Official: Atlético confirm Siqueira deal

Brazilian left-back makes the move in midst of likely Filipe Luís sale

Siqueira joins from Benfica (pic:

Siqueira joins from Benfica (pic:

Atlético Madrid have confirmed that an agreement has been reached with Granada for the transfer of left-back Guilherme Siqueira to the capital club.

The 28 year-old spent last season on loan at Benfica, and joins subject to a medical for a fee in the region of €10m.

Siqueira touched down at Barajas Airport in Madrid on Friday to sign a four-year contract with his new club, and spoke of his pride at joining the La Liga champions when speaking with press on arrival.

“This is a dream come true,” he beamed. “Every player wants to play for the big clubs and now I have an opportunity to be a part of the Atlético family. I’m very happy.”

The Brazilian was also asked about the possibility of replacing compatriot Filipe Luís – strongly linked recently with a move to Chelsea – but gave no indication that this would be the case.

“Filipe is a great friend of mine and I’m not here to replace him, I just want to do my job and prove my worth.”

A title-winner himself with Benfica in May, Siqueira holds an Italian passport so will not occupy one of the three non-EU spots in the squad.

He spent two campaigns in the Spanish top flight with Granada prior to moving to Portugal, where he earned a reputation as a formidable spot-kick taker and was often linked to the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

After Ángel Correa and Miguel Ángel Moya, he is the third new face at the Vicente Calderón so far this summer, and will join up with his new teammates on July 7 to begin pre-season training.

What do you make of the signing of Siqueira? Is he ready to take a place in Simeone’s line-up should Filipe depart?

  • Ali

    Cheers billy now that’s what I like!
    Players coming not players leaving

  • Jeronamo

    Welcome to Atletico Siqueira!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I still hoping that he will “compete” with Filipe for a spot, and not “take” his spot

    our habit of selling our best players made us tending to believe every rumor, including me, the one who used every summer to stop watching news sport and visiting sport websites so he doesn’t read rumors !!

    but yesterday I saw this on twitter, and it made me go back to my sanity

    “Guilherme Siqueira is the first signing of Real Madrid for the next season”

    it’s a tweet from @tikitakatv, the official twitter account for the sporting program in the Spanish TV channel “Cuatro”
    I believe they have deleted it, but that great twitter account @SegundasPartes has already taken a snapshot of it !

    I still don’t believe that Filipe wants to leave, I just can’t imagine that Arda & Godin wants to stay and he doesn’t .. from all what we have seen in the last years, he is more like them, not like Costa

    We all have to remember and need to remember :

  • Hopefully we’ll hear a lot more about players joining in the next few weeks!

  • starvs

    Like that we can reply to specific posts, nice touch.

  • Kris

    Hoping and praying that rumor is false! Love the dude for so many reasons. He just seems like a great human being. 🙂

  • Kris

    +1 too shit, I think I actually like this new comment section thing.

  • davie

    does anybody know if the new signings are 100% owned by atleti or is that cock mendes involved

  • Ali

    In case of carlos vela mendes will be involved!

  • Chewie

    Just watched his highlights – the guy is a brilliant penalty taker. And he has some dribbling skills as well. Very good signing. Maybe this transfer campaign won’t be so bad after all.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The relation between Gil-Cerezo & Mendes has taken a wrong turn, it was all over the sport papers & websites yesterday, they are very angry at him, because all his clients at Atleti has left or on their way to leave, Costa, Tiago, Miranda & Adrian, and they are leaving cheaply, or for free

    They feel that he is helping his friend Mourinho at our expense
    There even were some talks about that Costa was “forced” by Mendes to leave (he earlier made him sign a pre-contract or personal contract or something like that)

    The reports mentioned that Gil & Cerezo are not intending to sign any player from Mendes this summer
    (But I believe he is not Vela’s agent though)

    I wish this is true, for how long have we been talking in this website about Mendes and how bad he is for our club ?!
    almost 2 years
    and we are amateurs, while the “professionals” Gil & Cerezo just realized that now !!

    in fact, many websites commented on that with phrases like:
    “when you put your head in the hives you should expect a sting by the bees” and “if you play with the snake it will bite you”

