Juanfran available for Barça clash

The right-back's fifth yellow card has been rescinded

Juanfran cleared to face Barcelona  (www.sportsnet.ca)

Juanfran cleared to face Barcelona

Juanfran Torres will be able to play against FC Barcelona this upcoming Saturday after his booking in Málaga was dismissed.

Last week, the full-back saw his fifth yellow card for “knocking down an opposition player in the dispute of the ball”, according to the referee’s official report.

Atlético stated that the reason that Juanfran received the yellow card did not correspond with what the referee, Teixeira Vitienes had written down.

After the committee reviewed the claim presented by Atleti, they announced on Wednesday that the yellow card would be rescinded.

Juanfran was obviously delighted with the news.

“I would like to thank everyone for their messages,” he stated via Twitter.

“I am very happy to be able to be at the coach’s disposal for the HUGE match this coming Saturday.”

  • pantic#10

    orgasmic 🙂

    well, honestly i was also happy to see Manquillo…but Juanfran is on fire! This is probably his best season with us.
    amazing player.

  • Will

    Incredible to remember he wasn’t a full back until Simeone showed up.

  • Pantic#10

    Yes Will, another great job by Cholo, as he did with RG8.

  • piserakos

    It was Manzano who started used him as a right back, not Simeone:)
    Before Atleti he was a right winger and not a really good one.

  • Pantic#10

    Ops! you’re right juanfran already played as right back with manzano….i try to remove from my mind those 6 months with Manzano 🙂

  • kris

    What better news to read right after coming home! Neymar or whoever is going to be there is basically f*k*ed. Sorry, Barca. Forza Atleti!

  • Will

    Sorry, my mistake!
    Well, Manzano did at least one thing really awesome..

    I can’t remember exactly who said was dreaming about Mohammed Salah signing for Atleti but it can become true. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/359480/Atletico-Madrid-plot-late-move-to-snatch-Mohamed-Salah-from-Liverpool-Man-Utd-and-Spurs

  • Paulo

    Like I said before the yellow Juanfran got against Malaga wasn’t justified. Good to see the comittee reviewing these claims properly. Makes you wanna believe there’s still some justice in the world…

  • Paulo

    Ahmad, how likely is it that a young star from egypt will choose ATLETI over these famous premier league teams? I think the chances are pretty thin. And the pricetag… If it happens, though, congratulations and I’m sure he’ll be great for Atleti!

  • Paulo

    Come to think of it, there’s no way the club would splash out the money like that, unless Mendes is involved in it somehow…

  • Arjit

    i think it would be a smart buy even if we end up selling him a few years later. His value will at most likely double in the next few years. Anybody that’s watched him in champions league this year knows what I’m talking about. And we need a new winger!

    Also very happy to see juanfran available for the game. Although like a couple others here i was thinking we have Manquillo and Toby who are sooo good! However, a back four that is familiar with each other will always do a better job. Looking forward to this match!

  • Dircil

    There’s been a rumor that Cerezo is interested in swaping Costa for Mata. If that happens then Raul Garcia should be trained to be another costa. However, I don’t see any room of credibility of the mentioned news since we don’t have a reasonable wage budget for Mata. Any thought?

  • Urban

    I personally could see it that way – TC + Mata for Costa.

    The problem is that we would not be able to afford a new striker then… And the viable options on the market are pretty slim, maybe Yilmaz, Mitroglou, Osvaldo… but probably each of them would also cost around 20 mln

  • piserakos

    It will be foolish to buy one of yilmaz, mitroglou, osvaldo i don’t see that happen…. If Costa leave and we bring Mata (i think that if this trade will happen TC will be on it) then we will probably play a 4-5-1 with Mata, Arda and Koke at the mid and Villa or Garcia front

  • Urban

    Garcia is not a finisher (he can only be a false 9) and Villa is just not good enough…

