Fernando Torres to wear red and white again?

Rumours suggest that the prodigal son will return

Torres praying for return to Atleti? (pic: Getty)

Torres praying for return to Atleti? (pic: Getty)

It has been heavily reported today that Fernando ‘El Niño’ Torres is going to make a return to the Vicente Calderon, with Chief Executive Miguel Angel Gil Marin in London to negotiate the striker’s transfer from Chelsea.

It seems that Chelsea would be willing to accept an offer in the region of €16 million for the out-of-form Spaniard, but Atleti officials are keen to secure Torres’ services for less.

Torres signed his first professional contract with Atleti aged 15 shortly after being voted best young player for his age group.

His professional debut came against CD Leganes on the 21st May 2001 and his first goal for the club came a week later against Albacete. At this time Atleti spent 2 years in the Segunda division with promotion back to La Liga finally coming in 2002 and it was here that Torres began living up to the hype surrounding him.

Torres went from strength to strength and at the age of 19 was made the club captain. His spell with Atleti lasted for 6 years and in this time he amassed 91 goals in in 244 appearances. But in 2007, Torres broke rojiblanco hearts when he moved to Liverpool for €23 million.

Fernando continued his red-hot goalscoring form in the Premier League, enjoying a successful spell which saw him score 81 goals in 142 games in Merseyside. In 2011 he rocked the footballing world as he moved to West London club Chelsea for £50m.

But over the course of three seasons, Torres failed to replicate the form for his previous clubs, only scoring 45 times after 172 matches. Although with Chelsea he did lift the Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup.

To say Fernando Torres is a cult hero at Atletico Madrid would be an understatement.

One of our most revered Atleti players of all time, you only have to go on a tour of the Vicente Calderon to see how much he means to the club.

Coming from an Atletico Madrid mad family his own adoration for the club is not a secret. Torres famously adorned a Spanish flag with the Atleti crest at the 2010 World Cup celebrations. Even last season, he chose not to celebrate against Atleti when he opened the scoring for Chelsea in the Champions League semi0final.

Torres will most likely play as the second striker to Mandzukic next season if he was to sign for Atleti – if Gil Marin can overcome the striker’s wage demands.

It is obvious that he will not be the same player as before, but he will no doubt he a huge influence in the dressing room.

Torres would be the first player this summer to swap Stamford Bridge for the Calderon – whereas Filipe Luis, Diego Costa and Thibaut Courtois will all be playing for Chelsea next season.

Do you think we’ll be able to bring Fernando Torres back to Atlético? Is it worth it? Can we afford his wages?




  • TommyNestor7

    Answers on yours quastions is: Yes, Yes and again Yes…
    I still remembers his fantastic games when he was our captain and even now i say that for me was the best player ever played for Atletico.. was my football idol..
    For me it would be best move of the summer and right time to come back

  • Dircil

    €16 million, it’s such a ridiculous amount of money that Chelsea asked for Torres. If he comes for any amount less than 5 million, I would be happy. 16 million => hell no!

  • Chewie

    10 million and a 5 million salary and it’s a good deal. He’s stats are exacty like Villa’s – 13 goals and 5 assists so I can’t see a reason to pay more. The fact that he’s a fan favourite has to make him want to agree for a smaller pay.

  • Rowly

    Chelsea must be smoking something if they think anyone would pay more than £10m for Torres, he’s a shadow of the player he was & is arguably finished as a top or even half-decent striker. Given the wages he’s on they should be looking to give him away.

    I’d be looking for a similar deal to David Villa’s & I’d also tell Torres to put pressure on chelsea in exchange for a better wage if he wants the move. Everything is in Atleti’s favour here, I’ll be disappointed if we pay over the odds particularly as I’m not convinced he’d contribute much, the club is possibly making decisions with their hearts not their heads on this one…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    of course it’s worth it, he is still a great striker, the problem was the playing style of Chelsea and also the Spanish national team which didn’t fit him, and yet with his so-called out-of-form, he managed to score 45 goals with Chelsea in three and a half seasons

    in principle, if he came, he will be the second striker (although I will not be surprised if he scored more goals than Mandzukic), so he will be the replacement of David Villa, and I don’t think there is anybody can argue that Villa of the last season is better than Torres, El Niño is much better

    and about his salary : if he is really a true Rojiblanco, and if he is choosing football over money and trying to save his career, he will agree for a significant cut of his salary

    BUT the most important thing for me is that Miranda is not involved in the negotiations
    Chelsea have had enough of our players

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    in another topic :
    I feel embarrassed for Tiago
    he refused a new contract after he was promised by Mourinho that he will sign him and then after his retirement he will be a part of Chelsea coaching staff, and he asked him to convince the Portuguese-speaking players at Atleti, Costa, Filipe & Miranda to join Cheslea, and after he did, Mourinho said : “thank you .. see you later” !!
    so, he found himself without a club, and desperately, Mendes tried to offer him to Valencia, but then Simeone interfered .. he gave him a call and offered him a new contract .. again !
    The new deal could be announced tomorrow

    Honestly, if I was Simeone, I’m not sure if I would have taken him back after this
    but when I remember his tears after we won La Liga and especially after we lost Copa del Rey final 2010 I say why not, the man gave us a lot
    and if Simeone didn’t take him back, so what’s the difference between him and Mourinho ?!

    But he will not take back his Captain armband though
    RG8 is now our second Captain while Godin is our third Captain
    for me, it’s totally deserved and absolutely expected, in the last two seasons, Godin was one of 3 or 4 leaders of the team, he was already a Captain, he just got an armband

    It shocks me that some players leave a coach who says things like :
    “I am very proud of my players”
    “I want to thank the mothers of these players because they gave birth to them with big huevos”
    to join another one who says things like :
    “I have no strikers”
    “Today I had 11 bad players on the pitch”
    “Benzema is a lazy player”
    “Pepe’s problem is that a 19 year-old player (Varane) put him on the bench”

    to leave a faithful and grateful one for another who could betray them any moment


  • Kris

    Mourinho is a complete dickhead. Exact reason I dislike him.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    let me quote something I just read on ESPN FC website :

    “The Spanish international was kicked around, thrown under the bus and flat out blamed at times by Jose Mourinho for Chelsea’s lack of punch up front”

    “Now with Demba Ba off to Beskitas, talkSPORT are reporting that Torres might just stay put for this year, or at least until Mourinho gets tired of boxing the poor man’s ears in the press after each match”

    and yet there are some players who really love Mourinho
    the world has become a very weird place !!

  • TommyNestor7

    Are U so positive sure that Tiago was truying to convince Filipe and Costa to sign for Chelsea? Cause iam not realy sure in that!! I mean, what is there for him(Tiago), what he is getting from that?
    I think that Costa and Filipe would wanna to go anyway, no matter who truying to convince them, aim so sure in that fact, cause they are as like U said a true MONEY HUNTERS!!

  • Dante

    I think that was just joking