Diego Costa passes Chelsea medical

The Beast close to leaving the Manzanares for good

Atleti are through to the next round after rout of Vienna  (clubatleticodemadrid.com)

Atleti are through to the next round after rout of Vienna

Diego Costa has moved closer to completing a move to Chelsea, after he reportedly passed a medical ahead of his £32m move to the London club.

The Brazilian-born Spain striker is preparing for the World Cup in his home country, but has taken a break to complete his long-rumoured move to the club Atleti knocked so brilliantly out of the Champions League only 6 weeks ago.

Costa shares an agent with the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho – Jorge Mendes – and it is believed he has been instrumental in organising the move.

The full details of the deal aren’t yet clear, although is believed Chelsea have paid Diego Costa’s release clause.

Costa looks to become the second striker to leave the Spanish champions this summer, following David Villa out of the door.

Adored by all, Costa becomes the third fan-favourite striker in recent seasons to depart to the Premier League, following Fernando Torres and Kun Aguero, who moved to Liverpool and Manchester City respectively.

More updates to come…


    fucking traitor … head up people better players than him have our leaving and we still managed to be at the top..
    I hope that we will throw them back in the champions league.. ATLETI FOREVER

  • starvs

    32 million pounds isn’t that much for someone of his age and caliber. If Lukaku or Courtois (permanent) are not coming back, I’m pissed.

    No hard feeling for DC though, he ain’t owe us shit. He played hard when he was here, and that is all that is owed. Certainly would have lived him to stay another year though…

  • starvs

    Also, I still don’t believe anything I read from any non club source on this, I’ve been burned too many times. All the big boys are reporting this though…

  • Nick Poskitt

    Yeah it’s on the BBC, Sky Sports, The Guardian etc. The BBC don’t normally flinch until it’s real.

  • colcho

    I’ll be way more upset if Filipe leaves.. He’s my favorite player in Atleti.
    Trust me, Costa is going downhill from here, Just like other “one season hits” before him (like Benteke).

    Yesterday I bought my second Atletico jersey: 13/14 away, – Filipe luis – on the back.
    Adore this man weather he stays or leaves..

    Vamos Atleti!!

  • AaX

    Somebody will turn UP at the World Cup. Ready the Cash Atleti !

  • Jeronamo

    Well they have him, it’s upsetting that he chose Chelsea of all places to go especially right now with the whole courtouis situation. Always wanted him to be sold when he was playing well tho but what does this mean for adrian?
    @Ahmad I agree with what you said about some players paying us back by staying at least another season but what about people like cebolla andinsua? I mean they wanted to prove themselves too but it doesn’t look like many chances will come their way if they stay.
    Is Costa a traitor tho? Maybe…. I just think that we’ll have a better player playing that position next season so I don’t care too much

  • Ratchet

    Well, I’m disappointed in him, I expected more from him loyalty wise. He hasn’t really repaid what the club or the fans gave him, and part of me hopes he flops. No, actually, I do hope he flops. No player is bigger than this club.

  • ali_

    ratchet: i hope a little bit too, but i rather hope that chelsea win nothing in the nex years. disgusting team.


    now its time to bring Torres back to home and Lukaku on year loan.. that would be ideal for me
    ATM i think the best option to replace Costa is Torres cause he will give his heart at every game with us i just know that.. I agree that bigger loss will be if we loose Filipe Luis over Costa cause he is just unreplaceable!!!
    I belive in CHolo and know that we will be stronger next year over this one!!

  • Dircil

    Ouch that is such a bad news for us. And for someone who wants to bring Torres back, I would say DON’T EVER THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN. He will turn 30 soon and is not probably that competent anymore! Hope we can get Lukaku in return or someone who is resembling to Costa!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    To hold a grudge or not is up to you, and what type of person you are
    I will hold a grudge, for many reasons that I have mentioned too many times before

    BUT saying that he doesn’t owe us anything like Starvs said is just not true

    He owes us a lot .. at lest 20 million, that what we could have earned more if he agreed to sign a new deal with bigger clause than the 40 or 45 million,
    I mean come on .. even El Rata did that, he signed a new deal just few weeks before he left !!

    but I know what happened, Jorge Mendes told him to say no to save 20 million (or more) for his friend Mourinho

    if Aguero signed a new deal before he left and brought us extra couple of millions while Costa didn’t do the same and left for 40M while just 2 weeks ago (the defender) David Luiz left for 50M then we should either stop calling Aguero “El Rata” or start calling Costa the same !!!


    @Dircil of course he is not what he used to be in the past, but with his energy and love and passion for the club i think he would idealy fit in our style of play under Simeone

  • jeronamo

    did i ever mention i started following Atleti because of Aguero? I mean he left and i stayed but he isn’t El rata for me, kinda bugs me when i read it but everyone has their opinions and reasons so i respect that but at least he helped bring more money to atleti by leaving. What does this Costa situation do for us????

  • Kris

    We shouldn’t have to call nobody shit. These players are workers like the rest of us and wherever they go is their choice. Ok say I’m a computer programmer and I’ve been working at my company for 10 years straight now with only two or there pay raises overall but I know for myself that I’m better than the rest that work there yet nobody is able to recognize my talent(not Costa’s case tho). And here comes Google offering me $200,000 yearly in a much better state than I’m working in, and a much better position too(again not COSTA’S case) but am I going to decline this offer? HELL NO! I’m not even going to think twice because I fucking love money, California and recognition!
    Now there I tried to be rational, but here I’m going to be emotional. I’m going to fucking hate this Costa prick for choosing a team he just helped rape in the Champions League. Ratchet, talking about him being loyal is completely idiotic when he just chose Spain over Brazil. Now I don’t care even a bit about which national team he plays for but putting “Costa” and ” loyal” in the same sentence is really sad. I love this dude and I know I supported his decision and I still do, but Costa just isn’t loyal at all.
    On the real though, if we don’t get either Lukaku or Courtois from this deal, this is another idiotic move from the board and probably the worst deal in the past 4 years.


    @Ahmad i agree with u with all things u are saying… but for me loosing him is not a big loss cause i just dont like his temp and his selfishness.
    the bigger loss will be if we loose filipe luis..
    only thing we should be sorry for is a more cash in from transfer ( just like u said we could cash in 20 millions more then this)
    all i can say to the “former beast of us” is get to hell out of here and go earn some money cause its all u after.. U pussy smoke!!!