  • piserakos

    @urban…. yes he can be a false 9 and that’s with what we will play… I dissagree with you about Villa, i belive he will shine as a lone striker…. Even if you don’t want them and let’s say we had did the trade we will be able to sell roberto and maybe not keep villa so we will have space for a striker with some money from CL maybe Benteke?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Will, Piserakos is right, Manzano was the one who firstly tried Juanfran as a fullback
    But he only used him at that position because he was forced to do that after the injuries the team were suffering .. and in fact he played him as a right back in only 3 games :
    Granada vs Atleti (0-0) La Liga, 15 Oct. 2011
    Atleti vs Betis (0-2) La Liga, 18 Dec. 2011
    Atleti vs Albacete (0-1) Copa del Rey, 21 Dec. 2011 “the last game for Manzano”

    I remember that first game against Granada very well, and I even saved an article about it on MARCA in my bookmarks :
    “In Granada, Juanfran’s life has changed”

    But when Simeone arrived, he made him the regular right back, although the Portuguese Silvio (remember him !) was available, and also Perea who played as a right back too many times
    but El Cholo believed in Juanfran .. and just like he did to many others, he improved him and made him a much better player

    So, with all due respect to Señor Manzao, I give the credit of the great right back Junafran to Simeone

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Will : how could you forget who was the one dreaming about signing Mohammed Salah ?!
    it was me .. come on man, I’m the only Egyptian here !

    and Paulo : you were right
    I remember that you said that the only reason the ref showed Jaunfran the yellow card is that Malaga fans asked him to do so !

    and if you was referring to me with your question :
    “how likely is it that a young star from Egypt will choose Atleti over those famous premier league teams”
    although I didn’t post a comment before yours (actually no other Ahmad did !)

    but anyway, if you meant me, I actually answered that in a previous comment in a previous post couple of days ago,
    I said : we can never match the big salaries the EPL teams are paying, or the glory and the prestige of their competition,
    but there are two things could seduce Salah to join us :
    1- our promising sport project 2- the opportunity to play against Real & Barca at least twice a season and to play at Santiago Bernabeu & Camp Nou (which is a big deal and beautiful dream for many Egyptians and many Arab players

    and now I can think of third reason :
    with us he can be pretty sure that he will have a full chance and will play almost all the possible minutes
    while in Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd and even Spurs, it’s very crowded, and he can sit on the bench in several occasions .. something I personally heard him say that he totally refuse
    he even said that he prefers to play regularly with a mid-table team than to sit on the bench of the best team in the world

    I believe Atleti have a good chance to sign Salah if they really want him,
    but the thing is : I don’t think they really do !

  • pantic#10

    ….and another excellent and detailed review by Ahmad 😉

    “our promising sport project”
    That’s right, Atleti has a project and this is our best invitation card for talents and famous players.

    Tomorrow is Friday…only another day and..The Clash of Titans will begin!

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… I didn’t really remembered how many games Juanfran played with Manzano as a right back I thought they were more, I really remember tha game against Granada and Albazete(how I can forget it).. By the way, Silvio is still ours:P

  • Will

    @Ahmad, sure! How could I forget? Shame on me 🙁 … My Egyptian friend that writes A LOT 😀 (kidding, I enjoy reading your comments/review, I guess everybody does 🙂 ).

  • Paulo

    @Ahmad Hossainy: Yeah, I forgot to type in your last name so maybe it was confusing. (Btw. I can’t think of any other Ahmad posting here)
    Anyway, I meant you ’cause you’ve been “marketing” Mohammed Salah here for a long time and you are his compatriot, so you probably know a little bit about his personal views, what’s he saying in the local media and so on…

    And I think you answered my question thorougly enough, thank you.

    I know just a little about Egyptian football, but I can imagine the EPL has better tv-coverage there, as the thing is usually with most arab countries. That’s why I wrote that the chances of Salah coming to atleti are thin, ’cause if they doesn’t see any games or know what the team and the culture is all about, why would anybody choose atleti over these famous and rich premier league teams…

    I hope it changes, though, ’cause Atleti needs players who can appreciate a “promising sport project” which aims to overthrow the empire of the Barca and Real and bring Atlético back to its former glory, a unbeliavably devoted coach, the best fans in the world and the passion that Atlético de Madrid epitomizes.
    Atlético needs players, who admire and appreciate Spanish Football.
    I mean the culture, the art of tiki-taka, the heat, the crowd giving their all and the atmospheric games played at night giving the team spirit, theatrics and the immense talent of the great players even more spectacular proportions.
    I’m sure that’s one of the reasons there are and always has been so many South American players in La Liga, ’cause they can feel it, you know.

