The red and white aftermath: Match Day 17

Atleti overcome slow start in win against Levante to retain leadership

Goalscorers on the night Costa and Godín celebrate  (

Goalscorers on the night Costa and Godín celebrate

Atlético capped off the best year in club history with yet another triumph at the unconquerable Vicente Calderón, though this 3-2 win came after a vigorously-contested battle against Levante.

If ever there was a match to exemplify the era of ‘Cholo’, Sunday night’s was not it. Well, at least, not the beginning of it.

Los Colchoneros had gone over two months without conceding a goal at their fortress in league action, so it was quite a shock to see Levante break through after only a minute of play Saturday night.

It was the first time this season Simeone’s men had allowed a goal within the first half hour of a league encounter.

On the two-year anniversary of the match that gave way to Simeone’s reign, our Copa del Rey-eliminating loss to Albacete, it was looking like history would repeat itself as our warriors were unrecognisable.

Atleti fought back though, making things right and finally going up 2-1–but, then they suffered another uncharacteristic lapse.

10 minutes into the second half, a rare blunder by Koke resulted in a devastating equaliser by Levante’s Pedro Ríos, just when the men in red and white were finally getting comfortable.

The strike was reminiscent of the now, thankfully, long-gone days of chaos and uncertainty in Rojiblanco land.

Atlético bore down and went on to gut out the result though, making it 13 wins on the trot at home–unvanquished in Colchonero territory all season long.

So, while it wasn’t the best example of the ‘Cholo Effect’, it ended up being a great one.

Atleti finished the night in sole possession of first place on the Primera table, but Barcelona will have a chance to reclaim the lead on Sunday, though they’ll have to defeat their hosts Getafe by at least two goals to do so.

Los Azulones will have more support than ever for that bout, as a pair of their fellow Madrid-based outfits will be heavily rooting for them to take out the Culés.

Our men will rest for the holidays and return to action on the 4th of January when they head out to Málaga without captain Gabi and Raúl García, both facing automatic suspension for that trip.

Post-game notes and quotes:

Simeone: “We’ve evolved tremendously in two years”

At the midweek, Atleti boss Diego Simeone shed some light on his “game-by-game” philosophy, explaining that, “We’ll have time in the future to sit down and say ‘didn’t we do well, that was extraordinary’ or ‘we could have done more’. We have to keep ourselves blinkered like horses and only look forward, to avoid distracting ourselves from our objective.”

He continued: “I believe, honestly, that the best way to arrive at these situations is to go day-by-day. I would compare it to a doctor who is going to operate. He who pays, the patient or the football fan, only wants the operation to go well. But the doctor needs the anaesthetist to do his job well, the surgeon also, the nurse…an architect with the foundations, the pillars.

“We need to withdraw ourselves a bit. It is normal for the fans to want to end up champions, but we must dedicate ourselves to building the house.”

The Argentine tactician’s squad ran into some complications on their way to building their house on Saturday.

“What I most liked about the game was the ending,” Simeone said after the win.

“When you don’t play out the game that’s expected and everything starts turning into negative situations, the team resolves it, convincingly, with tenacity, patience and a lot of intensity from the second through the ninety-third minute.”

‘El Cholo’ then looked back at his time at the helm of his beloved club.

“The boys have evolved tremendously when you look back two years from today,” he said.

“It’s not only psychological, physical, or tactical. There’s a club here with the foundation laid for achieving its objective and it must always be this way. That’s not negotiable. For us, life revolves around each game. Today, we found solutions in spite of the difficulty, and that is very healthy for the future.”

Cholo continued: “Football is about mistakes. We’re not exempt from committing them. It’s normal that we make mistakes. We had some today, but I leave with the fact that, in a span of four days with a different group, we were losing 1-0 and we came back to win in both matches, because the team never negotiates anything.

“We played with a lot of love [for our team] and with a lot of heart. With the support of the fans, we lived a magical day at the Calderón.

“There was real football on the pitch today.

“In the hard times, we have to find solutions. We had a lot of them, and when the comfort of the match made things appear to be resolved, they scored on a counter. The team did not relent, and the Atlético fan needs to be close to the players because they are doing unforgettable things.”

Godín leads the charge

Majestically, like a natural born 9, Diego Godín got up, wound his head back and swung it into the ball, pushing Juanfran’s cross into the top-right corner of the net beyond the outstretched hand of Levante goalkeeper Keylor Navas for our equaliser in the 30th minute.

The Uruguayan celebrated the strike with a fury, even kissing the Land of Fire logo on his rojiblanca.

The goal, Godín’s second of the season and first in La Liga, restored tranquility at ‘Cholo Castle’.

Our men were back in it.

Consecutive braces for the ‘Beast’

For the second straight weekend, Diego Costa took home a double, finishing the year of 2013 with 27 goals in official competition.

