Diego returns, Óliver and Guilavogui leave on loan

Atlético complete three temporary moves on deadline day

Diego ribas atletico madrid

Diego in Europa League final

After José Sosa’s arrival it appeared Diego Simeone had a full squad available to pursue three titles in the remainder of the 2013-2014 season.

But on the final day of the January transfer window Atleti’s directors were still busy wheeling and dealing. At the end of the day, Atleti completed three temporary moves that sees one of Cholo’s biggest wishes finally fulfilled.

Ever since Diego Ribas left Atlético after his first loan spell in Madrid, which ended with the Brazilian scoring in our 3-0 UEFA Europa League win over Athletic Club, the coach has firmly requested the return of the playmaker. On Friday the Rojiblancos and VFL Wolfsburg finally agreed on a deal, which means Diego will complete the season in Madrid before entering free agency in the summer.

With the return of Diego, the likes of Óliver Torres and Josuha Guilavogui had become expendable at the Vicente Calderón. The young Spaniard will join Villarreal until the end of the campaign, while the Frenchman moves on loan to St. Etienne.

Returning to St. Etienne was the only possible exit for Josh, as he wasn’t allowed to play for a third club within twelve months after already appearing for Saint Etienne and Atlético this year.

None of the loan deals include options to buy, so the duo is expected to return to the squad after the summer, hopefully with some more games and experience under their belt.

Diego’s arrival gives Simeone a number of options in midfield and up front. Which players do you believe make for our strongest XI?

  • Yon






  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Juanfran, Godin, Miranda, Filipe
    Gabi, Mario
    Koke, Diego, Arda

  • Ty Gambo

    Gabi, Koke; Sosa, Diego, Arda; Costa
    With a lot of position switching between the attacking midfielders.

  • Ty Gambo

    Although Ahmad’s lineup is good too

  • palestine-atletico

    Guys i dont see at this stage to change the way of play. I mean i am against playing 4231 with diego instead of villa.
    I see it same first 11 with diego competing koke and arda as starter.

  • Kris

    Ahmad’s lineup seems the best here. You can’t replace Mario for Koke guys, that’s not going to work. Koke is a good CM, not as great of a DM. Simeone has bud the team with a great defense and that’s not going to change now, Mario has to play alongside Gabi. 4-2-3-1 seems the most reasonable which would mean less playing time for Villa…

  • Kris

    Out strongest XI would probably be

  • Tommy

    I think in some games against lowly teams we will see Koke in the double pivot more.

  • Adnan Khan

    Yup, i too agree with Ahmads lineup. David Villa should be used as a backup.

  • Will

    And Barcelona, at home, lost to Valencia! Well, well, well…. We have that chance again..

  • kris

    Will, exactly what I am saying.. Let’s see if we can finally handle pressure tomorrow… I am looking forward to it!!

  • marcelo

    …. so 🙂

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    just like I said before, Real Madrid are my favorite to win La Liga this season, even after we got Diego back .. yes, we have a chance, but a small one

    but Barca are suffering, they are looking bad for a while, even when they win
    they keep saying that the management problems are not affecting the team, but everybody can see that they are .. especially Messi
    in many games, they won simply because La Liga teams are crap
    and because of that, and because that he has the best players in the world, nobody can tell if Tata is a good or a bad coach .. Man City game will tell us
    and also as I said since the day of the draw : I think Man City are the favorites

    on the other side, Real Madrid are looking calm, they finally found their perfect XI, Ancelotti made the team only concerned about football, and they are getting more confidence day after day,
    so I say lets fuck their minds by beating them next Wednesday at the Bernabeu .. for the 3rd time in a row .. in just 265 days

    lets do it for Aragones

  • piserakos

    I just hope tomorrow we will win and at last we will be first!!
    I agree with Ahmad, even though I really believe that we will win La Liga, well if we don’t lose against Real and we will win tomorrow… Tomorrow I see Sosa play and maybe Mario. Tiago and Arda again out of players selection:S
    R.I.P. Luis…
    Welcome home Diego

  • kris

    Arda and Tiago out of the match selections?? Sosa will most likely start then with Diego coming in for him later on in the match.. Hmmm. this should be interesting.. And por fin, Mario is back!! Hope he starts instead of Koke in that double pivot role tomorrow, and Koke gets his usual winger/CAM/CM role back. Koke to Costa equal goals. We saw that against Athletic… Let’s do it for Aragones tomorrow boys!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Arda & Tiago are out of the list, and we don’t know if Mario can play the whole 90 minutes yet, but I don’t think any one is worry

    This how good Diego is !

    By the way, he will wear the number 21

    my XI :
    Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Insua
    Gabi, Mario
    Sosa, Koke
    Costa, Villa

    then Diego can come in for Sosa or Villa, or even Mario if he still not in his full fitness, and Koke takes his place

  • starvs

    I agree with Ahmad, I tweeted the exact lineup previously.

    Gabi, Mario
    Koke, Diego, Arda

    Although I would sometimes like to see Koke replacing Mario and then slotting Villa (maybe Sosa?) in as well. I would eventually love to seeing Koke play deeper, but it requires having the adequate attacking talent to make him a non-necessity further up, as he has been until this point, let we get Raul Garcia trying to make important passes…