Miranda listening to transfer offers

The centre back admits his agent is negotiating a move away from Atleti

Atletico Madrid defender Joao Miranda

Miranda celebrates a goal
(Clubatleticodemadrid.com | Ángel Gutiérrez)

In what has already been a disappointing couple of weeks with regards to players leaving the Vicente Calderon, it looks as if it could get worse. Miranda has confirmed to Brazilian radio that he is in talks to leave Atletico Madrid, where he enjoyed a fantastic season.

“I have received offers and we are currently negotiating. The offers? Some from the English league, and from within the Spanish league as well. Some from less important leagues, too,” he told Radio ESPN.

Miranda has in recent weeks been linked with a move to both Manchester United – who are in dire need of a centre back after losing both Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand – and Barcelona – who need to replace Carles Puyol following his retirement.

The 29-year-old, who missed out on Brazil’s World Cup 23-man squad, claims his agent is in Europe to decide his future, and is optimistic of a deal being done.

“My buy-out fee with Atletico is 30m, but that can be negotiated,” Miranda said, as quoted by Sky Sports.

Atletico have strengthened their back line already this week with the addition of Guilherme Siqueira from Granada. 

This move for the left back was rumoured to open the doors for Filipe Luis to leave the club – but this admission from Miranda could mean there is another hole to fill in Europe’s best defence from the last season.

Would you be happy to see Miranda leave for his buy-out clause?

  • starvs

    I can stomach this for the right price :/

    Just a shitty reality of Atletico in 2014, gonna be a few more years of this as long as the debt remains; have to continue doing good business while hopefully treading water with shrewd replacement signings, but hard to truly strengthen the squad.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I hate stereotypes, but it’s very difficult to ignore the fact that -except the 2 over 32, Villa & Tiago- all who left or want to leave are Brazilians,
    Costa, Filipe, Miranda & Diego

    and dear Miranda, the 30 million can never be negotiated

    if you want to leave then we can not force you to stay, we will let you go and will say thank you and good luck,

    but those billionaires don’t need a charity or a discount from Atleti,
    Atleti are the ones who need every single penny

    If you really have said “the 30m can be negotiated” then from the bottom of my heart : FUCK YOU

  • Brad

    I mean it can be negotiated if we get something in return…but it shouldn’t be

  • Urban

    “My buy-out fee with Atletico is 30m, but that can be negotiated,” omg what a doofus, someone here is for a shock.

    I am against forcing people to stay if they want to go, but I am even more against lowering clauses which were agreed by the player and are aimed to reflect his actual value, contrary to the usual sky-hgih clauses used by FCB and Real to bypass the law and bind their players.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i think its scorali’s fault that both filipe and miranda want to leave. i guess they think, that they werent invited to the WC squad, cos they playin in a “smaller” club. they kinda blaming the club for it. but they should blame that fuckin idiot scolari.

  • Ali

    Don’t worry reports in Italy suggests that atletico will sign raul albiol if miranda leaves and he’s keen to return to madrid because of some family reasons!
    Believe me if we sign albiol and under simeone he would be far far far better then miranda and also cheaper and younger!
    Miranda is not world class he need to thank simeone for making him a good defender but I repeat he’s not world class or nowhere near to godin and with some game time toby can be better then him!


    If he realy say it this way then for me then goodbay for good… But you are mistaken over one thing and that is NO WAY ATLETI WILL NEGOTIATE iam sure in that… for me he is another traitor cause along with costa and filipe he show disrespect for such a big club.. but iam not worried cause even now we have a great replacment (maybe even better just need more games) and that is alderweireld..
    bigger players then this fucking brasilians were leaveing us for years and we are still here, from year to year we are growing so dont be worried my friends cause we will be stronger next year iam sure in that!!!
    so my final words to miranda,costa and filipe (even if they cant go together i wanna put them) is “thank you for all you done and fuck u, for me u dont even exist anymore” just like el rata doesnt exist!

  • Rowly

    For 30m euros we can’t go wrong, I really rate Miranda but that’s a lot of money for a 29yo CB!!
    I’d love to see Inigo Martinez signed from Real Sociedad as his replacement but I expect we’d give Toby.A a run in the team.

