Giménez: “Signing for Atlético is a huge step forward”

The 18-year-old Uruguayan defender showed excitement at his presentation

Gimenez is presented by Atletico Madrid

Giménez in his new stripes

Not much fanfare surrounded the presentation of  Uruguayan central defender José María Giménez that took place on Wednesday, likely due to the fact that the deal for his transfer from Uruguayan side Danubio was completed three months ago.

The player is still fairly unknown to Spanish supporters, but his record, in any case, is at least promising.

Though still very young, he was a starter with the recent U20 World Cup runners-up, Uruguay.  Atleti supporters familiarised themselves with their new back-up defender throughout the competition, especially during the match that knocked out Spain (we all remember Manquillo’s heartbreaking tears at the end of the match).

Giménez has only had 16 appearances with Danubio, yet was considered a starter and was appreciated for covering the central defender or right fullback positions effectively. Cutting “Cata” Díaz and Pulido loose to allow space for Demichelis and Giménez seems a calculated move by the club, who are seeking more versatility in the back-up players.

Giménez started the preseason the day before his presentation at Majadahonda with the rest of his new teammates, and is set to stay in Madrid while most of the team travel to Argentina for the next round of the preseason. He will be kept company by the most of the recent signings, as well as the Spanish U20 trio Manquillo, Saúl and Óliver.

“We bring a player aboard that is what we seek in every signing: courage, personality and talent combined,” president Cerezo stated at the presentation. He went on to define him as swift, talented with the ball, and agile.

When asked about the short hiatus between the end of the U20 World Cup campaign and his official start as a Rojiblanco, he wasn’t upset: “Signing for Atlético is a huge step forward in my career. It is well worth missing most of this year’s vacation.”

The player provided very few headlines when he fielded questions by the press, though he did exhibit a lot of self confidence.

When asked whether he preferred to play in central defence or as a fullback, he was very clear: “I think I can get the job done in both parts of the field. I like playing in either position and don’t prefer one over the other.”

When asked to describe himself he said, “I’m very fast and tough, I play each ball as if it were the last one.”

“I’ve only been here for two days. Having “Cebolla” and Godín aboard have made things easier these first days, but everyone is being very kind and helpful, so it’s been easy to adapt.”

He spoke more on having the chance to learn from Godín: “He’s very important for Uruguayan football. He’s definitely someone to look up to. I want to learn a lot from him. My style is to play it safe and not leave the defence unguarded. I hope I can find my space and become useful to the group.”

Giménez is yet to be assigned a squad number.

  • kris

    Gimenez is gonna give a competition for the defenders we currently have. Watch. If you saw him playing for Uruguay, you will definitely know why. This kid has got massive talent. Tall, great clearance of balls, great tackles, positioning almost flawless. Jose is gonna be massive.

  • kris

    Gimenez is gonna give a competition for the defenders we currently have. Watch. If you saw him playing for Uruguay, you will definitely know why. This kid has got massive talent. Tall, great clearance of bals, great tackles, positioning almost flawless. Jose is gonna be massive.

  • Alex21

    Oh i can’t wait for Jose to start playing. I’ve only seen him in highlight reels on YouTube, but am really excited to see what he’s made of. Maybe he can learn under Godín this year and then we can cash in on Diego and have Jose the starter, huh?? Haha, just wanna see our younger players do well.

  • Urban

    Im with you Kris. Everyone who watched the recent world cup will know that this guy is a dimond. He only has to play as often as possible so he does not rot on the bench. Simeone was super reluctant to experiment with the back line las years and this may be a massive problem for Jose.

  • SoLobo

    Pizzi sold to Benfica as PART of the deal for Roberto? And we have bought Pizzi for 13.5m? How much does Roberto cost? All this “game” with the managers makes me wanna laugh (or cry). Did we just pay our pimp?

  • Sebyk

    Man, calm down 🙂 We paid 13 million for Pizzi in the same way that Zaragoza paid 8 million for Roberto three years ago. In the end it came out that Zara payed less than 1 million and the whole operation was a strange sort of a 5-year loan with a small part of the player’s rights included. It seems to me that now we’ve just swapped Roberto’s rights for the ones for Pizzi, I highly doubt that Atlético as a club contributed to the financial operation at all. It’s all about the investment funds around this where Mendes & co. launder money and manipulate with the football market. And yeah, it’s pretty sad – can’t believe UEFA doesn’t do anything about it (on the other hand, what did UEFA ever do?)

  • kris

    No, well, we never bought Pizzi. It was all Gestifute’s money, so.. And yehh, Sebyk,, really sad that we have such corrupt organizations running football everywhere.