  • Chewie

    He’s not a traitor, he’s just an ungrateful dirty dog. I was surprised to see many negative comments about Costa’s transfer not only by ATM fans but by Real, Barca, Dortmund, MU and other supporters. But to be honest, we have to admit nobody loved Costa because of his great personality or technical prowess or loyalty or whatever. We liked him because he scored. And now, when he’s no longer a rojiblanco, we can say frankly – Costa is a sneaky, cheating, diving provocator and simply a motherf*cker. He is a tool, a very useful one but nonetheless a tool. When Falcao left I was disappointed because the man is a genius but this time I’m sure we’ll find a worthy replacement.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    you need to take a look at this guys,
    right now a campaign on twitter under the hashtag #SOSAtléticoDeMadrid is going on fire

    Looks like Atleti fans have had enough !!

  • Ramos El Decima

    An Atleti fan is a fickle child. The difference between chelsea fans and atletico fans is this fickleness.. I love you Costa.. oh I hate you Costa.. World Class Costa.. One Year Flop Costa.. whaa whaa (El Decima).. besides that they are both hating fans..

    Shame on you, no trophy for you!

  • Ali

    My predictions for next years premier league:
    1)liverpool/manchester city
    2) manchester city/liverpool
    3) arsenal
    4) Manchester United
    5) tottenham hotspurs
    6) everton
    7) chelsea
    And mourinho wil be sacked in January and costa will be flop of the season.

  • Ali

    And I forgot to mention that aston villa got a new rich owner.
    And newly promoted Leicester city’s owner said that he’s ready to invest 200 millions in next two years to make his club known in Europe!
    I hope it’s true then oil rich chelsea will finish 9th.

  • millandr

    Clearly this forum has lost its professionalism during this transfer window (I forgive all of you for you’re angered and premature words). IMO honestly, I love Costa’s professionalism this year, he has matured into an amazing person and player and I wish him the best. However it seems that Raul has taken over Costa’s old self this year, I get sick every time I see him on the field, he is a terrible player and I can’t stand cheats. I hope he smartens up because it is getting very hard to convince myself otherwise.

    I’m excited for the future! Stay positive and true! I always speak as a football fan first and an atletico fan secondly.

  • Silchas

    Kun had signed a new contract with a lower clause(45) before the renewal the clause was at 60mio but the contract would have ended after the season.

    Im not angry with costa. Im more angry with the hole situation. Where is the sense of getting in the UCL-Final and get a huge load of money, if all players leave anyway to earn more money. I get it its all about the money, but eventually there must be a point were you don’t care anymore how much your earn.But millionaires don’t think so only us regular people.

  • Chewie

    Okay, I think it’s time for ut to close the site until the WC ends =)
    I’m sick of all this rumours. If Cholo stays – we rock. That’s it.

  • Silchas

    there is not a tournament what i resent mor than WC. All people suddenly pretending to like football and begin to talk like experts. Oh yeah and all suddenly love the country where they live in.
    I should probably avoid the whole internet the next month but sadly thats is not possible. ^^

  • Brad

    I don’t resent Costa for leaving. I’m more angry/annoyed/frustrated about the fact that he won’t go for more money :/

  • palestine-atletico

    “The fucken Costa”
    Since he decided to play for spain instead of brazil i realized how much he is not loyal and greedy…
    Dont even worry guys atletico is bigger than a player we will bring better strikers.
    Trust you CHOLO

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m glad that I showed my hate to Costa very earlier this season so no one can accuse me of switching my opinion !!
    I still remember that long and tough argument (with Arjit if I’m not mistaken) who was defending him

    Just like Tommy & Chewie, I will not miss him .. maybe I will miss his goals, but not him

    in fact, from all the players who left us in the last few years I only miss one :
    Forlan .. A True Gentleman

  • Ringo S. T. Gambo remember me

    Who are we to decide what loyalty means to Costa? Every time he played he put all his effort in
    If he wants to go he should, I’m not demanding shit

    And the Brazil-Spain thing could be seen as loyalty to the country he became a man in, place of birth isnt everything to everyone
    I personally don’t give more fucks about the Netherlands than any other country, because I dont give a shit about manmade borders, and ive been living here all my life.
    Its like saying pretty much everyone on this website isnt loyal to their locals because they prefer Atlético to Ajax or New York RB or Al-Ahli or wherever you come from. We came across Atleti and in a certain amount of time they got ahead of our closer by clubs.

    And Costa is 26 now, maybe he just wants to see England and Italy and German in his final years at top level.

    Have to say nothing is set in stone though
    Maybe he hasnt decided or maybe Atleti is looking at the need of selling and to smoothen things he’s gone through a medical beforehand

    Theres a pretty big chance hes leaving but despising someone over gossip is childish (no offense) and in no way I will respect diminishing people’s free will
    Costa has his own life and is allowed to do with it as he pleases

    I dont like Cerezo and I don’t really know Gil Marin, but i like that they seem to be true to the motto of “if you dont want to be here, you are allowed to leave”, they actually give players the rights found in other jobs, and no amount of money is above human rights, even if the practicing of those rights is the pursuit of “different” money

    No matter if he stays or leaves, and no matter what he’ll say in interviews, I respect Costa and I want to thank him dearly for all his hard work and I really hope he stays doing terrifically, whether it be in Madrid, London or somewhere else.

    I just hope that Koke can find a new best friend on the pitch haha

  • Abdullah Karam

    @RINGO ,,You are a true atleti fan RINGO God bless you and atletico ,, Yes Diego Costa he gave his soul on the pitch he almost lose his leg againts elche he cried like a child @ barcelona game when he came out he gave atleti everything and he desarve a to be where ever he want and ATLETICO AND THE REAL ATLETICO FANS WILL STILL STAND ,, Am from middle east a country called kuwait and am 32 years old born in 82 and am supporting this club from 94 “fallong in love with white and red 20 years now” after the world cup becose of JOSE CAMINERO and i dont give a fuck about barca or real or any global club , i didnt like this club for falcao or aguero ,, i witnes Torres, Kezman, Vieri, Joninho, Kiko … The list goes on ,, atleti in my blood not diego costa not forlan its ATLETI ,, yes DC give his all especially this year and yes i dont hate him or hate any one ,, I HATE THE FAKE ATLETI FANS 🙂 ,,,, delatletisoy 4 ever

