OFFICIAL: Diego Costa renews contract until 2018

The beast will continue to haunt the Manzanares

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Costa (

This morning the club announced through their website that a new agreement has been reached with Diego Costa. Our controversial forward has signed until June 2018.

A few years ago, a new contract like this could very well indicate that the player was one foot out the door — remember one Kun Aguero? — but this time, the overall effect is simply the dispelling of nagging rumours that he is on his way to Liverpool.

“I’m very happy with the deal,” the 24-year-old said on the club’s website. “It’s a very special moment, I’m really happy here.”

He further thanked the club for keeping him around a long time. “I hope to become an even bigger footballer and win all upcoming objectives of the team.”

Caminero adds: “This was one of the club’s priorities and it’s great news. Diego Costa is one of the key figures in this team.”

It took the Brazilian quite some time to gain the respect and confidence of the fans, teammates, and the club. However, after his loan spell at Rayo two years ago, he managed to convince Simeone that he was starter material, and now defenders everywhere are frightened of him.

Last season he was involved in 17 goals — ten goals and seven assists (source: @OptaJose).

Further details about his buy-out clause and wages are not yet known.


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Firstly : Thank you Liverpool for remembering our board that Diego Costa needs a new contract !!
    I wish some club tell them that we have another player who also needs a new contract with a big buyout clause, and he is called Oliver !!

    Secondly : as I understood from the newspapers, Costa just had have a verbal agreement with the club for the renewal, but he wont sign any thing now (in fact he can’t sign now), and this why:

    we all know that LFP made a ceiling for Atleti spending in this transfer market, which is 30 million euros

    but what most of Atleti fans forget or don’t know is that LFP also have made a ceiling for our salaries, and if I’m not mistaken it’s 96 million .. and we are right now very close to that number, so we can not give Costa a new contract with higher salary this season, we have to wait to the next season so LFP could raise that ceiling (according to our financial state), or we could adjust to the roles by letting go of some of our players in the sake of keeping Costa

    Please correct me if I’m wrong

  • Derek Maaijen

    That is news to me, Ahmad. Where did you get that information?

    I’m always curious to find out what a player’s buyout clause is, I wish they’d just announce it in the press release!

  • Gert Jacobs

    If that’s the case Ahmad, it makes perfect sense why we didn’t sign Diego.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    this article was in MARCA in Monday

    then it was updated by this one which mentioned that he have signed the new contract

    both were only in the Spanish Edition, and honestly my Spanish is not too good

    but anyway, I’ve read about “the salary limit” many times in many sources including MARCA & AS, but I’ve never read about it here .. I wish you clear that up for us, because most of I’ve read was also in Spanish

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Gert : the problem with Diego Ribas is the transfer fee asked by Wolfsburg, but if we could sign him we would have another problem with his salary (although he was welling to make a significant cut of it)

    there was an article on AS about the salaries Atleti paying this season and the limit put by LFP,
    sadly I cant find that article and I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I remember that we were below the limit with very small margin .. I believe it was only 2 million ..
    our salaries were 90 million and our limit was 92, or 94 & 96
    something like that

    and Diego would earn from 3 to 4 million, maybe more .. so we would have a problem .. and the only solution would be to sell or loan one or maybe two players to keep the salaries under the limit

    and again, that’s what I understood with my weak Spanish Language !

  • Kaminero

    Roughly a month ago AS wrote that the budget limit imposed by the LFP is 86,7 million. This includes transfer fees, salaries, bonuses and so on. At the time Atlético was above that limit and had to offload players (

    Yesterday, Marca reported that Atlético are 5 million below the limit. The calculation is complicated because each transfer fee is divided by the number of years in the player’s contract. Hence, for example, a player whose fee was 15 million and has signed for five years adds 3 million to the seasonal budget plus his salaries (

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Thanks Kaminero for those 2 links,

    but AS article is a different one that I meant,

    so we were above the limit, then became 2 million below, and now we are 5 million below

    but what can we do with 5 million ?!

    looks like Aranzubia is our last signing this summer .. unless we found a free decent midfielder .. and I highly doubt that

    Damn .. it’s very hard to stay alive in La Liga

    in fact, under these circumstances Caminero is doing a great job .. I guess he should be nominated for Nobel Economy Prize !!

  • starvs

    Yeah, Caminero getting little credit as the movement has certainly left some to be desired, but have to consider what restrictions are being worked with.


