OFFICIAL: Atlético agree €30m fee for Griezmann

Real Sociedad accept offer to sign their French starlet - awaiting medical

Griezmann for Real Sociedad (pic: imageion)

Griezmann for Real Sociedad (pic: imageion)

According to reports in the Spanish newspaper AS, Atlético have reached a deal with Real Sociedad to sign their 23-year-old starlet Antoine Griezmann for €30 million.

The Atletico official website has confirmed the deal – and all the player now needs to do is pass a medical in order to join up with his new team mates.

Atleti were negotiating for the player with the President of Real Sociedad, Joquin Aperribay. The club has informed Griezmann of their decision, and it is now for Atleti to discuss personal terms with the player to secure his services in red and white for the upcoming season.

A natural left-winger, Griezmann is known for his excellent ball control and willingness to run at defenders.

The young Frenchman has featured at international level for his country, and has racked up almost 200 appearances for La Real since making his competitive debut in 2009, scoring 49 goals in all competitions.

Regarded as one of the finest young prospects currently playing in Spain, he is exactly the sort of player that Atleti are searching for, after the departure of David Villa to the MLS. Mandzukic has replaced Diego Costa, but Atleti are still lacking someone to excel in the support role.

“He is a very good player,” said Simeone when pressed about the possibility of signing Griezmann. “He has a lot of speed and can give us many attacking options. But the same could be said of the other players who could come here – enough to fill two teams.”

According to AS, Atleti have agreed to pay €30 million for Griezmann, the amount specified in his contract. Real have accepted the offer, and Atleti won’t have to pay VAT and additional taxes on top, unlike Real Madrid in their pursuit of Illarramendi.

Los rojiblancos aren’t the only club linked with Griezmann. He has long been linked with a move to the Premier League, with Tottenham the latest club rumoured to be interested.

Manchester United and Arsenal have also been credited with some interest in the player.

Atleti look to have won out though and, if they can agree personal terms with Griezmann, can fill the number 7 shirt vacated by El Guaje this summer.

Are you excited by the signing? What can Griezmann turn into under Simeone?

  • Pasha


  • starvs

    I don’t get caught up in rumors, but I’m deep in this one. I think this is def real in as much as talks are really happening, need to bring this home.

    Real question now is whether Mendes is involved. If not this could be serious next step for the club, otherwise just another short term patch, although a really great one.

  • Dircil

    We have a hell of a team for the upcoming season! Can’t wait to see our boys shining!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Real Madrid paid 39 million for Illarramendi, so 30 for Griezmann is a great deal (if we paid them by ourselves and didn’t get help from some investments funds)

    Real Sociedad are one of the clubs we should learn from them how to sell, but this will not gonna happen as long as Gil & Cerezo are leading the club with a suspicious, secretive and a gang-like way

    Last week, Man Utd signed a 10-year deal with Addidas and the whole world knew that it was for 75 million per year, while 2 days ago we also signed a new 10-year deal with Nike .. and I challenge the greatest journalists in the world to know for how much

    Last week, LFP president Javier Tebas announced that Atleti is one of 3 clubs in Spain with the worst financial balance, and yet Gil & Cerezo keep selling our players cheaply or even letting them leave for free !

    anyway, not to be so negative, on sport level, I believe a line up of :
    Oblak, Junafran, Miranda, Godin, Siqueira, Gabi, Mario, Koke, Arda, Griezmann & Mandzukic can beat any team in the world .. any team
    it’s just about how will can El Cholo rotate so he doesn’t debilitate those great XI

    I truly believe we can do it again

  • Mohammad Zakaria Kreidieh

    Great signing i am reliefed … Was pretty anxious these weeks as the Atleti transfer wheel was kind of stagnant. I heard that Ansaldi is a done deal too, anyone with some feedback on the player? Is he good enough?
    I have a strong feeling that Torres will be back this year and i am sure he will do wonders as football is about the team, belonging, and passion. He should come back and he shall be great again.

