Atleti move closer to €22m Mandzukic deal

Bayern Munich announce verbal agreement for Croatian striker

Have you heard? Mario Mandzukic to join Atleti (pic: getty)

Have you heard? Mario Mandzukic to join Atleti (pic: getty)

German newspaper Bild is claiming that a deal to bring Mario Mandzukic to Madrid has been done – and that the striker will sign a 5-year-deal with Atlético de Madrid for a fee of €22 million euros.

Bayern Munich have also confirmed the transfer, saying that a verbal agreement is in place, ‘but nothing is signed yet’.

The future of the Croatian striker has been in doubt since the end of the season, when he told Karl Heinz Rummenigge (the Bayern chairman) that he wanted out of German champions.

The 28-year-old has been identified by Atleti as the man to help defend their Spanish crown, replacing Diego Costa, who left for Chelsea just last week in a €40m deal.

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Mario Mandzukic to Atletico Madrid for 22 millions –

Mandzukic has an excellent goalscoring record over the last two seasons, and will slot into an Atleti side that is desperately in need of a goalscorer following the loss of not just one, but two striker, following David Villa’s move to New York.

We’re hoping that he’s not the only striker to join over the coming weeks. Atleti are still being heavily linked with Romelu Lukaku, who said he will decide his future now he has returned from the World Cup.

The rumours are still flying over the possibility of Negredo too – with some fans considering whether or not he is a better fit than Mandzukic.

Nevertheless, official confirmation is expected in the next couple of days, along with the transfer of Jan Oblak, after the Slovenian goalkeeper passed a medical with Atlético.

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    Wouldn’t Douglas Costa (Shakhtar) be a good playmaker for us?
    I don’t think his contract lasts much longer now, right? He is very talented and has Champions experience

    Also what a semifinal going on right now

  • Kris

    That semifinal. My God. That is one for the history. Well done, the Germans. Hope they win the whole thing.

  • Kris

    And man.. i don’t know about Douglas Costa. I don’t know what’s gotten in to me and not trusting Brazilian players in to the team. No offense to any Brazilian in this website though.

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    Because Costa and Diego left?
    Douglas been there for 4 or 5 years now and Filipe, Miranda and Costa have all stayed here for quite some seasons.
    I don’t really see the problem between “Brazilians” and Atlético.
    He’s a good player, and I’d like to see him here.
    If he’d leave in a season, it might have failed to be a good match or the club could make a huge profit on him, which is something Gil and Cerezo have a hard time refusing every time.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    just like Ringo, I don’t think there is a problem between Atleti & Brazilian players
    BUT I do believe that we have a big problem with Jorge Mendes’ clients, and as a matter of fact, Brazilians and Portuguese are the majority of this devil clients

    You won’t believe this :
    in Mundo Deportivo, Mourinho asked Tiago to convince Costa, Miranda & Filipe to join Chelsea, and this is normal, but what isn’t normal is that he also asked Tiago to convince Filipe to replace his current agent with Mendes

    I’m very mad at Costa, Miranda & Filipe, not because they left or want to leave, but because they want to leave cheaply
    Costa agreed to sign on just 38 million clause (Koke signed on 60)
    while the other two are publicly asking the club to reduce their clauses
    they are putting Mendes’ interest ahead of Atleti’s interest .. the club that made their names after they were nobodies
    Fuck Them All

  • Mrtn

    Firmino is the Brazilian we are looking for, he’s talented and hardworking

  • Abdullah Karam

    Guys we need a winger i hope its Gaitan to rotate with Arda & koke we need a striker so he will be Mandzokic and a good sub for him i think Lukaku as a loone or Chicharito or some one else and we need a second striker with SPEED & SHOOTER to count on him with our counters attack and that will be Correa or Cerci or Iturbe and we are good cuz we have good midfelders Gabi,Saul,Suarez and we can play koke but Guivalugi i think he is out
    On Defence we have the hole gang + Siqueira and if Filipe leave Siqueira is the man to replace him ,, and our Goolie i think he will be the star of our defence and i have faith on him Oblak and Moya is a good sub not like Aranzobia last season 🙂
    So what we need is :-

  • Abdullah Karam

    GK: Jan Oblak
    DL: G Siqueira
    ML/R: Nico Gaitan
    SS: Juan Iturb OR Cerci
    ST: Mario Mandzokic
    A sub ST: Lukau”Loan” or someone Good
    And i think we dont need a playmaker cuz we dont need one or Koke / Arda is capeble of doing this task so lets see what gona happens next days 🙂
    And we are set for the next season Aupa Atleti 🙂
    And my daughter is 7 now and she is already an Atleti Fan :* and shes singing Atleti Atleti Atletico de Madrid heehee and she is telling her cuasins that she hate Barca & Real cuz my father and i loves atletico madrid hehehe 🙂

  • Kris

    That is probably the reason for my uncertainty in Brazilian players. And seems like Mendes gets whichever Brazilian or Portuguese player he wants…. And Mourinho, what a dick! It’s really very hard to respect Mourinho.

  • Adnan Khan

    Douglas costa is indeed a good player. I remember i was wishing him to come to atleti instead of shaktar a couple of years ago but he chose shaktar. Not a good choice from him. Good passing, technique and great freekicks. He got it all. I too hope he comes but that’s unlikely. We don’t even have him on our radars 😛

  • BlasiusMagnus

    and according to the latest news miranda is probably staying… maybe filipe too, but i doubt that.
    im 100% with u. we dont need disrespectful soldiers here.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    and just read it read it somwehere that mendes is looking for a new team for adrian.

  • Chewie

    I think we will be even more competitive this season with such a sensible transfer campaign. Which we need to be since everyone else is reinforcing as well.

  • Farzad From IRan

    Yes I love him so much and he is so powerfull

  • great signing, He scores goals so easely….also I think he is even better in scoring goals with his head then Diego Costa.

  • I hoped Atleti had signed Devock Origi as a second striker but he went to liverpool for just 12,5 million…. Maybe it is a good plan to loan Lukaku or Martial as a back-up

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    My God, This is a dream signing IMO. I hope it happens. He is pure freaking Class! He’ll fit in perfectly because at bayern, he has/had a similar role as costa by being the target man.
    Another good one to the collection, Aupa Atleti!