  • SoLobo

    Sebyk, I suspect it ‘s exactly your way, and I really hope this is it! And yes, it ‘s time FIFA did something about that…

  • kris

    Guys, this is getting ridiculous. The Estudiantes game right now. There is absolutely no creativity in the midfield. Only one of Mario or Gabi when the league starts. Use Oliver in place of one of those two dms because they don’t add any creativity at all. Pathetic that is, we have to play long balls like the U.S team.

  • Silchas

    first of all you should not overestimate this game, not espicially this game but all friendlys.. this game is our first friendly against a worthy opponent. Second, its the second game in preseason, our first important game is in around 4 weeks until then the team will be well-rehearsed and motivated. third fuck all creativity, last year we focused on counter-attacks and it worked well, so why change? 😀

  • kris

    ahha, Silchas, true. It’s sure Demi won’t be starting next season, though. Insua was pretty good going forward. But, no, dude, I think a big part we lack in is creativity. I don’t think we should have Mario starting games when he is playing so horrendous. What I observed though, which these friendlies are mostly for is that, Mario was doing too much in this game and I don’t think he adds anything to our game. See, because we did not have anybody in the midfield creating goals for Costa, he couldn’t score. That was our main problem last year too, that was why we were able to score much fewer goals than other big teams even with the tiger himself, Falcao. If only we had somebody creating goals in the middle, then we would have been at least 2nd last season, with the same defense. So, yes, a creator is needed in the midfield for us to score lots of goals. Oliver will be a beast of a CAM, if nobody is bought.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I totally agree with Kris,
    one of Gabi & Mario is more than enough (especially against weak teams)

    1 DM + Koke as CAM,
    and in front of them : Arda & Oliver
    and 2 strikers : Costa & Villa
    or Adrian or Leo beside Arda & Oliver, and one striker

    both Gabi & Mario have no attacking role because they don’t have any attacking skills
    I guess we are the only big club who does that !

  • no attacking skills at all is an overstatement, of course.

    Gabi is a pretty good passer and Mario’s running helps moving the play forward as a box-to-box player.

    But I do agree only one of them is needed in the starting line-up with Koke as the other central midfielder.

    But it’s not just that department, the players in front of them need to position themselves creatively, too.
    Most creativity comes from the player receiving the ball, so it might be the case that some work is needed there.

    Look at Oliver at the U20 World Cup, he was clearly the most consistent and creative player, but it was clear he had to keep the ball with him a bit too long numerous times because there was no creative movement from Deulofeu and Jese, etc.

    I’d like to see that lineup, Ahmad, wouldn’t be surprised to see 4-2-2-2 this year with the players we have, two players for all positions in midfield and offense, with

    Courtois, Bounou,
    Miranda, Godin, Demichelis, Gimenez,
    Manquillo, Juanfran, Insua, Filipe,
    Tiago, Mario, Gabi, Koke,
    Raul, Oliver, Arda, Cebolla
    Leo, Costa, Villa and Adrian

    Looking at that list I’m mostly worried about the offensive midfield, since we lack someone with pace, plus Cebolla and Garcia aren’t exactly known as the Houdini’s of the footworks.

  • Scott

    To you guys talking about Mario Suárez, I think if he’d just put in the kind of performance like he did in the Europa League final against Bilbao in 2012, he would be an awesome player for us. Unfortunately, that surely isn’t the case. Just look at how well he performs as a defensive midfielder, who’s just in front of the defense.

  • kris

    @Ty, we do have players for each role, but not all of them are quality players in their positions. Other words, we have a very WEAK bench. This is what leads me to comment yet again that we should buy at least one more midfielder if we can. But you see, even without any CAM, I think we can still utilize Oliver very well, and develop him to become like the likes of Kaka,Diego,Ozil, you get my point. But, this year, I don’t think we should push him too much and add pressure to his young age. He will get plenty of minutes but he shouldn’t be playing too much, because it’ll add a lot of pressure on him and that might be bad for his development. That’s why I say, once again, that another midfielder is needed, a top midfielder who is good at counter attacks, and someone that can create as much balls as possible for the two strikers. But, yes, Oliver will still have to play plenty of minutes and games to develop but not too much games and minutes.
    @Scott, That was one of Mario’s best games ever.

  • Silchas

    If i were Pizzi, i would think that none team for which i signed want me really. I say that because, Benfica signed Pizzi for 5 years and loaned him to Espanyol.

  • I don’t think we have a weak bench at all. Only on the wings/offensive midfield we lack a bit, all the other positions are covered very well.

