Match preview: Sevilla vs Atlético

Another late night season opener for the Rojiblancos against a tough opponent

David Villa  (

David Villa

With what is without a doubt the most exciting fixture of the weekend, Atlético will commence their 2013-14 La Liga campaign away against Sevilla.

However, thanks to La Liga’s mystifying scheduling, the Rojiblancos will kick off their first game at 23:00 CET on Sunday.

The reigning Copa del Rey champions go into this thrilling season opener with a revamped squad but an almost unchanged first team.

New arrivals David Villa, Léo Baptistão, Martín Demichelis and Daniel Aranzubia are all part of a completely fit selection for tomorrow’s clash.

But only David Villa, brought in from Barcelona to replace star No. 9 Radamel Falcao, is expected to start against Sevilla.

The all-time Spain national team top goalscorer made his unofficial debut last weekend, scoring his first goal in Rojiblanco colours after only 40 minutes.

Atlético played their Andalusian rivals four times last season, defeating them both home and away in La Liga and eliminating them in the semi-final of the Copa del Rey.

In their last encounter, Falcao scored the only goal and Courtois made three saves to earn the Colchoneros a hard-fought 0-1 victory at the Sánchez Pizjuán.

Speaking on Friday, second vice-captain Raúl García said that Atlético are anxious to play and that they’re looking forward to facing a strong adversary.

“We really want to start competing. The first game of La Liga is in Sevilla, where we always enjoy playing, because it’s a difficult place. We really want to start by winning.”

Earlier this week, manager Diego Simeone also spoke to the press and looked ahead.

“We are working well. Now comes the most important part and we have to go into it with the enthusiasm and expectation that comes with being in a team like Atlético.”

Cholo also gave his take on tomorrow’s opponents, where star players like Álvaro Negredo and Jesús Navas have left this summer.

“Sevilla is a different team than last year, with players like Marin, Vitolo, Kondogbia, Bacca, Perotti… We’re talking about players at a high level. It will be difficult as always to play there.”

Sevilla will be without Carriço, Reyes, Trochowski, and Cicinho, due to injury, and Navarro, Cala, and Cristóforo, due to suspension.

Speaking this week, coach Unai Emery acknowledged the strength of Atlético, but said that “we have the hope and the belief that we can compete with them and beat them in the standings.”

Atlético match selection

Goalkeepers: Aranzubia, Courtois
Defenders: Godín, Filipe Luís, Manquillo, Juanfran, Insúa, Miranda, Demichelis
Midfielders: Mario, Koke, Raúl García, Arda, Cristian Rodríguez, Gabi, Óliver
Forwards: Adrián, David Villa, Diego Costa, Léo Baptistão

Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez

  • kris

    Atletico Madrid 2-0 Sevilla or Atletico Madrid 3-0 Sevilla. We can’t afford to lose this opener, and we can’t afford to concede at all. I hope Oliver,Villa,and Costa all shine.. Above all,, I hope Club Atletico de Madrid shines. Aupa Atleti.

  • starvs

    Would be great to start the season with a win of puta sevilla. Always gonna be tough on the road in Sevilla, I believe in this team though.

  • Vlad

    Got a bad feeling…. hate fuckin Sevilla

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    if I’m the coach I couldn’t decide who are the two players who should exit the list so it has 18 players,
    we must have on the bench a CD, a right back and a left back
    so Demichelis, Manquillo & Insúa must stay
    also it can’t be Oliver or Leo .. they both need some minutes and they can’t get it if they are not in the list !

    last season in Serie A they made a decision that all the squad can be in the list, and by all the squad they meant all the 23 or 25 players .. and we have seen benches of 12 players or more
    I guess it won’t be a bad idea for La Liga, especially for Real & Barca who have 25 players each who are almost at the same level

    and I dare to say that Atleti this season have 20 players who deserve to be in every game list

    what do you think my friends ?!

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    I totally agree with you there ahmad. Almost imposible to find the two outsiders. Although I could see Cholo delete Manqillo from the list as Demi is capable of playing right back (surely don’t hope thats what he’s gonna do). But you could see the same thing happen for Insuá as Cebolla also can play left back and he (Cebolla) can be an excellent sub from 60’th minute and after, with his great pace. Also Raul can bring goals, so he won’t be left out. So we come to Oliver he surely needs to be selected in to the last 18, you all know why. So now we only have Leo and Adrian to take from. No doubt Leo has shown the most in the pre season (IMO), but Cholo does obviesly have a thing for Adrian so it will be hard to see him being shown the cold shoulder. All in all I have absolutly NO idea of who should be trashed. It could be everybody.

