Atlético closing in on Lukaku deal

Atleti look to be in the driving seat to secure Belgian starlet

Lukaku spent last season at Everton(pic: Daily Star)

Lukaku spent last season at Everton
(pic: Daily Star)

Atlético Madrid are certainly short of striking options at the moment, with David Villa‘s exit to New York via Melbourne, and of course Diego Costa‘s expected move to the Premier League.

However there is one player that could be set to head in the opposite direction – Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku signed for Chelsea as an 18-year-old back in 2011 for €22 million, but has only spent a single season at Chelsea after hugely successful loan spells at both West Bromwich Albion in 2012, and Everton last season.

In his season-long spell at Everton, the Belgian managed to find the back of the net 15 times in 31 league games, helping the Merseyside club reach fifth place with a record number of Premier League points.

Clubs from all over Europe are said to be chasing the 21-year-old, including Tottenham, Roma and Juventus.

A permanent move to Everton also seems a possibility, however it seems Atlético are in the driving seat, after negotiations with Chelsea over both Diego Costa and Filipe Luis gave them a seat at the discussion table.

The Evening Standard, a London based newspaper, is reporting that, although Chelsea would be looking to offload Lukaku for €30 million, a loan deal is more likely.

Some comments made by the Belgian have hit headlines over the last few days, with the striker in Brazil preparing for Belgium’s World Cup campaign.

“Many clubs are interested in me,” said Lukaku earlier this week. “At this stage I have to look to myself. I have to have a good World Cup – that’s key for all of the players looking for a transfer, and I must be one of them.”

However in a seperate interview, he seemed to have a change of heart.

“I have a contract with Chelsea after this summer, and I am not focusing on any move to Atlético,” he is quoted as saying in the Evening Standard.

Is another loan move the right direction for Atleti? Or should we do our best to secure one of Europe’s top talents on a permanent transfer?

  • Ali

    Loan move for lukaku and permanent move for higuain then we will be even better next season! and will reach champions league final two times in a row..

  • starvs

    Loan with option to buy, or buy outright. Loaning this kid is not gonna be good business, very short sighted in my opinion. Gotta spend money to make money.

  • Mrtn

    I don’t know what some see in Higuain but I hope we don’t sign him.
    But signing a possible top player on loan again, fromChelsea agin looks a bad idea for me.
    Having players whos surely will leave the team is not so good in terms of morale, determination etc.
    Also, after Chelsea tempting 2 of our players Cerezo should really behave like men and do some negotiation for a much lower price, as Lukaku is surely not worth 30m yet, but he will surely be worth even more after 1 season with Atleti… than we can do business again…
    But I can’t stress enough that there are super strikers up for sale this summer like Mandzukic, Bony, Finnbogason and Torres (only for free). We need to sign 3 out of these 5 players to get the attacking unit much stronger than this year.

  • Ali

    Manzukic would be great but I think he would prefer a move to arsenal for me higuain will be the best signing but an expensive one.


    its good only if there is a buy option… now we need to go and bring vela to club..

  • Urban

    I can second that. We should have higher ambitions than being a feeder club like Rayo…

  • Kris

    Loan from Chelsea? Again? FUCK to the NO. Under Simeone, he will be one of the best strikers in the planet and to know that we developed him but we don’t even have him….sad, really….sad! How long do we have to keep on being this cheapish club who feeds other teams? Ridiculous! Buy him if u want him but please STOP the loaning for such aspiring young players who will be worth triple the amount that they are with Simeone as his mentor.

  • Nam Hoang

    Ok it’s either permanent or no! We’re not gonna do any philanthropy to Chelsea again, or else we’d rather get Vela!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    We need to send a positive message to the fans. Loaning just says we’re looking to have help for a season while helping other teams such as chelsea build their players. I for one prefer buys unless the player is at an age that doesn’t leave room for much improvement.

    Btw Higuain is an excellent striker, the guy scores goals no matter the odds

  • Zakaria

    Honestly I have never watched Lukaku play, but now I just watched some you tube and this guy is a beast. He is born to play with Atleti …. I think we should sign him not get him on loan cause this guy has lots of potential

  • Luis

    I really don’t know what everyone sees in Lukaku. I live in England and have seen him play for Everton many times. If we want to be challenging again next season Lukaku is not the way forward. Mandzukic would be ideal, Higuain is good also but would be expensive. Cavani would be perfect…

  • Nam Hoang

    out of the names that u just mentioned, none are cheap! Lukaku is affordable and young, he will be beast under the magical hands of Simeone!

