Atlético draw Chelsea in Champions League semis

Our European adventure continues against Mourinho's men

Griezmann signed one year contract renewal on Tuesday

If Atlético are to win a European trophy this season, they again have to defeat a team managed by Jose Mourinho, this time in the form of English Premier League side Chelsea.

The UEFA Champions League semi-final draw was made today in Nyon, and means that an all-Madrid final is still on the cards in Lisbon, after our arch rivals Real were drawn against defending champions Bayern Munich.

It is the first time that Atlético will face the Blues since lifting the UEFA Super Cup at their expense back in September 2012, a game most fondly remembered for the first half hat-trick scored by Radamel Falcao.

The last time travelled to Stamford Bridge was a different matter. In the group stages of the 2009/10 Champions League competition, Los Rojiblancos slumped to a 4-0 defeat in London, which ended up being Abel Resino’s last game in charge of Atleti.

Atleti drew the return fixture at home 2-2, and will be looking for another positive result when the one-time winners of the Champions League turn up in Madrid.

Atlético will host the first leg at the Vicente Calderón on Tuesday 22nd April, whilst the return match is booked for the following Wednesday, the 30th April, in London.

Despite reports earlier in the week that our wonderkeeper Courtois wouldn’t be able to play against his parent club Chelsea, UEFA released a statement prior to the draw, declaring that any clause in Atlético’s agreement with Chelsea preventing the Belgian from playing is ‘null and void’.

“The integrity of sporting competition is a fundamental principle for UEFA.

“Both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations contain clear provisions which strictly forbid any club to exert, or attempt to exert, any influence whatsoever over the players that another club may (or may not) field in a match.”

Chelsea has allegedly asked for a payment of €3m per match, but Blues chief executive Ron Gourlay told their official website “the loan was arranged at the start of the season and it is quite simple, Courtois can play against Chelsea, that was never in doubt.”

It’s our first semi-final at the top table in Europe for 40 years. Let’s make the most of it.

  • Farzad from Iran

    Oh.yes we will win chelsea and rich final

  • Colin Jones

    Of course it is a tough match, but Chelsea are beatable

  • Farzad from Iran

    I heard that courtois wont play against chelsea,,Its true???costa when will come back again???

  • EC

    Although there are no easy draws at this stage, this is definitely the best draw we could’ve had. Our high intensity pressing game will destroy Chelsea. Just like it did in the super cup!

  • I hope Costa is available, although i know we could do the job without him, i think we need him, But Chelsea will get trashed at the Vicente Calderon for sure.. we just have to score an away goal and we’ll be fine. So glad tibu would be available, and this UCL adventure actually give us a bit of cash so hopefully it won’t end any time soon 🙂 Aupa Atleti!! Grande Cholo!!

  • starvs

    Hate the captcha (although it’s decent as far as captchas go), was spam actually an issue?

    This is a good matchup, winnable, won’t won’t say anything else as to not jinx.

  • palc

    everyone is talking abut Courtois meeting his parental club, but no one is talking about Fernando Torres. He will most likely play against Atletico. That has got to be emotional for him.

  • Kim

    So Excited to see Nando’s back for Calderon!! It will be very emotional moment.. both for fans and him..

  • Hi guys. Bayern fan here. I have been watching Atleti for a while now and I have been totally impressed especially by the work rate and organization of this team. It reminds me of our side last season under Jupp heynckes. Just wanted to ask who do you guys think is more important for Atleti long term Courtois or Costa? since from what I know somethings gotta give. Would you sell Costa to CFC to keep Thibault

  • Dircil

    if possible we would want to keep both of em. However, if I have to choose 1 I would hold onto Costa as finding a decent GK is less expensive than seeking for a decent FW!

  • Farzad from Iran

    I heard that bayern and rome want koke..Is it true??

  • Chewie

    Everybody wants Koke. We’ll see who gets him this summer. I bet no one except us.

  • farhan

    courtis is more important than coasta for us. we have fine replacement for costa (villa).
    but for courtis hell no we have anzurubia which is not good

  • DiegoCosta19
  • Paco

    The only bad thing about this draw is that we are host in the 1-st match. I think Mou will play ultra defensive in Calderon and it will be different game for us. We are no more underdog and we should play more like we play against Granada. But all in all this draw is the best for us and we big chance to reach the Final!

  • ali_

    Farhan: dont overhype villa, he is nowhere compared to costa.

  • Dircil

    @Paco: It’s always tough when we play against defense-minded clubs like Chelsea. However, If we have 1 goal difference after the first leg, it will be very easy for us to play defensively in England. We’re known for our superb defensive play and I think we can get over Chelsea!

