supposed to be played. Could be the breakout star of the season..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    and just like Oliver, Manquillo played the whole 90 minutes today
    but the problem with Manqui is that he could fall in love with EPL (and who wouldn’t) and decide to stay there
    let’s pray he doesn’t !!

  • Mrtn

    bad weather, even worse food, ugly women, ugly football…who wouldn’t fall in love with EPL? Me surely not…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Well, maybe it’s cold, I haven’t tasted their food, and we could have different taste in women
    but one thing I’m sure of : their football isn’t ugly .. it’s the most beautiful, most competitve and the best multimedia-covered in the world

  • Kris

    I have to agree with Mrtn. Horrible weather, shit food, ugliest women on Earth, and football is just kick n run. The only thing beautiful about the EPL that even i would fall in love with, if I was a footballer, is their money. Goddamn, do they pay well! And not to mention, the English media’s ability to overrate a player, is another reason to move to England as a footballer.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    and after Oli and Manqui played the whole 90 minutes in the opining games with their respective teams, Guilavogui played 120 minutes in Wolfsburg victory on penalties in the German cup
    I was against these loan moves at first, especially for Oliver and Manquillo, but now I’m starting to realize that it was the right thing to do
    in fact, I wish we have loaned Manqui last season and loaned Oli from the start of the season and not in the middle of it, if we did then maybe they would have been with us this season with a big chance to have a considerable number of minutes .. just like Saul