UEFA Champions League squad announced

Check out which of our players will feature in the Champions League this season

Griezmann signed one year contract renewal on Tuesday

Earlier this week, “Cholo” Simeone announced his two lists for the 2013-14 Champions League campaign.

As expected, the entire 23-man squad was named on the A list.

The B list consists of youth players who may be called into action in case of injury or sanction. Some notable names on the B squad are: David Gil, Iván Calero, Ndoye, and Nacho Monsalve.

The B list has a total of 17 players, but is missing one very important squad member. Bono, our Moroccan international goalkeeper, is not included on either list. The decision, however, is not a technical choice, but a legal one.

Simply put, Yassine Bono does not meet the UEFA requirements to be a Champions League player. During the early stages of the pre-season, it seemed as if he would be Atleti’s backup ‘keeper for the season. However, the club then proceeded to sign Daniel Aranzubia, and Bono was relegated to the B squad yet again.

The club also announced the squad numbers for all of the players, and last minute signings Toby Alderweireld and Josuha Guilavogui will wear the numbers 12 and 15, respectively. Youngsters Manquillo and Óliver Torres will be playing with the numbers 17 and 16, respectively, as they have been fully integrated into the first team, and are no longer members of the B-squad.

  • yon

    They need to hurry up and update the website with the names and numbers also they need to make the infants kits available!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    this is an old news guys, the lists were sent on September 3, four days ago

    where were you ?!

  • Atletico- palestine

    Is this true?!! Koke played as right back with spain vs finland!

  • kris

    Atletico palestine,, very true… indeed.. Koke is very talented.. He could play almost any position..

  • Jorge

    ¡Ja! My neighbor and dear friend is Moroccan (in Morocco right now) and he’s been slowly embracing Atltico as a result of much support from me, and a healthy dose of rum during matches!

    ¡Aupa Morocco!

  • Kabir

    N’Doye from the B selection is devastatingly fast, but I’m disappointed Dani Aquino was not selected. He is too old to be so low in the squad. Simeone showed some trust in him, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

  • kris

    Is it possible that Simeone can call up other players DURING the season, or is that against the rules?? I don’t know, mate.. I think Dani Aquino should have been called up IMO, but nobody knows more than the coach,, so,, I am just gonna have to trust Cholo in this one,, but Aquino is already 23 like Kabir said and can’t be on the B team for so long.. I am also disappointed about Bono not being on the lists,, he has shown a lot of potential and seems like a great player but thanks for pointing it out that it was due to UEFA’s regulations, he wasn’t called up..

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Guys Aquino may not be in the squad as he is 23 an therefor to old to play in the youth version of champions league wich will be played for the first time this year. Too bad lovely player though.. Also whats up with koke taking over RIGHT BACK in the spanish national team, pure talent. Anybody who saw the match? I would like to hear how he did, although I could’nt imagine that it went badly.

  • kris

    Oh,, I get it Jimbo,, but I think he should have been promoted to the 1st squad, nonetheless or maybe loaned out to the likes of Rayo, so that he can improve himself.. Thanks for that Jimbo..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @kris : Aquino is 23 like you said, and according to LFP regulations, after this age he can’t play for both the first team and B team, so Simeone can not call him

  • kris

    Oh wait so that doesn’t make sense.. Does that
    mean his pro career is over or what? Can u please clarify that? I am confused right now.

  • diegocosta19

    Acording to Todomercado Arda continue his career in Man.Utd is that true can you tell me??

  • kris

    LOL What?? Arda is an Atleti player, but Man U did make a late bid for him according to some other websites as well..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Kris, it simply means that players under the age of 23 can play for both the first team and the reserve team (B team), just like Oliver, Saul and Manquillo last season when they played for B team and also played some games for the first team

    but the players above the age of 23 can not do that, they can only play for one team, either the B team or the first team, but not both

    in fact it does make a perfect sense,
    usually the list of the first team in most leagues is of 23 or 25 players, so it’s difficult for the young players (U 20) to make it to the list so they allow the teams to call the players of the youth team to play with the first team to give them a chance and try them in some games
    in some countries you can call any number of players and in others they give you a limit (for example: in some leagues the list is 25 players + 5 youth players)

    But Atletico Madrid B is not a youth team, Atleti youth team is Atletico C, while Atletico B is playing at Segunda B (Third Division) and they could promote to Segunda (second Division) but not for the first division as they already have a team right there

    clubs in Spain are allowed to do that (to have two senior teams) but they can’t both play at the same division even if the second team finished in one of the promotion positions

    as I said, Atletico B is not a youth team, but it consists mainly of youth players with some exceptions like Aquino and Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez (Fran)

    But Kris, the thing that really doesn’t make any sense is that Aquino is not that bad to play at 3rd division (Segunda B), maybe he is not good enough for Atleti but we could have loaned him to one of La Liga teams or at least one of Segunda teams !!

  • piserakos

    agree with ahmad…. aquino(from what i’ve seen) is too good for a 3rd division team(like borja etc) so if he can’t play at both of them and if we take him at the first team he would play for a very little then we should loan him to some segounda teams or at a weak premera team… maybe we want to get promotion

  • Ty Gambo

    I remember Regalón being called up once, though… When he was 24, I think.

  • Paulo

    I saw the Finland vs. Spain -game.
    Spain played beautiful attacking football through Iniesta and Cesc, but Finland defended well. Spain’s defence was a different story as they seemed really lazy and gave lots of space, especially after the first goal.
    Villa was Villa. Good postioning and passes, but missed a goal by an inch.
    Mario played pretty much as he does in Atleti.
    About Koke… In the starting graphics where you see the formation, Koke was actually placed as a RIGHT CB! Had to be a mistake, though, as in the game he was found from the right back position bringing the ball up and acting as a link for Xavi and others, but at times he also played in the center of the pitch and a few times in the attack. Very confusing tactics from Del Bosque.
    I guess his defensive duty was to cut off any attacks from Pukki and Schuller, but it didn’t always work and they got pretty close to goal a few times. Just the finishing lacked, lucky spain.
    Albiol(?) almost put the ball in his own net after a dangerous attack (again from Koke’s side) from Finland, but Casillas was alert.
    Too bad for Finland, they played like Hombres most of the time.

  • kris

    Oh,, thank you very much Ahmad for clarifying that.. I was just confused so much yesterday,, now it all makes sense.. But like piserakos said,, I think we want to get promotion from the 3rd division to Segunda this season,, that’s why Aquino stayed.. But still, I think he should have been loaned so that he could improve himself to become a 1st team material..

    Paulo, I agree Koke was not the most effective in right back,,, I don’t even know why VDB played like that.. IMO, should have put Koke in position of Xavi or Mario cause Mario didn’t seem that bright either..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    yeah, I agree with you both piserakos & kris,
    Atletico B is looking serious this season and they will work hard for promotion especially after we missed the play-offs last season because of only 6 points

    so that’s maybe why we kept Aquino & Bono at Atletico B, we could also say the same thing about Abdelkader Oueslati (Kader) who played some games with a big national team like Tunisia, which means he is also too good for the 3rd division

    I don’t know about Spain and Europe, but here in Arab world AlJazeera Sports has started to broadcast many of Segunda Division games after both Real Madrid Castilla & Barcelona B promoted and there become a “mini” Classico

    this means money, and we must have our share of it, and I guess that’s why promotion to Segunda is important to Atletico B

  • colchonero in sf

    Mario was impressive as double pivot