Money talking for Diego Costa?

Marca suggests Liverpool are willing to triple the player's salary

Diego Costa fights off Real Madrid (Helios de la Rubia)

Diego Costa fights off Real Madrid (Helios de la Rubia)

Spanish sports daily MARCA has today offered up more information about Liverpool’s proposed bid for Diego Costa, as the forward considers his future in Madrid.

According to the newspaper, it’s the one and only Jorge Mendes who has been offering our Brazilian superstar around the English Premier League at a ‘bargain price’ of only 25 million euros.

Liverpool are the only club so far to bite, and are reportedly prepared to offer €4m a year to entice the beast away from the Manzanares, more than tripling his current salary.

The €25m transfer offer is a shadow of the amounts paid for top strikers around Europe this summer. Falcao left sunny Madrid for €60m. Higuain joined Falcao at the Madrid-Barajas airport as he headed to Napoli for €40m. Edison Cavani moved to Paris Saint Germain in the biggest deal of them all for a massive €64m.

Costa has only 2 years left to run on a contract that expires in 2015; one that ranks him as one of the lowest paid players at Atlético. The player is settled in Madrid, but this wouldn’t be the first time Jorge Mendes has managed to convince a player to turn his back on Champions League football.

With Arsenal keeping a close eye on the situation in case their swoop for Luis Suarez comes up short, Atleti may face a battle to keep hold of one of their best players from last season. If they win the battle, they may still end up having to hand the Brazilian a bumper new contract.

What are your thoughts? Should we sell Costa now for a tidy profit of €25m, or keep him at Atlético and hand him a new and improved contract? 

  • Dircil

    keep him at all cost!

  • starvs

    If It facilitates a move for Santi…but I’m not optimistic about that or the boards ability to spend wisely/uncorruptly…

  • Randy German

    Keep him. Improve his contract.

  • kris

    Apparently, L’pool are willing to triple Diego Costa’s salary should he move to Anfield. If Costa does agree to play in a club not playing in the CL or even the EL,(nearly impossible, though) then okay, but we want a swap deal. We give L’pool Costa and 15 more million and they give us Suárez. How about that? Or else, this deal shouldn’t go through at all.

    So, that’d make Costa’s salary some 4 million plus, he currently earns 1.3 million. I am saying give him a new contract, up his release clause to 300 million, and up his salary, too, because he is one of the most important players in our squad right now, and he was vital for last year’s La Liga campaign and CDR glory, too.

  • starvs

    Come on people, Costa + 15 million for Suarez?

    Costs = 25.
    25 + 15 = 40.


    L’Pool is not letting Suarez go for anything near 40mil euros. Let’s get realistic here. There is negative chance Suarez is at atleti next year. And I haven’t even mentioned Luis’ salary yet…

  • kris

    Costa won’t leave then, well. If they can’t give us Suarez, then they can’t have Costa. Simple as that. But, I don’t know if FU%*ing, Gil even considers that.

  • kris

    WE have Fu^7ing thieves running the damn club.

  • Nick Poskitt

    Personally I wouldn’t want to see Suarez at our club… it was bad enough when we took Reyes…

  • kris

    Not really, if you look at it from footballing and marketing perspective. But, I don’t want Costa to leave at all.

  • MiAtlético

    I think you should keep him. I mean, this guy have high potenial.

  • Fred

    Keep Costa!
    He is soooo important for Atleti right now. Especially after letting el Tigre go.
    We can’t lose both our world-class strikers in the same summer.
    And there aren’t many that could replace him for any amount of $. Def no replacements that would cost the same amount

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    give him a new contract with a higher salary and a 100 million buy-out clause, and let see how good he plays in CL

    then we start to think if we should keep him or sell him

  • David

    Isn’t there a release clause in Costa’s contract? Apparently Liverpool match it. Does this mean that Costa is leaving or are release clauses not as definitive as they seem. How good is Costa in everyone’s opinion?

  • kris

    They have matched Costa’s release clause it they have really made a bid(seems untrue, though), now if Costa says he wants to leave, the club can’t say anything about that, but if Costa disagrees, then he simply stays put. Costa is a beast.

    35+ goals this season. Come on COSTA!

  • Raj

    Kris what are u smoking over there haha

  • kris

    Hope.. ahha.

  • Alex21

    Hope: the best kind of high.

  • kris

    *the best way to get high, ahha. Optimism is a great thing, though, it keeps your mind thinking at all times.