  • jeronamo

    I hope that little bit about crack about liking the club because of aguero wasn’t at me because that would be incorrect, Aguero may have made me start to really watch atleti but the potential of the team and the way they played and fought is what made me fall in love with this club.
    We have many different types of fans but i believe that the fans here or at least most of them are all TRUE FANS even if we don;t see eye to eye on certain topics. it’s not like i disagree with You or Ringo and it’s not like I think that Ahmad, Chewie or Ali are wrong either, I just think it’s all up to how a person decides to look at things personally. With that said I personally think this should have waited at least until after the world cup

  • jeronamo

    i hope that little crack about*

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    How about we take a step back to see the bigger picture
    Let’s see what will our squad look like next season, SUGGESTING that all the 4 loaness will come back, those who are seeking more minutes (Cebolla & Insua) will leave, Courtois will not continue and that all the rumors (both selling and buying) will come true

    until this moment, it will look like this :

    Moya – Rulli
    Juanfran – Manqui – Godin – Toby – Gimenez – Siqueira
    Gabi – Mario – Saul – Guilavogui
    Koke – Arda – RG8 – Oliver – Sosa
    Adrian – Leo – Correa

    Those are 20 players, so we still need 3 more, 4th CD & 2nd LB, which could be 2 young promising players, maybe from Atleti B
    and a world-class striker, someone even better than Costa, which would be very easy with the 50M from the CL and the 40M from Costa, and if we sold the 3 Brazilians, Costa-Filipe-Miranda we will cash 100M, hell, then we can afford 2 world-class strikers, maybe Lukaku & Mandzukic !

    Take another look at this squad and add to it just one of Lukaku & Mandzukic,
    doesn’t look bad .. does it ?!!
    I will not say it’s stronger than the last season, but also I can’t say it’s weaker

    Toby is a good defender, if not, he would have never played for Ajax or Belgium

    Siqueira is a very good LB, he just won the league and the cup in Portugal, and lost the final of Europa League, he is very skillful, more than Filipe, they both have almost the same scoring record, but in last 3 years, Siqueira’s is better, yes he scored only 1 goal with Benfica this season, but he scored 13 goals with Granada in 2012-13 & 2011-12, 14 goals in 3 seasons vs only 4 for Filipe
    and Siqueira used to take the penalties in Granada, and -unlike Costa- he used to score them, some times in Panenka-style
    the only point in which Filipe is better than him is the defensive side, but Cholo can work on that

    The center midfield is safe with the experience of Gabi & Mario and the youth and energy of Saul & Guilavogui

    Oli should stay and become a regular starter beside Koke & Arda behind a sole striker .. I’ve been dreaming about seeing these trio playing together since last summer, they will be fatal

    And on the bench we will have Raul, Sosa, Leo, Adrian & Correa .. the strongest bench we will have in 10 years .. maybe more

    And do I need to say that Moya is a much better (second) GK than Aranzubia ?!

    The only weakness could be the first goalkeeper, very normal when you lose one of the top 3 GKs in the world
    But I put the name Rulli on the list,
    Gerónimo Rulli, a 22 year-old, 190 cm kid from Argentina
    He became the first GK of Estudiantes this season, and he conceded only 25 goals in 38 games in Argentinian Primera División
    He was linked to Atleti in the last few days, and despite my principle of ignoring the rumors and the fact that Cerezo denied it many times, I believe he is close to Atleti,

    The rumors about Atleti selling a player are different than those about buying one
    We are a poor club with too many talents so it’s normal to be linked with those selling rumors (they started to suggest that Man City will buy Correa in the future, and the kid didn’t play a single game with us yet !)
    While we are not that big buying power, so when they say we will buy a player then we probably will (since when we knew Correa is coming ?! .. 6 or 7 months)

    so I guess we will sign Rulli
    I saw a couple of videos of him, and although we can’t judge him by one good season or by some videos, bu I can tell you that in those videos, the kid made some impossible saves
    It could be a gamble -especially if he doesn’t have a European passport- but I think it is a very good gamble

    Maybe up to 9 players will leave, 6 of them are regulars, but we will still have a competitive team, a team that can get more than 80 points in La Liga and reach at least the 1/2 final of UCL, we will need just some luck to win more trophies

    and luck can never be bought

  • Kris

    Ringo, I agree with you on everything you commented except for the Gil and Cerezo part. What i stated in my previous comment was from an emotional point of view. You were able to be very reasonable which is a gift because not many people, atleast say football fans can be rational in situations like this. Emotion is a major weakness for people at times and I’m really glad that we have someone as reasonable as you on here to open up our emotional selves. Diego Costa is not a bad man just because he has decided(if it’s even true) to move to London and I don’t hate him because he doesn’t want to be one of us anymore. Yeah, I may dislike Costa but won’t mean shit it if I do he’s still a much more successful person than I am right now. I don’t HATE anyone or anything, the only thing that I absolutely HATE is cancer and that’s it. I really encourage everybody on here to come out of their emotional selves and thing like a rational person, like Ringo. Thanks for that comment man, I needed it. 🙂

    I am afraid I disagree with you in this part though.
    “I dont like Cerezo and I don’t really know Gil Marin, but i like that they seem to be true to the motto of “if you dont want to be here, you are allowed to leave”, they actually give players the rights found in other jobs, and no amount of money is above human rights, even if the practicing of those rights is the pursuit of “different” money”
    Cerezo and Gil have really never been good people for them to be thinking about human rights. It’s a well known fact that these fuckers are thieves and it’s as simple as that. They have been stealing money since as long as they have been with Atleti. Anyways,, they are businessmen and it’s their job to keep their business running and successful. If you can’t convince your best players to stay in a team and keep selling them to our European rivals, how does that benefit us in any way? Yeah, we’ll get money for the short term but will we have that money for the future? Real Madrid keep on buying some of the most expensive footballers yet they have been a club with some of the most revenues in the last decades. They keep on getting that money, because they don’t “sell” their players like we do. Why bring up human rights in to this when we are constantly “selling”, “trading”, and “loaning” footballers ( who are actually people). You don’t actually do this to people, those terms are used for objects aren’t they? I don’t really see any human rights being violated when you are convincing someone to be with you but I don’t even believe these thieves running the club seem to even try because there’s way too many players leaving the club. If you can’t convince so many players to stay then you’re not running your business right and you should either quit from your position and hand ithe club to someone who knows how to do business.

