Ansaldi completes Atleti loan move

The Zenit defender passes medical along with Griezmann

Cristian Ansaldi battles with Juanfran (pic: zimibo)

Cristian Ansaldi battles with Juanfran (pic: zimibo)

Cristian Ansaldi of Zenit St. Petersburg will sign for Atlético Madrid in the coming days. The Argentine full back has completed a medical, along with Antoine Griezzmann, ahead of a move to the Vicente Calderon.

Negotiations to bring Ansaldi to Atleti have reportedly been going on for weeks, even before Filipe Luis departed for Chelsea.

The talks stalled momentarily due to Atleti initially pushing for a loan deal, but Zenit rejected the offer.

Ansaldi made 9 appearances for Zenit St. Petersburg last season scoring 1 goal. He has been playing in Russia for the past 6 years and has won the Russian League twice.

Ansaldi’s versatility as a full back makes him an ideal back up for both Juanfran and Siquiera. The Argentine’s playing style, in comparison with Filipe Luis and Juanfran, is his emphasis on defending.

We may not see the overlapping runs and silky skills that we’re used to but whatever flank he’s deployed on will no doubt be hard to break down.

Ansaldi will be a familiar name to Rojiblancos as he lined up against Atlético Madrid twice during the Champions League group stage.

I personally wrote a match report for the away fixture in Russia and was impressed by the Argentine, who continually blocked off any route down the wing and wasn’t afraid to get stuck into a tackle.

This new arrival is not as high profile as Griezzmann, but is important nonetheless as his arrival brings more depth to the squad, the lack of which became apparent last season as Atleti battled out a grueling end to the season.

Ansaldi’s arrival also casts doubt over the future of Emiliano Insua who is the usual cover for the full back position.

Ansaldi brings fresh ambition to the team and also vital Champions League experience. I question whether he will be content with occupying the bench – he will no doubt work hard to make sure he is in the starting eleven.

  • Farzad From IRan

    I know him …. he is so so powerful and can be a good replacement for flipe,,,,

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I don’t know anything about him to be honest but from what I’ve been reading from you guys and the fact that he’s going to be an Atleti player then I’m all for it. Looks lije rotation will be key this coming season

  • Mikkel

    Anyone who knows the transfer fee?

  • starvs

    Sounds like a pretty shrewd purchase, versatile backup, the type every team can use.

  • Mohammad Zakaria Kreidieh

    Looks like we got zakaria bakkali from psv, a very talented winger and very young deal around 3 million … I am so happy with the current transfers and great team is shaping up. I have read also that lavezzi is on our radar, grt addition to the squad if such a deal is sealed. Cant wait for the season to start 🙂

  • Adnan Khan

    This tranfer window has been unlike any other transfer window in the past. We are buying great player. Have never been happier for a transfor window as this one. And if we get bakkaly to then that will be the icing on the cake. Even tho i think we need a backup-sub striker. What’s gonna happen if mandzukic is injured :/

  • Chewie

    It will be a joke if we won’t win at least one trophy with this squad.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    any link for Club America vs Atleti ?

  • starvs

    Caminero has done a really great job, hope he doesn’t go to jail.

  • Adnan Khan

    Indeed he has!
    Why would he go to jail? For stealing top players from top clubs 😛

    Or is it because of his “drug” involvment?

    P.S i could’nt figure out if you were joking or informing

  • starvs

    I was mostly serious with regards to the drugs/money laundering thing and I didn’t even consider your joke of stealing players, though not bad. But I looked into it more, and I don’t think he is in as much danger as I thought, but I don’t think it has resolved fully either? Strange situation all around as he was arrested 4-5 years ago now…

  • Chewie

    He’s a changed man now.

  • So.. Chelsea chasing Miranda now for 25 million. What do you think?

  • palc

    Hahahahha. Man our management staff is so frickin bad ass. Cholo, caminero and mono.

  • Erik

    I don’t know much on this player, but depth is something we need. If he is as good as this article makes him seem to be, then he will be good replacement.

    I just hope we play a lot better that what I have seen during the preseason games.

  • Erik

    I heard that is not going to happen.

  • Adnan Khan

    “Thugs” and “gangsters” is what my friends call them. “The best manager in the world and his spartans” is what i call them 😛
    And i don’t think they are after caminero at the moment. Maybe the case will open in the future but for now it’s looking like he is safe.

  • We’ll have Griezmann and Mandzukic. I think we’ll be a little better. 🙂