Godín named Player of the Month by Spanish FA

Pillar of Atleti's impenetrable defence wins individual award

diego godin atletico madrid

Godín celebrates goal against Getafe

The month of April couldn’t have gone any better for Atlético de Madrid, and it just got better for one of their own.

The Rojiblancos beat Barcelona and Chelsea on their path to the UEFA Champions League final and extended an incredible run in the league, in which they have now won 9 consecutive games.

During that fantastic streak the Rojiblancos didn’t concede a single goal in la Liga, and only their Champions League foes were able to beat our defence on the very first and the very last day of the month.

The Spanish FA decided to reward the incredible defensive effort by picking Diego Godín as Player of the Month. If you ask us, it could have gone to any Atlético really, but the Uruguayan definitely was outstanding.

Not only did Goldín shut out every offence he faced in la Liga in April, he also scored an important away goal at the Coliseum which broke the deadlock during our road trip to Getafe.

Godín is the third Colchonero to receive the Player of the Month award this campaign, after Diego Costa (September) and Koke (November) picked up the honours previously this season.

  • Jeronamo

    Congratulations to Godin, one of the players who has really transformed into an outstanding one under Simeone’s reign. I’m glad some of our players are getting acknowledged for their hard work

  • valinia

    Well deserved. Hes been playinf amazingly good this season. 😛

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’ve been praising Godin months before this award
    for me, he is not just player of the month, he is player of the season
    or at least Atleti’s player of the season
    last season I voted for Miranda in every poll I found on the net,
    and this season I will vote for Godin
    he is a great defender, a goal scorer, and one of the team leaders,
    he is a captain without an armband

    I was watching Atleti-Elche with my brother and I said to him :
    “right now, Godin is the best player in Atleti” .. he laughed and said : “Godin ?!!”
    I said : “yes, if you watch every single minute of Atleti games like I do you will know what I’m talking about”
    I can’t wait to tell him that Godin was named player of the month

    if Tiago our vice captain decided to leave and we needed another vice captain, I can’t think of anyone better than Godin

    Thank you Godin for all what you doing for Atleti, and especially for your passion of this club that is very clear with every tackle, every scream, every kiss for the crest and every hug to your teammates

    and I forgive you for that embarrassing dribble by Willian last night 😉

  • kris

    Very well deserved. While I agree Godin has been outstanding, I don’t think anyone in the team has outperformed our captain Gabi, season-wise. For me, he has been the best player for the whole season. But yes,,, I am very glad that our players are finally getting acknowledged for all the hard work and balls they put in every single match to win. Grande Godin!

  • Abdullah Karam

    Gabi and godin they are very good but … !!! I think koke is the best player this year for me cuz he played every minute in all compitions with diffrent positions like MR/ML/CM/DM and he was making alot of effort with great goals and assist and taking the freekiks and defending as well ,, so he is my under rated player this year ,, but gabi , godin , juanfran , filipe , diego costa , raul garcia , miranda , courtios & all the rest was very very very good even better than good 🙂 ..
    By the way am seenig that miranda is a little bit better than godin cuz he is more calm and clever player than godin but “godin” is more aggressive and as a stoper defender .. And guys a like tiago role this year tooooooooo much he playing like a half back and taking the ball from the best players with his brain not foot 🙂 he makes it looks easy 🙂 .. Too much talking sorry 🙂
    Congrats godin for the prize & Aupa Atleti :*

  • Dircil


    is it true guys? If this deal is happening, I would rather have Courtois + Salah + Lukaku for Costa!

  • pantic#10

    @Dircil: yes i’m reading it on main italian newspapers…

    I’m really really sad…because Diego Costa is a top player with a true Atleti soul…
    but we all know what happens to our best strikers…they are sold to the best bidder.

    If this is true, chelsea have some interesting players that could be part of the deal…one of them a young and promising goalkeeper..Courtois ! 🙂

  • Dircil

    @Pantic: hope that Courtois will be a part of the deal, at least!

  • EC

    the Costa deal is far from confirmed. Its just a Goal.com report guys

  • Dircil
  • Brad

    Dircil, the telegraph and all of the english papers have been reporting that Costa has been headed to Chelsea since november/december. He didn’t move at the january transfer window and I can bet the deal isn’t done yet.

