Match Preview: Atlético vs. Sevilla

The second round of La Liga starts behind our neigbours in 3rd spot.

josuha guilavogui

Guilavogui arrived at Atleti this past summer (EFE)

Atlético will kick off the second half of the season tomorrow and hope to continue their unbeaten streak in a tough game against Sevilla. The last few weeks have been busy for Cholo’s men with mid-week Copa clashes against Valencia and the joint league leaders Barcelona. The players’ physical abilities will be tested tomorrow at 21:00 CET at the Vicente Calderón.

Games against Sevilla have always been special for Atlético fans. The rivalry between the fans made the atmosphere electric for the past years which reflected to the players’ attitude on the pitch. Last season we saw a 4-0 scoreline at home and let’s hope to see that kind of game again this season.

Atlético are in third place right now since Real Madrid won against Betis on Saturday. We have the chance to jump over them again tomorrow though, so this is a much needed win for the Rojiblancos.

Miranda spoke to the press on Friday: “This Sevilla is much stronger and we’ll have a difficult match for sure.” He continued with Simeone’s well teached words. “We’re thinking game by game that we always have to win and we’ll definity keep on going until the end.”

Raúl got praised for his hard work by the Brazilian. “He’s always there when the team needs him, fighting for a spot with Villa, who we need as well. No matter who plays, it’s important to have a strong team.”

The central defender also had nice words for the fans, praising the great atmosphere at home which has been the foundation of our fantastic record at the Vicente Calderón. “We need to win all home games to fight for the La Liga title.”

Cholo was asked about his thoughts of the second La Liga round and once again referred to his partido a partido philosophy. “The second round of La Liga is always more difficult than the first, because in the first, a lot of teams want to play and don’t think much about collecting points. We hope to continue like we did before.”

Praising Emery’s work for Sevilla our God said: “He created a more solid team who defend better. They play more direct which makes them more dangerous. It will be a complicated match.”

Asked about the player’s fitness, Cholo said “They had 5 days to recover. We hope they’ll play with the same intention and intensity as before.

Simeone also praised Raúl Garcia once more. “He’s an example we have at home. He playes in la Copa, Liga or friendlies and he scores. He can play in midfield, with three in midfield, as a lone striker and he always lives up to expectations. He’s having a great season and is very important for the team.”

Tiago didn’t make the squad selection for tomorrow. The Argentine tactician didn’t want to take unnecessary risks and will leave him out of the team. He hopes to have the Portuguse midfielder at his disposal for Thursday’s Copa game against Athletic Bilbao. The most likely replacement will be one of Guilavogui or Koke. The latter trained next to our captain Gabi in the final training session so he’s more likely to take the spot.

Mario Suárez was also left out the match selection and is still recovering from his injury. Insúa and Giménez are left out due to tactical reasons.

The Beast of the Manzanares, Diego Costa, hasn’t found the back of the net in 2014 yet and will be looking to end his scoreless streak tomorrow.

Atlético match selection:
Goalkeepers: Aranzubia, Courtois
Defenders: Godín, Filipe Luís, Alderweireld, Manquillo, Juanfran, Miranda
Midfielders: Koke, Raúl García, Arda, Cebolla, Gabi, Guilavogui, Óliver, Sosa
Forwards: Adrián, Villa, Diego Costa

  • It will be a difficult match and a very tight match. Hopefully we will win the match
    I predict 2-0 in our favour with Costa on the score sheet

  • jeronamo

    I hope Costa finds the net, Since 214 started he’s been holding onto the ball way too much and he’s paying for it

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    of course it’s a metaphor ( referring to Simeone as “our God” ) , but we Muslims don’t accept this kind of jokes .. we believe only in one God, Allah
    I had to clarify that, because there are many Muslims who visit this website and this kind of metaphors upset them

    on the other hand :
    “The rivalry between the fans” is a very accurate description
    some people (especially Sevilla fans) used to say that it’s a rivalry between the two teams .. and this is a bullshit,
    a single La Liga title, 2 Europa League and 5 Copa del Rey could never make them a rival for us .. not even close

    also, the big number of red cards against us (7 in last season alone), the huge number of fouls and the insults of their fans to our players don’t make them rivals either .. it just make them assholes

    and speaking of their fouls, I guess Simeone could start with Sosa to take advantage of that, as he used to score a lot of goals from free kicks

    in 4 games and 5 games, Cosat & Villa haven’t scored respectively
    I wish both return to scoring again tonight, especially against their favorite victim, as together they scored 23 goals vs Sevilla

    I miss Mario

  • kris

    Thank you Ahmad for clarifying about that. I have had a lot of Muslim friends who take that kind of stuff very seriously when anybody else besides God is referred to as God.

    I so miss Mario as well. Guilavogui should have started in place of Tiago but Cholo likes to start Koke in that CDM position again. Giving Raul Garcia the chance to play in the winger position. I don’t think this is the best of his decisions but I know one fact RG8 is gonne be pissing the hell out of the Andalusians and there’s gonne be a lot of fouls committed by Sevilla……. again. I hope both the strikers end their scoring drought today and destroy Sevilla who are self-proclaimed rivals of Atleti, when history and stats prove that they are nowhere near being our rivals.

    Club Atletico de Madrid 4-0 Sevilla CF. Aupa Atleti!

  • Jelle

    Thank you Levante! Wonderfull draw against Barca!

  • Adnan Khan

    Now, we can’t let this opportunity slip away. We need to win this match!
    Thanks to Levante they played well. They like to fight hard against big teams. we had difficulties against them to
    Aupa Atleti!!