    With such a lineup we are really terrifying this season… Barca and Real here we come

    Aupa Atleti

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    I thought we’d be too late for Griezmann by now, but apparently we’re not. Outside of possible free signees, I don’t see Atleti getting other players, and I don’t think they should.
    Perhaps the Nike deal is quite the improvement, since they don’t have to pay for United anymore haha, plus it’s signed at a time where all prices are up big time and Atleti just reached the CL final, along with winning La Liga.
    Costa was one of our main forces in the first half of last season, but if Siqueras turns out well (enough), we might be at least equal to last year, individually.
    I’m actually not too worried about Oblak. I know Courtois has been great, but it’s the defense that kept us as strong as we are, and with Gimenez and Lucas potential future top notch defenders in hand, I’m not too worried there either, really just the left back position.
    I hope there’s another player for striking position, so 4-2-2-2 stays a possibility, so far 3 strikers have been replaced by just one, even if Antoine and Correa (injured) might be comparable to Adrian.

    But we’ll see how things turn out.
    Griezmann is definitely a player I’d love to see playing in our beloved kits.

    Btw, what are Sosa and Cebolla their situations? Is Sosa returning and Cebolla still leaving the club? And what about Manquillo, I heard some stuff about him being used as a trading object? If that happens, hopefully just on loan… Same for

    to do my usual bizz:


    Juanfran Miranda Godin Siqueras

    Gabi Saul
    Arda Griezmann



    Manquillo Alderweireld Gimenez Insua

    Guilavogui Mario
    Raul Correa

    I put Koke there so he could slowly turn into more of a CM and take over Gabi eventually as leader in the midfield
    and Mario, Tiago or Josuha might start instead of Saul, but perhaps he deserves a chance to prove himself…

    With Leo and Josuha uncertainties, depending on Sosa and Cebolla we might need at least one more striker and winger, maybe loanees, since they’re, initially, back up. Aquino and Kader might work, but I’m not sure how they’ve played last year.

    there, probably left some loose ties

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i was pretty devastated when i heard the news that gaitan wont come. i tought we gonna buy some mediocre but yet hyped player. instead we gonna get one of the most promising player in la liga, who might be even better than gaitan. way to go caminero, way to go.

  • Juno

    I think it’s a little expensive for him. But this purchase is helpful.

  • Mohamamed Aljabor

    I think it is very good because he’s is very important play for any team because he can play different places .

  • Ursa Major

    let’s all agree that it’s not cheap, but let’s also agree that we need someone like him. So stoked for the new season. What makes me really happy is that Godin and Mirando seems to be staying at least another year. The defence is so key to our way of playing, and I see us as title-contenders this year again, although competition is to be expected. What is our weakness if we secure him? Well, we might need another attacker, that’s pretty much it.
    Do you think Arda will leave too?

  • Ursa Major

    miranda, duh

  • TommyNestor7

    “even better than Gaitan” are U serious? He is already a way better then Nico…

  • TommyNestor7

    No Arda will stay, his agent say it many times that he feels like at home.. And Miranda will stay to iam sure in that!

  • Yeah.. I think we all agree it was not cheap. Even more expensive when I read that from 3 years ago.. 🙂

    He’s a great player and I really hope we do get him.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    San Jose Earthquakes vs Atleti is about to start, 11 GMT, few minutes from now (although I just saw a picture on twitter for Atleti bus with a punctured tire, so maybe there will be some delay)
    Please, if anyone got a good link for this game let share it with us

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The game is delayed for one hour

  • kawargarmawi


    For those who wants to see the match, bet365 will luckily stream the partido. So if you dont have an account there yet, get one!

  • Kris

    Why do we have Raul Garcia taking penalty kicks when we have a badass penalty taker like Gabi in the team, as a captain, too? I don’t understand…..

