Diego: “The club doesn’t think like Cholo”

Diego Ribas speaks to COPE radio about his unlikely return to Atlético

Atletico Madrid midfielder Diego Ribas

Diego in his time at Atlético (MARCA)

After months of speculation, Diego Ribas spoke to COPE radio to give insight into the rumours regarding his possible return to the Vicente Calderón.

The interview with COPE correspondent Pablo Bengoechea can be listened to here.

Reportedly, Diego Ribas was one player Diego Simeone specifically requested be signed for the upcoming season, but it appears as if the transfer is dead in the water.

This is what Diego had to say to his former coach:

“All I want to say to Simeone is thank you for your confidence. Everybody knows we have a special relationship. He’s one of the best trainers in the world and for me it was a pleasure working with him.”

The Brazilian, who played 43 games for Atleti, said he no longer thinks of moving back to Spain.

“Right now I’m only thinking about Wolfsburg. I don’t think Simeone’s thinking is the same as the club directors’. That’s why I’m staying here [at Wolfsburg]. I am happy here and I’m going to do the best I can to help this team.”

Diego also explained why his transfer to Atleti won’t be taking place.

“I have a year left on my contract. The relation that I have with the trainer, players, and the fans in Madrid is very strong, it’s incredible. But of course, every player has a price. It’s impossible to leave [Wolfsburg] if [Atlético] don’t want to pay.”

“It’s normal to request a transfer fee. If Atlético isn’t willing to make a minimal investment then it’s impossible. It’s up to Atleti if they’re willing to or not.”

In his interview, Diego appeared to be annoyed by Atleti’s unwillingness to compromise, something he says he has done and is willing to do again.

“The first time was in my first season, when I earned a million euros less than I would have earned at Wolfsburg. Then this time, again I was willing to make an effort. We reached an agreement, but not with Wolfsburg. You can’t expect someone to come without paying anything.”

“Football is like that, players have a price. Everybody knows I have great affection for Atlético, but for now, I’m happy in Germany.”

With Diego’s contract expiring next summer, can you see him joining Atlético on a free or is the relationship with the board beyond repair?

  • kris

    Great interview. And, no, I don’t see him joining us next summer for free.. He will either head to Brazil or Wolfsburg will give him a new contract this season. This just proves how much of @$$Holes our dictators are. %^Uking thieves Gil and Cerezo are.

  • yon

    wow this made me angry, very very angry!

    this one signing is enough to push us to challenge for top 2!

    if we had him last season we could have easily finished 2nd!!

  • yon

    anyone see that kid for PSV yesterday? Zakaria Bakkali! Get him signed up!

  • kris

    LOL The one that scored a hattrick? PSV aren’t gonna sell easily,, and umm.. I don’t think Caminero knows who that is. I don’t see us getting him right now. But that would be a great signing for us, BUT we don’t really need him right now, as we have got Baptistao who can play as a winger.

  • Everything Diego said in that interview is true. Our board has proven once again! And we want to challenge for the big spots with our board!? hahaha Gil and Cerezo too biggest jackasses in football after Jorge Mendes. If we get that one signing Diego (which won’t happen) our squad would be complete and we’ll be ready for the new season. But no… The board is too mediocre to realize that.

  • Silchas

    Some of you should stop dreaming. 😉
    Because if youwanr to raise a buy-out clause the player must be ok with it and this only happens if someone increase his salary to a certain amount.
    And common a 17 year old little boy, scores 3 goals against a team which haven’t win a single game since March and now he should be regular starter by us?

  • kris

    Silchas, of course not, LOL. He won’t even be on the bench for Atleti.

  • marcelo

    I thought it would be impossible to hate Gil and Cerezo more than I hate them atm……guess I was wrong

  • kris

    So psyched about the Aranzubia signing,, a DM or a CAM or both now, pleaaase!!

    And what is this advertising comment up here? wtf?

  • Adnan khan


  • Dircil

    I think it’s time we stopped worrying about D.Costa’s leaving.

  • Alex21

    Only through the end of 2015? What the hell?

  • Piserakos

    His current contract expires at 2015. We renew it until 2017

  • Milan
  • JohnGreece

    Witsel,benat,moussa sissoko,tiote,bender,inler,poli,medel,fellaini,mikel,leroy fer, cattermole,javi garcia,banega….There are many many good midfielders.
    We have the money to buy one of them and we need to buy a good central midfielder to step up level.So BUY a CM!!!!!!I’ll keep saying that even if the tranfer window closes.Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Silchas

    Marca reported that we have only 5mio left to buy a CM, but the wages are included in these 5mio. But if the player signs a 5 year contract we can spend 15mio after all.

  • Farid

    is it right we singed Aranzubia !!? wtf are they thinking !!? we need a fucking DM player !!! and CAM also !!
    but no our lovely fucking stupid management signed Aranzubia !!!!!! keep doing stupid things !! and what about Roberto and Moya ? what happened to them ?

  • Silchas

    roberto is a player from atletico. he is currently on loan by Olympiakos to play CL and leagues games.
    Aranzubia came because getafe needs to much time for the serach of an succescor of moya. So we signed Aranzubia for free as backup for courtois

  • kris

    Oh, so, now I know what happened with the 30 mil. I didn’t know salary was also involved in that, I only thought it was the transfer fees. So, lots of the money got taken up by Villa’s salary. Like what, 11 million for his signing and salary for this year? And then the signing of Roberto for 5.3 million, Leo for 6.1, and Gimenez for 800,000. Let’s add it all up. 11+5.3+6.1+800k would near somewhere in 23 million. I didn’t add up the latter players’ salary, excluding Roberto, it’d probably equal giver or take 2 million, adds up to 25 million. Now, we only have 5 million to spend.. Okay.. :(((

  • Benya

    Cattermole..I have seen it all now

  • kris

    LOL Pelligrini’s plan B is Demichelis if Pepe isn’t signed. It looks like Demi will be signing for Man City. Somewhere between 5-10 million. LOL.

  • k14

    If we sell him to ManCity for 10m …. I think that would be the most profitable (overtime ratio) piece of business ever 🙂

  • Russ

    John Greece 3/4 of those midfielders you mentioned have only just been transferred to a new team….playing football manager tut tut lol!

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