    I said that I don’t think Raul and Cebolla are good enough for the team, that’s why I’d like to see at least one signing there.

    As for Oliver, I don’t think more minutes mean more pressure, it’s just that he should be kept safe for a while that’s why testing his skills has to go a little bit slower in the beginning of the season and if he proves to be ready, it won’t hurt him at all if he plays a lot, it actually takes the pressure away because he’d get accustomed to the Liga and its players.

    Only concern would be physical problems, mostly stamina, but again, that’s what the earlier games are for.

    Maybe the best solution would be a pacy winger he could roulate minutes with until one proves to be best.
    Not sure how far Alejo is and if he’ll be in the first team selection, but as I haven’t seen anything by him, I can’t and won’t judge and guess that a new winger, be it temporary, is the best and last signing to make, unless another player leaves, which means he’d have to be replaced, of course.

    But who? Maybe we could loan someone like Oxlade-Chamberlain or Douglas Costa for a year. Perhaps one of United’s wingers is available, or what about De Bruyne or Piazon?

  • Silchas

    de Bruyne will stay at Chelsea. Mourinho doesn’t want him on loan.
    Piazon suits the same position as Oliver, plus he hasn’t play convincing at Malaga, in my opinion.
    I don’t like the idea of developing players for other teams, especially when there is no chance of getting the players after a convincing loan.

  • Kulan

    I totally agree with you Ty Gambo. À pacy player that is good off the ball is what the team needs in my opinion. If we can’t sign anyone I would like to try Adrian in à kind of free ATM-roll with a startingposition on the wing. Remember him in his debut-season when he absolutely tore every defence apart with his excellent runs.

  • AndersAT

    If Barca is dead set on not using Alexis Sanchez as he is supposed to be used – in a fast counter-attack – i think he is welcome with in Atleti… But otherwise Cazorla would be the perfect addition to our squad. To bad he looks set to stay at Arsenal for some reason.

  • shlomgar

    @Kulan. Problem with Adrian that he is a good player with no obvious strength in any position known in football. He really lacks the decision making necessary of being a good AM.

  • kris

    Guys, remember that we used to discuss about signing Chucho Benitez on this website? Unfortunately, he has passed away today in Doha. He had recently just signed for Qatari club El Jaish but he passed away before even playing a game, with the cause of death being cardiac arrest. It really saddens me to lose ANY football player, so, I just thought I should post it on here to let you guys know, too. May Chucho’s soul rest in peace and I wish his family and friends all the best.

  • kris

    Adrian just can’t do it. Barcelona won’t sell Alexis. Buy Papu Gomez. I am not saying Oliver shouldn’t get minutes, I just don’t think he should be playing every match because that will hurt his growth. I am just saying that on what I have seen happen to other younger players. I think next season is the perfect time for him to be a regular starter, not this season. But, this year he should get plenty of games, because I love this guy, I know he is the future of our club and he can contribute a lot to us. I just don’t want him to get hurt or anything bad happen to him.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    what a sad news, he was a good player

    looks like footballer’s sudden death will never stop !!

  • I agree about the developing for others, but I meant it more as a temporary solution for a player capable of high level play and roulation with the canteranos, like Oliver.
    It’s like the signing of Cebolla, but probably a more talented player since the other club won’t let him go.
    And those were just some quick names that popped in my head.
    De Bruyne would have been great, I guess, but my first ideas are pacy wingers with a good dribble.
    Or it’s taking risks and let Alejo, Oliver and Juanfran/Manquillo switch turns on the right… I still consider Adrian a forward, in center he’s way more dangerous than on the wings, he wasn’t that great on the wings in his good season, either. Next to/behind/in front of/around Falcao, I thought he was best, easily.

    But, oh well, we’ll see what happens the coming season…

    May Chucho rest in peace.

  • piserakos

    R.I.P Chucho….
    it’s simply… on defence we are a little better that last year(more experience and better bench), same goalkeeper(i don’t know bounou so i can’t compare him with asenjo), at mid we are the same,*ok little better cause oliver will play probably more*(think we all agree last year that was our weaker side of the pitch) and let’s say we weakened at offence(villa is great but his value is lower than falcao but we have a little more depth with leo)… so what we need??? i think a winger(koke isn’t a winger he is better at centre so he will probably play at mario’s spot) or if it’s too difficult to find a winger let’s buy a cm with offensive abilities…. our big problem is that we don’t create a lot of offensive plays…. the other solution? stay as we are, but compete at cl(more than round of 16) and with real,barca will be something like mission imposible…
    gomez for me is good but i’m as i noticed once before somedays he is not world-class player. i hope we could buy cazorla or nasri. only de bruyne could be good enough to play on loan but i don’t think chelsea will give him easily(piazzon, chamberlain will probably be back ups)

  • kris

    Guys, I think what we need to do now is actually play with a player behind the main striker. You see, a DM with AM’s abilities is what we need, and I think Koke could do that very well, just needs to improve a little bit in his defense though. Piserakos, Papu will not be a bad addition at all. And, if you watched the Peter Lim trophy match, you would know Oliver is really good as a second striker.

