Atlético Madrid legend Luis Aragonés passes away

75-year old former player and coach has died in Madrid

Luis Aragones

Luis Aragonés

On Saturday morning the terrible news reached us that Don Luis Aragonés has passed away at age 75 in a hospital in Madrid.

The news that arguably the most important person in the history of Atlético Madrid has gone has come as a shock. Luis Aragonés made 372 appearances and scored 172 goals as a player of the Rojiblancos, and later returned to coach the club in three stints.

In total El Sabio de Hortaleza (The Wise Man from Hortaleza) won 4 Spanish league titles, 6 Copa del Reys, the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa Intercontinental.

In 2008 he led the Spanish national team to the 2008 European Cup and he’s seen as the man who laid the foundation of Spain’s international success since then.

At AtléticoFans we would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Luis.

Please feel free to share your proudest, craziest and most memorable moments of Aragonés in the comments below.

  • Colchonero in SF

    I am a grown man and I want to cry.

    Rest in Peace Luis

  • pantic#10

    Rest in Peace Luis.

  • Ash

    Rest in Peace dear Grandpa Luis…. 🙁

  • Jeronamo

    Rest In Peace Luis

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    we are sorry that you couldn’t see Atleti win The Champions league and La Decima Liga

    we will win them soon .. for you

  • Kris

    I am so sad having to wake up to this terrible news of the death of this legend.. Rest in peace Luis. There’s a better place for you waiting..

  • Adnan Khan

    Barcelona – Valencia 2-2. Barcelona got a free penalty from the referee and they score their second. shitty referee

  • Adnan Khan

    And tomorrow we can go top at the table. I hope we doesnt choke like all those other times we had chance to go at top.

  • kris

    MY GOD!! UNBELIEVABLE WIN BY VALENCIA AT THE CAMP NOU!!! THE FINAL SCORE IS 3-2 TO VALENCIA!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am not getting too happy though, the last two times Barca have dropped points, so have we!! I hope this time, I am wrong!! Prove me wrong!! Aupa Atleti!!

  • LosColchonero

    Although I have respect for him as a professional, the most memorable memory I have is his racist stain. Some things are more important than football.

  • MR

    @loscolchonero for you the most important thing is to [email protected] yourself.
    For us this is a moment to remember a true colchonero without sadness as he was a great champion and a great personality, who made many people feel happy and proud for this club and the country.
    RIP Luis Aragonés
    Vamos Atleti

  • epoy

    Its weird that i dont feel excited with the fact that Barca lost…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    so in 75 years they caught him once saying a racist comment, and it was clearly taken out its context, it was a bad joke, it was his method of motivation, I’m not saying it is OK, but who never said a bad thing in his life

    He was motivating Reyes in training, he didn’t say a name, although it was clear that he is talking about Thierry Henry, and he apologized after that

    He played with and against blacks and other races for 17 years, then he coached them for 35 years, and we never heard about any single racist incident except that one

    that day, a black Spanish player was on that training field and he heard what Aragones said, and he didn’t had any problem, Marcos Senna, because he knew that it meant nothing

    After all what he gave Atleti and Spain, the least thing he deserves is the benefit of doubt

  • Arjit

    A little over-reaction there “Mr”. Nobody is perfect but Luis Aragones was a pretty influencial individual. He should be and will be remembered for his contributions because they out weigh the mistakes he’s made or his flaws as a person. Rest in Peace Luis Aragones.

  • kris

    Precisely what I was going to comment Arijit.. MR shouldn’t have over-reacted with that fanboy remark though. I understand it’s an emotional day for all of us, but still we are a family..

  • LosColchonero

    You want to know the truth? I don’t need other Atletico fans’ approval to be a fan of Atletico.

    Also, keep in mind I did not insult Aragones, I said I respect him as a professional. The article asked us to share our “most memorable moments of Aragonés”. Referring to Henry as a “negro de mierda” and getting caught is bound to be memorable, more so than his 1975 triumph as I was not around then.

    I will not abide by crowd or peer pressure, it was my choice I made alone when I chose to support Atletico de Madrid. And it is a choice I make alone to not respect anyone on a personal level that is racist, even if they were a great and grande person.

    I will continue to support Atletico, but I won’t continue to post on this website.

    There is an interesting study about monkeys that is appropriate for people like “MR”:

  • Paulo

    loscolchonero: “Negro de mierda” isn’t more racist than a black man saying “fucking white boy”. If your definition of racism is based on that, then almost everyone is a racist.

  • Paulo

    And while talking about white, black, yellow, red or whatever might be racist to some of them mammys little pussies, I think real racism is something totally different you have to experience to understand.

  • Paulo

    Just to clarify: by mammys little pussies I meant some oversensitive, politically correct people pretending to understand what is “the right expression” to say.
    I’m not insinuating anyone writing here would be one, though.
    People just have different ways of expressing themselves.
    It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s that evil kind of hate towards a whole ethnic group of people when someone says things like that.
    For me, Luis Aragonés was and still is the greatest player and coach in Atlético Madrid history and labelling him a racist would be absolutely disrespecting towards the memory of the late, great el Sabio de Hortaleza.
    Hasta siempre, Zapatones!