Lukaku loan a done deal?

Possible loan deal for the Belgian forward reportedly complete

Lukaku currently with Belgium at the World Cup (pic: fcblog)

Lukaku currently with Belgium at the World Cup (pic: fcblog)

According to ‘El Confidencial’, the 21 year old Belgian will line up for los Rojiblancos next season as both Atleti and Chelsea have agreed on a loan deal.

The towering striker has been rumoured to be on his way to the Vicente Calderon for some time now and with the departure of Diego Costa, the deal looks more and more likely.

Lukaku has spent the last two seasons out on loan at Premier League clubs West Brom and Everton where he racked up 32 goals in 66 league appearances.

His 6′ 3″ of height combined with his strength make him a formidable opponent for any defender. His goal scoring prowess owes to his clinical nature when it comes to finishing and he should be able to make use of the service that will undoubtedly be provided to him via Koke et al.

Despite his impressive club form, he hasn’t lived up to the hype that has surrounded him at the present World Cup, scoring only once so far against a beleaguered USA side in extra time.

His movement and finishing have come under criticism so far but it is only natural for a player so young to feel the weight of expectation.

The transfer type, a loan, has also been resented by many Atletico Madrid fans as they feel that the club has become a conveyor belt for talent who will eventually end up leaving.

Additionally, many fans displayed their desire for the permanent transfers of players such as Alvaro Negredo, Mario Mandzukic among others.

Although a loan deal wouldn’t be ideal, the acquisition of Romelu Lukaku would nonetheless be positive as he is one of the best young strikers in the world.

  • Dylan

    The same ‘El Confidencial’ says that Simeone has just blocked this deal as he doesn’t want Lukaku in Atleti.

  • Kris

    Not a loan please!! Just not a loan..

  • Dircil

    We’re not going to develop another Courtois for Chelsea! Never!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Fuck that

  • Chewie

    Yes, I saw the news that we do not want Lukaku anymore. We want both Negredo and Mandzukic. Wouldn’t be too bad, huh?

  • ktbell

    I would love if we get Negredo and Mandzukic, however you can’t say the Courtois loan was not a success or the Diego loan or the Tiago loan, when they loaned him. I don’t understand the anti-loan thing. Players sign long term contracts all the time then leave after one year.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    according to The Guardian, Atleti paid 1 million for Courtois in 2011, 2.75 M in 2012 & 4.5 in 2013
    add to that at least 2 M per season as his salary, which makes the total of what we paid for him 14.25 million euros in three seasons
    then he will go back to Chelsea as one of the best GKs in the world after he came to us just a young tall kid with some talent

    of course it’s a bad business and of course I’m an anti-loan
    loaning players in is for small clubs, while loaning them out is for big clubs
    so, unless you considers Atleti a small club, you should be an anti-loan

  • Khairul Anshary Md

    Yes. You are right. Players still do leave after signing long term contracts but on the condition of a transfer fee. Players who leave to return to their parent club however don’t.
    And its worse like in the case of Courtois where his transfer value must have tripled within his three years on loan at Atleti.
    Ultimately Atleti will be the losing party in loan cases where the player becomes a vital part of the first 11.

  • Mrtn

    you’re totally right
    + our defence was the one who allowed the lowest nr of shots on our goal, making Thibu’s life easy
    I really hope we can get Willy or Navas and I expect both to be better than Thibu
    I am also looking forward to see Mourinho regret his decision to drop Cech (if so), as Thibu is far from Cech’s standard right now
    Thibu is just this year’s star of the media-hype, he was very nice, had some nice saves but it’s no problem he left, I wish him good luck and health but we will be better next year while he has to serve that moron at Chelsea…

  • Mrtn

    I’m sorry but bringing in Mandzukic and Negredo seems like a really bad idea for me
    they are quite the same type of player, both want to start and both got high salary.
    you can see that Negredo already wants to leave after just 1 season with city, he did not fight for his place but already whining and forcing a transfer out… we don’t need him.
    we need either Finnbogason or Bony, both can score a lot and run a lot, also giving assists. Finnbogason surely can be signed under 20 M from Heerenveen with an affordable salary. Bony would be too expensive as he signed for 16M last year to Swansea, who also got a lot of money to play with.

  • Daneatl

    Finnbogason has signed a four year contract with Real Sociedad.
    About the GK position: How will the situation with non-eu players look If we get Navas? Then i guess Gimenez or Correa should be loaned out since I dont wanna see Turan sold.

  • Daneatl

    and btw have Miranda gotten his spanish passport?

  • Mrtn

    OMG I can see his tweet from yesterday…
    for 8 M GBP!
    that was a big mistake…

  • Mrtn

    OK, my next name is Firmino from Hoffenheim, he also has a German passport

  • Atleti10

    We won’t buy both Negredo and Mandzucic, they are simply rumours. And I don’t think loaning lukaku is a bad deal provided we buy a quality striker as well. I agree with the negative aspects of a loan but the club can’t afford to but two strikers.

    Not to excited about Mandzucic and I think he’s our most likely candidate so far.