    I want this to be our potential line up.

    Juanfran-Miranda-Godin-Filipe Luis
    Papu Gomez Arda Turan

  • kris

    Sorry, it just messes it up, but I want Oliver to be in between ahead of the wingers. You guys know what I am trying to state here.

  • kris

    BBC have reported that Capoue is nearing Cardiff move, but Capoue doesn’t actually want to go to Cardiff as he wants to play for Atleti. We gotta try harder what’s up with this? A newly promoted club can pay more than a top European club. Complete $7it the way this club is run.

  • SoLobo

    You forget 2 things about the wingers’ positions…
    1. Aquino is getting a lot of praise by Simeone.
    2. Leo has already said that Simeone wants him to develop his winger abilities due to his great speed.
    So, next to Arda, (Koke), Cebolla, (Raul Garcia) and (I hope even for this year) Alejo, we can also add those two.
    And yes, in extreme cases, Filipe and Insua can co-exist in the left and Juanfran and Manquillo in the right.
    And a little question… Where is Kader? He was quite promising at this time last year… He even made his debut in the first La Liga match.

  • Alex21

    SoLobo, i was thinking the exact same thing!! Where did Kader go?? Oliver, Saul, and, Kader were the three big names this time last year from our youth. I’d assume he just had a good spell of form a year ago, but it seems there has been absolutely no talk of him.

    Very very sad about Mr. Benitez. May his soul rest in peace and live in eternal holiness.

  • Gert

    I think Simeone doesn’t like Kader’s selfies on Instagram

  • piserakos

    kader injuried last year and after that i didn’t heard about him at all… guys oliver can be our ‘transfer’, but it’s on simeone… if he believes that he can be a starter from this year then make no another transfer… by the way papu probably transfered to metalist for 6mil, go get him and break this deal if we can. or just find another one kris i agree with you but where is villa?? we are probably going to play 4-4-2 and some games 4-5-1… with villa costa

  • AndersAT

    I think our squad is as strong as last year. Our defense is one of the strongest in the world in my opinion, and a bit of depth has been added. Our midfield was our weakest point last year, and is much the same. But with Koke improving nicely and hopefully Oliver making a name for himself i think it will be stronger this year. Our attack has probably been weakened a bit, but with Falcao leaving there were no realistic way we would not end up weakened. But i think with Costa continuing to improve and a always deadly David Villa and the superb Arda our attack is still very excellent.

    The problem is our lack of depth and creativity in the midfield. But Simeone prefers 2 DM so there is not really anything to do for creativity.
    In my opinion a signing like Cazorla would be perfect for os, and would complete our squad.
    By the way what black hole has the money from the Falcao sale disappeared into?
    My perfekt line-up would be:
    Juanfran, Godin, Miranda, Filipe
    Gabi, Koke
    Costa, Villa, Arda

  • kris

    We lost Papu Gomez to Metalist?? WTF is this? A Ukranian club beating us to a bid? Clap, clap, Gil.

  • Perhaps they’re in/out of negotiations with another winger, or Leo gained the faith mentioned as right winger.

    It might be that Simeone considers all of Leo, Adrian, Costa, Arda, Koke, Oliver, Cebolla, Aquino, Alejo and Garcia as enough “sort of” options for the offensive midfield midfield/winger positions.

  • kris

    Yehh, and Aquino, you see, he will most likely be promoted to the first team. Now, if this happens, I am not worried about the winger position. Plenty of options but seems like either one Raul Garcia or Cebolla will leave.

  • marcelo

    Hmm rumours on twitter that Diego is coming back.I strongly doubt the credibility though.

  • kris

    Twitter rumours are always filled with 6hit. Diego isn’t coming back.