    In EPL, these things rarely co-exist even though there are lots of other positives to be found, but the culture and the way the game is played, it’s just different.
    I hate the idea of players using Atleti as a stepping stone, so if somebody desires for the EPL, I hope they never come to Atleti.

  • DiegoCosta19

    Antoine Griezman,Juan Mata and Roberto Firmino would be perfect addition to our team..of course one or two of these players not all three 🙂

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Thank you Pantic & Will and all of you guys for you kind words
    I write the same thing I wrote here in Arabic in other blogs and websites, but I never hear these words
    And that’s what makes this blog very special, and what make you guys real friends, although we don’t know each other personally

    @Piserakos : yes, Silvio is still an Atleti player .. but I guess he won’t be for too long
    with Juanfran, Manquillo and even Toby who can play as a right back, he doesn’t have a place with us
    But I wish we can sell him at least with the same number we bought him with :
    7 million
    that money could help us in our mission impossible : buying Courtios !
    I think he worth that number -maybe more- but he has a very bad weakness that could low his price : he is an injury-prone

    @Paulo : I believe I have seen another Ahmad commenting here before, I think he was from Kuwait

    anyway, I’m glad that I answered your question

    and I will try to tell you more about Egyptian football and Egyptian fans :
    ” this is gonna be a little long .. sorry Will 😉 ”

    Here we have a unique and weird situation :
    people here are mostly EPL fans .. and Real & Barca fans !
    I am also like that .. the only football I watch is Atleti games, Egypt national team games and EPL (any game, even Stoke vs Swansea .. there is no bad games there)

    but although people here are divided between Real & Barca, there are a good number who love Valencia, especially the generation who witnessed the golden age of El Che with Rafa Benitez

    and the same thing is happening now with Atleti
    people have started to love the club that resurrected La Liga after its death
    the poor club who is fighting the billionaires
    some people here see Atleti as a Spanish version of Al-Ismaily, the poor Egyptian
    club who is in an unfair fight against the two giants : Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek
    and they still can win trophies from them
    nobody in Egypt can hate Al-Ismaily .. not even the fans of the opponent clubs

    Also, many Egyptians know and love Simeone, not just Simeone the coach, but also Simoene the player, because just like they are divided between Real & Barca, they are also divided between Brasil & Argentina, and they have watched Simeone many times with his National team

    and that brings me to my other point and the other thing you wondered about :
    The Traditions

    The truth is that in traditions, Egyptian football are very similar to the Latin football
    Especially the big four Latins : Brasil, Argentina, Italy and Spain

    we play beautiful football rather that tactical football (maybe that’s why we didn’t qualify to The World Cup since 1990)

    every thing you mentioned we have it here,
    the atmospheric games, the passion, the team spirit
    and the ultras, who sadly are very radicals that sometimes they kill each others
    just like what happened in Port Said Massacre !

    so I think the player who fits in a league in which the fans kill each others can fit anywhere else
    this is so true as much as it is sad !

    only the language make the EPL easier for Egyptian players to fit
    but the Spanish is not that difficult language for Arabs to learn
    there are too many Arabic words in Spanish
    After all, The Arabs (or to be more accurate : The Muslims, from several races but with one official language, Arabic) have ruled a big part of Spain for more than 800 years,
    That time they called it “Al-Andalus” .. from which came the Spanish word : “Andalusia”

  • kris

    Damn. I love going on this website and reading all the comments. I enjoy every single part of it. And, Ahmad always posts informative things and ideas most of us don’t know of; and it’s great to learn new things everyday for our mental health.

