Chelsea hope to secure Costa before World Cup

London outfit are pushing to complete deal before Thursday's opener

Costa training with Spain (pic: Reuters)

Costa training with Spain (pic: Reuters)

Diego Costa looks to be in his last days as an Atlético player, after telling the club he wishes to move to Chelsea.

The player underwent a medical on Wednesday, and has now confirmed his desire to leave after his best season so far with Atleti.

“Chelsea have made an offer to Atlético Madrid in compliance with the buyout terms in Diego Costa’s contract, and have been advised that the player has provided notice to Atlético Madrid, invoking the buyoung clause and directing the club to accept Chelsea’s offer,” a Chelsea source told Sky Sports.

“Chelsea look forward to entering into formal transfer documentation with Atlético Madrid as soon as possible so that the player can concentrate on the World Cup.”

An Atleti spokesman on Wednesday said that los Rojiblancos had “no knowledge” of any such medical or agreement that was widely reported.

Enrique Cerezo was under the same impression, with the president confirming that no agreement had yet been finalised.

“If Costa has an agreement with another club, then let him come and tell us”, he was quoted as saying in Spanish media.

“If he wants to leave, let him come and deposit his buyout clause – which I believe is around 42 or 43 million euros.”

It looks as if Atleti are now resigned to losing their star striker from last season, in what will not be the last of the transfer dealings between Chelsea and Atlético this summer.

The future of Courtois is still up in the air, and Jose Mourinho is rumoured to be close to signing both Filipe Luis and Tiago, the latter having played at Chelsea for Mourinho 10 years ago.

It’s not all one-way traffic though, with rumours mounting that Atleti could be looking to sign Romelu Lukaku, who spent last season on-loan at Everton, as a direct replacement for Costa.

Who do you think is the best replacement for Diego Costa?

  • Rowly

    Lukaku would be a good replacement for Costa although I don’t think he’ll score as many goals as Costa so I’d also like someone to play alongside him, which we need anyway with Villa leaving. I guess Soldado may be an option but I’m not convinced he’d be a good one!

  • Urban

    If we bought Siqueira, it is certain that Filipe Luis is leaving. If Filipe Luis is leaving, it means we have agreed to lower his buy-out clause (otherwise Chelsea would have to pay his buy-out clause + tax, which would be more than 32 mln euros – they would not pay that much for him). Furthermore, if we agreed to lower his clause, it means we are getting something in return.

    Its probably TC and/or Lukaku – either for loan or permanent deal.

    If we swapped TC, FL and Tiago for Lukaku, TC and Siqueira it would be like the best deal in the history of football.

    Shame we missed out on Rakitic, we still need someone like him and Vela. Then we would be ready to rock.

  • Adnan Khan

    Lukaku as costas replacement and Vela as villas would be nice. Vela has played really good this season. Played 52 games and scored 21 goals and given 13 assist. And that too from playing as a winger for most of the season. I would love to have him in atletico alsways liked him

  • starvs

    Very much agree, Lukaku + Vela seems like a great answer.

    I also like Dzeko and Llorente. I’m also intrigued by Ballotelli, if anyone can get his head on right it has to be Cholo right? That is of course contingent on Cholo really wanting him, but dudes talent is certainly undeniable…

  • Brad

    I say nope on the Ballotelli front. Atleti is about playing for the team and I think he would be poison for that.

  • Lukaku or Jackson Martinez for costa
    Vela for Villa

  • Abdullah Karam

    Noooooo Ballotelli PLEASE ,, No Thanks 🙂

  • ali_

    i would hang myself if we would sign balotelli. good news to me that he isnt on the list of players we want to sign. i really want vela, lukaku would be nice too. im not sure about mandzukic or dzeko.