Only Falcao (32 in 2012) and Forlán (28 in 2009), have scored more league goals for Atleti in a natural year–remarkable considering Diego has only been the focal point of our attack for half a year.

Costa is proving to be every bit as menacing as (if not more than) his predecessor Radamel Falcao.

First it was a dandy volley that he smashed in with his left foot from close distance, and then our penalty-kick-taker-extraordinaire converted one from the spot.

The Brazilian-born future Spain international now has 23 goals in 23 appearances in 2013-14. Imagine if he had made some of those three missed penalties!

‘Mr. Calderón’ has scored in all nine of our home games in league play.

Costa’s total in La Liga stands at 19, giving him exclusive (temporary) rights to the Pichichi trophy, with Cristiano close behind at 17 goals as of Saturday.

“It was an agonising match with a good ending,” our superstar striker told reporters afterwards.

“The team is doing really well and things are going right for me, personally, and hopefully, they continue that way. The most important thing is the team. Forwards always need goals, but what’s really relevant is for those goals to help rack up points.”

Holy shish moment! Costa has five less goals in the present La Liga campaign than Falcao had in all of his first term (24), and nine less than ‘El Tigre’ had in the entirety of last season (28). The ‘Beast of the Manzanares’ is on pace to hit the 40-mark by the end of term.

Sensational night for Juanfran

Here at AtléticoFans we tend to jokingly refer to Juanfran as the ‘homeless one’, given his general shabby appearance.

But this time…meh, forget it. Here we go again.

The former Osasuna man played like he was promised a warm meal should he turn in a solid performance Saturday night, ending the evening with his third assist of the season and a crucial penalty won.

If he keeps up his current form, there’s a chance he’ll even secure temporary housing in Brazil in the summer with the Spanish national team.

That’s guaranteed food for about three weeks!

Though Atleti’s offense is characterised as a ‘left-sided’ one — as our attacks are predominantly generated from Filipe Luís’ flank — most of our goals actually come from the right. In fact, no other club has created more goals from the right than Atlético.

18 of our goals have come about from Juanfran’s side, while eight have come from the left, Pedro Martin of COPE pointed out.

A rare feature of our attack on Saturday was that the vast majority of our offensive charges took place from the right flank, with Filipe being snuffed out on the opposite side.

“We’ve given our all,” said Juanfran in the mixed zone following the triumph.

“There was a great atmosphere and that allows us to march off to our vacation at the top of the league table. Because of all of that, the Atlético fan has to feel very proud.”

Other notes:

  • Gabi was responsible for providing Costa with the wonderful cross the Beast smashed in for our second goal, giving our skipper five assists in La Liga and eight overall–already twice as many as his total of four from the previous campaign.
  • Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was furious, and rightfully so, when he was forced to make a spectacular save to block David Barral’s point-blank effort shortly after Levante had stunned us with their opening goal. Courtois, like the Rojiblanco faithful, was in disbelief and wanted his defence to snap out of their daze. The Belgian later conceded his 100th goal after 122 matches on-loan with Atleti.
  • It was another shocker for David Villa, who’s in the hot seat and in danger of losing his starting job to Raúl García. ‘El Guaje’ totalled 18 touches in one hour before being replaced by Raúl. Really Villa? My fifth-grade girlfriend would touch me more times in an hour.
  • Was Koke punished for his costly mistake? It was our ‘Georgie Resurrection’s’ blunder that led to Levante’s second goal, and apparently Cholo was none too pleased. Koke was surprisingly subbed off after 64 minutes and replaced by Adrián. Our star midfielder didn’t appear to have suffered an injury, so the move was likely in reaction to his error.
  • Juanfran, Koke, Filipe Luís and Arda go into the Málaga clash with four yellows, and will want to avoid a fifth booking that would cause them to miss out on Barcelona’s visit.
  • Atleti’s total of 46 points is a club record for the first half of a Primera División campaign. That’s especially remarkable, as we still have two games left to complete the opening half.

  • Ash

    is 46 points enough to save us from relegation? lol Here in China, fans of Atletico tend to believe that by keeping our expectation and joy low may in return grant us good fortune in the long run ;-D

  • piserakos

    by the way I didn’t read something. Gabi and Garcia out for the game against Malaga. We saw from what we are made from, we are a big team. We had an awfull game, all players except Costa and Godin had an awfull game, Levante had a great game, we conceded 1 too early goal, we did many mistakes, but still we WON…. Aupa!!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    with 46 points at the end of the year, we really have a big chance to win La Liga,
    we only missing one piece, just one piece on our chessboard:
    a world-class playmaker
    if we brought that piece, I believe we can stay in the race for the title until the very last week of the season .. and with a little luck, we can do it

    and although Tiago is doing a great job, and he is the only one of our central midfielders who scores occasioally .. but I miss Mario

  • Pantic#10

    Getafe is winning over Barca 1-0 😉

  • Jimbo_With_The_Dancingshoes

    Not anymore.. Hattrick by Pedro 3-2

  • kris

    Damn.. Such bad defensive teams.. lol. I hope Getafe can atleast draw..

