Three years of memorable moments – the goals! celebrates turning 3 with 3 memorable goals from the last few years

Aguero celebrates after scoring against Inter Milan

Aguero celebrates after scoring against Inter Milan turns three years old today, and as a birthday celebration, we’re bringing you a series of articles remembering 3 great goals, games and moments that we’ve had the joy to cover over the last 36 months. First up – the goals!

Picking just three goals from the hundreds we’ve scored since we launched on August 1, 2010 is an impossible task, but one that brings a whole load of memories flooding back. That’s why I’ve decided to go with three that hold a special memory for me, and not the obvious ones that you might expect! There will be no extra-time headers from Miranda featured here! (Although, here’s a link if you can’t resist!)

First up is hardly a goal of the season contender, but it is the one of the most special goals for me. Our match against Inter in the UEFA Super Cup final was the first competitive game we covered here at AtleticoFans, and the first to make me lose my voice. Already 1-0 up after a superb goal of his own, Sergio Agüero gets on the end of a cross from Simao to double our lead and put the tie beyond doubt. There was even a late penalty save from De Gea to put the icing on the cake.

It was tough not including Reyes’ strike against Inter in our trio of memorable goals, but there was one goal from the Spaniard that stuck in my mind more than any other. I remember being absolutely dumbfounded when this one went in. Just five minutes into our 3-1 win over Villarreal, Jose Antonio Reyes picked up the ball in midfield, shifted the ball onto his left foot and curled an absolute beauty into the top corner.

And how could I have any kind of list reflecting on the last 3 years and not include a goal from our most popular player of the period? Falcao scored a good number of golazos during his time at Atlético, including a hat-trick against Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup final, a stunner against Athletic in the Europa League final, and of course that overhead kick against America de Cali at the end of the 2012 season.

This one though, was my favourite, from the Europa League semi-final in 2012. A cross-field ball found El Tigre with all kinds of room, and our Colombian hero raced forward, took it away from 2 defenders and then smashed it into the back of the net. What a goal!

These are just a few that I selected, but I know there are plenty more that I wanted to include! What are some of your favourites from the last 3 seasons? 

  • starvs

    Unfortunately Reyes video is not working (at least not here in USA), and I cannot find it anywhere else via google :/

  • Helpful person

    I can only find it on YouTube! Regional copyright and all that… you could try googling ‘youtube proxy’ and see where that gets you?

  • Imran Khan

    My favorite Falcao’s goal vs Barca in Camp Nou

  • piserakos

    starvs see it a youtube i think it will work(it works for me)… i agree about the goals…. aguero’s goal is connected a lot with this cite and gave us a trophy, reyes goal?? extraordinare fantastic superb goal…. as about falcao’s goal i admit that’s my favorite goal from falcao but i would use his 1st goal at europa league final

  • Nick Poskitt

    @piserakos – I struggled with which Falcao goal, but I just remember the one against Valencia putting the cherry on what was an absolute thrashing! Final goals would have been too obvious!

  • piserakos

    @nick…. you are right i remember mine celebrate and i can say i celebrated that goal equal with the final goals(against bilbao and chelsea) maybe cause that was superb goal… and i can remember that i criticased falcao at all his career(i thought he was ovarrated) but after that goal… i stopped for ever…