Filipe Luis set to sign for Chelsea

Brazilian left-back to join the London club for €25 million

Filipe leaves for London (pic: getty)

Filipe leaves for London (pic: getty)

Atletico Madrid have announced today that Filipe Luis is set to sign for Chelsea, pending a medical with the London club.

The left-back, who was instrumental in Atleti’s title win last year, follows Diego Costa to Stamford Bridge, who tied up the deal for the striker only yesterday.

A statement of the official Atleti website read “Atletico Madrid and Chelsea have reached an agreement for the transfer of Filipe Luis.”

“Filipe had indicated to us at the end of last season that he wanted to join Chelsea this summer.”

The deal is reportedly around €25 million and ends the Brazilian’s four year stay at the Vicente Calderon. Luis leaves us with two Super Cup, Copa, Liga and Europa League winning medals.

Luis was signed for 13m from Deportivo la Coruna on the 23rd of July 2010 and on his full debut set up a goal for none other than now Chelsea teammate Diego Costa against Real Zaragoza.

He initially had trouble establishing himself as he had to play second fiddle to Antonio Lopez. When the latter eventually moved on he became an undeniable starter and he truly flourished under the guidance of current coach Diego Simeone.

Luis made 49 appearances last season scoring 1 goal. His ability to effectively contribute in attacking moves and at the same time be more than capable in defence attracted many coaches attention.

Despite this he could not attract the attention of his national team’s coach Felipe Scolari who decided to leave our former number 3 at home this summer, instead of taking him to the 2014 World Cup.

Luis’ departure will be sorely missed as he has developed into arguably the best left back in the world.

His role in one of the best defences in Europe last term will be hard to replace and Siqueira will have a job on his hands. Not only were his skills on the pitch loved by Atleti fans, but also his professionalism off it.

His work rate and desire characterised what it means to wear the red and white of Atletico de Madrid.

Many players that leave our club are met with scorn and criticism but I feel we are united in wishing Filipe Luis the best with this new journey in his career.

  • Mrtn

    My biggest disappointment as I felt Filipe is “other”, and he cares less about money.
    But hey, my bad, he’s just a footballer too.
    Siqueira can do the job well. Considering that all of our defenders play at ther best since Cholo took over, obviously Siqueira will improve too(not that he has many areas to improve, he is already top-class LB). This real strength of our defense is not the individual skills of the defenders, but the system they practiced and learned perefectly.
    Now Filipe can play as Chelsea’s first left back, alongside 2nd left back Willian and 3rd left back Diego Costa in Mou’s 7-defender tactic. I hope we meet them this year to teach ’em some football again.

  • Ali

    Filipe luis = money chasing shit
    Chelsea to finish outside top 4 next season heard it first here.

  • John Sutherland

    I wish him and Costa all the best!

    Why are most people here so bitter when ever anyone leaves! Get a grip, it happens all the time in football, accept it! ‘Oh but they owe us’ – no they do not, they won us a Copa beating Real, and a league title with performances on the pitch!

  • Kris

    Bye bruh.

  • Mrtn

    Just as I said: I thought he is other and cares less about money. He seemed a normal guy.
    Why can’t you understand that someone is upset because a favourite leaves?
    And I can’t wish them all the best just cause Chelsea is crap, the club that first started this crazy spending bullshit. They can sign whoever they want, still they will only defend and rely on pure luck just as they did last season.
    I hope they fail, and fail big.

  • John Sutherland

    So bitter, get over it! If they didn’t someone else would have, it was inevitable! If they want to leave let them, no point in us having a player that doesn’t want to play for the club!

  • Luis

    I can agree with both of your arguments to be honest. On one hand I wish Filipe Luis the best and want him to be successful because he was excellent for us. On the other hand I despise how Chelsea simply buy their success, also I live in London and get a lot of sh*t for how our players end up leaving for the prem. This is modern football though and until things change we need to accept these things

  • Mrtn

    I don’t get what you say: first, I can not “let them”, it’s not depending on me, they just go and I can just notice as I am not a member of Atletico board. Second, even in my first comment I said that I’m OK with Siqueira, I think we will not miss Filipe on the pitch.
    So try to understand: I am disappointed because I thought he likes it here. That’s all.

  • Mrtn

    The very best feature of Chelsea is spending literally billions and still failing. 3 PL titles, 1 CL and EL in more than 10 years …for about 2-2,5 billion Euros… that’s not a very good business, considering Atleticos spending and the number of trophies

  • Colcho

    My personal favorite player is leaving. Thank you for everything and you’ll always be welcome back home.
    By a chance, my new shirt just came in today.. thank you Filipe!

  • AaX

    To all those who accept to like and want to keep on being duped as has been warned, Get use to this as your new future seasons and new years !!
    Until positive permanent and changes of Atletico de Madrid ownership occurs you will NOT Have My Continued Support !!

    Might as well call yourself Real Madrid fans and play or pay for them. You’ll have a better chance in being successful for what you are looking for than being a genuine and True ‘Atleti’ !!

    When credible loyalty means nothing as playing commitment, previous supports turn to be meaningless !


    Apologies but there are things for the Sake of Truth and Genuineness in Need of Reminding by Being Said Out !

