Diego Costa pledges for La Roja

Del Bosque is now free to select Atlético's 'Beast'

Hello Del Bosque! (BBC)

Hello Del Bosque! (BBC)

As expected, Diego Costa will represent the Spanish national football team, where he will more than probably join fellow Atlético teammates Villa, Koke, Mario and Juanfran.

After weeks of putting it off, the Brazilian federation sent FIFA the necessary paperwork stating that Diego da Silva Costa has never represented Brazil in any official matches.

However, after that soap opera was finalised, Diego still had to submit a letter to FIFA stating his desire to represent the red jersey of Spain.

That final piece of the puzzle was finally completed on Tuesday.

Costa went to the office of the 30th Notary Public of Serrano, and pledged allegiance to the Spanish national team.

Vicente del Bosque is now free to call him up for the next friendlies in November.

If things don’t change, the ‘Beast’ will represent Spain in the 2014 World Cup in his very own home nation.

We can only imagine what he would feel if he ended up playing against Brazil.

What do you think about his decision?

  • If he really feels at home in Spain and stuff, I guess it’s the right decision.
    He’s been European since 2005 or 2006, he’s been outside of Brazil for so long and in Spain for a long time now, too, that it’s not too weird of a choice along people caring about nations and all that blabla, the way I see it.
    Plus who wouldn’t want to play as much as he can with Koke behind him 😉

  • pantic#10

    This is the first time that a player is contend by two of the strongest national team in the world.
    Most of the time, players choose other countries only because they are not so strong to play in their national team.
    but this isn’t the case.
    He said that Spain gave him opportunity , help and experience. probably he never felt the same from Brazil football federation.
    Brazil lose a great forward (they should give him more chance …not only 10 minutes against Italy in a friendly match…), Spain get a ferocious beast.

  • Atletico- palestine

    I am a fan of brazil, and i am against what costa has decided! It is not possible to reject your country of origin call especialy if it is brazil. Also his chance in brazil is bigger than that in spain and i bit you that he will start on bench in world cup with spain and the brazilian fans will not give him the chance to breath.
    With all my respect to diego costa our beast but you are absolutly wrong and will regret……

  • Atletico

    The forwards in Spain are Negredo, Soldado, Torres, and Villa, the only one who can compete with Costa based on skill is Negredo. His reason for playing for Spain is because of his love for it. Although born in Brazil (which I remind everyone isn’t by choice) his talent was born and evolved in Spain. And if Del Bosque personally called him it was not so he could warm the bench.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @ATLETICO- PALESTINE Costa did not reject Brazil, Brazil rejected Costa

    If Scolari have called him for Confederations Cup we would not even be talking about this, and he deserved to be called up after his great last season, not just him, but also Miranda

    I also don’t like that a player who was born and grown up in one country to play for another one, but Costa needs to play international football, he should be in the next World Cup, so he chose the team that he is sure they will call him, Spain

    I’m telling you, if Costa refused to play for Spain at the very first time he was aked to, there still be a big chance that Scolari will not call him up for World Cup,
    I think he doesn’t like him, but he is afraid to be blamed from Brazilian people if Cosat played for Spain and had a great performance, that’s why he is (acting) like he wants him, and he knew from several months that Costa has already chosen Spain .. he is just doing that so he can tell the Brazilians when he fails : ” I tried, but he does not want to play for Brazil” .. and the truth is that Scolari is the one who does not want Costa to play for Brazil

    at least that what I believe

  • Atletico- palestine

    Will you cant blame scolari as he managed to win the confiderations cup with a huge victory 3-0 without costa! He is the manager and he called him before for friendlies and wants to call him in the coming 2 friendlies for brazil.
    My point is if costa played well in the brazil friendlies scolari for sure will call him in world cup.
    With all my respect to costa’s decision he is not loyal to his country flag and although i wish him luck but he will be failure on international level specialy in world cup.
    World cup is the place where the player gives his max to see his country winning the trophy and in case of costa he will not give his max for spain against brazil or in brazil!
    Sad for your decision costa 🙁

  • pantic#10

    I think that Scolari understimated Costa when he called him for the friendlies last season, and preferred Fred and Jo as forwards.
    Now it’s too late.

    Anyway i agree with both of you Atletico-Palestine and Ahmad, you have both a good point of view.
    If Costa always wanted to play for Spain…so why did he played those friendly matches??, he could have said immediately :” no thanx i wait for a Spain call, if whenever it arrives”.