  • Sebyk

    This transfer window has been such a massive failure so far! Toulalan went to Monaco for 6M, Papu Gómez is leaving Catania for 7M and Capoué is going to Cardiff for 9M – all high-quality players for affordable prices, all players Atlético was interested in, but no, we get beaten to it by average teams. Sure, I understand Diego is out of our reach, but bloody 15 million for two high-quality reinforcements with relatively low wages? Especially if we saved so much money on finding Falcao’s replacement? Jesus Christ, I would kick Caminero’s & co. ass so hard…we need reinforcements so badly, but if Mendes isn’t involved, Atlético can’t wrap up a single transfer…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Kris, don’t under estimate Ukrianian clubs
    Ukraine is a rich country thanks to its oil, and most importantly, its gas .. rather than its coal mines

    Dynamo Kiev, Shakhtar & Metalist are all rich clubs
    just take a look at their stadiums (and other stadiums in Ukraine)

    unlike you, I’m not surprised at all.

  • marcelo

    tbh i don’t believe Diego is completely impossible.Yesterday he said this “At the moment there is no option to leave the club. But in football anything can happen very quickly.” He’s still open to a move and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re not chasing him publicly just to lower Wolfsburg’s ludicrous transfer demands.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Marcelo : Trust me,
    Diego will not comeback, not now .. not ever

    @Sebyk : Villa for 2 million, Demechilis for free, Leo for 7 and the very talented, very promising Giménez for less than a million .. I don’t know how you consider that a failure?!!

    it’s a very successful transfer market for us,
    even if we stopped right there and did not make any more signings

  • Dircil

    Perhaps, we used to be a spending club rather than a selling club so it’s time for us to break this habit and learn how to spare our money more wisely? I’m sure that with the quality of the current squad, we can advance to the knock out of CL and get the 3rd spot in Liga at ease. Maybe, we gotta learn how Tottenham does their business, buy young talented player, use their home-grown youth and then sell them for some money in order to improve the overall quality of the squad. That would sound more financially sustainable for me if we’re serious about competing with Real and Barca in the long run.

  • Silchas

    have i read it wright that we paid 6Mio plus Pizzi for Roberto?

  • Sebyk

    Villa’s form and condition is a big if – he missed almost an entire season due to a horrendous injury and since then wasn’t able to put in two decent performances in the row. Ask any Barcelona fan. I’m not saying Villa will be a flop, he’s always been a wonderful striker, but honestly, it’s quite a big risk. The whole operation can backfire quite badly. Villa be either a huge success – or a huge flop. Although it’s worth the risk for the price, our success in the upcoming season pretty much depends on this operation – which makes me pretty nervous…

    Oh yeah, sorry – third and fourth-choice centre backs will definitely move Atlético forward. Demichelis is a good one, but still a rotation player for the next one or two seasons. Giménez is talented, no doubt, but honestly, this reminds me so much of Cabrera. Coming after the first breakthrough season in Uruguay as one of the best centre backs at WCU20, they’re both Uruguayos, both for a similar price…but look at where Cabrera is now. Only time will show whether Giménez can actually step up and make any impact. I believe he can, he looks like wonderful prospect, but I’ve seen too many “talents” wasted…

    Léo is the same case – he had a wonderful first half of the season, but got injured and missed the second half. Basically we’ve just bought a half-season star. I’m not saying he’s not talented, I was jumping with joy when we it looked like we sealed the transfer in January – but less so now. And don’t get me wrong: Léo is rather a player for the future, bags of talent, but he needs to develop. I can’t see him making much immediate impact this season. And 7M is way too much in my opinion – we could have bought Papu for the price…

    My main point was that we need quality reinforcements that would bring something extra, take the team to the next level. Complete players in their best years – no veterans or youngsters. The next season will be much harder than the last one – not only because Falcao is gone, but also Valencia, Sevilla and others will come back stronger. We will play in the Champions League, we need competitive players who we can be sure will make impact – not rely that some of our reinforcement MAY or SHOULD have impact. As I’ve said, this transfer window is a massive failure – and if Cholo didn’t come back to Spain and didn’t convince Demichelis and Villla, then we would have basically no new players at all…

  • marcelo

    lol I’m an optimist and I love Diego to bits so I won’t give up until he says he doesn’t want to come haha

  • Felipe

    rumors said that pizzi is loaned to espanyol. this is true?

  • kris

    @Ahmad, that wasn’t my point. I know how rich Shaktar and Kiev are. I was just saying how a top club like us couldn’t convince him to join us, especially when he couldn’t been guaranteed a starting position playing in the Champions League.
    @Sebyk, I completely agree with you.
    @Marcelo and again, Diego isn’t coming to Atleti. He has no passion for football anymore. It’s all about the money,money:)
    Felipe, Pizzi signed for Benfica and then got loaned back to Espanyol. Since we didn’t buy him, no money spent by us at all, Jorge Mendes took him to Benfica and we didn’t get any money for that at all, either.

