Schalke makes big offer for Jurado

The fee is reportedly between €13m and €15m


Spanish media are reporting that Bundesliga side Schalke 04 has made a big offer for José Manuel Jurado. MARCA reports a €13m fee, while AS has it at €15m.

According to the reports, Atlético officials met in Monaco to discuss the potential deal for the midfielder.

Jurado himself seems keen on the deal, as he isn’t guaranteed a spot in Atlético’s starting line-up, and his wages could be quadrupled. He currently earns €1m in Madrid, while Schalke are prepared to offer him €4m.

If Jurado leaves to Germany, he will be joining fellow countrymen Raúl González and young defender Sergio Escudero, who were also signed this summer.

It is unclear what manager Quique Sánchez Flores thinks about a possible transfer, as José Manuel frequently served as the team’s 12th man in both domestic and European competitions. The 24-year old appeared in every single one of our 64 games last season.

  • Derek Maaijen

    Mixed feelings about this. Jurado is my favorite Atlético player, because of his amazing technique and style. But this might be an offer we can’t refuse.

  • Wate

    If this somehow turns out to be true then sell, sell, sell…

  • independencia atletica

    A really overvalued player. Good player but not enaugh to refuse 15 millions for him.. If shalke had offered the same for merida i wouldn´t say the same. Juradi is not already the 12th player.

  • Ringo Schut

    I actually agree with i.a.

    He had some great moments, but he never really convinced me entirely…
    He surely has some skills, but he is far from consistent.
    I guess it’s also safe to say Mérida is the bigger talent of the two.

    It would probably be better for Jurado as well, I guess he’ll have more minutes there.
    We’ll have to pay less salary and we recieve 13-15 million! I’d say: SELL.

  • Enrique

    I hope the sell him and also Juanito.
    Then we could buy Fanni and maybe a player like Cazorla or Van der Vaart which would be amazing.

  • Derek Maaijen

    I think Jurado is being underrated by many. I’m not sure if it’s because of his past, or because he doesn’t have the status of players like Kun, Reyes and Simão, but he deserves some more recognition. Last season the guy had a great return with nine goals and nine assists. Simão and Reyes didn’t come close to that. Jurado’s always fit and very versatile, he can play in four positions in our team. €15m is a lot of money, but it would mean we do lose an incredible player. Before the season I was praising the depth we have in almost every position, but without Jurado we’re suddenly a little short on options.

  • Flo

    I agree with you Derek, but 15 mio is a hell lot of money. It would be almost the Godin and Tiago transfer money back in.

  • atleti_from_kuwait

    i would to say if we sell him it will be hard to compete for the 3rdplace but its a lot of money ! so if they want to sell him they must bring Cazorla and Cazorla only ! that can make us 1st in liga that i can gurantee !!

  • atleti_from_kuwait

    i hope that we can secure Santi Cazorla he is a fine fine player and we will be a very very good team and if we can secure Rod Fanni with him we will be a FANTASTIC team , and if we sell Jurado we must have a replacment cuz we must have enugh playmakers players cuz we only have reyes , simao , marida and its not enugh

  • independencia atletica

    Well, i can´t deny his numbers but we have to recognize he played … ¡all the encounters!. That´s means he´s in a good form, and a very good professional. It´s clear that he´s very tecnical player, but not tactical; but the situation which is necesary to keep the ball and play slowly. 15 millions euros is too much money for a player who has his site as a substitute.

  • Mohammed

    This calls for a wise director. Let’s hope we have one. It’s a very tricky situation.

  • NiñoTorres

    I think we should keep him. Not many attacking players can cover so many positions and do as good a job as Jurado. Also I think that is important that we keep a settled team, we should have learnt from Heitinga last year. It’s a lot of money but I really hope we resist the temptation!

  • Edletico

    I really think we need to keep him as he is such an important and quality player. Although if he leaves the money from the supercup and his tranfer will allow us to buy fanni and carzola maybe a couple of younger players aswell

  • independencia atletica

    I´ve to say that if the club doesn´t spent the money recived selling Jurado, then better is to keep the player with us

  • Ringo Schut

    Well, Derek, I agree Jurado is a very useful player, but I think you’re overrating him 🙂

    Don’t misunderstand me, I like him as well, but he’s third choice on the left and on the right (Fran Mérida seems to be first substitute of both Reyes and Simão), I don’t see him as one of the central midfielders, he’ll be like sixth or seventh choice there. As one of the two strikers he might be a little close, but with Diego Costa around, I don’t really think Jurado will get much playing time.

    You have to realise that it’s also the best for him, probably, to search for his luck elsewhere. He can be a good player for us, but we have alternatives.
    I’d personally much rather sell Simão, but Jurado just isn’t high (enough) on Quique’s or the board’s list.

    Why it’s best for him: Every talented player has to play a lot to improve a lot. 15 million seems to be the amount Schalke 04 wants to spend on a first team player. Germany is also a strong competition, probably not as strong as La Liga, but still very very strong.

    It’s sad that it happens so late in August, but I guess it’s best to sell him.

  • Mohammed

    Damn it, he left. Marca confirmed it 🙁

  • Andres

    sad, tonight he showed a great performance…i think we should try to get De Las Cuevas as a replacement, we don’t have enough time to get anyone else..