  • Vlad

    @Ahmed: you always say “Ive been sayin this and that and bla bla bla”
    we get it. you are smarter than all of us. now shut up

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Four points about Costa “alleged” deal :

    1-IF it is true then the TIMING is very bad, and very disrespectful from Chelsea, Costa and Atleti management
    we are 2 games away from La Liga title and one game away for The Champions League title

    2-I heard Costa myself after Stamford Bridge game saying that he is “happy in Atleti and want to stay for a long time, this is a big team and is even getting bigger and bigger”
    if the deals is done so he is a liar, and I don’t hate more than liars
    I hate who plays and disrespects me
    if you want to leave then leave, but do not treat us like fools

    3- I have no problem with selling our stars as long as we still have big debt,
    and it doesn’t hurt anymore, now most of Atleti fans are used to that
    and we all know for a fact that every time we sell a star the team gets better not worse
    my problem is this :
    in this era of petro-dollar football, you can’t sell a world-class striker with only 40 million !
    how about 60 or even 70 ?!! .. if Chelsea refuse to pay that Monaco will, Man City will, PSG will and even Man Utd after a disastrous season could pay that much
    haven’t they learned from Napoli & Tottenham how they sold Cavani and Bale ?!

    But again, 40 million is what the press say, and it’s 40 in British press, 48 in Spanish press and it could be more or could be including a player (probably Torres but no way it is Courtois) and maybe there is no deal at all

    4-Now not only our players are targets for the Arabs and the Russians billionaires, it’s also our Simeone, and we know how much he loves this club and how loyal he is, but if we keep selling our stars one after one and as a result he fails to win trophies while other douchebags do then he will have no choice but to leave, and then nobody will blame him

    All players are replaceable, and sometimes the replacement is -unexpectedly- much better than his precursor, but you can not replace Simeone,
    He is not just a great coach, he is a great coach for Atleti,
    He is a former player of the club, a big fan, he understands Atletico Madrid, he has a special connection with the directors, the players and the fans
    not just him, but also his staff share that with him (Mono Burgos & Juan Vizcaíno both are former Atleti players too)
    we have the best fitness coach in the world, Profe Ortega
    and if Simeone left, all of his staff are leaving with him

    I know Gil and Cerezo are trying to pay the club debt until it becomes zero
    I know they are trying to build a project, and they are doing very well, but they have to be careful, if Simeone left I’m afraid their project will collapse, just like what happened to Valencia when Benítez left and to Villareal when Pellegrini left

    Do not destroy your project and kill your and our dream with your own hands

  • Dircil

    can we charge the amount which is higher than the amount stated in the release clause? 40 mil eur is not a good price for Costa. at least 50m

  • Silchas

    Costa will problably leave but he said after the match against chelsea two days ago:

    “I feel good at Atletico, I am happy in Madrid,” Costa told Sky Sports Italia.

    “We will see what happens, there are offers but it is too early yet to talk. Now I am just thinking about the end of the season, I want to win the Champions League and La Liga.”

    so i rather believe costas own words than some “newspaper” in england or the pubertal writers at goal.com

  • Dircil

    @Silchas: I think it’s for real. Have a look at this http://www.marca.com/2014/05/02/en/football/international_football/1399047921.html

    I’ve been speculating on the credibility of this information and now I’m 95% sure that we’ll see him off by the end of this season. I don’t know if Courtois will join us permanently in the opposite direction!

  • Kris

    Marca, Goal.com, English media, really??
    Costa might leave but we’ll ask for a lot back from Chelsea too. I would like us to keep Courtois forever and let Costa leave but NOT any of the other players from our Best XI. Hopefully we can find a player better than Costa for next season IF he leaves.

  • Dircil

    I think we have a very slim chance of acquiring Courtois since he sees Chelsea as a more promising club where he will receive higher wage! However, I would love to see we can get Salah in return or at most securing Courtois in case he loves to play for atletico permanently!

  • Silchas

    Probelm with the newspapers is they copy from eacht other so in the End nobody knows who started the rumor. He will leave problably to Chelsea but i believe not till then the officials confirms it. that will happen at the earliest after the UCL-final, maybe even after the worldcup. I nmy opinion Costa is the player who is more easier to replace like filipe, juanfran or koke.

  • Silchas

    other topic: someone knows whats with insua. Agianst chelsea he was his 5th time in a row not on bench. Is he injured or has he simply not convice cholo in the trainingssessions?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Silchas : exactly, the striker -and also the goalkeeper- are the easiest ones to replace,
    while it’s better to keep other players as long as you can so you don’t miss with the team structure
    I can’t imagine selling one of our back four even if we replaced him with someone better, nor can I imagine this team without Gabi or Koke
    it’s not just about the individual qualities but more importantly the group strength and harmony
    beside, and without underrating any of our current or former strikers, I think Atleti style of play makes the strikers job much easier,
    and for that same reason I think if Torres came back he will score a lot of goals as he used to do before

    about Insua, I don’t think there is something wrong with him
    the coach is allowed to put only 7 players on the bench (actually 6 without the goalkeeper) so he needs to put those who he could use, and since usually most of the substitutions are attacking ones, so if Simeone has a lefty player like Cebolla who can play as a left back (and he did that against Barca in Super Cup 2nd leg when Filipe was sent off) so it’s better to put an extra attacking player on the bench like Sosa or Adrian instead of Insua
    and I think this is the same reason why Manqui is usually out of the list, because Toby can play as both central defender and right back (and probably he will start as a RB tomorrow)