  • Sebyk
  • marcelo

    @kris Diego is incredibly passionate about football man.He would’ve accepted the offer from Qatar if he wanted money!

  • MR

    @kris I’m sorry to say it like this but saying Diego has no passion for football now is an extremely stupid thing as he was one of the very best in Bundesliga last season, playing with incredible amount of passion especially when you consider he is playing in a team he doesn’t want to…
    as for reinforcements: a playmaker like Diego is a must, and naturally we should offload RG for a little money.
    Villa is coming from a team which refuses to play with strikers, even kicked out Eto’o and Ibrahimovic…I don’t think any of them was bad at all…so you shouldn’t judge Villa according to this. By the way: this year Braca will surely flop because of this, no real strikers, no one to go for crosses, no defence…looks good for me!
    Although I’m sure Villa will perform very good, most of the goals will be scored by the amazing Diego Costa…just to show how Falcao should have performed 😉

  • piserakos

    1. metalist has a lot of money(ukranian club) atletico didn’t made an offer for gomez…
    2. villa is a good striker even at that barca(remember ibra and eto) and coming from a injure and with not a lot of games he was very good
    3. sevilla and valencia will be better this year?? valencia maybe tha same(i think the will be worst, and they will probably sell soldado), but sevilla sold all of their stars exept reyes…
    4. diago will be great but 15mill? hm… when we could buy papu for 6-7?? then no

  • Sebyk

    Imho Costa can’t be the leader of our attack (and neither can Adrián). They are both great players, they have the ability to decide a match, but still their form is way too inconsistent and Costa’s great problem is his hot head. If he’s concentrated and focuses on the game, then everything is great, but once he’s irritated or provoked, he doesn’t focus on the game anymore and is totally useless on the pitch. His South-American mentality is letting him down. Sure, Cholo can try keep him down, but not even Cholo can tame him completely.

    And Diego? Unfortunately he’s a play-toy of his money-seeking father. He’s a Brazilian as well, that’s a very specific mentality – look at where Ronaldinho, Adriano or Pato were and where they are now.
    All the reports that Diego would be willing to accept lower wages are probably lies and even if he was, it wouldn’t be enough. The agreement between the club and the player is simply impossible. We can’t pay his 7M – even Falcao earned less than 4M. And now it seems that he will sign a new contract with Wolfsburg – just because nobody else would give him such money…
    By the way, did anybody here notice that when Atlético board didn’t pay bonuses for the Europa League victory in time, it was only Diego (of all the players) who sent an official notice to the FIFA? Everybody knew the money was on its way, Diego had its huge salary transferred to his account, but he applied to the FIFA nevertheless and Atlético had problems because of him…
    Well, that’s Diego – a typical Brazilian gold-miner, or perhaps a play-toy in the hands of a gold-miner…

  • Sebyk

    1. Atlético apparently inquired at Catania, but denied paying so much money for Papu – which is ridiculous if Catania sells him for 7 or 8M
    2. Nope, can’t agree on that. You can ask any Barca fan about Villa’s performances in the last year – and all of them will tell you probably the same: inconsistent. Sure, Villa didn’t play in his natural position and wasn’t given many chances, but it’s a bloody huge risk…
    3. Come on man, turn off your football manager 🙂 Sevilla did pretty good job getting decent money for Navas and Negredo, especially for Navas who is no more the same player he used to be. And Reyes? That player is a wreck. Sevilla is the most active team at the market in Spain and brought some quality reinforcements for a good price – as opposed to us. For me it’s the dark horse of La Liga, they will be high in the table…
    Valencia has a new coach – and a very good one. As the second half of the season showed, their problem was mainly Pellegrino, so problem solved. And even if Valencia stayed on the same level, we won’t – Falcao is gone, no high-quality reinforcements…and the last season was something very extraordinary and it would be even more extraordinary to have two extraordinary seasons in the row – with little new players and the best one gone.

  • Wow, that’s quite the generalization.

    So, if I read that right, we should get rid of all of Miranda, Godin, Demichelis, Gimenez, Filipe, Insua, Cebolla, Costa, Batistao and even Cholo himself as soon as possible, right?
    All those south americans are way too dangerous to have, especially Miranda, Filipe and Costa, the Brazilians, we would clearly be better off without those greedy, hot headed, alcoholic Brazilians.
    You opened my eyes, Sebyk, thank you.

    Looking at the goals, I don’t see why they won’t lose Soldado and we will miss Falcao, they’re not that far apart in importance.

