Welcome to your NEW AtleticoFans!

After a long wait it's finally here...

Simeone's as happy as we are (liberta)

Simeone's as happy as we are (liberta)

Good morning everyone and welcome to your brand new AtleticoFans.com!

We’ve been hard at work over the last couple of months (read: years) to refresh the design and make it a lot more interactive, informative and easier to read! I really hope you like it.

We will continue to bring you Atlético news, match reports, rumours and opinions in English from across the world!

As with anything new, there is likely to be a couple of bugs here and there – if you spot any can you please use the Contact form at the top of this page.

There are some things still outstanding (and I am getting around to them) but for the meantime enjoy the fruits of our hard labour, and let’s hope we smash Almeria this afternoon and can properly celebrate!

I also have to give a massive thank you to my good friend Mike, who has spent a lot of time beside me designing, building, fixing, crying and ultimately gushing over what we hope is a massive upgrade over the AtleticoFans I built over three years ago.

So enjoy the new site, and here’s to another great season at AtléticoFans!

  • Nick Poskitt

    So what does everyone think?

  • Dylanowy

    Fantastic job, guys! New look is great!

  • urban


  • Yon

    only seem the mobile version as yet, looks nice and fresh! Well done!

  • Ursa Major

    Great new design!
    Atletico are playing today, though. Not tomorrow 🙂

  • Nick Poskitt

    I have no idea what you’re talking about… 😎

  • ansharY

    Great design. I love it!

  • Imran

    Just amazing……. Love it

  • kris

    This is great Nick.. Well done… wow… Pretty amazing…. Love this new design..

  • Paulo

    The basic layout looks good and is a refreshing change.
    It’s quite clear, easier to navigate, contains more information, still being more compact, and in general the space on the page is used better.
    I don’t like the colors too much.
    1st of all it’s just too white. Burns my eyes like them puta madrid camisetas…
    And it makes this site look just more boring.
    More RED is needed in my opinion.
    Also, the basic font could be just a bit darker in my opinion. The contrast would make it easier to read on some monitors.
    And where the hell are the STRIPES?

    Thanks for a great site, though.

  • AndriusLTU

    Wow! Great design! Respect

  • Thanks for all the comments and kind words, I had a great time building it with Nick and it was fun to have to the chance to re-design such a great site.

    Paulo, thank you for your feedback. I will certainly take into account your comments about darker text, me and Nick will be looking to continue to improve the design based on the feedback we get from you guys. Oh and just so you know, stripes were considered for the background at one point but we decided it just didn’t look quite right!

    Thanks again for the feedback everyone 🙂

  • Alex21

    Classy look to the site. I love it.

  • Paulo

    No doubt the stripes in the background would be confusing, almost trippy.
    The shirt in the background in the old version was nice, though.
    Maybe a more subtle approach could come in question here? Some nuances like slight shades of red&white in the rows of seats?
    A little striped scarf in the corner?
    Naaw I’m just playing with ya… Nice work. Keep on keeping on!
    Thanks for listening, too.

  • ali_

    lovely job guys! keep up the good work!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    very nice, but there are some annoying ads ..
    I was having breakfast this morning on my bureau and I opened the website from my laptop and I saw this very disgusting feet

    but other than that, great job guys !

  • ali_

    ahmad: install adblock. 🙂

  • Nick Poskitt

    Well I’d rather you didn’t install adblock, as the ads are the only way of financially supporting the site’s server costs and Prediction League prizes etc.

  • Hulusi

    I’m an Arda fan from Turkey and have been following this site since he joined Atletico. Haven’t left a single comment until now but this new design deserves to get my first comment. Fantastic job!

  • GreekRojiblanco(piserakos)

    this is nice but like paolo said maybe you should keep the old style at comments(one white one red) and a little less white… beside that it’s fantastic

  • Jorge

    Well, my son is not happy that he didn’t get to submit one of his drawings of the Atleti logo.

    Other than that, it’s a big white space and light weight typefaces. It’s the direction everyone is headed these days (I’m talking to you Apple iOS 7) but at least it’s well executed.

  • Jimbo_With_the_Dancingshoes

    yeah I would also like the old comment system back, so you also can see what the last comment was not just who made it.

  • westmarck

    great job