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    and just like Braga will have 20% of Costa’s money, Deportivo will receive 15% of this deal
    I feel like other clubs believe that Gil Marin is an idiot and they are taking advantage of him

  • Dircil

    I kinda feel pitiful for his departure but we have siqueira who is equally as good as Filipe! Next season will be a very promising one as we are reinforced with many decent players, especially Angel Correa! I cant wait to see him shining!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Let me join the debate about what to feel about Filipe and how to treat him after his departure :

    First : who owes who ?!
    how about we just call it even !
    we signed him despite his serious injury that prevented him from joining Barca, we paid him a lot of money, a significant amount of it came from our pockets, we the fans
    and in return, he gave us a 100% of his efforts, helping us to win 4 trophies, and showing big love, respect and appreciation to the club and the fans

    BUT doing that for just 4 seasons then leaving after the first phone call from another club doesn’t mean we owe him
    Juventus owe Del Piero big time
    Roma owe Totti big time
    Liverpool owe Gerrard big time
    but Atleti don’t owe Filipe anything
    we are even

    Second : who should thank who ?!
    since we are even, nobody have to thank anybody, but after 4 great seasons, we should thank each other
    and since Filipe thanked the club and the fans in an official statement and in a press conference, we have to thank him back

    and until Costa does the same (and I don’t think he will) I will not say thank you to him

    Third : should we wish him good luck ?!
    let’s never forget that being Atleti fans doesn’t mean that we don’t love other clubs,
    some of us are from Liverpool, others are from Manchester, and others are from London, and they are big fans of Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal
    you can’t seriously ask them to wish Filipe good luck with Chelsea !

    There are many rumors that Falcao will join Real Madrid (after all those tears he shed on his farewell press conference), so should we wish him good luck ?!!

    and also let’s never forget that being football fans make us hate certain clubs and certain persons, many people hate both Chelsea and Mourinho
    (in fact you don’t need to be a football fan to hate Mourinho, you just need to be a human)

    and being Atleti fans make us hate him even more, our club and its people
    were among those who were insulted by him

    When he was asked about his fight with Mono Burgos he replied :
    “who ?! .. I don’t know who that is”

    The correspondent of sky sports kept trying to make him say that Atleti were the better side in our semi-final against them, and at the end of the interview he even said directly to him :
    “you keep talking about the penalty and the mistakes of your players, why don’t you just say : Atletico Madrid were the better team and they deserved to win”

    he simply replied : “NO, they were NOT”

    and for Filipe joining the team of that asshole, I think every Atleti fan should hold at least a very small grudge against him

    I am an Egyptian, and one of the best footballers in my country, Mohammad Salah plays for Chelsea, but in every game I wish they lose, yes, I wish him in every game to score a hat-trick, but also I wish them to concede 4 goals and lose 3-4
    That’s what I wish for Salah, and that’s what I wish for Filipe

    I just unfollowed him on twitter, because I don’t want to see tweets about Chelsea on my timeline
    I follow Salah, because I don’t want to miss the news of Egypt national team, but I still try to ignore his tweets about Chelsea
    I don’t hate Filipe or any other player who left in a “good way”, I still follow Adrian and some others who left

    actually I love Filipe, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have written this long comment, I would have completely ignored him, like what I did with Costa, I didn’t say a word about him, not here, not on twitter and not to my friends
    it’s not because he decided to leave, or because he chose Chelsea, but because he said :
    “Chelsea is one the biggest clubs in the world” .. something he NEVER said about Atleti in the the 3 seasons he spent here .. not once
    and also because he kept denying that he is leaving despite that he had a deal with them since April

    SO, this what I say to Filipe :
    Thank you .. and you are welcome
    I wish you good luck .. and I wish Chelsea never win any trophy until the next century

    maybe this doesn’t make any sense for some of you,
    but for me, it makes perfect sense

  • Kris

    Whoa. My feelings exactly when I have a player that I love playing for a team that I hate. Awesome, man. I love Filipe too much to wish him bad luck but I can not wish him luck when he’s playing for a club like Chel$ki with a prick manager like Jose Mouthrinho. It’s like when your “best friend” ditches you for a richer friend. All you can say is bye..

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Best thing chelsea buy our whole team and done. Stueps. “If you can’t beat them, buy them” <-Their motto. Filipe i will miss you, I think i gonna cry in a corner or something

  • jean eric

    a chelsea fan, and we will be glad to have Filipe luis and Diego costa you are just a hater, look we gave you guys courtois and now you guys think he’s your please and we are a much better side than Atletico madrid, how many trophies have you guys won compared to us Chelsea.
    I bleed Blue, Wear Blue, My hearts blue till i die. Lets go Chelsea FC

  • colchonero27

    Chelsea titles: 4

    Chelsea FA cups: 7

    Chelsea European trophies: 5

    Atletico titles: 10

    Atletico Spanish cups: 10

    Atletico European trophies: 6

    So erm… Atletico have won more… thanks for playing

  • jean-eric

    alright but we all know who’s the better team man Chelsea FC

  • jean eric

    And guys like fabregas filipe luis , courtois and costa will make us champions

  • BlasiusMagnus

    just gtfo, dude. why did u even come here in the first place?
    and your argument is invalid. u just got the facts whos the better team. atletico madrid is.
    whos the richer team? chelsea.
    end of story.

  • Ali

    Champions? You guys won’t even finish in top 4. United to win premier league or man c
    1) Man U / man c
    2) man c / Man U
    3) arsenal
    4) liverpool

  • John Sutherland

    Aww wow! Those tweets he has done, broke my heart………….

  • AaX

    Recorrection : “Until positive permanent and changes of Atletico de Madrid ownership occurs the Management of this Club will NOT Have My Continued Support !!”

  • AaX

    Actually they all will not end up playing as well as when they did at Atletico. Simple, because you are NOT Atletico, you are just Chelsea and London’s Bridge will be Falling Down, Fallling Down ! It’s All Fair Ladies.