    LOL I love how Silvo Pereira is still with us. When’s his contract going to expire? and this guy was an expensive buy, he better not go for nothing.(did he come with ughh [I dislike his name] Jorge Mendes?) Hope we can sell him for atleast the same price as we bought him, that’s if he’s doing well at Benefica..!? But I don’t see how El Cholo is going to swap Costa for Mata and Courtois… I get too attached to most of the players from our starting 11, I don’t want any of them to go(lol now from being, the greatest hater of RG8, I would actually want him to stay with us, GIVE HIM NEW CONTRACT NOW!! DON”T MAKE A MISTAKE!!))

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Speaking of learning new things Kris, here is an interesting article I read last night about Raul Garcia ..


    Honestly, I was surprised by many of the informations and statistics on it

    RG8 -who played his 250th game with Atleti against Valencia in the cup- is the 3rd Atleti player with the most games in UEFA Champions League (19) .. after both :
    Luis Aragonés (20) and Adelardo (21)

    so he just needs 3 more games to be the Atleti player with most games in UCL

    but although it’s surprising for me, it totally makes sense ..
    we missed UCL for a very long time, and we used to change almost all of our squad every 3 or 4 years !

    But 21 games for Atleti most capped player in UCL is a very embarrassing number
    but it’s going to increase too much in the next years
    I believe in 2015-16, all our starters will pass that number

    Back to Raul Garcia,
    He is also the 2nd Atleti player with most games in Europa League (32)
    just one game behind Perea (33)

    And in all UEFA competitions, he is the 3rd most capped Atleti player with 55 games,
    after Perea (56) and Adelardo (66)

    Although he is just 27, and despite that many fans don’t like or appreciate him
    but with all means, Raul Garcia is already an Atleti Legend

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… yeah I read this article also yesterday… there are many cool stats about him…

  • pantic#10

    So happy abut RG8! those are BIG numbers.
    1 day. only 1 day.
    My fellow rojiblancos..i’m waiting for this day since the doblete.
    The starter 11 should be, from what i read on Marca:
    Juanfran – Godin – Miranda – Filipe
    Koke – Gabi – Tiago – Arda
    Costa – Villa

    Epic team. for an epic victory.

  • Paulo

    @Ahmad Hossainy: Many thanks for your highly informative reply.
    I was writing a “novel” of a kind here (the length of the post was scary and I don’t intend to do it again, so no worries) about Egypt, politics, culture and football, but accidentally closed the tab in firefox and lost the whole post. Oh, well maybe it was for the best as this is a website about ATLETI!

    I’ve read about the absolutely crazy ultras in Egypt, the massacre in Port Said and I can imagine the situation of being locked in a process of political transition after the revolution and downfall of Mubarak’s 30-year regime hasn’t been too good for the economy of football there. Soon you’ll have the parliamental elections so good luck with that.
    (Btw. Recently I started to study ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs by myself and it’s fascinating stuff, for example the use of determinatives…)

    I have to say though, that you have my utmost respect as a passionate fan of Atleti from Egypt and also as an informative comment poster here in Atleticofans.com

    About Raul Garcia, those numbers of him playing in European competitions for Atleti hardly make him an Atleti Legend yet, in my opinion.
    I have nothing against him becoming one, though, as long as he keeps on scoring, ahhahaa!
    I know I’m celebrating wildly (ofcourse, I’m celebrating every Atleti goal) everytime RG8 scores or even gives a good pass!
    Now that he has found his strength in front of goal, partly due to Simeone’s spirit, vision and the wise squad rotation, he has deserved most of the love he gets as he has been a loyal and humble Atleti player sitting on the bench and being played in a wrong position for so many years.

    @Kris: I agree, it would be idiotic not to give RG8 a new contract. And I hate to say it, but Silvio is represented by Jorge Mendes, so if he’s sold, I’m afraid Atleti won’t get too much out of it.

    Tomorrow everybody sings with EL FRENTE and the crowd, no matter where you are!

