The red and white aftermath: Match Day 6

After bright start, Atleti outlast Osasuna at the Calderón to extend perfection

A match made in heaven (AS)

A match made in heaven (AS)

While it was by no means a dominant performance, Atlético hung on to defeat Osasuna 2-1 at the Vicente Calderón Tuesday night, successfully remaining flawless in La Liga ahead of Saturday’s return to the Bernabéu.

Although the end result was the same, the path to the three points against los Rojillos was markedly different from Atleti’s win at Valladolid this past Saturday.

Diego Simeone’s charges waited until after the break to show up to the proceedings in Pucela, finally assuming control in an authoritative second half.

Against Osasuna though, los Rojiblancos — with five changes to the line-up — came out guns blazing and leading 2-0 after only 25 minutes of play.

A blowout seemed to be on the cards, but Osasuna pluckily fought back to within one just before the end of the first half.

The Basque outfit refused to lie down in the final 45 minutes, employing Atleti’s tried-and-true technique of ceding possession and exploiting on the counter, thereby frustrating the home side’s game plan.

Atlético very uncharacteristically ended up with 70% possession, the second time in a row the squad has retained the ball longer than their foes.

But, in the end, Javi Gracia’s plot was foiled as his men failed to nab the equaliser, handing Atleti all three points to make it a perfect 18 of 18.

Atop the league table along with Barcelona, los Colchoneros will begin preparations for the season’s first Madrid Derby, and then it’s off to Porto for our second Champions League clash on Tuesday.

Post-game notes and quotes:

Simeone victorious in 300th game as a coach

Rojiblanco boss Diego Simeone secured his 155th triumph in his 300th match on the coaching bench.

“This is what happens in games that aren’t closed out on the scoreboard,” the player-turned-manager said in his post-game press conference.

“A 2-1 [scoreline] always offers possibilities. We had a chance to seal the match in the first half. Up until the 33rd minute, we had done things really well.

“Their goal arrived and we lost our footing.”

‘Cholo’ continued: “The players resolved it well. These experiences are good because they will come about throughout the course of the campaign.”

Asked if his squad may have taken their feet off the gas pedal looking towards the upcoming bout against los Blancos, Simeone responded: “No. It was because we couldn’t find the right paths. Osasuna defended well.”

“The fans were great because they realised that the game got a little tougher, because we couldn’t close it out. They knew the team needed their support, strength and energy, and the truth is it was felt from the stands. That makes us happy because there’s a communion, and that’s good because it helps you realise, while you’re playing, that they want you to work harder.”Simeone, on the Atleti faithful in attendance Tuesday night

Neymar who?

While a lot of the national spotlight in Spain is aimed at compatriot Neymar, who found the back of the net for the first time in Primera División play on Tuesday, Diego Costa is lighting it up in La Liga with seven goals to his name after hitting Osasuna for two.

The pair of strikes were then followed up by a pair of cheeks (NSFW).

Costa, who is now all knotted up with Messi in the race for the Pichichi trophy, equaled former Atleti striker Falcao’s output after the first six games of the 2012/13 season.

“[His limit] is where he wants it to be,” said Simeone of his ‘Beast’.

“He’s a youngster. He’s growing and he’s earned everything he’s gained. There’s room for improvement. Hopefully he wants to [improve].

“He’s ambitious and intelligent.”

Koke’s section

In the previous edition of our match recap, we pointed out that Koke is an ever-present ingredient of these “aftermaths”.

It should come as no surprise to see the ‘Resurrector’ here again then, right?

With his assist Tuesday night, Koke moved into a tie for the league lead in that department with Cesc Fàbregas–each contributing five to their respective teams.

The Atleti midfielder spent much of the match playing behind Costa in the hole, or as the Spanish say, as a media punta.

But it was from out wide that he found his favourite target, delivering a cross spot on to the ‘Beast’ for our second goal.

“They understand each other just by looking at each other,” Cholo said about the dynamite partnership.

“When Koke receives the ball, Costa is already getting ready. They read each other. They know each other to perfection, and hopefully they remain in sync for a long time.”