  • marcelo

    Meanwhile Peter Lim is taking over Valencia I hear. Apparently he will wipe their debt clear, invest money and get the Nou Mestalla finished. I hope we get a takeover too lol.

  • kris

    I thought Peter Lim was suppose to help us out??? Yehh, and that will be really good for football but I suspect it will take him at least three years to do that and get them back to competing again.. Hopefully, we can get someone rich as well..

  • Chewie

    What about Valbuena rumors? Is he good enough for Atleti?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t think that Peter Lim buying Valencia is a big deal, he can’t make them a giant team like CH€LS€A, Man Ci£y or P$G for 2 reasons :

    1- According to Forbes : his net worth is “only” 2 billion $
    I mean Sheikh Mansour spent on Man City 548 million £ (893 million USD) in 6 years just for transfers
    that’s almost half of Lim’s fortune !

    2- Even if Lim was as rich as Mansour, Abramovich, Al Khalifi or Rybolovlev, he can not spend like them, because he can not get any profits
    In England and France there are fair TV money distribution
    There are full stadiums and high tickets prices (especially in England) as they are not suffering from the financial crisis like Spain does
    And for the same reason : There are big sponsorship, while many Spanish teams are playing with blank Shirts (with no sponsors) .. and before Azerbaijan, Atleti were one of them

    SO, if I was a Valencia fan, I will not be very happy about this deal (if it really happened)

    no one can make big investments in a Spanish club other than the “big two”
    and you can ask Abdullah Al Thani, owner of Malaga .. who is by the way the cousin of the real owner of PSG : Tamim Al Thani, Emir of Qatar

    And since they are from the same family, They both are filthy rich, but while the second was smart and choose to invest in a French club, the first was an idiot and choose Spain !

    Another Point :
    I never liked the Idea of Lim buying Atleti, which was a big rumors last season

    Although I’m not Spanish and not even European, but I don’t like the Idea of a foreign man buying a football club or a sporting club in general

    we have seen what the foreign owners doing in English clubs,
    Hull City owner Assem Allam (who is an Egyptian like me ) wants to change the club’s name to Hull Tigers
    while Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has already changed the club colors from blue to red, and changed their crest from a blue bird to a red dragon ( because he is a Chinese Malaysian !!! )

    I love Atleti, the Spanish club with the Spanish history and the Spanish traditions, and I don’t want a stupid billionaire to f**k with that .. even if he will make us Champions of Spain, Europe and the world

  • marcelo

    Would prefer some consortium from the Middle East lol but yeah this is good for La Liga.

  • kris

    Valbuena would cut it in Atleti, but would prefer someone better. Bring in the oil money! lol. I wouldn’t care as long as they help us pay off our debts and stabilize us.. That’s all I want.. Now that I think of it,, these guys are actually pretty good for football.

  • Chewie

    And that’d be a classy money laundering for them as well.

  • AaX

    You want to win with money join the neighbours ! Yes for clearing debt, keeping our players and leverages on the transfer market, Nothing more than that we need to prove that we are the ‘Really’ better team.

  • Congratulations to you guys on an amazing start of the season. Seriously.

    If you want some Sevillista perspective/discussion on your team. Come join us here:

    Until then, keep up the good form. And stay the hell away from Rakitic.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @RENE :
    surprisingly I enjoyed your article, although it’s full of hatred .. but that’s OK
    we already know how much do you hate us
    and I guess you know how much we hate you back !

    and while I “obviously” disagree with your opinion of Diego Costa (cheating & dirty) while the numbers say that he is the most fouled player in La Liga, I agree with you that Atleti & Valencia are enabling the dominance of Real & Barca on La Liga finances and “an” obstacle (not the biggest one though) to fair TV revenue distribution
    or at least, they are not trying hard

    I actually was talking about this few days ago, after del Nido been sentenced to 7 years in prison
    I said then that he was the only one fighting the “big two” for a fair TV revenue distribution .. and many disagreed with me, but what I really see is that the only one in Atleti who is upset about that matter is Simeone !