    If this is true then I’m very happy
    in my opinion, a Mendes-free Atleti is a priority

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    a lot of talking about that Siqueira is a great penalty taker, even Caminero mentioned that in his presentation, but how good is he ?!
    well, as I always like to do, lets look at his numbers :
    He was the penalty taker in his last 2 seasons with Granada
    He took 12 penalties .. and he scored 11 of them
    Impressive .. isn’t it
    Remember what was the stats. of Costa on that skill just this season,
    He missed 4 .. out of 10

    another impressing fact about Siqueira’s penalties :
    He scored 2 of them in 1 game against Barca in Camp Nou
    (in 20 .03.2012)
    it is not easy to score a penalty in Camp Nou, and also not easy (like it or not) to score a penalty against Valdes, but Siqueira did that twice in 1 game

  • Kris

    That proves that he can handle pressure if he can score twice against Barca in front of nearly a 100,000 people. He will be great for Atleti.

  • davie

    the sooner we are mendes free the better

  • Ahmad Hossainy


  • Guest

    Post pictures , like comments and reply? Amazing!

  • Farzad From From IRan

    I love him,,,his dribling is so good

  • Kulan

    Lukaku on loan. It better be a realease-clause involved. IF not, then it is a shitty deal.

  • Ali

    I’m in love with this guy I don’t care if filipe leaves! Yesterday I was crying and today I’m happy and life goes on!

  • Ali


  • Ali

    Hey what do you guys think about mathieu valbuena we were chasing him in the January and he also said that he would like to play for atletico but then the negotiations stoped but that guy was a beast in France warm up games probably better then greizman and ribery.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Ok i couldn’t resist making another account… i’m still going to post as jeronamo sometimes so don’t think it’s two different people.
    i hope filipe is doing ok after coping with the death of his father and all

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I don’t know much about him tbh but any decent player who says they’d like to play here then i have no objections

  • I think one account is enough! Please use only one to stop confusion!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    What confusion? If i’m on the laptop at home and when i’m not i check in on my phone. My phone is signed onto my original account… and i had to sign in just now on here and i saw the facebook option thats’s all, how is that confusion?

  • This new comment system gives you notifications across devices, a new swanky post count, and loads of cool features that work best when you use one account 🙂

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Ok i’ll try to switch the old one over to this one np

  • It even lets you know when someone is typing, it’s amazing! Ha

  • -palc-

    Im pretty sure he’s not better than Ribery, maybe not even better than Griezmann.

  • Ali

    I was talking about the warm up games he may not be better then ribery but he’s way better then greizman who is still young and while valbuena is in the peak of his career.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    im ali_, since i had a disqus account, ill use that from now. at least there wont be more confusion with the other ali.

  • Urban

    We are supposedly close on signing Tino Costa on 2 year loan deal…

  • BlasiusMagnus

    cant decide if its good or bad news…

  • Chewie

    If he comes cheap and wants badly to play for the best team in Madrid then I’m okay with him. He’s turning 30 this year but it’s not a bad thing, it just means that his experience would be valuable and in two seasons’ time he will be ready to free the place for our talented youngsters.

  • Chewie

    He’s a useful player – every season for the past 5 years he’s made at least 10 goals+assists in every club he played. Crazy long-distance shot, good vision. Maybe not the best but a quality player nonetheless.

  • Ali
  • starvs

    Seems like an unambitious replacement for Tiago? Hopefully Tino and Saul would be a two pronged replacement for Tiago…

    Still, just rumor for now…

  • Brad

    Well we did lack the long shots

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    well, he is a central midfielder, the position of El Cholo when he was a player, and they say that he was the one who specifically asked for him, so I guess we don’t have the right to argue or even think about it !

    But, I must ask the same question I asked last season :
    Gabi, Mario, Saul & Tino Costa .. then why in the hell we signed Guilavogui for 10 million ?!!!

    we all know “part” of the answer : Jorge Mandes
    the other and more difficult part is :
    if we gave him that, what did he gave us in return ?!
    I believe it’s not too much, if it’s not even nothing