    I think choosing the 7 subs. is sometimes more difficult than choosing the starting 11
    In Serie A since the last season, the teams were allowed to put all the rest of their squads on the bench, all the 12 players .. I think it’s a very good idea, and it should be allowed in all countries

  • Dircil

    such a relief guys. Fu**ing British media that makes me uneasy the whole yesterday!!!!!

  • Yon

    Aguero signed for Chelsea
    Torres signed for Chelsea
    Falcao signed for Chelsea
    Costa signed for Chelsea

    OK english media, ok!

    Dunno why you guys panicked

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    it wasn’t even a good lie, they said his salary will be 4 million per year
    come on !! are you serious ?!!
    Costa is believed to earn 3 million in Atleti, so you want us to believe that he is leaving the club he loves, his friends, his great coach and his country (second country) to earn only one million more !
    Falcao is earning € 14 million tax-free at Monaco and yet he left with tears and after long negotiations

    some of you guys said before Chelsea game that Chelsea fans are so arrogant
    it’s not just Chelsea fans, but most of English football fans and media (with all due respect to the English & British readers & writers of this website)
    they think they can buy anything with their money, with Russians and Arabs money actually, they think they can get whatever they want

    I read the Daily Mail several times a week, and since last January they stopped referring to Costa as Atletico player and instead they refer to him as “Chelsea target”
    every week you read headlines like :
    “Chelsea target Diego Costa scores twice against Milan”
    “Chelsea target Diego Costa is low for 2 weeks”
    “Chelsea target Diego Costa misses 2nd leg of CL semifinal against Barcelona”

    disrespectful, classless, arrogant, and liar

    I’m a little relieved for that news, especially that it’s coming from MARCA, a madridista sports paper
    but it doesn’t mean that Costa is staying, he still could leave, as long as we have a big debt and there are Arab Sheikhs & Russian oligarchs who can pay 10+ million per year to a football player either he deserve it or not because Platini’s Fainanial Fair Play is mere ink on paper

  • starvs

    1) Vlad, unnecessarily aggressive…

    2) I thought we were past believing any of these stupid mid season rumours? Deals never (rarely…) get completed before season and all of these stupid fucking publications lie constantly even in the off season. Just have to wait and see.

  • Ursa Major

    Could have been Miranda, as well.
    As long as we don’t sell both of them this summer, we’ll be alright.

  • Jelle

    Thanks to Getafe for the draw against Barcelona. 🙂

  • EC

    Barcelona’s season is now over. There in a bit of a mess just now and playing poorly. Every1 in the media was talking like we had already been beaten in the final game of the season but to be honest we really should be beating Barcelona. We are better than them just now and have a lot more to play for. If we beat Levante tomorrow then we have basically won the league IMO

  • Brad

    If Atleti beat Levante tomorrow and Malaga next week they clinch at the Calderon and Barca is a just formality!

  • kris

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Tomorrow we have a very important Final which must be won in order to continue on for the quest of La Decima in La Liga.

  • EC

    We really should be getting at least 3pts from malaga at home and Barca away.
    I think tomorrow is the hardest game of the 3. Levante can be hard to beat at home

  • kris

    Exactly, EC. Every game is a different game as we have learned this season a couple of times so we have to work like we have been working, diligently and with humility. The three points tomorrow are very necessary for Atleti.

  • Silchas

    rumors, rumors rumors according to Cope Soldado will play for us next season. how i hate that time of the year. is there any player to who is atletico not linked. If all rumors were true, we would have squad like udinese next season with nearly 60 players.

  • EC

    If we sell Villa or Costa i would like us to sign Carlos Bacca from Sevilla. he has been great in his debut la liga season and rumour has it he has a €11 mil buy-out. he would be an absolute steal at that price. even if it was just so we could sell him for €20+ mil a season or 2 later. he would also more or less fit in with our style of play

  • Abdullah Karam

    @EC yes am with you 100% that Bacca is good forward and yes he fit us very well 🙂 ,, but lets see what will happen with diego costa/courtios deal first then we will make a decision if we gonna take a forward or a golie ..
    Lets hope we win tonight to be the champs AUPA ATLETI

  • Ali

    Falcao didn’t left us!!
    We sold him!!