Juanfran to Manquillo (maybe): “Now you wait just a second young man”

First-string Atleti fullback Juanfran returned to his place in the starting line-up kept warm by Javi Manquillo last weekend.

Facing his former club, the right-back improved on his somewhat low-key start to the season, possibly motivated by the recent challenge presented by Manquillo’s strong showing.

Juanfran made an incredible, sliding effort to keep the ball in play just before assisting Costa for our opening strike.

“We’re very happy about the victory,” the 29-year-old said afterwards.

“It was a hard-fought, deserved win against a team that has been improving in recent weeks. We’re undefeated and will head into the Bernabéu in great form.”

He continued: “We’ll go into the [derby] with a lot of desire. The last time we were there, we won, so we will go all out. It’s a very important match for our fans and for us.”

Insúa solid in rare start

This time, it was Filipe Luís’ turn to sit one out. Cholo’s lone countryman on the squad, Emiliano Insúa, confirmed his existence by appearing in the fold in Filipe’s stead.

The Argentine held up admirably well despite his very sporadic outings since arriving in the previous campaign’s winter transfer window from Sporting Lisbon; in fact, it was only his fourth appearance in an Atleti jersey — third as a starter — and first of the present term.

The 24-year-old was the third-most involved player with regard to touch count, and threatened to score when he unleashed a powerful, long-distance blast in the second half that forced Osasuna’s Andrés Fernández to get down low for the save.

“It was an intense match,” Insúa told reporters in the Calderón’s mixed zone.

“It was one of those that may be referred to as ‘easy’, but it had to have been won to render everything we’ve done before important.

“We were able to pick up the three points, which is what we were after. It was a complicated match, but we’ve enjoyed it a lot.”

He continued, perhaps in disbelief that he wasn’t talking to his boots: “We suffered more than we expected to today, but the truth is we’re doing really well.

“We’re going to enjoy this victory, rest and, starting with the next practice, we’ll look to the forthcoming game.”

On the star of the night, Emiliano said: “The truth is Diego’s going through a remarkable moment. He’s a very important player for us and I hope the future brings him the best with regard to national teams.

“He’ll make the decision as to which one to choose [between Spain and Brazil].”

Other notes:

  • Mario Suárez had an injury scare minutes before the first half came to a close and was forced to come off at the break. The Spain international, replaced by Gabi, was clutching his knee in pain, but the early reports in the Spanish media suggest it was only a bruise and he could be fit in time for our next game.
  • Léo Baptistão earned the nod against Osasuna, while David Villa was rested. The Brazilian failed to make much of an impact on the evening — he was the least involved Atleti field player in the first 45 minutes — and Cholo opted to replace him with Villa with almost half an hour to spare. The Spaniard didn’t fare that much better though. We can expect ‘El Guaje’ to reclaim his spot in the starting line-up for Saturday’s derby.
  • Atleti’s Frente ultras unveiled a chant in Miranda’s name that they sang for over 10 minutes at one point. It went a little something like this: “Miranda, alé alé alé, Miranda, alé alé, alé, Miranda alé alé alé alé, alé, alé“.
  • During his post-game press conference, Simeone was asked why summer signing Josuha Guilavogui has not made his debut yet. Cholo’s response? “We have players like Mario, Gabi and Tiago that have been playing at an incredible level for over a year and a half, and have given me three titles and the league lead right now. We have high expectations of Guilavogui, but he needs a period of adaptation.
  • For the first time in Primera División history, two clubs have started the season off with six wins. (COPE)
  • Another victory against Real on Saturday would not only be glorious, but it would give Atleti their best start ever in La Liga. The club had previously won their first six games in the 1964/65 and 1991/92 seasons.

  • Atleti10

    Tiago is not at a high level. He was hard to watch at times last night. He gave the ball away and his movement was lackluster. He does however sit deep and offer protection but of what iv seen of Josuha he does this very well.

    I think in games like this where we spend a lot of time passing around the middle looking for gaps a player like Oliver will come into his own. Play him in the middle and let him dictate the tempo, something Tiago was unable to do last night.

    Anyway great teams find a way to win even when they don’t play well which is encouraging about Atleti this season. Bring on Los Blancos.