  • piserakos

    Thank you Levante, we have the chance to be first at the night!!! Vamos Atleti

  • Zakaria

    Tough match, but we have to win …. It’s a must we need to soar the la liga tonight.
    Aupa Atleti …..

  • pantic#10

    Aupa Levante! 🙂 Thank you very much.
    Now it’s up to us. we must win.

    1-0 by RG8

  • kris


  • kris

    Who else saw that fantastic little clip by Diego Costa and that awesome shot! Diego is in this game to win it and score.

  • kris

    Finalmente! Gooooolazo de Villa!! Aupa Atleti!

  • Jeronamo

    We are looking truly superior today so far

  • Jeronamo

    And I saw that as well kris

  • kris

    We should seriously buy Rakitic! Awesome player!

  • Jeronamo


  • kris

    We need Guilavogui’s strength in the 2nd half. Koke out for Guilavogui or Koke in for RG8 and RG8 out.

  • pantic#10

    Good 1st half.
    Siviglia is always a strong opponent.

    Happy for Villa! finally 😉
    Wonderful “clip” by Diego Costa, i saw it too Kris 😉 top player move.

  • pantic#10

    i want Guilavogui too.
    Koke need some rest; we need Josuha in the midfield.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I was thinking the same thing Kris
    Guilavogui for RG8, and Koke returns to his place, next to Arda

  • kris

    Put in Guilavogui, goddamn it!

  • kris

    So shit! it was obvious that Sevilla were winning the midfield battle when you have a not so physical player like Koke in there. Put in Guilavogui. I am saying once again!!. Please.. We need to win this match.

  • Adnan Khan

    this is idiotic. every time we have a good chance to take the lead, we make stupid moves and throw the chance away. 🙁

  • Will

    How are we playing? I’m not at home today. 🙁

  • Brad

    The refs are playing for barca

  • Zakaria


  • pantic#10

    Diego Costa punched in area…no penalty???? WTF??!
    subs tooooooo late.
    Josuha should have played right after the break. koke out or in his right place (as you guys said).

    btw…Villa finally played decent match, far from his possibilities…but better than the last matches.

  • palestine-atletico

    Second half is the worst ever half for simeone in his career!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry for saying that but we dont believe in ourselves to be top of la liga!
    I am seeing real madrid winning la liga this time and we are third. BULLSHIT game from all the team

  • Adnan Khan

    EVERY time we have a chance to lead, we mess it up. This is ridiculous!!

  • Adnan Khan

    and no one should criticize the ref, he was just most of the time. Diego costa should not have touched Fazio’s face like that, thats why he got a punch in return.

  • pantic#10

    anyway ….
    2 penalties!!! 2 penalties !!!!! (one on RG8 and one on Diego Costa…) c’mon…terrible referee.

  • Adnan Khan

    Guys, we played terrible. We didn’t have any good shots on the target the whole game. we couldn’t make any good chances. When Rakitic put that penalty, i knew right away that we were going for a draw.

  • Chewie

    This was one of the most thoughtless and dull games this season. Villa scored an easy goal after the deflection inside the penalty area and Rakitic scored a penalty after an idiotic play by Juanfran.

    The first half was an exemplar of Simeone’s tactic that’s starting to upset me – score a goal after a set piece and go all-defensive. Most annoyingly, the boys kept making those aimless crosses one after another. Here we’ve encountered a dilemma: discipline vs creativity. And without players that are both disciplined and creative (i.e. top players), it’s impossible to combine both qualities.

    Sevilla improved drastically compared to the first game. They conceived an unlucky goal and though they didn’t create anything really dangerous, they maintained the focus and discipline throughout the game. Villa and Costa were bad, Koke played another bleak match.

    I also truly think we should let Aranzubia defend penalties since it’s obviously not a strength of Courtois’.

  • this game wasnt the refs fault
    the team just wasn’t very strong today. Tired? Pressure? I don’t know.
    You can see Koke isn’t really used to being CM anymore, so either Simeone needs to play him there more oftenly, so he can get natural in his “natural” position again, or play someone like Guilavogui (for now).

    After the Sevilla goal the play was way too uninspired, I think Oliver should’ve been brought in as well, instead of Raul. the physical game wasn’t working much, so maybe his style combined with Arda and Sosa’s could’ve provided the necessary spark.
    Also think Adrian would’ve been a better addition than Cebolla.

    But oh well, at least it’s 1 point, enough games ahead of the squad 🙂 Complaining won’t help, let’s put it behind us and move forward to midweek (?).

  • piserakos

    Damn, how we could screw that again???? I was f*cking sure something bad would happen… Simeone should use too earlier Gilavogui (all of you guys saw that), Costa just has to wake up or someone should listen me and sell him….. Damn referee how you couldn’t give this penalty???? What the hell happens allways when we have the chance to go first??? Please someone tell me, Juanfran does a stupid penalty… I’m sooo pissed… Puta Sevilla hope you got relegated, they all time assasinated our players and this stupid referee ohhhhhhhhh!!

  • piserakos

    by the way guys I can’t think clearly now so tomorrow I would say my review.

  • Adnan Khan

    haha, Piserakos. None of us can think clearly after this game 😛

  • kris

    Goddamn! Three times this season to go up top. All times we have CHOKED. Who the fuck cares about what other teams are doing? Play your own goddamn game like you were playing the first 25 minutes and you will most likely win every single match. Simeone was TOO LATE with the subs this time. Guilavogui could have changed the whole game around. Koke was shit and so was Raul Garcia. WE FUCKING MISS MARIO! Bring us back Mario. Sorry to all the kids out there for cussing. I cried today and like piserakos bloody tired after watching this match. Fuck!

  • Vlad

    @Ahmed: For me, saying Simeone isn’t god is blasphemy