  • Pantic#10

    @Paulo: i study near ancient est writings too: akkadian, sumeric, egyptians…! Interesting, we have more than Atleti in Common 😉

    I’m interested in Ahmad point of view of his country too, because here in Italy we have the best disinformation media of the world…

  • Adnan Khan

    now as we all are asking questions about Egypt, i too have one. It looks like you are a follower of the “Brotherhood” Ahmad. Why are so many against them in Egypt?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t like to talk about politics here .. but also I can’t ignore a fellow rojiblanco
    so, Adnan, in few words :
    I’m not a member of the Muslin Brotherhood .. didn’t even vote for them in any elections, except for president Morsi (only in the final round, when it was between him and Ahmad Shafiq, a member of Mubarak’s regime)

    but I am against the bloody coup, I am against what are they doing to the MB members .. in fact, a friend of mine and one of my neighbours were killed by the coup authorities while they were peacefully protesting

    Morsi and his people “Muslim Brotherhood” and his party “Freedom and Justice” have made many mistakes in his one year of presidency
    but what the generals of the army, led by Sisi doing right now are crimes against humanity

    and they will be punished .. sooner or a later

    just like what is happening now with Pakistan’s coup leader and former dictator Pervez Musharraf
    and from your name “Adnan Khan”, I guess you are from there .. or from some their neighbour countries like India or Bangladesh

    I am so sorry for talking about politics here .. but I hate to not answer a question from a friend

    and all that interest and curiosity about Egypt make happy and proud

  • Amr Habib Mukadaffi

    Guys normally i would say Barca will win, better players, more quality.. But if a club like Ajax can beat them ( great history, but very crap now ) then i give Atletico Madrid a 90% chance to win tomorrow !!!

  • Arjit
  • Mohamed Fekry

    i would never have imagined to find comments about egypt and the political situation in it in an atleti-website hahaha! @ahmad you are not the only egyptian rojoblanco in here mate we are two 😉 whats your prediction for tonight’s game guys? i will go with 1-0 for atleti(raul garcia will score coming from the bench in the second half!)

  • kris

    Arijit, what Costa is showing the amount of goals he will score tomorrow vs Barcelona and what the score is going to be. Club Atletico de Madrid 2-0 FC Barcelona. Aupa Atleti!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The madridista media, or let me just say Madrid media (as all of them are madridistas) have been making polls and asking the madridistas in the streets :
    what’s the result you wish for Atleti-Barca ?
    and the majority of them wished Atleti to win
    not because they hate Barca more than they hate us, but because they believe that we are not a candidate for the title, and the real threat is Barca, so they are the side they wish they drop points

    typical arrogant and disrespectful madridistas

    but in fact, this OK for us
    being the less favorite and the under dog suits us
    in all the 5 competitions we have won in the last 4 years we were always the under dog .. even against Athletic in Europa League 2012 they were the favorite just because they knocked out ManUtd !
    even against Fulham in 2010 (with Forlan and El Rata Aguero) most of football media saw it a 50/50 game !!

    we have less budget than Real & Barca, less quality players (but more men than theirs will ever be), we are going game by game and day by day .. so the last thing we need is the pressure

    Honestly, I’ve been thinking :
    if we won tonight, can we handle the pressure of being the leaders after half of the competition ?!
    will that push us forward .. or drag us back ?!
    remember what happened with Liverpool 2008-09 ?!

    If beating Barca will affect us negatively, then I wish for a draw

    But also if it’s going to put pressure on us, it will put pressure on Barcelona, and will put much much more pressure on Real Madrid .. and the whole world knows that they don’t have any idea how to handle pressure !

  • Pantic#10

    I think it could end with a tie or a stunning victory for us: 2-0 or even 3-0
    this is it
    It’ Time to fly high 😉
    We must win tonight to have a chance for win la Liga.

    Guys imagine if we’re still close to barca on May? Last match at the camp nou!

  • Adnan Khan

    Thanks for the answer Ahmad, and yes i am a norwegian-pakistani. I am sorry to hear about your friend, surely those murderers will be punished.

    But back to football, my prediction is a 2-1 win for atleti and with Villa on the scoresheet 😉