Jan Oblak officially unveiled as Atlético player

Slovenian goalkeeper handed number 13

Oblak presented to the media (pic: official)

Oblak presented to the media (pic: official)

Atlético’s brand new goalkeeper and latest signing Jan Oblak was presented to the media this afternoon at the Vicente Calderon.

The 21-year-old was joined by Enrique Cerezo and Jose Luis Caminero at the event, and they presented Oblak with the number 13 jersey, previously worn by fan favourite Thibaut Courtois. Oblak has huge gloves to fill.

“I don’t come here to replace anyone,” he told the media. “I come as another player. I’m here along with the rest of the players and goalkeepers.

“I’ll do everything in my power to defend this shirt, and achieve great results this season.”

Oblak isn’t the only new arrival between the sticks this season. Atlético tied up the transfer of Miguel Angel Moya for €3 million at the start of the summer.

“I’m not the only goalkeeper but we can all be permanent players. Of course, what’s important is the team above individuals,” Oblak said.

“I’ve just started training with the team. I’m going to work hard and do everything in my power to help the team.”

“Oblak meets the profile of a player who is going to bolster a team that wants to keep growing and achieve new goals,” Cerezo told the media.

“The club objective is to find players committed to the club. Young players, who will grow up alongside players from Atlético’s youth team.”

Oblak is not the only young star to join Atleti this summer, but with Angel Correa set to miss six months – will he make the biggest impact?



  • Ahmad Hossainy

    very young, a permanent signing, not a loan like Courtois, and after he had put his signature on a 6-seasons contract one could believe that he is staying with us for a very long time
    An investment fund had paid most of the 16 million (probably Doyen group)
    and with Oblak’s obvious ambition that makes him keep changing his club almost every season, and with the way he left Benfica, refusing to attend the trainings and pressing on the club to let him go, I won’t be surprised if he did the same with us

    BUT nonetheless, we are Rojiblancos, we don’t think about distant future
    so, let’s enjoy his days with us, and let’s stick to “Partido a Partido” .. or in this case, “Portero a Portero” !

  • starvs

    Given the sum involved, I figured Doyen/Mendes was involved, but I saw it reported otherwise, do you have a source for this or just reasonable conjecture?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The usual sources, the 2 madridistas AS & MARCA, and the Catalan Mundo Deportivo .. so we can’t be a 100% sure
    but with our history with Doyen & Mendes, I’m 99.99 % sure !

  • AaX

    Well Said !

    But I’ve been doing this ‘partido-partido’ for Atletico for quite some time already (since 2000) up until Its best Momentous Spell and most Stable Years.

    It has taken some toll because to me Atletico and its Fans are a Whole Much Better Club than others than to just keep continue ending up like this.

    But still somehow we must keep continue to move on.

    Peace to All, this World and the Next.

  • TommyNestor7

    Manquillo is one step to sign for Liverpool!!! I cant belive it… Why we are letting our kids so easy, first was Oli Torres and now it is Manquillo! I belive that Torres ( Oliver) would have much space to play this year cause Diego and Sosa leave us ( and probably Cebolla to)

  • Kris

    Manquillo shouldn’t leave if he is going to be a second choice in the loaned club as well. Simeone should just let him stay and learn from juanfran. Juanfran isn’t getting any younger (30 next year), so I would like for Manquillo to be already ready next season when Juanfran will be playing lesser games.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    calm down .. it’s just a loan
    but yet I’m still upset .. it’s clear that Simeone still doesn’t have any idea about rotation .. even Gimenez could join both Oil & Manqui and be loaned too !

    Real Madrid didn’t need to loan Varane, and with the presence of Ramos & Pepe he still got a lot of minutes under both Mourinho & Ancelotti