Official: Chelsea announce Diego Costa deal

Brazilian striker leaves Atlético after incredible championship campaign

Diego Cosa Chelsea

Diego Costa (

Chelsea FC officially announced on Tuesday what we all knew was coming, the transfer of Atlético top scorer Diego Costa to the London outfit.

“Chelsea Football Club can confirm an agreement has been reached with Atletico Madrid for the transfer of Diego Costa, with Chelsea meeting the buy-out clause for the Spanish international”, the statement reads.

The transfer was closed on the 1st day of July, one day after Atlético’s 2013-2014 accounts closed, and officially announced again today. It is assumed the deal was actually agreed on weeks ago, before the striker left for an unsuccessful World Cup run with Spain.

This season Costa was sensational. After the departure of Falcao, he became the focal point of Diego Simeone’s attack, scoring an impressive 27 goals in 35 La Liga games as his team won its first championship since 1996.

In 135 total appearances for Atlético, the Beast netted 64 times.

I would like to thank everybody at Atletico who made me into the player I am, it was an incredible time for me, but now I am starting a new adventure and I hope to win many trophies with Chelsea,” Costa told Chelsea’s official website.

Of course, here at AtléticoFans we’d like to wish Diego the best of luck on this new adventure in England.

Moving on, who do you hope Atlético sign as Costa’s replacement?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t wish him good luck, because that would mean that I wish good luck for Chelsea, the team I hate so much
    I didn’t even wish good luck for Mohammad Salah, my compatriot when he joined them

    And I will not say thank you either .. because whatever he gave Atleti, the club has given him 10 times more

    And about his replacement, last season I was totally against Negredo, but now he is my favourite

  • Kris

    Diego, you have been sensational for Atleti. I thank you for everything you have done for this great club that Atletico is, helping us win a Copa del Rey, the La Liga title in a very long time and helping us defeat Puta Madrid in the league at their very own home for the first time in 15 years. Ohhhh, please don’t leave Costa.!! I am going to cry……
    Psycheeee!!! Ahha you thought!! You should have moved to a better club if you wanted to be a successful striker but seems you just want the money and to play as a defender and not a striker. I actually want to wish you luck but I don’t see how luck is going to help you, a striker, score goals at Chelsea; seems almost close to impossible. If you ever regret this move,(ATLETICO WON’T) just think of El Cholo, go to the corner of the room and weep as long as you can.

  • Kris

    WTF? 😮 we posted two similar comments at the same time. Ahha. Seems to be true Atleti minds do think the same.

  • Brad

    I guess your great minds think alike XD

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    “Atleti minds think the same” .. that what I said to Martin Rosenow a year ago when we had a similar situation on twitter !!

  • Apparently Braga still owned 20% of his rights, so they’re in for a huge payday. Rayo are also getting a big cut, while Valladolid and Celta both get 0.5%. That leaves about €18m for Atleti

  • Ali

    Negredo 18 m (costa replacement)
    Lukaku (loan)
    And an unlikely name many would argue
    Huntalaar (villa replacement)

  • Mrtn

    Mandzukic and Finnbogason for starters, Baptistao + Adrian for reserves
    Griezman and Correa for the flanks, and we got a deadly attack
    plan B: Negredo for 15M max, Lukaku on permanent deal 10M max
    Thibu out, Willy or Navas in
    Siqueira can replace Filipe (although I consider Filipe the very best LB right now), but we must keep Miranda and Godin as a decent CB costs a fortune today (even crap CBs like Luiz cost a fortune as we can see), + Gimenez must be built in
    Dzemaili for Tiago’s place
    This way we could get way better than this year.
    IMO Costa underperformed in the second half of the year, he could easily score 35+ goals but becoming a star ruined his humiliation.
    Next year we should score much more goals, that’s why we need 2 real hitmen, actually we won La Liga with only 1 decent attacker
    Aupa Atleti!

  • Kris

    Holy shit you are a bigger dreamer than me!!

  • costa

    we he Chelsea fans are happy to have costa at Chelsea m sure he’ll thrive under mouriniho sorry or all the haters though cos COSTA IS OUR’S! atios atleti

  • I wasn’t counting on this few. But thanks for clarifying it. 🙁

  • Despite our wish, do you think he will succeed playing in The Premier League?

    I really really think he will not. I see this very clearly. Costa complaining with everyone, being sent off, fighting with Mourinho… Let’s wait some months.

    I really think he’s much worse than Negredo, Torres, Soldado and some others. We did a very good deal and I think if we are smart, we’ll get a much better striker for this price.

  • Kris

    I think we made a good deal with this too. I really don’t see any of our players(exception Filipe) being as great as they are in Atleti if they move elsewhere. I really believe Simeone is the mastermind and just gets in to every player’s heads and hearts to start playing the way they do. It’s much more than just playing football when you are playing for Simeone in Atleti.

  • BlasiusMagnus
  • Urban

    Por favor, No loan deal for Lukaku if we dont have a fixed option to buy him. We should buy Lukaku and loan Negredo, from our point of view where we have to keep selling players doing it the other way round is just retarded.

    Buying Negredo would be another story like Forlan, Reyes or Simao.

    Buying Lukaku would be another story like Aguero, Costa or Falcao, which also is not cool for a supporter but way better for the club.

    And there is plenty of fish in the sea I think that the policy of getting fixed on Lukaku and Negredo could hurt us.

  • Mrtn

    which name seems like a dream for you?

  • Adnan Khan

    I think Griezmann would be a little too difficult for us to land in. And lukaku for 10 mill :/

  • Chewie

    I can share a bit of rumours, facts and gossip that appeared in Russian media lately:

    Filipe asks the board to lower his buy-out clause.
    Tottenham enters the race after Negredo.
    Levante refuses to sell Navas to us for 5 mil plus Baptistao.
    Inter refuses to sell Handanovic and Icardi for 30 mil.
    Ruben Perez close to going to Torino.
    Asenjo sold to Villareal, Costa to Chelsea.

    That’s pretty much it.

  • starvs

    No bitterness here I am happy for him and I think he’ll do well in england. He gave his all when he was here and that is all I ask.

    No fucking loan for Lukaku for Christ sake, not sure that’s still even on the table, but that’s just nonsense.

  • Chewie

    Agree, we need to bulid our game around someone who will be in the team for at least several years, not a season.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I haven’t really spoken on this Costa situation because I have mixed feelings, I hope he scores and I still hope he fails while I’m yelling “fuck you Costa”

    And why don’t we just sign 19 year old origi and loan negredo so we can switch between origi and leo for next season beside negredo

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    I want to thank Costa for all the effort these past years until about January
    Good luck!

    As for replacements.. I don’t know
    If Lukaku and Griezmann were affordable they’d be set, but I’m afraid they aren’t.

    We’ll have to wait and see