Villa: “For me, Atleti is the best team in the world”

Atleti present new striker David Villa to press and fans

David Villa presented by Atletico Madrid

Villa shows off his new number (

A VIP room full of journalists and a teeming Vicente Calderón awaited the unveiling of our new number 9, David Villa. After having passed his medical exactly a week ago, the forward was finally presented as an Atlético player.

As is usual when presenting new players, president Enrique Cerezo delivered a speech highlighting Villa’s trophy-filled career.

“We have grown a lot as a club, but we are still hungry for more trophies, and David Villa will help us with that,” he stated.

Villa then took to the microphone and stated: “I want to thank everyone for the affection you all have given me, it is an honour for me to be here at Atleti. I promise to give everything I have in each training and every match in order to make this club even bigger than it already is.

“I am here to help this winning club, I came to play as a number 9, the position that was left open by Radamel Falcao.”

When asked whether he would negotiate with Adrián López for the number 7, he replied: “I said that I would take one of the remaining open numbers, the number 7 is Adrián’s. If he were to offer it to me, I would have told him no; it is only fair.”

After posing with Cerezo and sporting director José Luis Pérez Caminero, Villa went straight to the pitch to greet the fans.

As soon as he stepped out, the fans made sure to let him know he will be loved at his new club.

The over 20,000 Colchoneros in attendance were making a clamour, and it only got louder as he addressed them.

“I promise you all that I will leave my heart and soul for this crest; and for this jersey,” he stated.

“Who would not want to come? I cannot think of many teams in the world that have won more trophies than Atleti in recent years.”

The fans could not contain their excitement for long, with hundreds taking to the field. Their new star smiled throughout though, and he even stopped to sign a few jerseys.

Welcome, Villa!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    20.000 fans .. is that the biggest attendance for a presentation of an Atleti player or what !

    I think Falcao’s was less than that


  • starvs

    So geeked about this signing, what a ridiculous bargain. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  • Urban

    Amazing. Super exciting and Villa seems to be a really cool guy.

    God I hope all will go well for him on the pitch!

  • Willen

    According to a not trustable source I read today (Marca) the Facão’s was 10.000 fans.

    Good luck to Villa, we won’t stop chanting his name.

  • Vlad

    Anyone knows anything about this CAZORLA TO ATLETICO FOR 20M thing?????

  • Alex21

    Not true.

  • Vlad


  • Dircil

    the deal seems to unlikely to happen given the fact that Arsenal hasnt spent much on the transfer market recently. They still have abundance of money to spend and do not need to sell any player to refill their budget. I dont see any chance we can get Santi unless we offer Arsenal a big deal :))

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    can’t believe those many people who believed that rumor !

    I was just talking about this last night with some friends in twitter and almost missed “Suhoor” ! (the meal before dawn to prepare for fasting in the daylight in the month of Ramadan)

    1- Wenger will never let him go after his great (and first) season
    2-Arsenal bought him for 24 M last season, and after his magnificent season his price will not got any lower (if not even got higher)
    3-our limit for spending this season is 30 M, and we spent some of it on Villa & Leo
    4- the fact that our limit is 30 M does not mean that we have that amount of money, we just paid 100 M for taxes & for some clubs including Porto for Falcao
    so I doubt that we have 30 M to spend
    5- as like as we don’t have the money to buy him, Arsenal don’t need money to sell him !
    6- some people talked about buying him with some money + Adrian
    are you serious ?!! .. just put yourselves in Wenger place and think a little to see if you would make this deal !!

    come on guys .. you are smarter than that !

  • Will

    I read that too. The Ahmad’s first two items explains it all. The player had an incredible season. He will probably cost 30-35 M.
    I guess that, unfortunately (some few more additions would be great), that’s the players we will have for the season.

  • Will

    Negredo has joined Man City for 25+3M. I still can’t believe we got Villa for like 5M.