  • Abdullah Karam

    Guys we need to sign Hakan Calhanoglu & Milan Badelj
    We need to sell some players to have them both as a futere players ,, I think hakan & milan is a must now to strenghth our squad for this season and futere ..
    Milan as Gabi replacment
    Hakan as Arda replacment in upcoming years
    Hakan not a necessary as a replacment but useful for rotation thou ..
    I think they are not that expensive right now but in upcoming years we dont know so IF “IF” we have enough money bring them both ,,
    I know it too much money but we are building are we 🙂
    Aupa Atleti

  • Abdullah Karam

    And what about Shaqiri ??! :))

  • Abdullah Karam

    And guys i heard that Diego Costa was forced to sign for chelsea by him agent Mendes is this true?
    And there is a penalty if he decided to stay with us?

  • Chewie

    Lukaku, Jackson Martinez, Vela are all good choices. Driven, young, passionate professionals. No Balotelli, please. Hulk maybe? =)

  • leika

    Yeah, give me some of that Jackson Martinez. Guy’s a beast and just what we need up front. Hulk is another good option. We need a big star striker as our targetman. Lukaku is a risk. He doesn’t know the language and if Courtois and Alderweireld would leave, it could be hard for him to adapt.
    I’m really gonna miss Filipe if he leaves. He always played with his heart and became, in my eyes, the best left back in the world with us.
    All in all, I think we need that star striker (Jackson preferably) and one winger, because Sosa and Cebolla aren’t up to the task. Maybe Vela? I hope they don’t loan out Correa right away. Also we have some loanees returning so we have plenty of talent and options in midfield.
    What do you guys think?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Siqueira deal has been officially announced since more than 30 hours now, but still there is no post about it here
    instead, another post about Costa, which is actually more a rumor and gossip than a news

    That’s not a good way to welcome any new player, especially an important one like Siqueira

    Not cool guys .. not cool

  • Abdullah Karam

    @cuz we dont know is he a firsr team player or ginna be a sub !
    And he is very good player and there is no much diffrent between Filipe and He so !! But our striker if leave we need a good replacment Dear

  • Ali

    Agree with ahmed there should be an article about siqueira and please stop making articles about rumors I think keminero is doing a good job about rumors.

  • Nick Poskitt

    This is not a rumour guys, it’s been confirmed by more than one source.
    Also, we’re working on articles best we can – be supportive!

  • Jeronamo

    I was waiting to see a thread about it too. Still am

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Nick :
    “been confirmed by more than one source” is actually what we usually read before any rumor 😉

    anyway, we really appreciate your efforts, and we are supportive, if not, you wouldn’t have seen these comments here almost every day despite that there are no much topics to talk about

    but it didn’t take you too long to post Costa news like it took you for Siqueira’s, although it happened very earlier
    I know Costa is the main topic right now for all the sport media all around the world, but this is not a sport website .. this is an Atleti website

    again, thank you for your efforts, we really appreciate it

  • Ali

    And we’re still waiting for the end of season article.

  • Nick Poskitt

    Well we’ve now got a Siqueira article – you guys will have to forgive me on the backlog. I’m quite busy with work and of course we all have full-time jobs.

    You guys are more than welcome to contribute articles. Email [email protected] if you’re interested

  • Kris

    No thank you to Hulk coming in to our team to replace Costa. He’s not the type of player Costa is, yehh he’s strong,skillful, has a great strong foot but that’s not going to cut it to be THE striker at Atleti. The perfect fit that there is, still is Mr. Lukaku (I’m not going to describe his strengths again). Get Lukaku and don’t get Dzeko. They are both similar players so it wouldn’t work out that well. Yes, definitely Vela! He’s the type of forward we need to team up with THE striker at Atleti.

    This new forum on here is a’ight. I don’t know for some reason I still prefer the old one, it seemed…. easier(maybe cause I’m old fashioned huh? And I’m barely 19!) but it’s still pretty cool.

  • Mrtn

    We should take the money, wave goodbye to Costa and get Bony, Lukaku/Finnbogason/Torres , Griezman, Firmino.
    Also, Arda should leave as he can’t score nor give assists, Correa will do the job much better.
    My biggest upset though is Filipe, for some reason I thought he likes it here and has more brain (and heart) than leaving the Spanish champions for an English wannabe… but this should be his problem from now on… we will be all right with Siqueira and Insua (who is much better than he showed this year).