  • Kris

    And guys, we should make a bid for Messi.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m really enjoying these conversations, and I’m happy to see these beautiful minds that can have intelligent debates about some thing other than football
    Atleti fans are always the best

    Ringo : I’m still of the second type of fans (or second type of people), but who knows, maybe one day when I calm down or know the whole truth or get older and wiser I could change my opinion about Costa and other players

    BUT I will never change my opinion about Cerezo & Gil (both the son and the late father)
    You really don’t know them .. They are thieves and corrupted, just like Kris said
    and he didn’t mention that the 3 of them were convicted and sentenced to prison in the 90s
    Sadly, there are no many English articles about them and the suspicious way they got control of the club in the mid 80s after Vicente Calderon died, just like there are no many English articles about anything related to Atleti
    But you can find a lot about that in Spanish If you speak the language or even using google chrome to translate it

    Did you even know guys that there is a movement against Gil & Cerezo like the one some Man Utd fans made against Glazer few years ago, they even also using the yellow & green scarfs as their symbol, just like those of Man Utd, but Atleti group is much smaller

    and I agree with Kris again, they are not just corrupted businessmen, they are bad businessmen
    Forget about the recent titles which all were because of Simeone & Caminero,
    Gil & Cerezo have been doing bad business for very long time, you want to see a really good business ?! .. look how Daniel Levy & Aurelio De Laurentiis handled the sale of Bale & Cavani respectively, then compare that to Costa and many other sales we made

    Another thing I agree with Kris about : “The Human Rights”
    I quote what he said and I want to add 2 points :
    1- where are the right of the club and its owners, shouldn’t they expect from the players to honor their contracts ?!
    2- Azerbaijan
    our sponsor, the country Gil & Cerezo are dealing with despite its bad record in human rights .. isn’t that more important than letting the players leave to save their human rights ?!!

    No body here ever talked about Azerbaijan, neither did I .. and I will not start now

    Too many countries around the world violate the human rights, almost all of them, but we never heard somebody criticizing Real or Barca or Arsenal or Chelsea who are sponsored by Fly Emirates, Qatar Airways & the Russian Gazprom which all are in countries with a bad record of human rights, even worse than Azerbaijan’s

    They only criticize Atleti because they see it a small and weak club, and they also only criticize Azerbaijan for the same reason (maybe Cerezo was right when he said once that Atleti & Azerbaijan are similar)
    and we even don’t know if there are “extreme human rights violations” there, that’s just what the global media tell us

    I have nothing against Azerbaijan deal, even if there really are human rights violations, it’s not like we are giving them weapons or money, they are the ones who are giving us money, while we are giving them image, and if they are really bad, Atleti or any other club can never help to improve their image
    in fact, I believe we all should thank Azerbaijan for helping our club

    I just mentioned it to show Ringo that he used the term “human rights” very away of its context

  • Ali

    @ringo costa isn’t disloyal but he’s a fool who is fooled by fake promises of Jorge mendes.
    And costa will earn 8 to 9 million a year at chelsea.
    And still you say that he gave his all for atleti but you’re wrong he gave his all not for atleti but to make sure he will earn big next season and if you give him 12 million a year then I swear to God that I will wipe my ass out if he didn’t join ajax!
    Costa is a cunt when we didn’t need to sell: he left .
    Mark my words ” costa is nothing without cholo”
    One of my friend is a dortmund fan yesterday he asked me a question:
    You were talking about lewandowski whole season and how disloyal he is but what about costa?
    I didn’t replied because I don’t know the answer and then he told me that lewandowski is atleast not loyal but he’s better then costa he told club officials that he will leave and start searching for his replacement and then dortmund seal deals for two finest strikers in immobile and Ramos and costas case he didn’t told us that he will leave or stay so that thing make him even more hatred then lewandowski!

  • AaX



  • AaX





  • Sam

    I appreciate what Costa contributed and all, but I think Atleti made him what he is–an excellent system goal scorer. I’d be really surprised if he could be truly world class in another environment. The Prem does suit the type of bullish technique Costa plays with, but not really Chelsea.

    Good luck to him in wherever he goes.

  • Zakaria

    We all appreciate what Costa Did for the team and we do need to note what he gave the team on and off the field. To be honest, this guy is good but his departure should not affect our squad as we had much better strikers in the past.
    I wish him well in Chelsea, he will be a perfect fit with Mourinho, both are bullies and they will get along. He could have left for a higher price but that did not happen thanks to Jorge Mendez, yet another time Atleti loose money and players thanks to this bastard.
    I know Cholo will have the answers in his 2014/2015 squad, and i am sure we will have an impressive signing after the WC.
    Football changed, if I was a player in this Atleti Squad, I would not leave because of what this squad offered on and off field. Every time they see a rising star, money comes in fucks everything up.
    Atletico made history this season, and everyone was so happy in the football world, a giant is back and doing miracles, but no that should not last everyone has to hand pick our players and lure them into the world of money and big commercial names ie. Chelsea
    I always hated mainstream in everything in my life and I love Atleti since I was a kid and will always do. Guys these people changed our lives they showed what a team spirit is, what fighting for a cause is, how to do 150% … OMG i just love being an Atleti Fan
    All my friends mocked me for years for supporting Atleti, and now all respect this team and love their fighting spirit. that is success, this is a team
    Whatever happens, we will always be Ateltico Fans

  • Daneatl

    Hi guys – I usually don’t write comments but here I go.

    @ Ahmad: I like your lineup but there is one problem. If i am correct it includes four non-european players: Sosa, Rulli, Gimenez and Correa.

    Please correct me if i’m wrong??

  • Atleti10

    @daneatl Your right but I don’t think Sosa will be with us and if he is Gimenez will go out on loan.

    I think Costa just lacks class, he owes a lot to Simeone for helping become the player he is. It’s just sad that we have to keep changing our strikers. I have hope that Correa will be good for us, and hopefully will stay for a long time as he seems to be a genuine fan.

    I really hope we can keep the rest of the squad together and buy Lukaku or a top striker rather than loan one, the money is there and we need to build partnerships up front.

    I really hope the stories about Rakitic to Barca aren’t true, it would be a huge blow to Atletico. If managed to sign him and a quality striker I think we’ll have done some fantastic business in the transfer market.