  • LosColchonero

    €300m release clause?
    The player will never agree to that.
    The best form of action is to improve his contract significantly, and to improve his release clause by another €10m. If you read Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski’s book “Why Do England Lose”, you’ll glean the cardinals of running a smart football club. In terms of performance, it has been shown that actually increasing players wages is more efficient to bringing in a new transfer; it is simply a cheaper and easier way to drastically improve performance. Ask Porto and Lyon. Finally, whenever a club receives a bid for a player that is more than their fair value, they should accept. Realistically, Diego Costa’s valuation a few years ago was nowhere near €25m. His current market value (as calculated by stands at €15m. In the past 12 months, his value has more than doubled from €7m to €15m. (See
    If the information in the article is to be believed, his book value at the club would be equal to only €2m at this point, giving the club a bumper profit.
    I do not want to see Diego Costa go, but let us be realistic he is not a pretty player, and he doesn’t excite potential suitors with his goofy but effective play. His strengths are in his (goal) strike rate and headers, his weakness in losing possession. This could be the highest valuation he might get during his zenith. In any case, footballing concerns aside – if his release clause has been met he will surely leave. Three times his salary in a better league with a stronger team, it will see him grow as a player. Also, if he wishes to make the World Cup – Liverpool has more credit than Atletico in that regard even if they are in a bad run at the moment.

    That’s my two cents.

    Signing a four year contract with Atletico at €1m

  • LosColchonero

    And for the debate about money versus loyalty and glory. Does anyone ever ask (or know) where do football players go after they retire?

  • Dircil

    what do u guys think about this dude?

    I wish we could swap him and Salah in this summer transfer period. They’re very potential to be the next big stars in a couple of years later.

  • piserakos

    i’ve heard arsenal give 28mil for costa… anyway atleti should call him and rice his contract(he gains 1.3 mill we should double it) and put him 5years more and rice his release cause(double it) so we will have 50 mill release cause and after that we should listen offers we could have more money…. if he wants to leave 25mill for him isn’t a small amount he is a risk maybe next season his value will be 30-35 but maybe next season that will be 5-6…. los colchonero my friend liverpool a better club and he will have more opportunities to play at world cup there??? what?

  • kris

    Is that why Coutinho has made the Brazil squad, Los Colchonores? What? Liverpool stronger and EPL better than La Liga? Complete BS, if you ask me. Liverpool are nowhere near Atleti’s level. EPL is nothing but running. No technical plays nothing. Just players chasing the ball like crazy. Can’t be,mate. This guy is only getting better. He barely even started to be in the starting XI. He will be valued at way more in the coming years. And, about that book thing, you think these new Arab owned clubs care anything about that stuff? They are crazy. They will be willing to pay anything for any player just to spend. Look at Fernandinho. Look at Negredo. LOL look at Marqunihos. They don’t care, they just spend because they like that. And, if we sell him, who will be able to replace him? I don’t see anybody replacing him, well at least at that price.

  • kris

    Holy $hit Dircil, that’s effing Schweinsteiger. Yes, dude. Yes. This is the type of player I was talking about. We need this guy. I feel so stupid to have known nothing about this kid. Salih Ucan is a beast. I don’t think Caminero would even consider him, though. That’s how dumb our board is. And his transfer value as stated on transfer markt is only 3.5 million. We have to buy this guy if we can. Thanks for letting me know about Ucan, Dircil. Thank you.

  • Dircil

    @kris: well, there is a channel called scoutnationHD on youtube where you can find decent and potential young players around the world. So far, Atletico has 2 and guess who, Diego Costa and Courtois have popped up on the list. I think Atletico’s scouting team might know about this player and they still keep a close eye on him. I’m pretty sure that his price tag will be unaffordable to Atletico in the future if we keep doing business like what we’re doing in this summer. Salah + Salih (well their names sound like they are a twin to me hahaha) = 20m are ok for me, considered the amount of money we get from the departure of Falcao. Having them in this summer would be a success for us.

  • piserakos

    3.5mill for ucan??? that’s good deal…. even for 5-6mil he will be great…. bring him… and i would sell costa only if we could buy santi with those mill

  • kris

    Thanks Dircil. Yehh, Mohamed Salah is hell of a player. Love that guy. Saw him play for Basel last season, and the guy is a real talent.

    Piserakos, don’t sell Costa. At this time right now, are you watching the Brazilian Connection, Leo and Diego up front are are frustrating defenders like crazy. When Garcia was in the match, Costa seemed bored as soon as changed it’s pace and so did Costa. I want to see more of this Brazilian Connection.