  • kris

    Ahmad, we do still have 20 more million left that we can spend even after paying the taxes. Watch, there will be at least two more genius additions.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    yeah Kris, I’m sure of that .. we will made one (maybe two) more genius additions, but not Cazorla
    and I think not Diego either

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    the club just made an announcement that Raul Garcia will be a Vice Captain

    remember when I asked you who do you think & who do you want to be a V.C after Falcao departure
    I said Godin or Mario, some of you said other names, even one said Oliver .. but no one said RG

    honestly I wanted to say his name, but I know that many of you don’t really like him so I didn’t want to start an argument

    but after it’s done I must say he deserves it
    he been with us since 2007 (the oldest one)
    he played 212 games in all competitions
    he and Asenjo are the only 2 who played CL with Atleti
    and he is Spanish

    my only preservation is that he is not a regular starter, just like Tiago .. so some other players could wear the Captain arm band rather than them

    so they should have chosen a starter, maybe Godin, Filipe or Mario

    but anyhow, RG8 is fine with me .

  • kris

    Exactly, Ahmad. Arda would have made a better vice captain though, but he isn’t Spanish.

  • kris

    Damn though, Pulido signed for Castilla. I would rather have had him in Elche with Ruben.

  • starvs

    Koke >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Raul Garcia in terms of being a captain, no question. Really don’t like RG as captain at all, doesn’t make sense, he doesn’t play enough; same with Tiago really (hopefully…). I do understand why Cholo likes him personally, but he is not atleti quality as a player.

  • kris

    True stuff starvs.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    In spain most club has a unwritten rule that the player who has been at the club the longest is the vice-captain.

  • starvs

    Interesting Jimbo, didn’t know that, guess makes sense I suppose. We should just make sure RG is not longest tenured player…

  • Atletico- palestine

    Is raul garcia is going to stay in the team!!! Pizzi, adrian, arda, koke, OLIVER TORRES, cebolla, maybe new signing (diego or cazorla) all are better than him as attacking mid or winger why to keep him??
    Again i think we need definsive mid more important than diego as we have oliver torres.

  • Urban

    1. Santi – ElConfidencial just informed that Peter Lim is to finance the oparation which will be the first step for him to become our shareholder. Still I dont see it all happening.

    2. Raul as captain – Raul is ok with me, but I think Juanfran is more appropriate. I see him as a better professional and more important first-team figure, with bigger influence in the dressing room.

  • Ian

    Really pulido signed for castilla?
    We should keep him and let him develop on loan…

  • Ty Gambo

    If someone preferred Cata Díaz to me, I’d leave, too, lol.

  • Silchas

    Interesting coice from Pulido. He rather play in a team, which can’t enter the frist league. Plus he has no realistic Chance to play reguarly in the first team.
    I thougt Cata is already in Argentina to negotiate with Boca?

  • starvs

    Jesus how did I forget about my main man Juanfran, infinitely better captain than Raul Garcia. INFINITELY.

  • kris

    Cata is no longer with us, lol, after that incident, atleti fans hate him. he don’t want to be there. he will move to Boca. But, yehh,, Pulido, can’t believe he snubbed Elche for Castilla.

  • Atletico- palestine

    Barca get away from oliver torres!
    I read it just now

  • kris

    No way in effing hell, Barca will sign Oliver Torres. I am saying this, if this deal ever goes through, all Colchonores will eff up Gil and Cerezo. This deal will never go through.

  • piserakos

    guys i’m thinking about pulido deal… atletico sold him at castilla… probably the reason is that they gave a some money and we prefered to grabed them… give real a player who isn’t going to play at 1st isn’t a big problem…
    WE NEED A WORLD-CLASS WINGER trust me our roster is complete if we want to finish 3rd, if we want to compete with the 2 we have to give money to bring one great winger..
    (cl and cup is another story we should not forget we are a cup team, we can do the best and the worst)

  • Alex21

    Should’ve tried to get jese.

  • starvs

    No way Real parting with Jese, he too promising. We do need a wing though, or a CAM to allow Arda to move more wide. Would be nice to have both…and an improved CDM…yeah….probably not…

  • kris

    If you watched the Peter Lim Cup match, Oliver is a really good CAM. So, instead of playing with two DMs, we should only use one, and use Oliver as a CAM? And Koke and Arda on the wings?? IDK, ahha, I would really like Papu Gomez and a CAM, but see if we can’t buy either one of those two midfielders, we should play with Oliver as a CAM, and Arda and Koke as wingers.