  • Jeronamo

    Well you guys are definitely teaching some stuff about gil marine and co. I always said to myself that out club shouldn’t have been this much in debt, it just doesn’t make sense logically.
    But anyways my main focus is on cholo and his next plan to deal with the coming season

  • Ringo S. T. Gambo

    @Kris – You might be right about that, but the negative associations with the name “Gil” I remember from articles years ago, were those about his father, so I wouldn’t by definition like to judge Gil Marin for his name.
    But now I’m slowly starting to remember speeches from leaving board members about the two biggest share holders (Cerezo and Gil).
    But about the human rights, with seemingly I did mean seemingly, as in it seems they give the players the right of departure, and there haven’t been many players complaining about their release clauses, and if we don’t pay attention to the Real Madrid transfer prices, are extremely high.
    I have to say that the season De Gea and Aguero left, I had a feeling Cerezo and Gil Marin had a forcing hand in the way it happened. Money was needed, especially back then, and their image couldn’t take much more damage than it was already getting in 2011 (all the protests, board members leaving, etc). This is one of the reasons I won’t hate El Kun, another just him having been a great player for us.
    So in the end I might be wrong about the human rights, I’m just saying it seems like they give the players right of departure, and I like the freedom they’re giving them in that, if it’s truly the case.

  • Ringo S. T. Gambo

    For next year I do think we need a new striker, though, hopefully one well scouted.
    I’d like to put a lot of faith in Adrian, Leo, Correa and the youth, but I think a bulkier striker who’s a great header too, would come in very handy.
    At the moment I can’t think of one, though. Maybe if Fernando Llorente would be cheap-ish, he would be a good buy, if he doesn’t demand too many minutes, that is…
    Other than that I just haven’t watched enough football outside of Atleti the past two seasons to have another striker on the eye that would fit in the picture I’m slowly sketching in my mind.

  • Abdullah Karam

    We need a striker “Leo,Adrian,Correa” good but in my opinion we need someone like Lukaku , Higuin !!
    Lukaku is reachable and young,Powerful,Good header&Finisher,Team Player and around 20-25 million price we can manage.. So i think lukaku is the best player out there to us and our system of play..
    There is chicharito,bacca,torres,soldado,icardi,lorente,osvaldo, mandozic & Higuin and he is the best striker out there is good for us but he is expensive ,, he is argantinian,played in la liga,hell of finisher,25 or 26 yrs old, i sees him the best one for us and he could be available for 50 mill so he may not be for us , so lukaku is the best one for us right now ..
    We need depth also ,,
    Lukaku in loan – Correa behind him
    Arda – Gabi – Milan”Hamburg player” or Rakitic – Koke
    Siquira or Filipe – Godin – Mangal or Alderw or Miranda – Juan
    Courtios or Navas
    The Sub must be :-
    Moya -Gk
    Alderwield – CB
    Monquilo – RB
    Insua or Siquira if filipe doesnt leave – LB
    Saul – DM or Suarez
    Candreva or Cerci – MR/L
    Adrian – Raul Garcia AM/MLR/CF
    OR a striker insted of Adrian if he leave
    I dont think LEO is good enough for now ..
    So lets see what will happend in coming days

  • Jeronamo

    It always baffles me when people say “I don’t think Leo is good enough now” but yet they can list Adrian in a line up… utter madness

  • Ringo S. T. Gambo

    oh right, Lukaku is very fitting, of course.
    I wouldn’t mind a Costa – Courtois&Lukaku trade actually
    Then with Adrian, Leo, Correa, Lukaku, Raul, Koke, Oliver, Arda, (Sosa) we’ve got great options up front, maybe an extra pacy dribbler would be the finishing touch. Maybe a return of Cedric or maybe even Marin as part of the trade. They won’t have to be the best in the world, just fast and potent at dribbling from the wings. All about tactics and the Cholo effect.
    I noticed Adrian is way better as a striker than he is on the wings, so I wouldn’t want to count him as a winger, same for Leo.
    If there’s money for Rakitic, he would be a good addition too.
    And in defense I would only get someone if one of the others leave.

    Downside to this is the selection might actually be too big and Cholo isn’t the biggest rotation fan, I think.

  • Ringo S. T. Gambo

    That would give this squad

    GK: Courtois/Moya/(Aranzubia/)Bounou

    RB: Manquillo/Juanfran

    CB: Miranda/Alderweireld/Gimenez/Godin

    LB: Filipe/Siquera(/Insua)

    CM/DM: Guilavogui/Gabi/Mario/Saul(/Koke)/Rakitic

    AM: Koke/Arda/Oliver/Correa/Raul(/Sosa/Adrian/Leo)/Cedric(/Marin)

    FW: Adrian/Lukaku/Leo(/Raul)

    That would mean a squad of 25 players, with Sosa, Insua or Aranzubia a possible 26th member, depending on how all works out.
    But this is all speculation, I’ll just have to wait for what Caminero and Simeone come up with and what’s really possible.

  • Jeronamo

    So who do you guys think is going to be the dream buy?

  • AaX

    COURTOIS Buyout Clause is 24M EURO (2013) ??

    WHAT? NOW is the Time to save and NOT to SPEND ?!!

    GIL, CEREZO ! DON’T Let me START !!

  • Ali

    My dream buy lukaku upfront with jackson Martinez if that happen I can imagine an unstoppable atletico!

  • Abdullah Karam

    @RINGO this is what i meant about Leo he is good as winger not as a striker 🙂 ,, as a striker we dont have nobody with DC moving to chelsea and villa depart to NY ,, so i think we need 2 strikers NOT only 1 .. Lukaku & other 1 but it must be a striker so why we dont buy Lukaku and Loan soldado ?? Not buy soldado and loan lukaku !! Its wrong i think to do that 🙂 .. And loan Leo or sell him cuz we already have Adrian , Raul & Correa who can play the same role i think .. But we must have a decent CM like Rakitic or This Croatian guy from hamburg he is a good player not as same as rakitic but he is good 🙂

  • colcho

    I agree with you about 2 things:

    – your line up i very good indeed but not the midfield (Gila, Saul). We need better DM.

    – Looks like we’re about to lose a true gentleman and my favorite player on this team (Filipe). Last time I felt this bad about a player leaving wa when FORLAN left.. what a hero..

  • Abdullah Karam

    And yes if we dont bring rakitic cuz he is a joker can play any where in the middle like koke we must bring a player like him who can play the role of koke as a play maker that stand on the line and cut to the middle .. I think cholo want this kind of player + a real winger with speed to open the field and use him when we counter ?
    What do you think?
    Is correa capable of doing this or some one else like cerci or candreva who they can play right or left with good speed and dribble with a good foot ?