    Atleti, Valencia, Athletic & Sevilla must work together to stop this .. or nothing is going to cahange

    it’s nice to have you in our page ..

    and if Sevilla can help La Liga to have a fair TV money sharing form so I wish them to stay until we have that .. then I wish them relegation 😉

  • piserakos

    @agree with Ahmad. I dissagree (again:P) about the thing only Simeone has problem with money sharing at La Liga, what?? are you kidding me?? all Atleti has that problem, ok maybe Cerezo has stopped to discussing about that staff but he did. Anyway.
    About this game week. Unfortunately we were a little unlucky cause now we could be at the first place but we will be after the game against Barca;). We had a bad game, Koke was bad and one who was really out of game was Miranda, for me his worst game with Atleti shirt. Turan has to improve after his injury he is not that good, also Villa has to mae more contact with the ball, hope both of them will get better. We can and I hope we will La Liga for me I would like to buy Diego (a player who can dribble players, pass great and is great at free-kicks), hope no one will leave (at leat untill the summer), I’ve read a rumor that United made an offer for Koke and Atleti asked 60mil (according to this rumor he doesn’t have a buy-back cause). Oh also all my wishes no one will pick a card at the game against Malaga (and of course we will win). Have a nice holiday

  • kris

    We should buy Rakitic. :).

  • @ahmad i think you got it right. its filled with hatred. but mostly, good-spirited hatred, if there is such a thing 🙂

    costa has gotten better with the diving/cheating, but he has some pretty loathsome moments on his resume. and, to be fair, sevilla has certainly had its share of divers as well (diego capel, if you remember him… we’ve both enjoyed some of Reyes’ “embellishments” in the past).

    for revenue sharing, i agree. atletico leadership (and valencia’s) refused to even meet with Sevilla, Villareal, and others to try and organize against the big two. to me, their decision to not participate really crippled the clout of that movement. i understand that your team is in a financially tough spot, but for the long run health of la liga, something needs to be done.

    you all are welcome to stop by our page and periodically talk trash (within reason). hopefully, we’ll dent your title aspirations by beating you in madrid on january 19th. though, ultimately, im (with great reluctance) hoping you dont let Real or Barca win.

  • @ KRIS – hands off.

    we’ll be in big trouble if we lose Rakitic in the winter transfer window. i think we’re something like 1-77 when he doesn’t play.

  • PS. I just added a link to your blog from ours in the links section (under Frenemies 🙂 ).

    would be thrilled if you did the same. nice to have english speaking la liga discussion that isn’t entirely centered on Real Madrid or Barcelona.

  • piserakos

    @Rene… Atleti would take (if take) Rakitic at the summer. Personally I think he would leave and I would prefer him to join Atleti than going to Premier $hit. It’s nice to have ‘rivals’ here who don’t do trusttalking (we had a lot of Barca and Real fans who did that) anyway I hope we will you 4-0 at Calderon and I hope you win both Barca and Real. Personally I would like Sevilla play at CL, it for La Liga good.

  • Jeronamo

    It’s nice to see this rivalry discussion isn’t like the ones we have with real supporters. I personally will be thrilled to see the January transfer window. Anyways have a safe and happy holidays to one and all.
    Aupa Atleti

  • Pantic#10

    @ Rene:
    Hi, i don’t hate Sevilla and never did. But we all know that we don’t like each other 🙂
    I remember a great Sevilla, years back, with a player from my country: Maresca. That was a strong team.
    When we met in August, i wrote:
    “This was an important victory, Sevilla is tough and i don’t know how many team will win here this year, very solid team.”

  • layibiyi

    Nice to see interactive english speaking la liga discussions.

    If any of you have remember any of my very few posts here, I’m a barca fan but I like a lot of la liga teams. Monchi’s men, and are 3 of my favorite blogs, i read every post. The Athletic bilbao site sadly closed down after bielsa’s second season. I used to follow Villarrealusa even after they relegated. I don’t post much because of time and some volatile fans like Ahmad here (I’m just kidding but i won’t want to get on your bad side haha)

    Many English speaking la liga sites have been opened over the years but sadly have all closed due to their obvious theme of mainly being about barca and real Madrid, and also the immaturity of their fans. It would be good to see something like that again. There has been a rise in related avenues recently though.

  • @PANTIC it was too bad to have played atleti in the first match of the year. we really weren’t ready. we’ve gelled a lot more as a team now and have a clearer top 11. we still aren’t terribly consistent, but we played barca very close and just had perhaps our best result of the season with an away win at villareal. after not having won an away liga match for over 13 months, we’ve suddenly won our last 3 in a row. our rematch should be a VERY well contested match in just a few weeks.

    @LAYIBIYI agreed on all of that. i think we all agree that its aggravating how little coverage of La Liga there is in english. my spanish is garbage, but i still have to read through spanish language sevilla blogs to find anything up to date that doesn’t involve a transfer rumor with some middle of the table premiership club. its pathetic (though ultimately good for my spanish). and anyway, we do encourage you to all drop by our blog. we block people who spam, but some good healthy trash talking is encouraged.

    happy holidays to those observing them.

