Match preview: AC Milan vs. Atlético

Atleti set for Champions League clash in Milan versus the Rossoneri

Costa and Arda arrive in Milan  (

Costa and Arda arrive in Milan

Atlético players and staff find themselves in Italy for their Champions League round of 16 first leg draw against AC Milan.

Kick-off at the San Siro is all set for 20:45 CET on Wednesday.

While Atlético are favoured to come out victorious in the draw, it is not wise to count Milan out.

As Milan coach Seedorf said when asked about the match, “They are favourites, but the Champions league is something different.”

Because Milan have struggled in their league, the Champions is the only way to improve the image of the team this season.

The Rossoneri will undoubtedly go all out against Atleti, and Diego Simeone expects the best Milan to show up.

The home side are currently sitting in ninth in the Serie A, 12 points away from Champions League qualification for the following campaign–and 13 points over the relegation zone.

This Milan is very similar to the Atlético Madrid under Gregorio Manzano. Horrible times, no?

After three straight defeats, Atleti got back to their winning ways after defeating Valladolid 3-0 this past Saturday.

The team is hopeful to continue its winning streak by securing a triumph in the San Siro.

‘Cholo’ has history in the San Siro, as he played many years there for Inter Milan–fierce rivals of AC Milan.

When asked if his return to the stadium will be special, he responded: “For me, yes. However, I am not playing. To play in the San Siro is something very important for a player.”

Rojiblanco captain Gabi was present alongside Cholo during the press conference.

“The team respects Milan due to the history and players that they have,” he stated.

“We achieved the possibility of playing here with our good results, we want to have a good game and get a favourable result.”

Luckily for Muntari, he will not be playing this match due to suspension.

Let’s not forget what he said about us shortly after the draw.

It’s rumoured that Cholo will start Raúl García up front with Diego Costa. Raúl just renewed his contract through 2018.

David Villa, whose last goal in Champions came against Milan, will wait his turn on the bench.

Muntari, this match is for you.

Atlético match selection: TBA

AC Milan match selection: Abbiati, Amelia, Coppola, Abate, Bonera, Constant, De Sciglio, Mexes, Rami, Zaccardo, De Jong, Emanuelson, Essien, Kaká, Poli, Balotelli, Pazzini, Petagna, Taarabt

  • piserakos

    Hehe… I’m waiting for this match… Damn I forgot Muntari is suspended

  • starvs


  • Bushdoctor504

    Muntari, Honda, robinho, and montelivo are all out I believe…. Whatever, it won’t matter! We crush them! I’m so excited!!! Aupa atletì¡¡¡

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    we are not favorites, it’s a 50-50 tie
    Simeone knows that .. the players know that, and I wish the fans realize that too

    in fact, in my opinion, this fist leg is 51 to 49 for Milan

    but despite that, I have a feeling that we will score twice tomorrow, one from RG8 and from Costa

    and I had another feeling since Insua took Filipe’s place, that despite being the weakest link in our team he will surprise us all and score an important and a decisive goal
    maybe it will happen tomorrow !

    although we thrashed Chelsea in UEFA Super Cup, and beat Real Madrid in Copa del Rey final -at their home- , for me, this is the most important game in Atleti’s history since Ajax game in UCL quarter finals 1996-97

    let’s do it .. for Aragones, for Muntari, and for Seedorf, to pay him back for that goal he scored against us in 1997, in Real Madrid shirt

    Aupa Atleti

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… I don’t think it is the most important match in our recent history cause it is not for a cup… But is is for sure one of the 2-3. As someone used to tell “it is the most important match untill the next one”. It is 50-50 cause the football is on pitch and not at the betting companies, even though i think we have a small advantage and we will progress! Aupa Atleti!

  • Will

    A few weeks ago I was fully supporting Seedorf while he was playing for my Botafogo and now he’s on the other side against my Atleti. :/
    We need to be smart exactly like we weren’t against our city rivals.
    #YesWeCan 🙂

  • kris

    Costa and Arda the men in black.. Let’s do it for Aragones.

  • Ali

    I’m worried about insua!

  • farhan

    villa will destroy milan …

  • Yon

    I wouldn’t worry about Insua, none of the attacking players that will be out wide can trouble him!

  • Chewie

    Boys are looking sharp, like a bunch of bad-ass killers coming after some poor bastard.

  • DiegoCosta19
  • Pantic#10

    @Ahmad: please dont remember me that night in 96/97 vs ajax…is still an open wound! 🙂

    We can easily win 2-0 or even 3-0.
    Aupa Atleti!
    Tonight Arda will shine but all the team will play like lions.
    RG8 scores for sure.

  • Will

    I really like when we make these bets on these young boys. I remember it paying off with Aguero and Salvio. But I watched the whole match of San Lorenzo and Botafogo last week and he was no special at all. He got a very clear opportunity and concluded very badly far wide and didn’t really called out my attention. Well, he’s just 18 with a lot of space for improvement.

  • Will


  • Ash

    damn that was a scary one!

  • Will

    No, this one was scary.
    #Thibauting No. 1

  • Ash

    another post! Courtois saved us! and a yellow card for Insua….

