OFFICIAL: Juanfran extends to 2017!

The former Osasuna man agrees to a two-year extension

Griezmann signed one year contract renewal on Tuesday

First Costa, then Koke, Oliver, Manquillo, and now Juanfran. Is this a dream? Am I playing Fifa 13 manager mode, and renewing all of our players’ contracts from the start?

Waking up to this news is incredible — we have a team for years to come. In such a short period of time, Cholo has transformed this club into a group, an indispensable one.

It was only a few years ago that contract extensions were doled out to lower release clauses (I’m looking at you, Kun), or to ensure a profit in an imminent sale (Asenjo). However, now the mentality has changed; no longer do we dismantle our team year after year.

Juanfran, who is 28 years old and nearing his footballing peak, can have his dream come true — when asked if he would like to retire at Atleti, his answer was a short but firm, “Yes, I would like to.”

The club seems to have several players on a list of possible contract extensions, and hopefully I will wake up to a few more surprises in the coming months.

How do you feel about Juanfran’s extension?

  • Urban

    Good news.

    However im still waiting to hear about Arda and Godin.

  • Bushdoctor504

    Sweet! Yea. Certainly need to extend Arda… Godin and Felipe Luis tambien

  • kris

    Like bush commented above,, godin,,filipe,,and arda as well would be more good news!!this is so great though!! Loving what Cholo is doing !!

  • Shai

    Great news.. Should be captain after Gabi.. or Filipe..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    now we have 10 players with contracts expire at least at 2017:
    Juanfran & Alderweireld until 2017
    Miranda, Costa, Koke, Oliver, Manquillo, Guilavogui, Leo & Gimenez at 2018

    did I forget anyone ?!

    and I guess extension of Godin, Arda & Filipe is coming soon

    we owe that to two great men of the great Atleti generation of 96, the “doblete” generation:
    Simeone & Caminero

    it makes a huge difference when you have a coach and a director who were star players of the club, just like the case of Barca with Guardiola and Begiristain (then Zubizarreta) , and the opposite of that is the case of Mourinho with Real

  • Kulan

    Felipe renewed after last season to 2017, so did Mario. Costa recently extended to 2018.

  • Shai

    But the problem is release clauses.. our players just keep getting better and keep getting more and more attention from big big&rich club..

    Everyone of them is just there for the taking…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    just read that Juanfran refused an offer from Arsenal this summer, with a salary four times more than he earns at Atleti

    if that is really true so this guy deserves a massive respect, hell we should make him our captain !
    in these days where money is everything many players would take that offer not only from Arsenal but even if it was from Crystal Palace !!

  • starvs

    I too have heard that about Juanfran but wonder the validity of it.

    I’ve said it many times before, but you could tell from Jaunfran’s first game, in which he debuted in the derby against Madrid, he fully understood the Atleti spirit. He was fucking pissed about the bullshit calls Madrid was getting while a lot of long time Atleti players were much more nonchalant.

  • Farid

    great news !! EL CHOLO ?? #RESPECT !!!! atletico madrid without cholo simply is nothing 🙂