  • kris

    FIVE ATLETI PLAYERS MAKE THE LIST OF GUARDIAN’S “TOP 100 FOOTBALLERS” with Diego Costa, Thibaut Courtois, Arda Turan, Alderweireld, and Koke all making the list. It’s funny how hardworking players like Filipe Luis, Miranda,Godin, Juanfran were not included in that list. In my honest opinion, there was still a place for Filipe there, he has been such a beast this whole year… Oh well, atleast glad to see FIVE Atleti players making the top 100 list. It’s an immense improvement from last year.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Kris :
    normally defenders are underrated .. even in clubs that are in the spotlight, so I’m not surprised if they ignored defenders of “not so cool” club like Atleti
    and in fact, that suits us .. we been always suffering to keep our stars, so it would make it easier for us if no body talks about them !
    just look at Diego Costa, it’s just December and we are already thinking if we will see him at Calderon next season or not 🙁

    but for me, the really strange thing about that list is that Toby is in position 75, while Koke is in 90 !

    anyway, I don’t care about any list or any poll .. they all are always bias & unobjective
    and you can ask Sneijder about that !!

    it’s nice to have you here ..
    and La Liga needs to work much more harder on English pages
    newspapers, La Liga website, Clubs websites, Clubs accounts on social networks …

    I can’t believe that a big club like Atleti don’t have a English twitter account, and I don’t use facebook too much but I guess they don’t have an English one either
    and their English website page is always a day late (sometimes more) of updating, rather than that almost half the subjects on the Spanish page are not on the English one !

    I believe that a big part of EPL success and popularity is due to English language, the first language in the world
    and yet they didn’t stop there ..
    many English Clubs have official web pages and official social media accounts in many language like Japanese, Chinese & Arabic

    I wish Spain could learn something from them
    or is English so hard form them ?! .. because when I hear Nadal, Torres or Benítez speaking English I feel that way (with all due respect to my Spanish friends)

    and LAYIBIYI :
    this is my nice side .. and you really don’t want to see the bad one 🙂

  • kris

    No. Atletico de Madrid’s official Facebook page updates with both Spanish and English now due to the popularity we have gained in the last 6 months. Every post is updated in both English and Spanish but I get you about the Twitter, and what you mean by that.

  • piserakos

    @ahmad.. Atleti has official website on English which is the last few months on date (probably as Kris said due to the popularity we gained) anyway our official facebook acount is on spanish and on English (it writes 2 times the same thing one on Spanish one on English) unfortunately only a few sites write about Atleti on English, most of things I want to learn I read them here or on spanish websides (damn you Atleti cause of you I learnt Spanish). Most of Spanish people don’t really speak good English for 2 reasons. i) Spanish are so easy when English aren’t, for that reason they do not really spend time on learn them. Of course they also speak with bad accent English, i don’t know why I do the same, I have an excelent accent at Spanish and at French (those are the foreign languages I speak) but not really on English (maybe I do this cause I don’t like their accent). ii) Spanish was the ‘top’ languege before English become the no1 language at the world. Many countries speak Spanish for that reason they don’t believe they have to learn English (Italian and French do the same).
    Anyway i’ts a same we don’t have a lot of sites on english or on other languages for spanish teams and there are for mediotable English teams. I’m the one who has a greek language blog and facebook site and I helped a lot greeks learn about Atleti. (by the way many thanks to this site)

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I actually had the same thought about why learning English is too hard for Spanish people:
    because Spanish is very easy, so that makes other language hard for them (that’s my opinion at least)

    I did not study Spanish in school, but I did study English and French, and my mother tongue is Arabic, those are three languages, so I guess I can tell if a language is hard or easy when I try to study it
    and I’m studying Spanish on the internet .. and believe it or not, my Spanish is now much better than my French which I studied it in school !!
    (and I was a good student .. a straight-A-student, except in French of course)

    just few days ago I was watching Man City – Liverpool game with my father and my brother, and we talked about Mignolet and how he speaks many languages (5 or 6) then I mentioned other examples like Ibrahimovic, Seedorf and Alderweireld (who speaks very fluent English although he spent his life in Belgium & Netherlands before he came to Atleti)
    and those guys don’t have annoying accents when they speak in foreign languages like Spanish people have
    Then the idea hit me : maybe learning or speaking a difficult language like French, Dutch, German or Swedish makes it easy to learn other easier languages, especially English .. and the opposite is correct

    But anyway, they have no excuse, famous people (Actors, Singers, Politicians and Sportsmen) must speak English .. fluent English .. accent-free English

    and who doesn’t I just consider him stupid, lazy and disrespectful to his fans and his career

    and as he is the best and most famous footballer out there, I think Messi is the stupidest, the laziest and the most disrespectful for not speaking English

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… I was an A student at French, I did leasons at this language for 7-8 years and the same at English. I try to learn Spanish (via Internet) for 4-5 months and I think that if I do the same for a little time I would speak better spanish:P
    it’s weird why most of Spanish footballers don’t speak Spanish, most of spanish teams don’t bring players who don’t know Spanish for the reason that most of the people at the club don’t know English, at my country we have a lot of spaniards and most of the (if not all) don’t speak English at all

  • palestine-atletico

    Guys! Is it official koke is going to man utd in january for 30 millions

  • piserakos

    @palestine-atletico…… were you read that?