  • Valinia

    I didnt get it when ppl call costa a traitor.. Yes atleti make him who he is today but he also devotes his all to the club, he deserves a lucrative new contract which atleti cannot offer. I would be really happy if he stays but i would just wish him all the best n hope him well if he leaves.
    The possible departure which really pisses me off is filipe, he is one of my favs n i never expect him leaving the club so early.. Hopefully he is staying 🙁

  • starvs

    I was mentioned by name, so I feel the need to reiterate that I strongly disagree with the notion that Costa owes/owed us anything more than playing as hard as he could every match, which I don’t think anyone can argue with.

    And no one has mentioned Dzeko, he would be a great replacement in my opinion. I would only like Lukaku over him, and maybe Llorente.

    I will say it again, if Costa goes to Chelsea and Courtois or Lukaku coming back as part of the deal (permanent, not on loan) doesn’t happen, that is just unacceptable business).

  • millandr

    Lukaku is a smart player, I think under Cholo he could be amazing. He is passionate and does his homework, he studies the game (football and the oponent) very well. He is my favourite pick. Put him ahead of a box to box versatile/pacy forward.


    according to croatian newspapers rakitic is very close to sign for barcelona as they failed to sign our star koke..
    for me that is both good and bad news.. good they will nog get koke and bad cause i wanted him with us cause he is fantastic player.. and about milan badelj personaly i think he is not for us , cause we have our loanes saul and young frenchmen josuha, and in compere to them two he doesnt bring difference, he isnt better them they are.. i watched him many time cause dinamo zagreb is close to my place and he was big talent before but didint make improvment… so its pure job for me.. but lets caminero decide cause i trust in him and cholo!!

  • My dream buy would be Rakitic, Calhonuglu and Martinez/Torres/Cavani/Lukaku. (any of those four strikers) and rakitic, calhonuglu

  • Will

    I can’t say I’m sad with Costa leaving. I really don’t think he will succeed in England, I didn’t really trust he would keep the form too long and it’s a good amount of money. But I really think Lukaku would have much more success playing under Simeone’s orders than Costa had.

    Filipe leaving is sad for me. I’ll say it again: IMO, he is the best left back defensively in the world. I don’t think he can be replaced. But good money is better than no money, so.. make it worth it.

    Caminero did good deals since he arrived. Let’s wait a little more.

    Rakitic is a good player but we have Koke and Óliver hungry for playing time. I guess will be ok in this part of the field.

  • Jeronamo

    Ok so most of you are saying lukaku and it’s not a bad thing but let me say this.

    The bpl rates their players as the best in the world no matter how mediocre many may be. I believe that is the same Leo (btw is a striker anf not a winger but makes the sacrifice to play wherever for the team) was to step into the bpl he would most likely be lauded as one of the better strikers over there. How many players have left la liga and gone to england and shone? Why is Lukaku rated better than leo when lukaku has played for better teams but performance wise they aren’t that far apart. I honestly think that if some players were put in the same teams they would shine way more than you think.

  • kris

    Colcho, you must have not seen Rayo’s games. Saul is a hell of a player. Energetic, passionate, persistent, defends just as well as he attacks, and most importantly plays with heart and balls like Gabi. He’s definitely one for the future and no way in hell we should loan him out again. He should play more games under the mentor of Gabi. He has the potential to become one of the best defensive mids in the game. And, that’s real talk and not just some bullshit because he is an Atleti player.

  • kris

    I would definitely have Lukaku ahead of Leo though because of our style of play. Lukaku fits in with us because he brings strength and pace in to the team. He can play as that sole striker that Costa was, feeding Koke’s perfection of balls in the back of the net. I am telling you, this guy should be the ideal replacement for Costa(if he leaves).

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    “We won La Liga and reached UCL final, I am with one of the biggest teams in the world, and I have played 50 matches with them this season with the number 10 on my back, there isn’t anything bigger than that”
    Arda Turan on Turkish TV answering a question about his future and the rumors that he will leave Atleti

    Now that’s who I really can call a gentleman .. that’s who I can love and appreciate,
    not that who keeps denying and denying and denying that he is not joining Chelsea and at the end he joins them
    or like the other one, who said in 2009-10 when we were in the same UCL group with Chelsea : “It’s a very big opportunity for a team like us to play against a big team like Chelsea” (and they even haven’t won UCL & Europa League yet)
    that was El Rata if you forgot

    But I never forget, not the good things or the bad things,
    no mater how small they are

    For the 10th time : I’m not asking for too much,
    Beside what I mentioned before that I don’t want them to stay for a long time and wanting them to sign a big clause to help their club to get more millions from those stupid Arabs & Russians billionaires (Koke who earns 2M has a 60M clause, while costa whos earns 4M has 40M clause !!)
    beside that, I ask for a little respect, for the club and the fans
    for the club by keeping mentioning that it is a big club, not as a compliment, but as stating a solid fact
    and for the fans by not lying to them and patronizing them, you don’t get to do that just because you scored a couple of goals, and I don’t want to be arrogant, but while you maybe didn’t finish the high school, many of those fans are doctors, engineers, lawyers and many other decent occupations

    take a look at your right sleeve of the UCL shirt and you will find the word “RESPECT”

    That’s all what we want

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Kris : you just freaked me out, I thought you said “Cholo” not “Colcho”
    I thought Simeone decided to loan Saul again !!

    in few words : Saul was voted Rayo’s player of the season by their fans

    He definitely should stay,
    in fact, Mario should be very worried, because Saul can rally take his spot .. not in 2 or 3 seasons, but in 2 or 3 months

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Just to be accurate and clear, that list of 20 players was not a line-up, the line-up is the starting XI for the game, this is our squad, or what will probably be our squad for next season
    and it’s not my pick or all what I wish, it’s according to what we know and what we read (suggesting it’s all true)

    @DANEATL : that’s a good question
    I know that Gimenez & Correa don’t have a second European passport, but I wasn’t sure about Sosa, so I just looked it up, and he does not have one
    so maybe the board know that Rulli has one (many Argentinians have Italian passports since many of them are from Italian descents)
    and if he doesn’t so maybe it’s just a rumor, or maybe they could loan one of the other 3, and start trying to get one of the 4 a Spanish passport

    and if they loaned someone it will probably be Gimenez,
    especially after we have read in Mundo Deportivo that Miranda has joined the other camp, the one that has Koke, Arda, Godin & Juanfran, who declared that they are staying, after we read in MARCA that he is very close to Barca and read in AS that he signed his kids in schools in Manchester !!

    fucking liar Madridista papers

    @COLCHO : I think Kris has answered your question about Saul
    and I can’t agree more with him

  • AaX

    Many years ago I had a strange feeling that somehow Atletico is deviously mis-managed to bleed out profits from the sale players and fans for the non obvious wealthy living of their board and the owner. I have no further proving evidences and it was just a sudden strange sense.