  • Can’t wait for saturday derby.. i belive in the team we gonna kick Real Madness ass.

  • GreekRojiblanco(piserakos)

    let see…. the game was about what i predicted… atleti with ‘off’ engines take a ‘professional’ win against a weaker team… that was nice cause we rotated and we didn’t spended all of our energy and we have 2 difficult games on the row(real, porto)… hope we can win those games even when we are not really good… insua was good, ok he did some mistakes but it was reasonable cause he don’t play games. The best info that i read was that mario is ok. The truth is that tiago isn’t something more than a back-up and probably when josuha starts to play he will lose his position but he helped the team.. As someone told against teams like osasouna we should use oliver or koke as a cm(personally i would put cebolla and not gabi and i would use koke as a cm)…. Costa could score more goals… Leo tried he had some moments of shine but he didn’t really had that chemistry with his teamates… It is good that we did all our mistakes yesterday cause we probably not going to do them against real(the game before coppa del ray final we were did many mistakes:P)…. if we win real i believe we are favorites for the tittle but also a draw will be a good result…. aupa aleti

  • Mike (Belfast)

    Awesome start to the new season. Another win in the bag and hope that it continues this weekend. With a win over Real we will show the rest of the league that we are competitors this year.

  • Paulo

    Hahaha yesterday when I saw it, I was sure there would be a screenshot of Diego Costa’s bare ass in today’s aftermath. It was some funny shit fo’ sho’.
    When frente sing “vamos dale atleti…” it usually does wonders for the team.
    If you still don’t know the lyrics, here they are so all of you can sing along on saturday:
    “Vamos dale Atleti.
    Te sigo a todas partes, yo te quiero.
    Vamos a dar la vuelta a todo el mundo,
    sólo hay que echarle un poco más de huevos, más de huevooos!
    Eso que dice la gente,
    que somos borrachos, vagos, delincuentes.
    No les hago caso, voy a todos lados,
    soy uno del frente, soy descontroladooo!
    Lo lo lo lololo…”

    Another classic against puta madrid and ultras sur is
    “Hay un lema, en la puta pocilga,
    que es el lema de los ultra sur,
    que es copiar todo lo que hace el Frente,
    demostrando lo tontos que son!

    Hope these Futre links will lift your spirits for the derbi, I know they will lift mine:

    Classic Futre gol against Real 87/88

    Schuster y Futre against Real in the copa final 91/92

    And finally Futre in the Calderon with Frente Atletico.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    “a chant in Miranda’s name that they sang for over 10 minutes at one point”
    I’m sorry, did you mean 1 minute ?! .. cause 10 minutes is a lot
    sadly when I watch the game with an Arab commentator I don’t hear the fans at all
    Arab commentators are the most loud commentators ever, and they never shut up for a second !!

    and about Costa’s cheeks : I’m starting to get used to see them, actually they became a good luck charm !
    remember the last time we saw them .. that’s right, when he scored in Diego Lopez sheets in the cup final

    and Martin, remember when we had a conversation in twitter when Cholo was in Argentina with his sons after the last season ended, and I said to you :
    “I’m thinking if he could come back to Spain with one of them to play with Atleti”
    you said : “I was thinking the same thing”
    the I asked you to write an article about all the records Atleti broke last season
    and you said : “I’m working on it right now”
    so I said : “I guess rojiblancos minds work the same way”
    well, we did it again,
    last night after the game I said to my brother who watched the game with me :
    Juanfran just said to Manquillo : “Now you wait a minute kid”
    almost just like you said above .. isn’t that cool 🙂

    and finally :
    I believe (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that just like us, Barca have never won the first 7 games of La Liga neither
    so if Barca didn’t beat Almeria next Saturday, that makes Bernabeu game as important as the cup final ..
    beating Real at their home back to back, taking the lead of La Liga alone and achieving a record that Barca couldn’t ..
    this will be huge

  • GreekRojiblanco(piserakos)

    ahmad you are right barca also hasn’t win 7 first games…. this season will be intresting… hope we will see costas cheeks this saturday night;)… i think the writer is correct we sang for about 10 minutes (60 to 70 or something like that) the same song for me it was unknown probably that was
    paolo ‘dale’ atleti is my favorite chant i absolutely love it and yes it helps always the team and the anti-madrid song you wrote the lyrics can you please send a link with the rhythm?