  • Jelle

    After a good start, then milan had take the control. :s

  • Ali

    That’s why I was worried about insua!

  • Will

    Milan is defending very very strongly. They will get tired.

  • ash

    our performance is poor

  • Brad

    What are the rules on cards in UCL? Anyone know how many you can get before a suspension?

  • Chewie

    We suck. Milan is better. Lucky to not concede. Hope to see Villa and Diego.

  • Will

    I would say Milan performance is “rich” not exactly that our is poor. I haven’t seem our matches against RMadrid recently but the few I watched it seems they are playing exactly like RMadrid.. Am I wrong?

  • ash

    Our performance in the first half is really unsatisfying. We lost the ball easily and gave many counter chances to milan. Hope we can improve in the 2nd half.

  • ash

    @chewie yes we should thank our luck a lot. This 1st half Performance reminds me of how we lost to Almeria.

  • Dircil

    God saves Atletico!!!!! I hope our play will improve significantly after we send Diego to field.

  • Jelle

    We should bring diego instead of RG8

  • Will

    I’m really proud of my Atleti. We are outplaying the almighty Milan in San Siro.

  • Will

    I wrote that before the goal, ok?

    GOAALL!!! Costa!!!

  • ash

    Goallllllll!!!!!!!!!’ D-I-e-g-o C-o-s-t-a!,,,,,,,

  • Jelle


  • ash

    Luck is certainly on our side today!!!!

  • Brad

    Of course we score when I’m actually working instead of watching Atleti. Aupa Atleti!

  • Dircil

    Cebolla is so good today

  • Ali

    I love you costa. But if villa had played we had been 2 or 3 goals up. Garcia missed too many chances.

  • Will


    “Muntari, this match is for you.”

  • Dircil

    thing has changed after Cebolla and Adrian were introduced to the game. Very good decision from El Cholo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeronamo

    We won BUT what the fuck was up with the timing of subs and bringing on Adrian instead of Diego or Villa????

  • Ali

    Milan will have no chance in second leg! Filipe will be back. I can’t believe it we did it.

  • ash

    We won! With one precious away goal in bag!!!

  • Pantic#10

    Gabi fought on every ball, he did also some mistakes but he’s my hero.
    Also Rg8 played like a beast!
    Good performance.
    Milan did the best match of his season, that’s for sure!

  • Will

    Milan got tired.. they were marking very strongly.. running all over the field. Atlético was patient, very smart.

  • Will

    And now we see PANTIC#10… you were missed during the match.. 🙂 Where’s AHMAD??
    Yes indeed! It was by far the best match of Milan this season.

  • ash

    In the 2nd half, our advantage in fitness has granted us the upper hand and balotelli’s injury ruined Milan’s attack. it’s a fair result but our performance is a bit poor I have to say. Lucky we got luck on our side. Btw, before the match started I was sleeping and had a sweet dream that Diego costa score the only goal against Milan, though by feet. lol

  • AndersAT

    Milan was best the first half no doubt about that. But in the second half we were the better team. Great goal by Costa. Great result. Lets face it, if Milan play like this at home, they will never win at the Vicente Calderon.

  • Ali

    They won’t win. Mostly they attack us from left cuz of insua in the returning leg there won’t be insua and filipe will be back so we have clear advantage. We were like bayer in the first half didn’t play well, and in the second half we dominated.

  • anshary

    Sulley Muntari must be full now having to eat his own words. Haha. What an easy goal for diego costa. He looked at mario suarez before the header as if to say, stay away. This goal is mine!

  • Pantic#10

    @will: i was on my armchair to watch the match…and i was soooo thrilled that i wasn’t able to move 🙂 ahah

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Will : Ahmad is still at work, and it’s after midnight in Egypt
    I haven’t watch a single minute of the game that I described yesterday as our most important game since Ajax game 1997

    and to make the things worse, I couldn’t open my twitter account on my cell phone, they kept denying my access, I don’t know if some body hacked my account or what?!
    my only way to have some detalis was reading your comments guys

    I tried not to follow the game on the web so when I go back home I watch it recorded like it is live

    I resisted for only 3 minutes !!

    whom I kidding .. it’s Atleti

    for 3 months I had nothing to do, and today I left my home 6 in the morning and I’m not going back before 2 a.m !!

    but when I’m home, the first thing I’m going to do is not eating, not taking a shower .. and definitely not sleeping
    no, the first thing I’m going to do is to open the TV on beIN sports to watch the game

    I am madely in love with you Atleti

  • Ali

    Do any of you guys use Instagram!

  • Ali

    I don’t remember our game against ajax cuz I was only two! So did we won that match.

  • Chewie

    I was watching with a “what the hell are you doing?” feeling and, to be honest, I was very uncomfortable when we let them enter the penalty area and shoot so easily. But then, when Costa fired a header past Abbiati, I said – that’s how you do it, nice and easy. Yet the goal didn’t come from nowhere – the pressure was building up, like a flank attack in a game of chess, with some exquisite passing combinations and line-up changes. Very pragmatic game, I think we should ask Martin and the other writers here to create a spin-off of this site and call it “Partido a Partido. Life Lessons from a True Colchonero”. Simeone is such an inspiration!

  • Nixin saji

    Way to go buddies.