  • kris

    Damn, Leo is so fast.

  • David

    Look Kris, I know I’m Liverpool supporter but you are extremely wrong about the EPL. I know over the last year or 2 it hasn’t been at it’s usual standard but it’s still a much better league than La Liga. With the exception of Barcelona or Real Madrid La Liga isn’t great. A team 3rd or 4th in La Liga has no chance of winning the Champions League. 3rd and 4th in England are capable as shown by Chelsea and Liverpool. Also I know Alético has won the CDR but Liverpool has won the LC recently so saying Costa is taking a step down to Liverpool is silly. Liverpool took Torres before when they were at the same level and they will probably do it again with Costa. Anyway, Liverpool look very likely to get back in the Champions League this season if they can keep Suarez

  • LosColchonero

    I am an Atleti supporter but a realistic one. I was around the days when we had Kezman and Petrov, and when getting seventh place was fantastic. Liverpool are a stronger club because they compete in a stronger league, and by stronger I mean something very specific: money. The PL is the most successful football brand out there, rules and regulations are very clear and the PL collectively negotiates with its broadcasters and get bumper deals for their lucky 20 teams that term. Its such a great structure that American private equity firms have moved in and see them as viable investments: Liverpool, Man Unt, Aston Villa, Arsenal’s Stan Kroeke. Financially Atleti is only childs play, there are only two teams in Spain and they monopolize the market with about 40% of the beoadcast league budget going to them regardless whether they are first or second. The rich get richer and the poor poorer in Spain. Atleti, Valencia, Sevilla all had no sponsors starting last season; the latter two still don’t. Be realistic and get your head out of the sky, its types like you that run the bandwagon and opt for greener pastures when reality kicks in, hombre. Diego Costa is fantastic but if he is a rational human being he would move because Liverpool is a step up in his career, plus they can afford to pay him well.

  • EC

    I really don’t think the premiership is a better league than la liga. Everyone knows Chelsea were very lucky to win the champions league when they did. I think 5 out of the last 11 uefa cups have been won by a Spanish team. Also barcelona have won the CL twice recently and I believe Atletico have just as much chance if not more of winning next year as pretty much any English team because tbh no English team is that good atm. Barca, Real, Bayern, Dortmund and soon maybe even PSG are stronger than any team in the premiership. Just because sky says it’s the best doesn’t mean it is. I recently recall bilbao tearing Man U apart and Athletic tearing man u apart. The only reason the premiership is even remotely entertaining is even with all that money the still need billionaire owners pumping money into city and Chelsea. If the did not have that it would be the most dominated and least competitive league in the world. Man U have own like 70% of the last 10 or 11 titles

  • EC

    Atletico tearing Chelsea apart*

  • kris

    First of all, a league with all the stars that can’t even produce their own stars shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. Just think of what the Premier League would be without foreign players that they didn’t produce to that of La Liga. La Liga clubs would absolutely smash the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City. Most of their English players are overyhyped and overpaid.

    There is no technical play. Almost everything involves fast play and physicality, it’s at some time really unattractive. I agree though, Premier League would suit Diego Costa perfectly as he is a very physical player.

    I agree Spain’s economic system is complete $hit, and so are the scumbag owners running the 70% of La Liga clubs and the LFP doesn’t do anything about that, but football wise any one would choose La Liga overy EPL. Unless you are a greedy Motherf&8ier, who only cares about money. I still don’t see, though, why you think Liverpool would be a step up for his career if it’s not for money.

    But, I don’t even know I am arguing about this when I already know that Costa isn’t moving anywhere. Costa personally has to agree with signing Liverpool contract even if they match the bid, which they haven’t even made. Don’t trust SkySports.

  • Fred

    For me La liga, serie a, and bundesliga are superior to premier league.
    They are far more entertaining to watch. From what I can tell, epl is only as popular as it is because it has been and still is more accessible to watch on tv.
    Yeah Epl has money, but they aren’t doing much with it in the form of creating an entertaining sport to watch.
    I prefer to watch Spanish, Italian, and German football games on a $hitty Internet feed over an HD epl game, most of the time.
    I watch epl games when I don’t have any other football to watch.
    It’s just not that exciting.
    And money doesn’t equal quality. There are plenty of examples of teams with 1/10th the budget competing with epl teams.
    CL tells all. Even last year, Chelsea and man city (two of the top spending teams in Europe) didn’t make it past the group stage. While Malaga, Dortmund, Valencia, and many others did.
    Epl fans need to get their heads out their ____!
    It’s just not that great right now. And i’m tired of hearing ppl trying to hold on to remnants of the past. It WAS great, and prob will be again. But it isn’t that great right NOW!
    Aupa Atleti!