    Unless Piatti, etc step it up more, Valencia looks like a team less threatening. Rami might leave as well.

    And Sevilla, I don’t know, haven’t kept up with them so much, Negredo scored a lot, Navas was the first name on the sheet, probably, even if he was less good this season.
    Seems like they lost quite the important players and it’s uncertain if Marin will perform according to his potential, because he hasn’t for the past two/three years… I’m a fan of the dude, but I don’t think he’ll be a big threat, sadly enough.

  • *the paragraph about the brazilians was meant to be sarcastic

    Miranda, Filipe and Costa were our best players the past season.

  • piserakos

    sebyk i don’t agree with you at n’2 but i accept you opinion…
    but at n’3 come on?? sevilla baught some players(most of them were from smaller divisions) but i bet they will be worst than they were last season, also valencia will be more a ‘team’ but they didn’t bought any player and thay probably will lose some players… anyway we can all agree than last year we were weakened at tranfer window(one of our better players left..diego.. and our 2 best back-ups also..salvio and dominguez.. and we bought who? cata? but our team was better(ok i little disagree about that but that’s another story) why not to be better this year?
    and ok maybe i agree that costa can get easily out of game but it semms cholo turned his foolish off and he can be a super striker

  • kris

    @MR and Marcelo. Diego has found his Werder form again and that’s why I wanted him in the first place. I even posted a skills reel on here that I found on YouTube. The guy is incredibly amazing and I am a big fan. But this guy is like Kaka now, money, mate. And, I completely agree because as an athlete you have to earn as much as possible. But, we can even pay half the salary he gets right now in Wolfsburg. And about going to Qatar, it’s a sad situation really, where you don’t know the language and you are in middle of nobody where there’s mostly people that you are not used to. I want him back as much as you guys but it seems like it won’t happen, because our DAMN board members aren’t even trying. I will be jumping around in circles though, if he does come back.

    Diego Costa is a great player and, he will lead the attack this season. He will be our top scorer. I really want him to keep his temper to himself though, it gets really frustrating for the fans, too, but when the spectators on the stadium are calling him a ‘p*to’, then he has every reason to get mad. I like how he seems to not give a F**k, though.

    Sevilla and Valencia won’t be better than last. Sevilla already sold Navas and Negredo and I don’t see them using that money to buy players but to pay off their debts. And Valencia, they won’t be better than last year for sure. I can see Athletic Bilbao moving up in the ranks, though.

    But we need to buy at least one more player.

  • Sorry, but you say “buy at least one more player” as if it doesn’t matter what kind of thought’s behind it.

    If it’s just some random buy, I’d rather not have it, if it’s not a cheap second goalkeeper or a player capable of playing very well on the right wing, I think it’s best to buy no one at all and depend on the great squad at hand.

  • Sebyk

    @Ty Gambo

    Nice job twisting my words over. Yeah, it was a generalization – such that you can generalize that Africa is the black continent etc. I never said all South-Americans were like that, only that Costa and Diego fit into certain common stereotypes. Let me explain…

    Regarding Costa’s South-American mentality, you can look up any statistics you want and you’ll find out that countries in South America have statistically higher levels of aggression, violence etc. People over there are very temperamental, impulsive, they have hot heads and lose their temper very easily – their machismo culture is assumed to be blamed. Costa is not an exception, such as Cata Díaz, Medel, Mascherano and many others. Sure, machismo is not even solely South-American matter, it’s the same thing in the Balkans (Ljajić, Mihajlović etc.) or Muslim countries (Zidane, the awful thing that happened in Egypt a while ago). That’s a simple fact – not universal, but general. And I’d say Costa fits perfectly into this. Everybody knows he can lose his temper easily and his head is his biggest problem. That’s the reason he’s unlikely to become a true team leader – because he can lose his temper too fast and let the rest of the team down. Still got a problem with that?

    When it comes to Diego – honestly show me any other nationality where you’d find as many cases as in Brazil, Argentina and surrounding countries. Maradona, Ronaldinho, Pato, Adriano, Aílton, Saviola, Denílson (the one from Betis), Kerlon, Ortega, Carlos Alberto and I’m starting to run out of names. Even the likes as Riquelme, Matías Fernández, Verón or Recoba could have achieved way more if they wanted to. I meant to say that South-Americans are sometimes hard to understand, they have a tricky mentality and even if they are amazing players, sometimes it just doesn’t go all their way. Such as it happened with Diego – hard to say what he’s after, but I’ve heard too many times that his father is using him as a gold mine…

    But sure, you can try to catch me in my words again and make me look like an idiot. Thanks!