    After hearing similar remarks and stories from others with the objections of some board members who quit and recalling previous players when they are on peak to be sold made me believe stronger about this again.

    I found it strange that Simao was sold off to Turkish team in mid season without the consent nor knowledge of Flores the manager. This actually brought on the fall of the first group which we know what ensued. The massive sale of De Gea, Forlan and Aguero all the back-bone of the team.

    And then the imminent arrival of Simeone is announced and we proceeded on to live back again and collecting further honours and successes.

    Now after this astounding success of this team, a normal sane and competent owner would naturally and responsibly seek to strengthen and fortify the asset and the team and NOT selling off their main players to defend and mount challenge for titles next year.

    A crooked one would be dying to capitalize to sell at least 3 out of the main 11 with whatever excuse they would conjure up at the highest possible price.


    (Remember we have already lost 3 of the main 11. But Tiago and Villa are exceptions)

    1) They will sell Filipe Luis regardless of reason and can’t mount any valid effort to prevent him from leaving and convince him to stay.

    2) They WILL NOT BUY COURTOIS at about reportedly 24M or 37M Eu BuyOut clause as exchange for Costa’s (if he actually went) and only want to opt for further loans. (What the H*** is this!! Hes our Corner Stone. Trust Me Not many will be able to Replace Him anymore)

    3) They would consider either selling Miranda or Godin for whatever reason.

    4) They actually sell one of them

    4.5) They will not buy 1 good or promising major or International player especially after this World Cup

    5) They are waiting to sell off Koke when his value doubles and we achieved higher success or by the end of the season.

    But to me I’ve have made up my mind. Before I can truly continue my complete support which is owed only for the Crest and the Club ,they must PROVE to the Contrary that along with having Legends like Caminero in the management, they will build up the Club onwards out of these heroic Success and Bring them into a new Prominent Position like what that was said, “Now Atletico is One of The Best Team in the World”.





  • gechicean

    Seems like we already signed Siqueira. Does this mean Felipe si going for sure, or just a strong backup?
    We could also try signing Stefan Radu. He is Lazio’s captain, but stated that wants to play CL football and he is looking to go. He can play LB mainly, but also CB if needed, and has very good attacking capabilities. I think he would be a great transfer if Felipe decides he’s not staying.

  • Yon

    If we want Lukaku we better do it now as I fully believe his value will rocket after the World Cup! Kid is pure class! Pace, strength, determination in abundance! Under Cholo he could be really deadly!

  • Valinia

    what really upset me is that it seems like the club is not even paying a single effort to persuade or convince the players to stay. im not sure about costa, but remember filipe saying that he still has 3 years left on his contract n he wants to finish it on late may? n now everyone says that he is leaving the club, even cerezo claims that chelsea can buy him once the release clause is reached. it feels like the club is pushing players who love n fight hard for atleti away because of financial reason..

  • Ali

    We need a good defensive midfielder who can partner up with gabi and I think that there’s only defensive midfielder that we can buy is Valencia dani parejo.

  • Atleti10

    Whilst Vela and Lukaku are just rumors there’s no reason why we cant get them both. The money is there from both the financial success of last season and the selling of players/reduction in the wage bill.

    Our club needs to set its mind to getting these deals over the line before the world cup. Barca look close to signing Rakitic and before you know it Vela will be off to Arsenal.

    I don’t think we need a central midfielder, we have Gabi, Mario, Joshua and Saul and Oliver if needs be. This is already stronger than last season. We do however need a winger. CR is the our only backup. Adrian, Leo, RG8 and Correa are not able to play there. I don’t see much difference in Leo and Adrian ability wise so I think we should sell Adrian and bring in a versatile winger.

  • Ali

    @valinia how can we convince him to stay when he rejected contact extension offer.
    This world is run by money when you splash cash you can buy anyone you want. I hate chelsea I hope next year they fail to qualify for the champions league.

  • kris

    While you posted Turan’s quotes, I thought I should post what Koke said (FOR THE 66th TIME):
    “It’s very difficult that I can be convinced [to leave],” the midfielder told Spanish radio station Cadena Cope.

    “I have earned my place here and I have fought for everything that I have achieved. Right now I have nothing else to say.”

    The 22-year-old also noted that he was proud to hear the rumours of his transfer, because it meant his hard work was coming to fruition.

    “You hear things and it’s a source of pride because all the hard work is paying off, but at the moment I am focused on the World Cup and not thinking about anything else,” he added.

    “I am trying to concentrate on the national team, I have earned my place here on my own merit.”

    I am glad we at least have players like Turan, Koke, Godin, Juanfran who love the club and don’t want to leave, knowing the thieves that we have running the club. I salute you men!

  • Valinia

    @ali how about filipe? he said he wanna continue at atleti a week ago..

  • Urban

    Siqueira is official. So i guess we have the same situation we had with forlan and torres – first forlan’s signing was made public and then a couple of days later it was confirmed that El Nino is leaving, but everyone already knew what was going on.

    I assume we can wave goodbye to both DC and Filipe Luis. I hope we could get Lukaku and Vela. I was also dreaming about Rakitic (I guess the team would be ready then for the next season) but it seems a lost cause right now….

    Any ideas for other top class creative midfielder?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Kris : Koke also said on that interview :
    “looks like all the players will leave & Atleti will not play in La Liga next season” .. then he laughed

    Although he is just 22, but he knows how to give interviews and how to make statements
    He is not like some other players, Miranda for example, who is very shy and doesn’t speak too much

    We are definitely looking at the future Captain of Atletico Madrid

  • Brad

    If the management doesn’t sell him off in the mean time…

  • starvs

    For sure, Koke should be vice captain next year, because hopefully Raul won’t be playing as much with Lukaku and Vela available….