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    he didn’t shoot it that badly though haha

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    not the best playing so far
    I think Alderweireld, Godin and Gimenez still have some days off, so Insua is CB for today
    Leo the striker, Garcia mostly on the left wing and Koke more right-ish and Arda between Leo and the duo Mario and Gabi
    Miranda, Juanfran, Siquera and Moya on their natural positions.

    So far it’s been pretty boring and clumsy, so might not watch the second half

  • Kris

    No. He actually did pretty well, got the keeper to go the wrong way. But we have Gabi though, who was a full time penalty taker at his former club…. I don’t understand a lot of things….

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    maybe he took them well in practice

    also I think multiple players should be capable of taking the penalties with full confidence

  • Kris

    True. True. But, I still believe a proven penalty taker should be first choice to take the spot kicks.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Alderweireld, Godin Cebolla, Gimenez & Mandzukic didn’t travel with the team, they all are in Madrid working with fitness coach Carlos (forgot his last name)

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Siqueira too .. and it would have given him a big confidence, something he really needs being here to replace Filipe !

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    His name is Carlos Menendez (not Mendez) , the assistant of Profe Ortega

  • Kris

    I have to say, truly impressed by our youth so far..

  • Kris

    Miranda. LMFAO. Nice try. ahahah

  • Kris

    Saul with the winning penalty goal! I liked Saul in this game. I don’t think there’s any reason to send him on loan anywhere anymore. He should stay at Atletico to fight for a starting position.

  • Chewie

    How did you guys like Moya, was he any good? Miranda penalty was a joke, don’t ever let this man get anywhere near the ball. Saul’s shot wasn’t too good as well – easy for the keeper if he’d guessed the direction. I liked how Mario kicked the ball away like it was a piece of garbage 🙂

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    it’s finally official, the club have announced it on its website just few minutes ago,
    Griezmann is an Atleti player

  • Adnan Khan

    This is a good day. Eid and signing of griezmann. The day could’nt have been better. Eid mubarik to all the muslim brothers here 🙂

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Eid Mubarak
    Griezmann just passed the medical, but he wasn’t alone, Ansaldi was with him !
    any ideas about that deal, loan or permanent signing, and for how much ?!
    I can’t find anything about it yet

  • piserakos

    They say 6 million + bonuses

  • Chewie

    Well, as someone living in the same city Ansaldi has left, I can say that his transfer is estimated somewhere around €4m. Which is ridiculous. By the way, he’s naturally a left-back though he’s able to play on the opposite flank. Where do you think he’ll end up?

    Obviously, the 4 million info is false, it is probably, as Piserakos said, about 6 million plus bonuses.

  • Chewie

    I was wrong about Saul, he’a cold-blooded bastard – he waited until the keeper started falling to the left and only then sent the ball in the opposite direction, without any risk.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think he will end up on the bench waiting to replace Juanfran or Siqueira when needed
    and I guess that will mean that Manqui or Insua (or both) will leave, probably on loan, unless we included Insua in some deal

    some people are questioning this transfer, to be honest, I don’t know too much about Ansaldi, but I know that El Cholo wanted him badly, and El Cholo must get what he wants

  • I was wondering we could get a player like Adriano from Barça which can play in both full backs and now we have Ansaldi. I guess he’ll act like a wildcard sub.

    Isn’t Manquillo leaving the club? He played this match, right?

  • Chewie

    There’s news Ansaldi cost us 7 million and will have a 2.5 million salary. He was a regular starter in Rubin for 5 years where he played 15 UCL and 22 EL matches, won 2 Russian leagues, 2 supercups and 1 cup. A versatile player, he can be used as both left and right back, central defender and left winger. He’s a defensive player, not really good in the finishing stages but quite solid at the back. Seems like a decent all-around sub who won’t change the game but won’t make costly mistakes either.

  • Kris

    Manquillo played this match, yes. I like Manquillo, he’s a really good “winger” with lots of pace. His defending skills as a right back can still only get better if he stays with Mr. Simeone. I say sell Insua, include him in some deal if we have already bought Ansaldi, and keep Manquillo. Manqui is the future, man. He must remain at the club.