  • Ali

    What can you expect us to get something in return from Man U!
    Maybe Tom cleverly haha! I would be happy if he goes for 30 m.

  • Ali

    Reports already suggests that we will sign raul albiol if miranda leaves!


    Well said!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I am a better defender than Raul Albiol

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    and I’m not worried, we don’t need any one to replace Miranda, we already have Toby and Gimenze
    That kid is very promising CD, and with Miranda gone he could finally have the minutes he needs

    I just want our 30 M .. without one euro less

  • Ali

    Then maybe toby!

  • starvs

    Feel like we are getting into some revisionist history here because people are hurt Miranda wants to leave apparently. Miranda is fucking amazing and close to flawless this year…

    Toby and Gimenez seem like potentially quality backup and backbackup that are already on the roster though…

  • Atleti10

    I’m beginning to worry a little. Valencia will be bringing some quality, barca and real will be even stronger and were losing some of our best players. With the excess we made over the year I do believe the club could reinvest all the money we take in from transfers. If lukaku comes in on loan we have to but a top striker to partner him. Shift Adrian and send Leo out on loan. And then bring in a quality versatile midfielder who can play anywhere across the middle. Otherwise I fear we lose ground on a number of teams in the league.

    Don’t get me wrong with the players we have and simeone I believe we will finish top 3 but I don’t see there being as great a margin between us and the likes of Valencia, Athletic and Sevilla. Anyway still early days.

    New sites great by the way.

  • Ali

    Ahmed what do you think who can replace miranda toby , albiol or inigo Martinez though I don’t know why you dislike albiol

  • Ali

    And also he would be useful if we bid for higuain

  • Colcho

    Guys, don’t forget we not only need replacments but also backups.
    I remember the las 2 months of the season with key players barely standing because theres no one else to back them up.

    I say: bring a lot of good players than a few quality ones.

  • A Common Sense

    I will inform Del Bosque then. But we are comparing the two, Raul and Miranda, not you ofcourse.

  • A Common Sense

    Atletico is after all only a dictatorship. We are not done with you until you are dead. Hang him, I say.

  • A Common Sense

    How incompetent could those brazalians be? We should be thankful they let alone managed to kick a ball around (within a rectangular shaped parameter) for ninety minutes week in and week out. Honestly, who is steering their brains? Blasius please lend them your wisdom for then they will not be held to such interpretation ever again.

  • A Common Sense

    Atleti is a patient reborn tiger. We will wait. Humility.

  • To answer the forum’s question in the words of Simeone, there is a 50/50 chance of me being happy if Miranda leaves.

  • Nam Hoang

    I don’t want Raul Albiol. Please bring Inigo Martinez to Atletico in case Miranda has to leave. 30m is an irrefutable price for a 29, so sell him and and get some fresh blood!!! By the way I’m Dircil

  • Ali

    Arsenal have activated carlos vela buy back option now it’s our time to place a bid that real sociedad can’t refuse maybe in the region of 12 to 14 million.

  • epoypogi

    30 million for a 29yr old cb we signed for free is great business. We only need a reliable back-up as i have high hopes for Toby and sure as hell he can step-up.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Some people keep talking about our debt and blaming it for the departure for our key players, while others are suggesting that we should use ALL the money we earn from the sales for signing new players,

    I disagree with both

    we didn’t sell because of the debt, we didn’t sale because we needed to, we sold or will sell because those particular players want to leave

    I’m not saying we do not need to sell (this season) because Gil & Cerezo said so, because everybody know that they are liars & manipulative,

    I’m saying so because the facts say so, the financial facts we all know

    But, on the other hand, if those players left and we got a big amount of money, I believe we should use the biggest part of it to pay some of our debt, cause we still do have a big debt, and keep doing what we used to do in the last few seasons, making smart signings, cheap, but yet very effective
    like Miranda himself, the one who could leave for 30m while we have signed him for .. nothing .. for free

  • epoy

    I believe we are not sellling because we have huge debt guys. We are selling because other clubs pay way more higher wages and because of that players want to go.

  • Gert

    I’d take Fellaini from United with lots of pleasure 🙂