    I’m not so fast to condemn the board for these sales, because good business is good business, and you need to do good business when you have a debt like we do. Now, I will condemn the board for getting us in this position in the first place, but that ship has obviously sailed, so now we gotta dig ourselves out of it. Hopefully the board is getting it’s act together with the help of Cholo, et al; but I’m not crazy optimistic about it.

    But for what looks to be about 15 million, to downgrade from Filipe to Siqueira, seems like it could be smart, despite how much I like Filipe. Now if Costa goes to Chelsea for ~32million and it doesn’t involve Lukaku or Courtois coming the other way, that is not good business…

  • colcho

    Lukaku is good but he’s now one of a kind.. Courtois is!
    We have to sign him permenantly ASAP.

    @ Ahmed: You seem to know a lot of underrated players.. Who do you think can replace Courtois?

  • Abdullah Karam

    Guys i told you and i told my friends that Carlos Vela is good for us as a second striker from last year and now we are close to sign him so we will be fine i think with him and lukaku in front ,, yes we need 2 striker not 1

  • AndersAT

    I hate that we can’t atrackt a guy like Cesc. He would be a perfekt man for Atletico. With a guy like lukako in front of him we would be unstoppable. Plus Oliver could lean from a master.

  • Valinia

    @STARVS i agree downgrading from Filipe to Siqueira is a good business, but as a growing club i dun think its good to sell our starters for good money.. f**k those debts 🙁

  • Valinia

    especially when the player plans to stay here

  • Ali

    Guilherme siqueira ““He’s a great friend of mine, but I’m not here to replace filipe. I just want to do my job and show what I can do. I’ve not spoken with Filipe yet, though we are friends and so are our families.”
    I hope it’s ture.

  • ali_

    valinia, stop talking BS. the club doesnt really want to sell anybody. according to the news, in both filipe’s and costa’s case, the release clause has been met. so we can do nothing about it. and i dont know where did u read that filipe stated that he wants to stay.

  • Valinia

    @ali http://www.insidespanishfootball.com/110046/filipe-luis-my-thoughts-are-to-continue-at-atleti/

    In an interview with Brazilian sports portal, O Globo, the 28-year-old claims he has no thoughts of moving elsewhere, rather that he wants to continue challenging for honours with Atlético Madrid after the disappointment of not winning the Champions League.

    “I have a contract for three more years. My thoughts are to continue. We have to lift our heads high after the Champions League final defeat and think about the next goal.”

    maybe u shud hv checked out the new before acting like an arrogant a**ehole. also according to the news, filipe’s grandpa had been very sick n just passed away, which seems to be a valid reason that he didnt do any interview

  • Valinia

    also the club did sell players who didnt want to leave due to financial reason even without acknowledging the coach.. i never understand why would gil sell simao, de gea n dominguez, and never bring jurado back.

  • David In SF


    I hope Raul Garcia takes an even more prominent role next year. YES, at times he looks off the cuff when in possession. However, he is the ultimate squad player. He will literally die on the pitch for Atleti and he’s one of the strongest characters in the dressing room. He has a knack for scoring and he defends the shirt.

    Along with Gabi, Godin, Juanfran, Tiago and Koke, Raul Garcia is easily captain material.

  • ali_

    again, what are you talkin about? its a new era (it seems), theres no pitarch who buy useless players. cholo, and caminero in charge. since cholo is here, we are building a team. but i guess u havent really seen it. none of the players were forced to leave.
    also u said: “it seems like the club is not even paying a single effort to persuade or convince the players to stay.” this is why they extended almost everybodys contract, right? they offered improved contract for costa too, but he didnt take it.

    about the filipe interview: soooo what? do u really think that he gonna say that “i want to go to chelsea”? he would be digging his own grave. also he refused the improved contract too.

  • Valinia

    everyone was furious at kun n called him traitor after he voiced his desire on leaving the club, praising players like arda n koke who expressed their loyalty to the club, while u accuse filipe of telling fib as he said he would love to stay at atleti till his contract is terminated.. thats what u call BS. n i hv never seen news on filipe rejecting an improved contract.

    dont get me wrong im not blaming cholo on letting the players go, but gil did sell players who didnt want to leave the club (did u know that flores knew nth about the selling of simao until the transfer is almost finished?) n his management on the recent years has been terrible. there had been rumours on the departure of de gea n dominguez which claimed that they were forced to leave because gil wanted to make money (i felt extremely sorry for de gea, who came from the academy n had been doing well for the club, n were forced to go just because the club owner needed money). also i just cannot believe that we didnt sign courtois when he was available at 24m last yr, n not a single attempt on signing him permanently (maybe part of costa’s transfer?) is shown this year.

    i do believe that cholo n caminero are trying their best to convince the players to stay, but gil really let the club down n im disappointed on his transfer policies as well as his management of the club. i dont expect big investment on the club since i know how shite the economy of spain is, but please stop making money out of selling players who have proven their loyalty to the club n never want to go.

  • Ali

    @valinia do you read marca or AS.
    I know girls start screaming when you voice against them.

  • starvs

    If am reading/understanding the last comment right, there is no need or place for that sexism here.

  • jeronamo

    I agree with starvs. You guys have been going at it all day and it was fair game till just then

  • ali_

    before anyone blame me with sexism, i would like to say that i didnt wrote that comment. it was the other ali.

  • Dircil

    if we keep selling our blood like this, sooner or later, el cholo will leave our ass!

  • Ali

    Yeah it was me I just don’t like girls being here. First that weird david villas fan and now this one.

  • Ali

    I apologize to valinia but she was being rude to our board what can they do when a player decides to leave.

  • Nick Poskitt

    Let’s keep it civil and polite guys, yeah?

  • colcho

    Lots of injurys towards the world cup…
    Rues is out as well…

  • starvs

    David, I do love Raul’s work for the team, but I think we’d be better off as a whole with someone else/new starting over him and Raul coming off the, bench due to how good he is (or rather, isn’t…) But his work ethic, versatility, and commitment, are def a great asset. So maybe itd be unfair to strip him of his vice captaincy after his best year ever, but koke is just better, and the future.

  • AAX

    All The players mostly has been proven to be forced instead of wanting to leave! Be Passionate Be Loyal but be more of an Intelligent Observant Fan. Kudos Valinia. But there really were not any real financial situation at Atletico except that were which criminalously created as ploy by Gil and Cerezo UNLESS PROVEN OTHERWISE. Whatever it is ATLETICO IS ITS FANS !! All in the Will of the Supporters, Forza Atleti !!