Atleti looking to change out back-ups?

Demichelis out! Alderweireld in?

Griezmann signed one year contract renewal on Tuesday

Although Argentine centre back Martín Demichelis was on the bench Wednesday night for the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup, reports have arisen that a deal has been struck between Atlético and Manchester City. The Premier League outfit is believed to be willing to pay around five million euros for the defender, who came in as a free transfer about two months ago.

Easy money, one might say, but what to do with it? Would the club use it to purchase some reinforcement at the back, or will half of the proceeds go to the taxman once again?

After the midweek performance, it’s clear that Godín and Miranda are indisputable starters. But is Giménez enough to cover them?

Last week, Belgian media reported that Atlético were looking to sign Ajax’ Toby Alderweireld. A first bid of four and a half million euros was said to be rejected; with Liverpool, and even Arsenal, showing interest, Atleti may need to raise their bid to the asking price of seven and a half million.

However, it seems Caminero is not giving up on the 24-year-old international.

‘Mega Toby’s agent, Sören Lerby, revealed to Dutch magazine Algemeen Dagblad this morning that Atlético’s negotiations were in the most advanced stages, and it may be a matter of days before an agreement is reached.

Do you think the 7.5 million price tag is too steep, considering he’d be a free agent next year? Could we find cheaper back-up?

  • starvs

    No doubt could find a cheaper one, but it’s okay to have some ‘ambition’ (compared to Cata…) for your backup at the position that currently anchors the team.

  • epoy

    Dominguez to come back!!!!! Just kidding…

  • yon

    Really only paying 2.5 for him if we sell MD

  • JohnGreece

    Given that we got 5 million from Demichelis and that our defensive duo is Godin-Miranda,what should we do?
    Hmmm,buying a cheap free CD and spend the money for a player we need for the midfield line,such as Diego,Mata,etc?No,no,no, better spend all 5 millions for a replacement CD..Yes,that’s brilliant!!!

  • Rowly

    Given the lack of genuine top class CB’s available to the top clubs, Alderweireld could be a good investment as if he does well & develops his value could rocket. If he’s as good as the previous Ajax & Belgium CB’s (Vermaelen, Vertonghen) then he should be a very good signing.

  • Vlad

    We need his back up!!
    I’d pay 2.5m for him (+5 for demichelis)

  • He’s not Vermaelen’s and Vertonghen’s level, but he’s pretty good for a third choice. He knows how to pass the ball well, too.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    according to MARCA, Alderweireld deal is almost sealed

    also on MARCA I found this poll:
    Is the sale of Demichelis a good operation for Atletico?

    I voted “Si” .. what about you ?!

  • piserakos

    well let’s see we take 5 mill for a player who is going to play one year(demi) and then leave for free and we buy for 7.5mil a young but experienced player with good potentials who we can sell him in the future and have our cd back-up for some years… that’s a good business…

  • Will

    I don’t remember the last time thsi happened but 3 Atlético’s players have been called up for Spain. Mario Suarez, Koke and Villa… Enhorabuena!

  • EC

    If he ends up costing only €2.5 mil nd what we got from demi then that is great business IMO. He is a really good young central defender who can also fill in at right back.

  • piserakos

    he will cost 7mill… and demi will be sold for 5mill… well done… will i’ve heard that… it’s really good… on euro we had juanfran and andrian after that we had torres and Ibáñez… so it’s been a long we had 3 players…:S i can’t even remember when

  • Fatah Kalluti

    He is not worth it ! i know him from the Dutch League, he makes alot of bloopers… I’m sure that Atletico has a better defender in their u-19 youth squad.

  • Heisenberg

    CB is the last place where we need a big signing. Miranda and Godin work very well together, they have a good dynamic and it should not be spoiled, they should play together when ever they can. Demichelis would be a great third choice when one of them is suspended or in need of rest. So I think this is a mistake.
    This money should have been spent better, on a midfielder.

  • Ali

    I think we should have Pulido be playing for us more often, not so much in the big games, but he is really improving. Buy him back from elche please! and he’s young, he’s been with Atleti since he was 16