Diego Costa gives the ‘yes’ to Spain

Our Beast signals his intention to represent La Roja

Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa

Diego Costa (AS)

Diego Costa has told the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) that he wishes to represent Spain in international football.

With Costa fulfilling all of FIFAs requirements, he is eligible to play for Spain under Del Bosque. However, a complication has arisen and Del Bosque will not be able to call him up this coming Friday when he gives his 23 man list for the games against Belarus and Georgia. Brazil has delayed submitting the required paperwork to FIFA.

Brazil must submit to FIFA proof that Diego da Silva Costa has never played for the Brazilian national football team in any official match. Diego has already represented Brazil when he made his debut against Italy last February. However, that game was a friendly match, therefore allowing him to keep his options open to Spain.

The Brazilian federation is delaying in submitting the paperwork, because they believe that it is not fair that Diego can represent Spain. Their reasoning is that since Brazil is the World Cup 2014 host, and automatically qualified, they have no official matches to play. The Spanish argument is that Brazil had a chance to call him up during the Confederations Cup, which were official FIFA matches.

With this delay, the Brazilian Federation believes they can try and convince Diego to forget about Spain. Having scored 8 goals in 7 matches, Diego is the league’s top goal scorer along with Messi.

With Diego having already given his “yes” to Spain, will he change his mind? 

La Roja or La Canarinha?

  • Silchas

    Wright decision from Costa.
    But Scolari is an idiot he nominated rather Jo and Fred for Costa.
    He rather nominate Dede and Henrique instead of Miranda and now he choose Maxweill for Filipe luis. I think Scolari don’t like Atleti Players.
    In general Scolari choose many players who have failed in there European teams like Pato, Jo, Fred, Rever and Henrique. Or Players who aren’t in a good shape like Bernard( played only 5 matches for Shachtjor and for as substitute so far) or Luiz Gustavo, who got two red cards in his 5 matches for Wolfsburg.

  • Will

    I’m watching this through other lens once I’m a Brazilian.
    I think Spain has the all the rights to call him up and there’s nothing Brazil can do now about this. If you are hosting the WC you have tons of pros and let’s say this is the only one con. You can’t say it’s unfair now, you could have raised this issue 6 years ago, not now.
    But the Spain’ts argument is empty once they had the opportunity to call him up also for the Confed’s Cup and also didn’t, you can’t blame Brazil for not doing that at that time if you didn’t also.
    As a Atlético supporter and wishing the best for the player, I really want to see him wearing La Roja’s jersey. I don’t see him being called regularly in Brazil… nobody really knows him here or trusts him here. Go with Spain and score dozens of goals assisted by Koke – but not against Brazil, please! 🙂 .

  • Atletico- palestine

    Will i think it z weird decision from costa! I mean one of the most important goals and objectives for professional football player is to represent your nation colours regardless of the second nationality you have.
    I mean regarding international decision your loyality to your hone z bigger than your own career.
    For costa he has big chance to play for brazil in world cup and scolari called him before!!!!
    On the other hand if he played in brazil 2014 for spain instead of brazil by his own choice i think brazilian fans will make his life very difficult!
    I am dissapointed of his decision!

  • kris

    A-P, that’s what I think too, that Brazilians will hate Costa for choosing Spain.. It’s not his fault though, that Scolari doesn’t trust him when he is already the top scorer of La Liga along with the World’s Best Player, Messi. I will be laughing my ass off my when Scolari is crying like a little B***h when the scenario is, Koke with a beautiful through ball to The Beast of Manzanares, who dribbles past two Brazilian centre backs, and easily puts the ball past the goalkeeper and into the goal, and Spain lead 1-0 at the 88th minute in the final of FIFA World Cup 2014. I don’t want Brazilians to hate Costa, so, I still want him to play for Brazil, but it’s not his fault when he is scoring every game and isn’t getting called up to the national side. Is that at all any fair? I hope Scolari changes his mind, and calls up Diego Costa ASAP and use him as their regular striker. I seriously believe, Felipao’s fatass has beef with all Atleti players. Filipe Luis is without a doubt the best leftback there is right now, and doesn’t get called up. Miranda, who is better than most Brazilian cbs, if not better than Thiago Silva, but still doesn’t get called up, while David Luiz’s clown gets called up. Oh, well..

  • kris

    Oh and Mario, Villa, Koke AND Juanfran have been called up. This time, I know Koke won’t be playing as a RB. Thank GOD!!

  • Kabir

    i would be happy with him playing for either team and im spanish! i just want him at the world cup,

  • Will

    I think more like Kabir.
    But I hope that Diego Costa, a guy from a never-heard poor city from Brazil gets the chance to play and be regular for any good national team in the world and have the chance to play the most incredible event of a single sport in the world. That’s what I hope.

    I really would like to have him playing with my ‘Seleção’ but I consider his career is the most important thing here. He is probably wondering which one he has the chance to be a regular for years to come… hope he picks the best for his career.

  • Yon

    If Brazil are making an issue of this I can’t understand the thinking, if they really wanted him they could have called him up to more friendlies than they have done and the problem would be solved!

    Hope Spain pick him, hope its a Brazil v Spain final and hope Costa scores the winner and then messes up Thiago Silva!

  • He should pick whatever he’d be more happy with. Not every person in the world has the same mindset. Plus he’s been in Spain for six years, so he might feel very Spanish, six years is quite a long time.

    Personally, I would refuse to represent “my” country, but that’s just me and my extreme anti-nationalistic-ness 🙂

  • kris

    Guys, is Nacho Huertas going to play for Atleti B or what? I heard some rumours and some of his pics with our boys..

  • its not fair a brazilian coach did abt diego costa