  • kris

    ^Amen. Nicely said, Fred.

  • David

    The EPL is a better league in terms of entertainment, financial responsibility and being modern. The league is only ever going to go to one of two teams(Barcelona or Real). Ever other team is just playing for a champions league. This means the only games that appeal to neutral people are the El classicos. This year there is potentially 6 teams that could win the EPL, not 2. A lot of games appeal to the neutrals globally such as the Manchester derby, Liverpool-ManU, Arsenal-Chelsea, Arsenal-Tottenham etc. The league is never won a margin of like 30 points and every league is decided in the last few weeks of the season.

    La Liga is disgracefully bad for helping clubs with their finances. The broadcast rights of LFP mean Barca and RM get the majority share, something like 40% of it. Other La liga teams struggle with this as evident by the lack of competition in the league. In England it’s fair and even splitting equally 20 ways for 20 clubs. So Hull City(minnow) get the same money as Manchester United. If a club gets relegated from the EPL they get parachute payments of like £90m over 3 years. I doubt it’s like that in Spain. Clubs in the EPL rarely go into financial difficulty where as it seems like it is happening every season in Spain. The Bundesliga is actually the best for being financially sound

    When I mean modernization, I mean the EPL and England as a country are much more sensitive to ethical issues, equality relations. It’s shocking at some of the games in Spain where a player of a different colour is abused by racist chants. Even the Spain’s “Chiefs” deny this when it so obviously happens. This never happens in England as player never get insulted based on their religion or race. If it does happen, the consequences are quite severe.

    But with all that said there is a lot a things I admire about the Spanish game. They produce great players. I don’t even have to name them there is so many.

    It’s great for players from South America trying to make in Europe. Similar to the way France helps African players.

    Barcelona’s philosophy and team. In my opinion, the Barcelona team under Guardiola was the best ever. Many teams in England have looked to copy Barcelona’s “tiki taka” or death by football as seen at Liverpool and Swansea.

    The history of Barcelona and Real Madrid is phenomenal.

    The Spain national team.

    On another note I hate when Sky calls the EPL the best league in the world. Nobody should have to say it, they should show it.

  • kris

    There’s not a lot I can disagree with what David commented. I love the fair share in Premier League, and B’liga is way better financially than La Liga. And yes, it’s very modern. BPL gets their TV rights all across the world. I was never even gonna argue about the financial situation in Spain. It’s just ridiculous and very unfair. However, if it were to be football wise, I can debate that at all times. I have seen all 20 teams play, which I doubt, hardly any PL fanboy has seen. The football is just much better, though, than the Premier League. Premier League is very fast paced but it isn’t as quite tactical as the Spanish Primera Division. Premier League is shown on the national sports channel many times, while the Liga is hardly ever broadcast on national television where I live.

    So, in terms of fame and money, I would prefer PL any day over La Liga. But, if I want to play technical football, then La Liga over EPL any day.

  • Farid

    Wtf is going on guys ??! I just can’t believe that a club like Atletico Madrid can’t keep his superstaras!!!!!Falcao gone and now Costa ?? And in next season we will play in CL that’s means we need every superstar to stay with us not to sell them!!!!!stupid manegment :)

  • EC

    My only problem with what David said is the myth that the premiership is very competitive. It clearly not, people keep saying teams like arsenal and spurs can win the league when infact they can’t and don’t. They have about as much chance as a team like Valencia does of winning la liga. In the past decade or so it’s basically been a one horse race Man U all the time with the odd upset. As I said earlier it’s only because of billionaire owners that give man city and maybe Chelsea a chance

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    Well how about even?
    Fulham and Betis just tied
    I know I know it was a friendly but the conitions were the same for both teams.

  • kris

    ahha, LA Galaxy beat Juventus 3-1, MLS>Serie A?? ahha, but I watch both leagues so, I could care less about this La Liga>EPL EPL>La Liga topic. It is really old, and I hate when people and myself keep on bringing it up. This is like Messi>Ronaldo topic. And, as, Atleti fans we shouldn’t be discussing on this page. Please let’s just end the discussion here. Thanks.

  • ansharY

    I agree with you Kris. It’s as old as the soccer/football topic. =P