Liverpool bid €25m for Diego Costa

Reports suggest that our Brazilian hero could be on his way to Anfield

Costa to join Liverpool?  (

Costa to join Liverpool?

English Premier League side Liverpool are understood to have made a bid of €25m for Diego Costa, our South American superstar, according to reports.

Costa, who scored the equaliser against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final in May, stole the spotlight from Falcao on more than one occasion last season.

His antics, as well as his goal scoring ability, endeared him to rojiblanco fans after a number of seasons out on loan.

Liverpool are said to be looking for a striker in case they fail in their attempts to keep Luis Suarez at Anfield. The Uruguayan confessed his desire to leave the Merseyside club at the beginning of the summer, and Liverpool have so far resisted an offer of €45m from rivals Arsenal.

Costa had a fantastic season in 2012/13, his best for Atlético, scoring 10 goals in 31 league appearances. He also finished as top scorer in the Copa del Rey, netting one more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Reports are suggesting that the bid has activated Costa’s release clause, and that nothing should stop Liverpool discussing personal terms with the 24-year old.

UPDATE: Reports in the Spanish press claim Atlético have denied receiving any bids from Liverpool or any other club, and insist that Diego Costa will be staying with Atleti for the forthcoming season.

Costa wouldn’t be the first player to leave the Calderon for Liverpool in recent years, but would you want to see Costa go?


  • Vlad


  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes


  • starvs

    At this price I am fairly indifferent. It’s a good price, but he’s also a good player who I like. Guess it depends how much faith you place in atleti board to 1) spend the money at all 2) spend it wisely….

  • Lubo

    I have to confess, that everytime when choosing one player to stay and other to go (between Costa and Salvio) I was all-in with Costa to be sent on loan. I was incredibly mad when we sold Toto making favor to this guy, but maaaan, after this season.. Costa is a beast of a player (Toto is extraordinary too) and shouldn’t be sold. No, he can’t be sold! I don’t believe we can replace him. For no money in the world.

  • piserakos

    costa is great…. i agree with lubo… but let’s see… 25million?? we can buy cazorla with these money so then for me it’s ok, i would like to sell him for more but 25mill isn’t a small amount espatially for a player who before a year wouldn’t cost more that 7-8mill at any team… so i can say yes and play at a 4-2-3-1 now we need 1 offencive mid and if we have money one central mid or 1 back-up striker(i think leo can be that back-up)

  • Imran Khan

    I completely agree with piserakos….

  • piserakos

    oh.. what about nasri?? i think we can buy him for about 20mill if costa leaves then we should take a look at him

  • I agree with piserakos too.
    It’s time to take a better look to the market if Costa leaves. €25m is OK for Costa, I guess, not for sure.

  • Please no. Don’t let all be ruled by money…

  • yon

    No this can’t happen! I will die

  • starvs

    Can’t see Arsenal selling Santi for any amount at this point really. They can’t not buy a single player (that may not be 100% accurate…) and then sell their best player. A club of their “ambition” (yeah, I put that shit in quotes!) just can’t do that.

    I would love it though…love the shit out of it…

  • SoLobo

    The board has already denied the speculation. No offer has ever come to us and we are not willing to sell him. (AS had a contact with our board – )
    If Diego Costa is also sane enough, he ‘ll prefer Atleti over Liverpool. No offense, Liverpool was a legend, but right now is struggling each year to qualify for Europe. Does Costa want to be there? Well if he does, good bye! But he ‘ll stay put, no doubt.

  • If we had a smart board I wouldn’t have mind to see him leave because our board doesn’t know how to spend money on quality players but Costa is happy here and he is enjoying his football. Whats the need to sell him? And Atleti need him next season. He’s an important player for us and will be next season. I want him here 🙂 I think he should stay 🙂

  • EC

    He was good last season but If it were up to me i would sell him as that is a lot of money. As stated before he wasn’t worth anything near that before last season. It all would depend on how much we got to spend on new players. if we got a large amount of it along with the small amount of money we already have we could maybe sign a couple of good midfielders or a good mid and even another striker. On the other hand i do like him and would be happy for him to stay as he is getting better under simione. I also doubt this rumour is true though

  • EC


  • kris

    Costa isn’t leaving. I rest my case. And Liverpool may have history but they can’t compare to us, but if they do want Costa, then take him and give us Suarez for 15 million, how about that?

  • EC

    If we managed to get a deal for Suarez out of this that would be a dream, he does want out of the prem :p.

  • Alex21

    I can’t believe the bandwagon and fickle of everyone. The matter of fact is that Costa is only getting better, we need to buy players, not sell them, and our board would do nothing with the funds. Stupid stupid situation and i pray it doesn’t happen. I agree, 25 million is a good price for him seeing as jovetic went for that, but c’mon everyone. We just let go of our other striker. You all want 2 new different strikers in front? Hell fucking no. Talk about a morale killer.

  • mohamed

    nooo justt NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 25 mil is alot of money, but costa is worth more+we won’t even find a good replacement for him with that amount of money :/

  • kris

    Exactly, Alex, that’s why I said Costa+15 million and we get Suarez, which is very unlikely to happen. Costa won’t leave. He is still gotta get me my 35+goals this season.