    Might be a big season for Oli, hopefully it accelerates his progress instead of stunting it…..

  • Colchenero in CA


    While Raul Garcia may not be stellar and he makes me want to pull my hair out when he is in possesion or loses the ball- he adds an element that we are sorely lacking from midfield…

    He has a knack for scoring and has a deadly shot. That’s why we keep someone like Raul Garcia and make him 4th Vice Captain.

    Don’t get me wrong- I love Oli Torres and I am confident he will be the future for both club and country- he’s not going to get us goals between minutes 65 to 90 as a sub.

    Anyone else agree?

  • AndersAT

    I totally agree with Colchenero in CA.

    Raul Garcia brings something good to our team, especially as a substitute. I really can’t understand why some of you are so pissed of with him. He was our 3. most scoring player last year. Doesn’t that speak for itself. And he always brings fight and intensity.

    As for Oliver, i really hope he will develop into a great player like Koke. I can really se Koke and Oliver Torres as the centre of our team in the future.

  • starvs

    Raul Garica DID score some goals last year, but meh….his ‘deadly shot’ goes 30 feet over the net 70% of the time…

    Whoever is bought to replace him should be good for some of the goals losing him would account for…

  • Silchas

    Apperently Sevilla has buy Iborra from Levante for 5-6 Mio.
    But we don’t need a young spanish CM, do we? -.-

  • kris

    Umm,, guys,, I don’t see why you are favouring Raul Garcia. He is such a garbage player when it comes to keeping possession and staying in position. This guy plays as a striker when he is put in as a CM or a winger. LOL, his DEADLY SHOT? He ain’t go that. His goals last season weren’t even as impressive.

    And, how do you say Oliver isn’t better than him? He is already way better than him even at the age of 18. Oliver’s positioning is flawless, as well as his passes. His passes are so perfect, it’s so amazing how he does that.. In my 11 years as a Colchonero,, never have I seen a player that can pass like Oliver,,at least not when they were so young. We have never had such a great midfielder playing for us as long as I know. LOL Raul Garcia would never be able to give a long in the air through ball to the strikers up front, now would he? The way Oliver switches play from one wing to another, I really don’t see a lot of players who possess that kind of quality.

    As far as goals are concerned from a midfielder,, you are supposed to as a CAM like Diego is. Our formation doesn’t have a place for CAMS right now, so, we need to switch that around or something if we want goals from midfielders. And,, umm, if you have ever seen Oliver play, he isn’t even the kind of guy that actually assists right now,, at least when he was playing for La Roja. I don’t know how Mr. Simeone has decided to use our great talent, but he should be given much playing time this season. And if he is given a different kind of position in the midfield, he will do just that. If he is to play as a winger, he will be assisting many, as well as scoring, and if he is to be used as a CAM, I know he will do really great, and if he is used like he was for La Roja this summer in Turkey,,, he will be sensational as well. This guy is one of the best we have produced and we won’t ever let him get away from us. Forza Oliver siempre.

  • kris

    And guys,, have you heard that we might make a move for Ljajic if Adrian is to be offloaded? I wouldn’t like Adrian to be offloaded, but he didn’t do as much last season, maybe because of the rise of Costa or maybe he dropped his form after his successful season, but he wasn’t really that vital in our campaign last season. Ljajic will be a perfect addition to our squad as he can play as a CAM or a striker, and he is great at every position he plays in. Umm,, a journalist in Spain also confirmed his signing, but LOL,, why shall we believe pundits and sports writers who constantly say stupid things?? But this will be a really good move, but only if Adrian leaves for 15-20 million.

  • kris

    Silchas,,, nope. We have TWO named Saul and Koke.

  • Kulan

    Noone will pay 15-20 mill for Adrian. The board will probably jump at a bid around 10. 10 for Adrian, 10 for Ljalic. A good deal according to me even if I personally love Adrians style of play. With Leo we have a perfect replacement for Adrian and Ljalic offers loads of different options. Then Koke as a CM and the season can really kick off!

  • Alex21

    Kulan, my thoughts exactly. Ljajic can play striker, wing, or behind the striker which makes him more versatile than Adrian. I’d prefer him over Adrian, easily.

  • kris

    Well,,, yehh,, I should have been more realistic,, 10-15,, but Ljajic is better than Adrian so, I would rather have Ljajic than Adrian.

  • Atletico- palestine

    It seems we will have no one!!

  • kris

    LOL @Palestine. don’t think that way.. ahah.