  • ali_


  • palestine-atletico
  • kris

    LOL that was a Spanish April Fool’s Day joke. Koke isn’t leaving and nor is Costa

  • kris

    Lol damn Palestine-Atletico, sorry for ruining your moment by giving it away ahhah my bad. 🙁

  • AaX


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    it’s called “El Día de los Santos Inocentes” ( Day of the Holy Innocents)
    it’s December 28th in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries

    actually, yesterday, Courtios was a victim for the Spanish prank program “inocente, inocente” while Koke worked with the program cast to make it more believable

    and last year it was Falcao who got pranked, and Adrian was the one working with the program

    and as much as I hate “April Fools Day” I hate “El Día de los Santos Inocentes”
    they both are silly and stupid

    but I can’t believe that some of you guys actually believed that Koke is leaving !
    come on guys !!

    take this as a rule :
    big clubs do not sell their starter players in January
    and big players never change their clubs in January

    January window is only for those who are seeking more playing minutes, or those who are from outside Europe
    and basically for clubs who want to avoid relegation

    I mean come on !
    did you really believe that Koke would move to Man Utd in January and miss the rest of the Champions League (a player can’t play in UCL for 2 team in the same season)

    and did you believe that Man Utd would buy a player who is not eligible for UCL !!

  • piserakos

    guys there is no chance Koke will leave for less than 60milll. MU offered 36 mill and we rejected.
    @ahmad… I also hate this stupid day(in my country is at 1st April)… by the way I remember the joke with Adrian, Falcao and the Ferrari

  • Dircil

    Since when this forums has turned into a language discussion forums? Lol! By the way, I’ve spent 3 months studying Spanish and what I can say is the language is pretty easy and consistent compared to the shjt English. Maybe the reason is it’s similar to English and my mother tongue (vietnamese) to a certain extent which really faciliates my learning the language. For example, in Vietnamese we say “a hat red” which is similar to the grammatical order in spanish “una sombrero rojo”

  • Kulan

    José Sosa on loan!! Great signing with a buy-out clause at the end of the season.

  • Will

    Friends, Atlético released a video called “The Perfect Night” about final match of last Copa del Rey. It’s in youtube and has english subtitles:

    It’s fantastic! 🙂

  • Pantic#10

    @Will: thanx for sharing, beautiful video.
    El tigre! EPIC match.
    I’ll remember Juanfran and Courtois saves for all my life 😉
    How many good memories from that night, still thrilled!

  • Will

    @PANTIC: I felt just like Filipe said in the video when Di Maria crossed to Ozil. “It’s over.. it’s a goal..”
    The save of the decade.. At least, of the year.

    Simeone celebrating after Juanfran clearance is also fantastic. You see passion versus money. What a match, what a win.

  • Pantic#10

    Will: another awesome moment is when burgos is near Real Madrid players (i think it’s extra time breack).
    From 3:26 to 3:40 of the video.
    burgos is important ad Cholo for the team.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    a great “mini-documentary”
    a video for keeping in the favorite list, the hard desk and the cell phone

    but I wish the subtitles were on the screen itself not just in the transcript button

    that’s exactly what we were talking about in the last few days !!
    they just don’t care about the fans who don’t speak Spanish

    and what they don’t realize is that the lack of English language media about the club is costing them a lot of fans .. and a lot of money

    and about Sosa deal :
    it is not confirmed yet, and also Malaga are interested in him

    and honestly, I don’t know anything about him except that he plays in Ukraine with Metalist, and he played under Simeone in Estudiantes

  • ali_

    ahmad: about the subtitles: its more than nothing… 🙂 maybe some day

  • piserakos

    @ahmad…. I know this sosa… Good player, classic brazilian attacking player, don’t really know if he is at Atleti’s level

  • kris

    I want Yohan Cabaye!!! It’s funny though how we all talk about wanting a Central Attacking Midfielder in our team every transfer period, yet we get NONE! I just want a CAM who is not cup-tied and perform at a very high level every week.. Damn! I guess it probably won’t happen this transfer period either.

  • kris

    oh, and that video. Absolutely <3 it. It's just amazing, that amazing assist by Falcao to Diego Costa, who finishes greatly with his left foot, and that cross and that beautiful, beautiful header.. Awesome moment!~~ Loved how Mono Burgos went in between the huddle of the two teams and was listening to what the Real Madrid players were saying. This guy is also very important for our team. GraciasGerman. You are great!!