  • Mike

    Only do it if its a package deal for Suarez otherwise keep him. This is his year to shine and plus if he plays good his value will increase and we could get more cash for next season

  • Ian

    I’d like to keep him..
    He’s been with us for so long, loaned out to a couple teams, and he could be a legend…
    I’d say we keep him…

  • Vlad

    In any case.. We should start placing higher release clauses on our players, just like Porto and Benfica.

  • Dircil

    25mil can be a good deal if we have at least 2 likely targets that are equally good or better than Diego Costa and are at a lower price tag. However, I believe if we sell D.Costa for 25m, other clubs can notice that and play hard on us when it comes to buying their players. Perhaps, they would charge us higher than they would if they know we just got a huge amount of money. Hence, I’m not in favor of the idea of selling Costa at the moment. He has a lot of potential and will grow up to the level surpassing Falcao in the future.

  • Alex21

    Vlad you are exactly right. All of our players buyouts should be higher. Arda, Koke, Oliver, Costa, Leo now, Saul. All should be higher. Don’t let the fate of your players rest in the hands of other teams just because you did a shitty job at pricing your players. Especially young Oliver….34 billion should work.

  • MR

    1: 25 millions is way too little money for him considering Bale is worth 120, Cavani 64, noname Brasilian teenagers 30-40…
    2: we really can not replace him, he has a fantastic combination of clinical finishing, great phisical qualities, and he drives all defenders crazy with his mentality.
    3: he is aware of the fact that Atleti is fighting for at least top 3 finish in Liga, challaneging in CL, while Liverpool has no chance even for qualifying for next years CL, they are way too far behind MU, MC, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tham + they are underachieving for the last 20 years. Atletico are much much stronger than Pool nowadays.
    Last but not least, Diego Costa is my personal favourite, so he is staying, that’s all.

  • Urban

    I cannot even consider this knowing that, as it was with Falcao money, the entire amount will disappear (hopefully to pay the debts, and who knows what is the worst case scenario)….

    I dont trust our board. We were supposed to spend entire 30 mln and now we spent like 10 and Cerezo is clapping his mouth that we already have “equipazo”, while it is clear to EVERY supporter that we need a boost of quality in the middle, in particular decent DM (Capoue?) and a creative playmaker (Diego, Cazorla, etc.).

  • Paulo

    The buy-out clauses for Atleti players should absolutely be at least twice the amount they are at the moment. I mean… WHERE’S OUR DIGNITY?

  • Luis

    As much as 25mil is good money, I think it’s imperative that we keep hold of our strongest players. Costa, as proven last season, is definitely one of them. Simeone is working very hard with the squad we have and selling some like Costa would disrupt that. I highly doubt Costa would want to move to Merseyside playing thursday nights.

  • piserakos

    @luis they don’t… they play nor at europa…. no europe for liverpool hahaha(sorry for my empathy for this club but i don’t like them:P)

  • kris

    Give these two new contracts and make their buy out clause like this: Costa: 300 million, Oliver:400 million. Come and get them if you please. Even those Russians and Arabs.

  • Peter Oliver

    LFC much bigger than AM!!!! 5 European Cups, 2005 last time we were champions of Europe, finalists in 2007, when was AM last European cup???????

  • Alex21

    Peter Oliver, what the fuck are you doing on an ATLETICO MADRID site? Fuck off.

  • Helpful person

    Liverpool haven’t qualified for Champions League in the last 3 seasons at least! You’ve also not won your own domestic league coming up 25 years… AND 4 of those European Cups were from 1 team!

    Players nowadays don’t care about the history of a club, it’s not that high on their agenda. They want to know that their club is going to be competing for trophies and winning them!

    Because of that, they’re only going to look at the last 5 years. And tell me, who is the bigger team now?

    EXACTLY! That’s why Suarez is on his way out…

  • Nick Poskitt

    Last time we were champions of Europe? 2010, when we beat Inter in the Super Cup, and then again in 2012 when we beat Chelsea!

  • piserakos

    peter my friend you are ridiculous as nick said at the last 4 years we have 4 european cups so????……….yes that’s correct you should not talk

  • Ty Gambo

    Hey let’s keep the atmosphere positive, guys!

    Don’t fall into the hatred of the one trying to start fights! Leave him alone, leave him be, Atleticofans of all be free!

  • kris

    What is this troll trying to start? Ban Peter Oliver.

  • Fred

    As a fan of Liverpool in the epl ( though not a huge fan of the epl in general), and an infinitely bigger Atleti fan, I have to say Atleti are leaps and bounds beyond Liverpool at the moment.
    And I LOVE costa.
    He has all the qualities we need in a forward.
    The only logical way for us to let him leave for lfc is in a trade plus cash for Suarez, who would bring in all the qualities we need.
    No other option in this deal.

  • kris

    Agree 100% with Fred. And, Liverpool are my PL team too, if I were to support any.

  • kris

    Apparently, L’pool are willing to triple Diego Costa’s salary should he move to Anfield. If Costa does agree to play in a club not playing in the CL or even the EL,(nearly impossible, though) then okay, but we want a swap deal. We give L’pool Costa and 15 more million and they give us Suarez. How about that? Or else, this deal shouldn’t go through at all.

  • kris

    So, that’d make Costa’s salary some 4 million plus, he currently earns 1.3 million. I am saying give him a new contract, up his release clause to 300 million, and up his salary, too, because he is one of the most important players in our squad right now, and he was vital for last year’s La Liga campaign and CDR glory, too.