  • Urban

    A friend of mine who is a huge CFC fan told me an obvious but smart thing – if chelsea wanted to sell Lukaku they would never pay the release clause for Costa and use him for bargaining chip. If they decided to pay the clause it is clear they will never let Lukaku go so so its either loan or nothing.

    If its gonna be a loan without the option to buy we should rebrand our club to “CHELSEA’S BITCHES MADRID”, sorry I dont want to offend anyone (especially here) but this is how I see it…

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Personally I agree with you but telling that to some guys here is a waste of time

  • Yong-jun KIM

    Lukaku is a good option.. but I think Mandzukic is better choice. Please sign MANDZUKIC!!!!!!!

  • colcho

    So what about this Cazorla thing?
    Personaly, I think he’s great but not for 22M.. Agreed?

  • Ali

    Looks like I’m not the only one here who wants higuain and to get higuain we must sign pepe reina or raul albiol to convince him and was undervalued at real and I think can show real fans why they sold him!
    Just dreaming higuain up front with lukaku in 4-4-2 formation and I don’t think any team will want to face us.

  • Lukaku on loan with buyout clause is ok. And Cazorla for 22M is a good deal IMO.

  • Ali

    I know this is crazy but a 19 year teenager who once tried to buy atletico has agreed to join England’s fourth tier club Salisbury fc and he will play next season in England and his name is Prince Khalid Bin Bader Alsaud and he’s prince of Saudi Arabia!
    WOW just WOW football can’t get any better!

  • Al

    I was wondering we could have sign him for atletico b or atletico c and he could have helped us in many ways!

  • Chewie

    Welcome, Guilhermo!

  • Kris

    There are better players than him.

  • Kris

    Business-wise, it would have been AWESOME! Proves that money can get you lots of things though, he’s probably a shitty ass footballer.

  • Atleti10

    I really don’t see us getting higuain. I’d love it but just don’t see it.

  • Chewie

    He’s skinny and probably has no mental toughness. All that makes for a pretty shitty footballer.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    well, if that prince couldn’t make it to a top level club, someone like him did, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, one of Muammar’s sons, he signed for Udinese in 2005-06 where he played only 10 minutes the whole season, then for Sampodria in 2006-07 where he didn’t play a single minute !!
    but I agree with Ali & Kris, we should have signed that spoiled little prince, we would have had a big sponsorship deal from one of his father’s or some of his uncles’ companies !!

    Sometimes those people make me feel ashamed of being an Arab

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Welcome to La Liga Champions, Guilherme

    I just knew that both Filipe & Siqueira spent their junior careers together with Brazilian club “Figueirense”, and they are in the same age (Filipe is older with only 8 months), hence the great friendship between them

    I wish they spend some of their senior careers together with Atleti

    I still didn’t give up on you Filipe

  • epoy

    He got only 2 more years in his contract with Chelsea so even without purchase option, the loan move would be a stroke of genius to bet him permanently in the future for cheaps provided:

    * we continue winning silverwares and challenging for every competition
    * we eleminate Chelsea again in Champions League
    * our fans show him great affection and respect
    * no more racism bullsh!t from our fellow supporters
    * Costa does good at Chelsea

    With those things above happening, i cant see any reason aside from money why he would want to go back to Chelsea.

  • Chewie

    Money is a big enough reason.

  • Kris


  • Rowly

    I think Lukaku would be a good signing, but we need to avoid a loan deal. I don’t see chelsea keeping him as he’s already better than most/all of chelsea’s strikers but Moaninho still won’t use him.
    The only reservation I have against Lukaku is that he won’t score as many goals as Costa or Falcao did, but he will get a dozen goals and a lot of assists too, so we’d need a goalscorer to play alongside him.
    Lukaku & Vela would be ideal, and I think it’s realistic that we could get both.


    I just checked Vela belongs to same agency just like costa and there is a Jorge Mendes… Do i need to say more? Even if he is very good player for me i just dont wanna see the same thing with him( like with Costa,Miranda and Falcao) next summer…
    There is no chance we sign Higuain cause De Laurentis is very ambitional person and will not let him to anyone with easy. I belive Negredo would be very good indeed!!

  • Nam Hoang

    the truth has been said! very well said urban!!!