  • kris

    Wait, so, we HAVE signed Jose Sosa for the remainder of the season according to MARCA. Well, I was about to comment that why the hell did we sign him if Metalist were in the qualifying rounds of the CL and most likely he played, but then something hit me about this Metalist club, that they were banned from playing in the Champions League and looked back and saw that they were. lol. THANKFULLY!

    ~Never actually seen Sosa play but watching his video highlights, he seems like a pretty good player who will hopefully adapt to the club. I wonder how he is going to fit in though, since, he is obviously looking for playing time to have a chance at playing the World Cup, and we don’t really play in the formation to fit his needs UNLESS we switch to the 4-2-3-1 formation(which I absolutely love), but let’s see what happens. Obviously Simeone knows what he’s doing but I am really excited to see how he will fit in with the club and how he will help us. I was b1t#hing about Atleti not signing any attacking midfielder, and finally looks like we have signed him(even though, not yet official by Atleti) and I am really excited right now. ahha. Good luck Jose.

  • pantic#10

    @Kris: Sosa played in Italy with Napoli…but honestly…i don’t remember him!!! 🙁 but he played under Mazzari (who’s famous for avoid young players…)
    I trust Simeone (who knows Sosa). so if Simeone says yes, is say yes! hehehe 🙂

    Happy 2014 fellow atleti fans 😉
    The next 5 months will be absolutely amazing 😉

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    if Sosa become a starter then for sure he will take Villa’s spot

    and for sure we will switch for 4-2-3-1 which is actually the preferred plan for Simeone, but he did not use it since Diego Ribas left and Adrian lost his shape because he did not have that 3rd player to play next to Koke & Arda, and also because he had two great strikers (Falcao & Costa, then Costa & Villa)
    but since Villa is not so good right now, I guess he will replace him by Sosa, if he gave a good performance

    but looks like that nobody in this blog knows that guy very well, neither do I

    last night I watched a couple of videos for him at youtube, and the most thing impressed me about him is that he is good at free-kicks, he scored many goals from them
    now that a quality we don’t have in our team
    Gabi used to score free-kick goals when he played for Zaragoza, but he forget how to do that when he came back to Atleti !
    also Villa forget how to do that too ( among other thing he used to do ! )
    and that’s maybe why Simeone trained the team on some tactical plays on the free-kicks, and some of them converted to goals like the ones against Almeria (by Tiago) and Porto (by Arda)

    and just like last year, Atleti had the last training session of the year at open doors at Vicente Calderon
    and 14,000 fans attended that session today, and both Simeone and Gabi gave speeches to the crowd

    Things like this are what make El Cholo different
    and what make Atleti different

    14 was the number of Cholo at Atleti .. and 2014 will be Atleti year .. led by Simeone

  • Jeronamo

    Happy New Year to everyone

  • Chewie

    I remember Sosa at Napoli. He wasn’t bad but he played less then 10 games and then was sold, so it’s hard to judge. He’s surely less capable than Diego, but again – Cholo is a master motivator and he will certainly find a way to coach the guy.

  • piserakos

    happy new year to everyone…
    I’ve seen Sosa play for 5-6 games (most of them at Metalist) and a friend of mine knows him well. So from what I know. He has fantastic technique, fantastic vision and free kick but he is ‘slow’ (he is quick but his gameplay is slow, a lot of unessesary dribbles), he is not really young and he is not at his best form. From what I see he is an OK player to help but not a first 11 player, I don’t think we will give 10mil for him to buy him but sure he will help

  • Adnan Khan

    Yes, i feel sosa is a player like cebolla rodriguez. but you never know, maybe he turn out to be a great player for us.

  • Dircil

    Sosa coming to us in order to facilitate the move of Koke to MU which is worth € 36 million. Is this news possible to happen people? I’ve heard a lot about the rumor that Koke will change his jersey color to the MU’s one

  • kris

    Keep faith Dircil, cause noway in hell Koke is moving to Manchester(at least in this transfer window). The kid is trying to make it to the World Cup this year and going to a new team and adapting, and all that other process will decrease his chances of going to the World Cup especially when he is not playing Champions League football. Noway this move is going to happen Dircil. So, just keep calm and believe in Simeone and Atleti!

