Godín: “I could not have had a better debut”

The Uruguayan defender is off to a wonderful start with Atleti

Godín and Cerezo

Diego Godín arrived at Atleti from Villarreal this summer with the desire to immediately earn a starting role with his new team.

The Uruguayan was granted his wish, as his first official game donning the red and white shirt came against Inter Milan in our historic Super Cup victory exactly one week ago.

It’s hard to believe that Godín has only been with us just short of one month, after signing a five-year contract a couple of weeks ago on August 4. The central defender has quickly showed off his great physical presence in the back, appearing calm and composed while distributing passes to his team-mates and getting into position to defend goal-bound attackers.

The 24-year old is well-regarded for his high level of maturity and professionalism, and this undoubtedly instilled all the confidence coach Sánchez Flores needed in order to go with the World Cup semi-finalist right from the start.

Already having claimed a major trophy to begin his young rojiblanco career, Godín transmits a sense of genuine pride in wearing his new colours.

“I could not have had a better debut than winning the Super Cup. It was dream-like. My first official game with Atlético, and a title.” he told the club’s official website.

With the Uruguayan international’s presence in the defence, the team has notched two clean sheets in his first two competitive matches at Atleti.

“We are happy that we have conceded zero goals, although the defence isn’t composed of simply the goalie and the back four. It’s a team-wide effort that begins with the forwards, and for now, we are working very well and not conceding any goals,” said the defender.

Diego is well aware of the sense of euphoria and excitement the team is generating within their passionate fan base and sought to temper expectations a bit.

“We hope to continue on the same path, but the road is a long and hard one. There will be ups and downs, but we should remain focused and continue the work we’ve been doing. We hope to be able to count on the support of the fans in the bad times as well,” said the Uruguayan.

With regard to claims that Atlético could seriously challenge the “Big Two” of Spain for the domestic league title, the centre-back was realistic.

“Last season, Barcelona and Real Madrid were well ahead of the rest of the pack. We will see what happens this year. It is still too early to talk about it. The season is a long one and we will have to wait until December to see what our possibilities are.”

  • Ringo Schut

    Godín, you’re already one of the best centerbacks in La Liga and you’re only 24 years old!

    If he keeps this great, it will be hard for us to adapt to the fact that are defensive line isn’t crap at all :O