  • Kris

    I hope it’s Insua that’s sold(not loaned), and Manquillo stays at the club to play second to Juanfran or hell even replace him (who knows?).

  • atleti10

    Yes yes yes. We’ve signed one of the young stars of the World Cup. I’m excited about Griezmann and equally as excited about what this says about our club.

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Anyone else saw a rumour with us linked to Lavezzi and that PSG are willing to sell him for 15-20 Million?

  • Arjit Barua

    Christian Ansaldi, a few years back was actually very close to signing for Barcelona. He’s always been a solid, reliable player. Just never got a big break into the top leagues, this might be his chance.

  • David In San Francisco

    Some pics from yesterday 0-0 win!!! I believe I have Miranda’s pk lol!

  • Great pictures, David! Nice you had the opportunity to go to go to is match. 🙂

  • It would be a bargain.. but would prefer Chicharito for a similar amount. That’s ok if you call me crazy…

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    He’s not the most consistent player in the world, but Lavezzi for 15m would be a pretty good signing, also because he could play both on the wings and as a supporting striker.

    Douglas Costa is another player I would have liked to see, but at the moment it’s better to get another player that could play in striker position, if anyone…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    in all the newspapers I’ve read, Ansaldi has come on loan, and 6 or 7 million for a loan deal is obviously too much, in the third season for Courtois with us we paid only 4.5 million for Chelsea
    I believe we have paid 2 or at most 3 million

  • Abdullah Karam

    Hi everyone ,, first yes we get Griezmann and i am the one who is talking about bringing either griezmann or vela snd i thought we gona bring vela cuz he is cheep than griezmann but no mr.cerezo and gil with my hero “the reson i cheer atleti from long years” Caminero .. They do just fine and bring the french ,, i saw vela and griezmann for 2 years and i knew we will take one of them cuz they are perfect for El Cholo to be the second striker .. Second am hearing that we gonna change formation becuze of griezmann!! I DONT THINK SO ! Why? Cuz no manager in the world changing his winning formation or formela! Griezmann is even better as a second striker then a winger for me .. Now what we need ,, ok i told all of you before that we need

  • Abdullah Karam

    We need a backup striker and a backup winger playing as a playmaker like koke and arda and i like PASTORE for this , yes he is expensive i think but lets see or get him for loan with option to buy ,,
    Leo,Guilavugi? Am always telling you that they are not fit with el cholo formation!! And lets see what will happen with them now , leo mybe he will stay if we cant efford a striker “Torres,Chicharito” ,,
    I think we will be like this this season
    Juanfran Miranda Godin Siqueira
    Koke Gabi Suarez Arda
    Griezmann Mandzokic
    Alderwield Gimenez Insaldi
    Raul Garcia Saul Tiago “Pastore/Gaitan””Torres,Chicharito”

  • David in San Francisco.

    Thanks. It was my first time seeing the boys. Brought chills up my spine even if their wasn’t too many in attendance. Although true to Atleti, those who wore rojiblanco all are passionate, knowledgeable fans-the best in the world.

    I was dragged to the Real Madrid Inter game and found nothing but glory hunters and Ronaldo fanboys. It was disgusting.

    Aupa Atleti. I will hope to go to Vicente caLderon before the move.

  • Erik

    What a signing! If we get Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez too, we will have 3 high octane strikers. We needed depth here. With our midfield and the additions to our defense and goalie, we should do quite well. At least on paper, I think we could at least make it to the semifinals of the the Champions League and 2nd in La Liga. We could win it all as well. Vamos Atletico!

  • Erik

    I was thinking Atletico sold Costa, Luis and others at a pretty steep price. And last year we sold Falcao for a lot of money too. I think in the past, Atletico had the problem of selling players too cheaply or not getting a new contract signed. Over the last couple of years, they have stopped making that mistake.
    If Atletico can stay in the Champions League for the next couple of years, they should start accumulating some serious money.