  • ali_

    why would he go to a midtable team? manu wont be even eligible to champions leauge next season, if they continue like this. right now they are a midtable team, with average players.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    to DIRCIL and to all Atleti fans :

    no one is leaving
    not in January .. not in July .. not in the next three years at least
    there is a big project right now in Atletico Madrid and almost all the players want to be a part of it, especially the canteranos like Koke

    They know they can win a big trophy (La Liga or UCL) and they want to be there when that happens
    That’s why many of them said NO for many offers from big clubs with salaries that are the double -or even more- of their salaries at Atleti

    Arda said NO to Man Utd
    Juanfran said NO to Arsenal
    Costa said NO to Liverpool
    and even Villa said NO to Tottenham and chose Atleti although he earns half of his salary at Barca and half what the Spurs offered him

    and Koke will say NO to Man Utd, if they really asked for him

    This is just the British tabloids talking
    and what the fu** is 36 million they are talking about ?!
    the kid buy-out clause is 60 million .. and even that number is small and the club is already thinking to raise it !

    And also Simeone is not leaving
    not to Inter, not Tottenham, not to Argentina

    He said it him self few days ago in an interview with a newspaper:

    “I want to be Alex Ferguson of Spain with Atleti”
    “coaching Argentina would be my last job before retirement”
    “a national team coach must be an old very experienced man, someone like del Bosque for example”
    “if a crisis happened and Argentina needed me, I can not say no, but I will still coaching Atleti” (coaching both Atleti and Argentina)

    Atleti right now is a club who attract players,
    not all of them of course, but at least the ones who love football, who love success, who love glory over money

    In Fact, I wish Mata is of that type
    because if he is, I think we can convince him to join us after his incident last night after he have been replaced in Southampton game

    now many clubs will try to sign him, and we can not compete with them in the money they will offer him,
    in fact if we negotiated with him we will ask him to drop a massive amount of his salary

    but the thing that can allure him at Atleti is an opportunity for him
    an opportunity to play all the possible minutes with a big club in a big league before 6 months of the world cup
    and an opportunity to prove to Mourinho, Chelsea and the whole world that he is a great player by helping Atleti to win La Liga from the gigantic, filthy rich, sons of bitches :
    Real & Barca

    if Juan Mata is the same type of person like Arda, Costa, Villa, Juanfran, Filipe, Godin and Courtios .. I’m very sure we will see him in Atleti shirt in few days

    to DIRCIL and to all Atleti fans :
    Keep Calm And Believe In Our Project
    Keep Calm And Trust Simeone

    2014 will be a glorious year for The Rojiblancos

  • kris

    AMEN to EVERYTHING Ahmad said! Took almost all the words right out of my mouth. Hopefully, we are able to raise more money and attract and keep the best of our players. Simeone is a genius!! Forza Atleti! <3

  • piserakos

    guys…. I was going to say almost the same thing with ahmad but then I read his comment so I will comment to him..
    First of all, Sosa is coming to and Leo will leave (on loan) this is the excange, there is NO WAY Sosa will be a first team player if we will sell Koke (there is not way) we will bring a top-class player (Mata, Lavezzi or someone like them). Sell Koke right now is something will not happen, Atleti is official they said that they will NOT leave Koke for anyprice, if Koke want to leave then somone has to offer 60 mill not 35, not 25, 60 mill. Koke himself said and anyone knows that he doesn’t want to leave. Don’t even read English sites they all time say shit things. About Mata, I believe and he wants to join Atleti but rumors say that PSG will offer Chelsea 40mill, I don’t really believe we will offer that kind of money so it’s not his choice but his club choise, anyway I would like him to join.

  • Pantic#10

    Another great review by Ahmad. I agree with all what you said 😉

  • Chewie

    Okay, Ahmad, you convinced me. I will face my winter holidays with absolute calmness.

  • Jimbo_With_The_Dancingshoes

    With risk of being an idiot I just have to say Simeone said that “some say I’m going to be the Sir Alex of Atletico” so nothings sure there quite yet. Also I have hard us getting Mata, also if comes who goes?

  • kris

    Jimbo, it was not actually what Simeone said. This is what El Cholo said “I see myself staying here, they say I could be the Sir Alex of Atletico Madrid”, not that HE can be the Sir Alex of Atleti but THEY say that he can be the Fergie of the Rojiblancos. Anyways, it doesn’t necessarily have to be if someone comes, somebody goes, because we all know that we still don’t have that complete roster with star players, that’s why we have to use some of our reserve players to complete the squad at times, so…. But, for me, Atleti getting Mata seems virtually impossible at this time, because of the high price tag he has,, but hey I am not the one with the money… so,, anything can still happen… but I know for sure none of our vital players will leave…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Thank you guys for your nice words ..
    I was not being optimistic .. I really believe in every single word I said

    and @Jimbo & @Kris :
    we need a Spanish person or some one who speaks very good Spanish to translate that interview
    but anyway, even if he just said :
    “some could say I’m going to be the Sir Alex of Atletico” .. that’s good enough for me
    it means that he is considering that option

  • Arjit

    Sorry to burst your bubble but that interview is fake as reported by Simeone’s agent.

  • Fred

    I f*cking LOVE Atleti!!!!!!

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