Sprain season, this time Baptistão

The Brazilian suffered a knock to his ankle when he crashed into Bono

Léo writhes in pain (AS)

Léo writhes in pain (AS)

Léo Baptistão had to be carried off the pitch at Atleti’s training facilities on a stretcher Wednesday morning, as he badly injured his ankle during the training session while attempting to dribble past talented young goalkeeper Bono.

Because of how badly the player seemed to be hurt, x-rays were taken immediately to rule out a more serious injury. The final diagnosis: a second degree ankle sprain.

This will keep the young Brazilian away from the pitch for at least two weeks, reports say.

Positive as the season may have started for Atlético, sprains of all sorts are appearing galore at Rojiblanco camp.

Fortunately, Gabi returned on Tuesday as he recovered from his knee injury a day after Raúl García reappeared from an identical knock to the one Léo has suffered. Mario Suárez’s also recently returned, but some supporters may be alarmed at the side effects of this intensity-driven Atleti.

(Side Note: Whoever has suffered a second degree ankle sprain knows it’s one of the most painful injuries there are. The normal resting period to eliminate a limp in your walk is several weeks, and a lot longer, perhaps months, until you can start practising any low intensity leisure sport. It’s a wonder of modern sports physiotherapy to see these players up and running in only a few days.)

Though this season’s Atleti has proven to have outstanding depth with the second line taking over the spotlight very successfully, it is slightly worrying to see the doctors so busy at Atlético during the week.

Let’s hope the toll paid for being the most intense team doesn’t cause the squad to take a hit in the results front, where, up to this moment, we have seen a new warrior take the place of any fallen teammate without the overall results dipping at all.

  • marcelo

    Damn! Get well soon Leo 🙂

  • GreekRojiblanco(piserakos)

    shit… that’s bad… get back soon and strong leo… hope our doctors will stay with no job from now:P

  • kris

    This is bad, but I like the fact now that we have another player who will be able to fill in for him on the bench or on the pitch, if needed. Speedy recovery to you Leo. Thank God he will be back in two weeks but I pray and hope for no more injuries to any Atleti player anymore. Animo Leo!

  • pantic#10

    What the…!!
    Thank god we have Adrian back in time to help us on attack.
    Animo Leo!

    I don’t think it’s a problem of our intense way of playing, they’re all different episodes, and many of them about bad luck.
    RG8 was trying to score and had a bad tackle, Gabi did a bad move, something like Diego Milito did last season, Leo injured on training.

  • Jorge

    Two weeks?! That would be remarkable. Here’s hoping for the best!

  • Jeronamo

    I was hoping he would start to feature more and then this happens. Get well soon Leo

  • kris

    Oliver is not included in the squad for tomorrow’s game.. 🙁 Do any of you know why??

  • pantic#10

    I guess we will play with the “classic” team, except Gabi:
    Filipe – Godin – Miranda – Juanfran
    Arda – Tiago – Mario – Koke
    Villa – Diego Costa

    i don’t think that Gabi, Adrian or RG8 will start.
    Cebolla and one of Adrian / RG8 as subs in the 2nd half.