  • farhan

    @ ALI
    what are you talking about…………. “villa is nowhere compared to costa.”
    one average season and he become shit,….what a great view of judging
    and for costa one good season and now he is better than villa ..

    so from your view suarez is better than messi
    mmm koke is better than iniesta ,pirlo,
    and yo
    coasta better than torres,villa,messi,
    but not better than ronaldo coz he scored less goals than ronaldo ….
    u Made me laugh bro laugh…………………………………………
    keep joking…………..
    only for you
    this is VILLA individual achievement

    Spanish Player of the Year: 2005–06
    Zarra Trophy: 2005–06, 2006–07, 2008–09, 2009–10
    UEFA Euro 2008 Golden Boot
    UEFA Euro 2008 Team of the Tournament[124]
    UEFA Euro 2008 Man of the Match Spain vs Russia, Spain vs Sweden
    2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Bronze Shoe
    2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Team of the Tournament.[134]
    2010 FIFA World Cup Silver Shoe
    2010 FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball
    FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 2010
    2010 FIFA World Cup Man of the Match Spain vs Honduras
    Male Athlete of the Year: 2010
    FIFA/FIFPro World XI: 2010
    UEFA Team of the Year: 2010

    Achievements :-

    Valencia Top Scorer: 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10
    La Liga’s Top Assisting Player: 2006–07[14]
    Spain all time top scorer: 56 goals
    Spain’s all time top scorer in FIFA World Cup matches
    Most goals scored in one World Cup (by a Spanish international): 5
    Most goals scored in one calendar year (by a Spanish international): 12 (2008, 2009)[126]
    Largest streak of games having scored (by a Spanish international): 6[128]


    Prince of Asturias Awards: 2010
    Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit: 2011[182]

    but your view is nice GOOOD

  • farhan

    for god sake never judge players on one season
    live example
    ARJEN ROBBEN you know what i mean?

  • farhan

    i have helll lot of other examples you want more ? 🙂

  • kris

    Farhan, you have an obsession for Villa. Are you an Atletico fan or Villa fanboy? You seem overly way too attached to him. Villa isn’t getting any younger or faster, he has the experience but he is not better than Costa. His career however, was of course better than many of the strikers that have played the game but, atm, there are many strikers better than him, also. You are acting like one of those Messi or Ronaldo fanboys with your Wikipedia stats.

  • ali_

    “Farhan, you have an obsession for Villa.” yes, its pretty weird.
    u act like a guard dog, if anybody say anything bad about villa, u are starting to (bark) defend him. how old are u?
    did u watch our games when he did absolutely nothing? he was a ghost in most of the season. he was a -1 man to the team.

    “one average season and he become shit…
    and for costa one good season and now he is better than villa ”

    he is RIGHT NOW better than villa. form wise yes.
    i dont care about his individual achievements. its the past. all that is matters that what is he doing now.

  • ali_
  • Jelle

    I’m falling in love with Grenadas Brahimi. Wonderful player and he have scored against Barca tonight.
    They’re 10 minuts away from a victory!! Come on Grenada. 😉

  • Ali

    Yup yup YUPEEEE!!!! Barca lose to granada now hoping for the same to Real Madrid but that would be difficult..

  • kris

    Damn!!! Granada win!! I am going to try not being way too euphoric here. Holy shit!!! Karnezis!!! Incredible work today by him!! Plus, he is 2nd to Roberto… Damn.. It comes down to a must win derby tomorrow for Atleti. Come on!!

  • Chewie

    Today Granada played like a cheaper copy of Atletico – they did the same thing as we did in the UCL and they achieved the same result. Even a draw would’ve been okay but now if we win the rest of the games then the ultimate encounter with Barca will mean nothing! Yes! What a chance!

  • piserakos

    Karnezis is me co-country man!! He played just his 2nd game…
    Granada te quiero!!! This is our year! If we win the remining 5 games, we don’t care about the result at the Camp Nou

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    5 wins and Barcelona players will make a guard of honor for us before our game in Camp Nou
    we must win those next 5 games, because we may not have such an opportunity in a very long time
    you don’t clinch La Liga title and have Barca in the next game and in Camp Nou very often

  • Jelle

    If we won all our next matches, then we will be celebrated by the Barcelona players before the game. What a dream!

  • Jeronamo

    Well I hope we stay focused… I get soooo worried when we have any glorious opportunities

    I was waiting for what you guys had to say to farhan for a while. I mean I like to Diego playing and Oliver because they are the type of midfielders I like to see on the ball but I can’t argue when others play better than them and after all the TEAM comes FIRST. Open your eyes Farhan and make up your mind on if you’re for Atleti or just all about Villa

  • Ali

    Farhan is a player fan… Not a club fan… And we are atleti fans… My first love!!

  • Ali

    @farhan we all love villa as far he’s atleti player… And I love costa as far he’s at atleti.. And If he leaves for chelsea at the end of the season then I hate him for that.. And I love every player in atleti shirt..

  • AaX


  • Farzad from Iran

    Farahan I think that you love villa so much I accept it..but villa should play on team barca or bayern because in atletico all of players should pass and change their position so fast ,, but david villa these days can not do this like other players

  • Farzad from Iran

    I am a atletico fan I am sure that in Iran just me like atletico since 6 years ago and in last years at school and our soccer club every one laughed at me but I said them that atletico with simeone one day will be a popular team and baeca and real will loose,,and now days I can show them why I like this team!!!!!!!