  • I agree with ATLETICO, you can’t choose where you’re born. It’s a curse or gift in the world we live in but it only exists because people want to put everything in boxes, or this case, borders.
    Countries wouldn’t exist without humans. Flags even clearer.
    And when he had the chance to leave Brazil, he did, he came to Spain and he feels like “Spain” gave him everything he has right now in his life, not Brazil. To me that sounds like he feels more of a bond with the European country, even if he wasn’t born here.
    He clearly likes living there or he wouldn’t choose to do so for 6 or 7 years running from such a young age.

    So try to be less conservative and think about why he may have chosen what he chose.

    I personally would regret any country, but I get why he chose to do so.

  • And Pantic, that’s true, but maybe that option hadn’t crossed his mind back then, I won’t know until he’s asked about that

  • arjit

    Im sorry but Scolari’s coaching credentials have nothing to do with picking Diego Costa. He may be a good coach but he made a mistake nonetheless. Diego Costa had about the same performance Jo had last year but at a much better league. Scolari gave Costa 10 minutes and then never called him up again. Simeone has given oliver 15/20 mins numerous times, and he keeps faith. Scolari did the bare minimum so if reporters ask him, he can say “I gave him a chance against Italy”.

  • Chalet

    I´m not quite sure if it´s allowed to post some quotes here – if not, I would like to apologize in advance…..

    But I really feel a little bit unsure about Costa´s decision after he obviously gave this interview in March 2013 according to Conmebol.com:

    Diego Costa says it’s “a dream” to play for Brazil

    Diego Costa could debut with the ‘Seleçao’ on Thursday the 21st in Geneva (Switzerland) against Italy in a friendly.

    Atlético Madrid striker Diego Costa said Friday in a press conference on the club premises that he is living “a dream” for the call-up by national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari for this month’s friendlies against Italy and Russia.

    “This is the best thing that could happen to me in my career. It’s a dream and I’m very happy. I think the call-up is based on the season we are having. It all depends on how things go, if you’re okay and playing well, but also for how well the team is doing. We are in a final (Copa del Rey) and that counts a lot”, explained Costa.

    “The World Cup is a little more than a year away. I would like to be there but it is for the best players. For the World Cup I need to do good things for the club and I know it is difficult but I will try”, he added.

    Diego Costa received his first call-up to the team this week. Recently there was talk that he could play for Spain, where he has developed his career. There was talk he could even be called on to play an attacking role with Spain.

    “(Brazil) is my country, although Spain has given me everything in football”, said the striker. Costa left his country to go to Portugal in 2006. Since 2007 he has been in Spain playing for Celta Vigo (2007-2008 ), Albacete (2008-2009), Valladolid (2009-2010), Rayo Vallecano (2011-2012), and Atlético (2010-2011 and since 2012).

    He could debut with the ‘Seleçao’ on Thursday the 21st in Geneva (Switzerland) against Italy. If not he would have another chance four days later in a friendly against Russia on Monday the 25th at London’s Stamford Bridge the home of European champions Chelsea.

    – See more at: http://conmebol.com/en/content/diego-costa-says-its-dream-play-brazil#sthash.IDucKGWF.dpuf

  • He said the exact same in an interview very recently

    something along the likes of “it was very hard to decide between the country I was born and the country that gave me everything”

    I guess the moment he realized he really had a chance to defend “La Roja” he really started thinking about it, and the Spanish attention hugely increased at the end of last season, with his goals n stuff.

  • Atletico- palestine

    I started to hate Diego Costa! Plz dont get mad of me guys but I think its about financial offer from spain to play with them.
    @ chalet yes u are right that is showing that he is layer in those interviews!

  • LosColconero

    Hate him or love him, one thing we all should already know…. Diego Costa doesn’t give a fuck.

    So go to bed, children.

  • Chalet

    Hate it or love it – but this is not a thread about whether Costa gives a “fuck” or not.

    This is a thread about what we think about his decision to play for Spain.

    And here we go…..

  • Epoy


    i dont think this is all about money… Costa rejected liverpool who offered triple his wages to stay with
    us… Costa’s loyalty to Atleti over money shows that as a person he has loyalty… I think Costa choose Spain because he thinks he would have more playing time playing for Spain than for Brazil…

  • LosColchonero

    There are threads in the forum. This is the comment area on the article. And in most cases, comments about comments on the article.