  • kris

    My bad. But looking at the players we already have with Aquino maybe being promoted to the first team and Leo Baptistao willing to play as a winger, we need to buy Schweinsteiger. ahha, that’s pretty much impossible but we need to get a CM/DM with attacking and defensive abilities. I mean, because a lot of success Bayern got last year was from Schweinsteiger, who was able to go up when they needed to attack, and was great in defense, too.

  • marcelo

    I also believe Diego’s father and his own temperament have really held back his career.Diego is a brilliant player atm but he really could’ve been one of the greats of the last decade.His skillset is just unique.I still love him though.Watching him last season was a true pleasure and i don’t even care about Wolfsburg 😛

  • kris

    Marcelo and everybody else I think we should move on with Diego, because I don’t see any possibilities of him coming.I would love to be proved wrong, though.

    I think our main focus should be signing someone like Schweinsteiger. The guy can do everything. WE need a player who can defend when needed and attack when needed.

  • starvs



  • kris

    Damn, watched the match against Sporting Cristal. Very dominating performance, could do much better though. Especially in finishing. A very unlikely man scored the winner but very glad we won the match. Good game!!

  • marcelo

    holy shit Mario!! hahaha

  • Ty Gambo

    Brazil is a bigger country, so of course they have most or close to most, of players throwing promising careers away. You could also name Elia, van der Wiel and Drenthe and say Dutch people are the same way.

    Perhaps some cultures are a little more conservative than the other, but in the end not everyone blindly follows their culture, luckily.

    All I’m trying to say is, don’t assume things so quickly, you don’t know their real story, you don’t know if they’re as much as a sheep as you think.
    Although I have to say 99% of people in the world are blind sheep, but that’s a whole other discussion.

  • Sebyk

    Nice try, but both Elia and Drenthe are of Surinamese descent, while van der Wiel is of Antillean descent so you’ve just proved my point 😛

    I’m just saying South-Americans often have a tricky mentality – but not all of them. It was a generalization based on a common stereotype, sure, but as you can see, every stereotype gotta be based on something…

  • piserakos

    Schweinsteiger??? yes that will be great… but i don’t see that deal happen:P bayern will not sell him easilly

  • Lots of stereotypes are based on fear, like when you see someone from Pakistan or something and think he carries a bomb beneath his clothing.

    They grew up in the Netherlands, were born there, that’s the culture they grew up in. So, hell no, I did not prove your point.
    But if there’s where you want to go, where did Seedorf get his discipline from? Is he a mutant?

  • kris

    LOL of course not. Bayern won’t sell Schweini, but we need someone like him to boss our midfield.

  • Imran Khan

    @Ty Gambo I’m from Pakistan 😐 (p.s I request u to show some respect 🙂 Thanks in advance :p

  • Will

    So… glad we have a south american around. Brazilian myself, I don’t believe it’s a matter of mentality

    Well, of course I’ve already noticed all this about mainly Brazilian players. I really think it’s a matter of education. A Brazilian player usually drop school very early (similarly at Elementary School). Add this they come from a poor family with similar education level you have a person completely not ready to “succeed”, plan a career, prepare his body for a so demanding sport and, mainly, win tons of money.
    What I keep saying to friends is that for these players ‘football’ becomes less important than nightlife, girls, cars, houses, travels and etc.. Then you can expect a incredible drop of performance. I like the Ronaldinho example for this. The best football player in the world, biggest salary, living with his mother in Spain until…. his mother started dating a guy and moved back to Brazil. You have now Ronaldinho, fame, money, goods.. alone in Barcelona.. You all know how this ends. Fat Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Cicinho, Carlos Alberto, etc, …

    The football clubs here don’t care at all about educating the person that will become a player. It’s only about football. Everybody loses in the long term but nobody takes this responsibility.

    You can probably extend this to the majority of South American players. Brazil is the richest country here, you can expect worse scenarios in the other countries maybe with some restrictions to Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

    Education is the solution IMO. So sad the authorities here don’t care about this.

  • Will

    About Diego, I really think it’s not his case. He seems to come from good family, seems to have enough culture and education.
    I really think it’s more about Wolfsburg and Gil family than anything else. Sure his father doesn’t help at all but I really don’t think it makes much difference in all this.

  • Hey guys i just read this…..
    Liverpool have activated Diego Costa release clause. I am dreaming or is that true?

  • Adnan khan

    @Imran khan, i think ty gambo only gave a example of a stereotype. No big deal 😉 ps. I am from Pakistan too 😉

  • Imran Khan

    @Adnan Khan 🙂