Diego Costa, Spain’s answer?

The forward has yet to claim a national side, leaving this Rojiblanco torn

Costa's excellent performances should earn  him a call-up  (clubatleticodemadrid.com)

Costa's excellent performances should earn
him a call-up

I’m Brazilian, and I love my country.

When we won the Confederations Cup this past summer, it was awesome. The feeling of beating the almighty Spain was new, something I’ll never forget.

However, it still felt strange to root against the team I usually side with. Why, you ask? Well, I used to live in Spain; I fell in love with Atleti while I was there. I also fell in love with Spanish culture. I don’t feel just Brazilian anymore. I feel Brazilian, Spanish, and a bit American.

So, whenever the topic of Diego Costa and what country he should play for comes up, I panic. I have two highly differing opinions on the matter — one part of me screams Brazil, and the other Spain.

My heart says, “Diego, play for us, your home, your country, Brazil.” My head says, “Diego would kick ass for Spain, he’s just what they need. He would change the predictability of the Spanish squad.”

A Spanish squad that has now been dubbed as “boring”, their style of play seen as counterproductive.

I see Diego as the solution to Spain’s woes. He is a different kind of player, so much so that I really don’t even know who to compare him to. The closest thing that I can think of is Luis Suárez, but still, very different.

Costa’s inclusion in a starting eleven would benefit Spain, because with his capability to play out wide and in the centre, he can fit in Del Bosque’s formations. Nowadays, however, the national team coach seems to prefer a false 9, making the squad look a bit like a 4-5-0.

With this 4-5-0, and Spain’s obsession to keep possession and play tiki taka, many teams have now figured out how to neutralize them. Just by watching the most recent matches, against Italy, Brazil, Chile, etc., you can see how the threat of the Spanish squad has diminished.

When Bayern trounced FC Barcelona 7-0, clubs began to employ the tactics used in those matches, tweaking them for when their teams played against Spain or Barcelona.

The Brazil vs. Spain tie was a perfect example of this. The Brazilian squad applied high pressure, positioning one player to each Spanish midfielder. By not allowing the midfielders an inch of space, and committing quick, tactical fouls, the Europeans were neutralized. Not that difficult to defeat the world champions, if you know how.

Throwing Costa into the mix would offer that element of unpredictability. By being a ‘trouble maker’, a ‘rule breaker’, Diego would be a blessing. His presence on the pitch offers something more than those by the likes of Soldado, Negredo, or Torres. Compared to those three, his physicality is unmatched, his agility incredible, and his dribbling top notch.

Del Bosque should call him up for a friendly, and see what he brings to the table. I think it will be success, but we won’t know until he has been tested.

For now, all I can ask of Felipão or Del Bosque is: please call Diego Costa up!

  • kris

    Ohh,, Diego Costa will do wonders for any side he plays for, Brazil or Spain. I personally want him to play for Brazil but if Big Phil keeps on being a d**khead and not call up the best Brazilian striker that’s out there at the moment, he should play under VDB, if he considers him before Scolari does, he should just go and play for them without asking any questions.. All I can say is,, I love Diego Costa and hope and want him to stay with Atleti for at least a decade… Love the guy…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think Felipão needs him more

  • Rob Sim

    Am I mistaken…? does Diago Costa already has 2 caps for the Brazil senior national team

  • Daneatl

    Apparently friendlies do not count. As Silchas explained to me the other day. 🙂

  • Rob Sim

    ok thanks Deneatl.
    but just wanted to be sure..
    inst Amauri of Parma FC now, even if he suddenly plays great ineligible for Brazil because of his 1 appearance for Italy in a friendly against Ivory Coast ?

  • Kaminero

    The current rules about who gets to represent which country and when are just ridiculous. Either make it completely free, depending on a player’s citizenship(s) alone, or make it a one-time only decision about who you want to represent for the rest of your career. This type of system where some caps count and others don’t just confuses everybody.

  • James


    You don’t have any biliary . So you want to still other players. All European stupid teams have these business left

  • Agnieszka

    I LOVE YOU DIEGO! Diego is the best!

  • naissy colchonero de barcelona

    I am happy to find out that we have another page of “atleti” fans outside spain, specially in english. that´s great!!! I write to you because you are the latest and most updated comment I found. I will be contacting other regular and not so regular fans on this page. I wonfder if you speak spanish (not that much important ),so I could give you cool sites like this one, where worldwide fans are talking and organizing forums, chats, videos, etc. A cool community which knows no border. We ourselves are organizing more and more stuff here in barcelona, and people are joining from almost everywhere. I hope we get in contact, thanks for your attention, agnieszka, see you soon (I hope) and “AÚPA ATLETI”.
    my contact : [email protected] – from atleti fans group in barcelona.

  • naissy colchonero de barcelona

    Hi, fellow colchoneros (as we are nicknamed in spain, funny story about why is so). Here in spain transfer lies… I mean “news” are everywhere constantly being bombarded by the merengue=real madrid press. ….. Believe you nothing you find in classical newspapers: players being sold, the team being renewed top to bottom… all lies to destabilize the club. problem is that for many years the establishment (government+banks+ media ) had to fight against barça alone but now ATLETI IS HERE TO STAY AND FIGHT FOR TITLES, and now they have 2 sides to fight against, barça and atleti proved to be the most stable and achieving title in europe more than gouvernment+banks-supported real madrid in the last 10 years, with madrid squandering millions (of tax-payers) money ( the only club in spain with absolute access to whatever money asked for) where do you thing bale-cristiano ronaldo´s transfer money came from??? ATLETI IS RISING AGAIN ….. AND THEY KNOW IT!!! AÚPA ATLETI!!!

  • naissy colchonero de barcelona

    The press started a campaign of blaming and witch-hunt against Diego Costa blaming on him the disaster of spain in the world cup, saying that He is not a player to adapt to the way spain plays. BARÇA players where also blamed for.
    But after a few days, the whole spain and the whole world realized the fiasco and sham of the press uncovering the uselessness in every professional aspect of Vicente del Bosque as coach (former real madrid player and staff), and realizing and acknowledging Luis Aragonés hard work to produce and shape a generation of champions that took spain from mediocricy to stardom.
    The same Aragonés ( former atleti player and coach ) who was a victim of media lynching and witch-hunt campaign for not taking lazy stars to the national teams simply for being famous and playing for real madrid.
    COSTA IS THE BEST STRIKER FOR SPAIN so far, without a shadow of doubt. Del bosque is to be blamed, with the sanctification-campaign by the biased madrid press, He did nothing but benefit from aragonés already-done shaping work…… problem is as it happens to all lies, it willl ( and in fact was) soon uncovered and exposed, One can lie to some people, sometimes and for a certain time, but one cannot lie to everyone all the time and forever. “la mentira tiene las patas cortas” as we say in spanish which in english translates as “lie has no legs to stand upon”!!!