  • Karam

    Salam alaykom , it means hello in arabic 🙂
    I am 30 years old from a country called “kuwait” from the middle east .. In 1994 i watched the world cup and i became a spain fan becouse of one player called jose caminero from since am a fan of atleti and spain .. And now i cant belive that we are in top again !! Aupa Atleti
    And i wana say that we are good with this man “cholo” and i hope that we can achive more with him spacialy on saturday 🙂

  • Wa alaikum salaam, Karam!

    Sounds like you’ve been a fan of the club for longer than a lot of us 😉

    Lots of people craving for Costa’s cheeks haha, Aupa Atleti, may the game be good!

  • Will
  • piserakos

    by the way some of you maybe didn’t like the way we played against of osasouna and wanted more goals etc(one of them is my polish friend;P) look what napoli did with sassouolo today,, tie at their stadium,.. and by the way i’m watching real’s game against elche and it 0-0 at the half real has no real good opportunities to score and they haven’t rotated at all… so that has to make our victory more important

  • kris

    Diego Costa’s ass is the headline of Marca as well…

  • Kabir

    mario suarez is injured. please play guilavogui. we can always put in tiago as a safe bet at half time if guila doesnt fit in well

  • kris


  • kris


  • piserakos

    what penalty was that??? pepe did offensive foul… and it was 2 minutes after the game finished…. puta real… and cristiano that hicho de puta did like he won the chl… atleti go and destroy them at bernabeu the revenge of what they have done those noob those year has started…. atleti untill our dreams come to life

  • kris

    Puta Real Madrid, after I watched the replay I saw how big of a pussy Peps was for that decision .. I seriously hope that Simeone and the boys destroy them at the Bernebeau, but then again if they pay the refs it will be almost impossible but Cholo knows how to deal with them,, and I am predictin that The scoreline will be like this on Saturday; Real Madrid 0-2 Club Atletico de Madrid .. Damn I’m pissed right now!

  • piserakos

    me too kris

  • Adnan Khan

    Muniz fernandez!! That corrupt piece of shit should not be allowed to judge any match in the future..especially real madrid matches. Poor Elche 🙁

  • Pantic#10

    What a shame!! Unbelievable…penalty at the 96 minute.
    please Villa Maravilla do a hattrick to the merengues. Let’s show them how we’re strong.
    I’m very confident about this match.

  • Paulo
  • Paulo

    Had to dig a bit, but here’s two links to Frente Atletico song compilations with lyrics for everybody interested.

    Here’s the basic songs:

    Here’s a another, 1/2 hour long compilation of most of the canticos you hear during a Atleti match:

    On saturday, everybody sing along!

  • GreekRojiblanco(piserakos)

    thanx paulo!!! if anyone watched the game of real and how they won would be happy and angry also… we must win those piece of shit.. by the way muniz in greek means(pussy:P) and cause i watch most of la liga games he is real madrid fun he always hepls them and he always helps the opposites team of atleti

  • farhan

    want VILLA to score hatrick against real ….

  • Jeronamo

    I’m really upset about what happened to elche… I really do hope that we can get some kind of justice for them on saturday. Mario suarez is hurt so it’ll be interesting to see who gets the nod for the start there but I don’t think we should fear any team at all this season, especially since we come fully match prepared. Can you guys add me on facebook and also twitter? …

    Jeronamo Jones

    Lots of support from me and my island for our matches lately, Barbados, Aupa Atleti!!!!

  • Chewie

    Two words – Mateu Lahoz.

  • Ursa Major

    Three words:

    What dat mean?

  • ansharY

    🙂 Four words : He’s a referee banned for one match because he made a “technical error” when he officiated a Sevilla-Barcelona game.

  • Chewie

    Really? So he won’t be working on Atleti-Real game? Nice.
    He also happens to be the one who gave us two red cards on Berneabeu, if I remember well, last year.