Costa: “I’m happy here at Atlético”

The Atlético forward addressed Liverpool's alleged bid for his services

Costa speaks to reporters at Madrid airport

Costa speaks to reporters at Madrid airport

Shortly after getting off the plane at the Madrid airport on Monday, Diego Costa was asked about all the speculation regarding a possible Liverpool bid for his services.

“I don’t know anything about it,” the striker told AS.

“I’m fine here. I’m happy here. The truth is, I have nothing to say as I’ve been in Argentina and Uruguay and haven’t heard anything about this.”

“I’m happy here,” Costa repeated. “If the club wants me to be here, here’s where I will be. I think the coach is relying on all of us here, not just on me.

“He knows how important it is to keep the group together. The fans know it as well.”

  • yon

    We love you Costa!!!!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    we are happy that you’re here

  • Fred

    Aupa Costa!

  • kris

    Costa 35+goals next season. COME ON COSTA!

  • starvs

    lol kris, the more you say something does not make it more likely to be true, I admire your dedication and persistence though; hope you right.

  • ansharY

    The related posts of de gea and forlan saying similiar things kinda makes u fear for the worst. I really hope Diego Costa stays on and scores that 35+ goals. @kris. =P haha i too hope you are right

  • kris

    Mates, I am just hopeful that he does, though. Not saying he will, though, ahha. Really optimistic and fingers crossed all season long.

  • Vlad

    Fuck it, I’m with Kris..

    C’mon Costa, 35+ !!!!!!!!!

  • Chewie

    Just realized that 35 goals will add up to a total of 100 career goals for Costa. What a milestone! Do it, Diego!

  • @Kris
    I’m also with you. Hope he leads the line and scores 35+ goals as well. But for him to do that he will need the support of the midfielders so i hope everyone does well next season!! 🙂

  • starvs

    Fuck ya’ll pessimists. Diego Costa: SEVENTY GOALS this season.

  • Will

    I go with starvs… 😀

  • kris

    YESS!! It will be very fun watching Atleti play next season. I think even funner than last season. We are gonna have a very great season. Aupa Atleti!

  • arjit

    I think so as well. I’m very excited about villa and Leo as well. Villa really brings his team mates into the play in a way falcao never did so I think the combination play up top is gonna be excellent. Leo is very very promising. And Of course we are all awaiting the rise of Oliver. I really want to see what Aquino can do as well. I’ve seen him give an excellent assist to Diego Costa and score a beautiful free kick but not much game footage. I cannot wait for the new season!

  • Kulan

    Capoue set for Tottenham. He would have been perfect for us. I really believe that we need another midfielder. Are there any good ones left?

  • arjit

    Luis Gustavo is being offloaded by Bayern. He’s a very good holding midfielder. 26 years of age which is perfect for us.

  • Silchas

    yeah and Wolfsburg gave a bid about 20mio.
    And what can we offer except CL. Oh yeah a loan where we say we pay 50% of the wages and at the End of the season we get sue by the player due to the fact that we paid only 20%. 😀

  • Atletico- palestine

    Capoue to tottenham!!!! This means we will not sign a DM. With gabi, mario and tiago we cant compete in 3 competitions.
    I think at this stage a WORLD CLASS definsive midfielder is a must.
    And i would love to know 60 millions of falcao where they went??

  • Epoy

    Costa = 35+ goals
    Villa= 20+ goals
    Leo and Adrian = 15 goals each

    LETS GO FOR THE QUAD!!! La liga, Spanish Super Cup, Champions League and defending del Rey!!!

    Aupa Atleti!!!

  • kris

    It may have been reported but the deal isn’t yet finalized for Capoue. Just like the Cardiff City deal before. We can still sign him as he stated before that we wants to play for us.

    Epoy,, yes,,,, come on.. QUAD to the Vicente Calderon. COME ON.

  • Ty Gambo

    You forgot Koke, Palestine, that’s one world class CM.

  • Silchas

    An he forgot our best friend Raul Garcia, who can play the position

  • starvs

    God damnit, how are we even still making jokes about Raul Garcia!? Get him the fuck out of here….

  • Dircil

    I guess you guys still remember this match and the way Diego Costa provoked Ramos and Pepe. It’s hilarious though!!!!

  • Vlad

    I love this guy!! haha

  • shlomgar

    Oliver to play along the back 2 or front 2 depends on the game. And if not, let Cholo put on the red and white once again!

  • Silchas

    Koke was nominated fpr La Roja against Ecuador.

  • Kris

    Seriously? Koke got called up for LA RojA? I am so happy. Hope he puts off a great performance.

  • Will

    Yep, came to bring the news too.. Koke has been called up and Del Bosque said “Koke is playing very well in his club. He is very complete in his job in the midfield doing, practically, everything.”

  • kris

    Lovely $hit that is, mate. Thank you for the information. I would love for him to make it to the World Cup even though, there’s many world class midfielders in La Roja. But, if Xavi can’t make it to the WC for any reason, then it’ll surely be Koke. I hope it’s Koke.

  • kris

    But, I think Xavi will play, but you know he’s aging slowly,,so,,

  • Jimbo_With_the_Dancingshoes

    Liverpool has lost interest! apparently because they mean that he has signed a new contract. Sounds fine by me. Does anyone else know something about this?

  • Piserakos

    I read costa renew his contract but financial matters are unknown. It is said that he has about 40-50 mil release cause