  • ansharY

    I wonder if we can sign Falcao back from Monaco…. ok fine, who am i kidding.. doesn’t hurt to dream though.. haha

  • kris

    Ohhhh,, nooo,, not this $hit again.. We desperately want Ljajic and are going to be involved in the Doyen Foundation again to sign another player.. F**k! As much as I want this wonderful player in Atleti,, I don’t want this to happen to our club again.. Doyen will have probably complete control over Ljajic on when and where he will move in the future. Just like El Tigre.. My god,,, we have the money right now,, we can only have 18 players, so, if we want Ljajic sell Adrian for anything between 10-20 mil,, and buy Ljajic from the money we raise from the sale.. I don’t want this to happen once again in our club..

    Guys,, what do you think?? Should we use funding from Doyen to get Ljajic or what?? I am confused and worried right now…. I don’t want another El Tigre situation again. We need a player who is willing to play for us for a permanent basis.. Damn it.. I am so worried right now..


  • starvs

    It’s just another short sighted move to likely enrich a select few (Board + Mendes), without taking into account the long term success of the club.

  • pantic#10

    Post by Sevilla, Post by Atleti. great playing by Mario Suarez.
    Marko Marin is very strong.
    tough match, as always in Sevilla.

  • kris

    WOOOWW!!! GRRREATT GOOOALl!!! SPECTACULAR!! MYY GOOD!! Perotti!!! AND COSTA AS WELL!! THat’s what we need Costa for,, unexpected goalss.. Come on Atleti!! We need this winn!!!

  • pantic#10

    Koke+Miranda+Diego Costa = Goal! 1-0 Atleti.
    lucky because probably there was a penalty for Sevilla.
    while writing…Sevilla scored 🙁 super goal by Perotti…what a shot!

  • kris

    I seriously believe we are the second best if not the best counter attacking team in Spain. WOW.. And,, damn,, both our DMs are playing so greatly.. We got away with a couple of calls,, I know we can do much better. And BETO,, god damnit,, how did he manage to keep the David Villa shot away from the goal? We need this win,, come on Atleti!

  • kris

    OOOOH!! Oliver in!! Psyched.

  • Willen

    Óliver Torres in on 58′. Almost 30 minutes to the wonder boy.

  • pantic#10

    Oliver Torres in! we need him to win this match.
    I’ll change also Villa for Leo.

  • pantic#10

    Kevin Gameiro?! didn’t know that he signed for Sevilla!
    Cholo must have heard me 🙂 Leo for Villa.

  • Willen

    What a play of Óliver on 72′! It would have been a nice goal.

  • Willen

    GOAAAL! Diego Costa again! We really didn’t deserve it… who cares? Óliver is performing nicely. Still shy, but nicely.

  • pantic#10

    Golazo. Diego Costa. what a great player! c’mon 10 minutes and it’s over.
    Cebolla in, Koke out

  • pantic#10

    Marko Marin, he’s what is missing in our team. amazing player.

  • pantic#10

    AMAZING goal by Cebolla!! happy for him.
    Victory (maybe not so deserved….but it’s a victory), it’s finished!

  • kris

    No,, pantic we have Cebolla. LOL What a great goal.. Who would have thought?? Dayumm.. It’s really nice now how many options we have… That was a great goal from Costa as well.. Damnn.. Loving this team.. We are gonna achieve many big things.. We are gonna be hard to beat this season.. Great teamwork from everybody tonight.. Thanks for such an entertaining match.. Thank you Simeone.. You are the best, Simeone.!!

  • AndersAT

    Good match. Great result. Some nice goals and some decent moves from Oliver… Good day to be an atletico fan.
    Could have been nice with a goal from Villa though.

  • kris

    No, actually we deserved this. We were so sharp in every single counter attack.. This is a great counter-attacking team that Simeone has created.. Ohh,, and did I mention that our DMs were beast?? Damnn.. This is how I wanted our DMs to be..

    Oh,, Oliver,, you beautyy.. You are gonna be big for us..
    Depth in the team is what is gonna help us in three competitions this season.. We are gonna be HUGE this season.. I truly believe in this team..

  • EC

    Great result, if villa gets fitter and sharper and has a good season then I think we will be very good. Although I would still like a player like lacic or Diego to complete the team. I was quite impressed with baptistao when he came on aswell as Oliver

  • kris

    Oliver never fails to impress. You have to understand though, he wasn’t at his very best, since he is not natural at playing on the left, but he still did good on the dribbles and those quick passes.. As for Baptistao,, this guy is another beast we have captured.