Demichelis: “This is a group of winners”

New signing Demichelis spoke at the Calderón on Friday

demichelis presented by atletico madrid

Demichelis at his presentation

A packed VIP room witnessed the presentation of Argentine defender Martín Demichelis. The player joins Atleti for a single season, after turning down a three- season contract from River Plate, the team where he made his debut back in 2002, and where he had promised to return after seeing out his contract with Málaga.

“I couldn’t reject the call from Atleti. I had to choose what was best for my career over my feelings. You can’t say no to a winning team like Atlético de Madrid.”

The event kicked off with a short speech by President Enrique Cerezo on the player’s 11-season-long career so far.

“Adding an experienced player like Martín was a step forward for the club in a Champions League season, because the squad will gain experience and know-how in such a demanding competition,” he stated.

He then thanked Demichelis for his decision to come to Atleti over River Plate: “We know it was a difficult decision and we thank you.”

The player then fielded questions from the reporters, assuring that the kind presentation had been very moving.

“Deciding to come was a hard choice. I opted for the best sports project and I want to fight for the three competitions at stake. I’m joining a team of experienced winners commanded by a coach that only lives to win. I hope I can be up to the challenge of being a part of this great institution and group of talented players. I want to start working with “Profe” Ortega and the rest of the coaching staff and add my two cents,” he said.

“Even though I felt the moral obligation of returning to River Plate after having seen a contract out for the first time in my life, it was hard to decide on coming. Plus, it was not easy to leave a city that gave me as much as Málaga these past years. At the end, the best project was the one I chose.”

“Being one of the veteran players helps add experience to the group, but this is a talented side full of winners anyway. Winning makes you want to win more, so I am sure that we can still aim to obtain more silverware, but we have to go one step at a time.”

Atleti’s new number 24 then acknowledged the hard work needed to get the nod for the starting line-up: “Both Godín and Miranda have done a great job. They have Cholo’s confidence. I’ll try to work hard to earn my own space in the team.  I just hope to do things well and not get injured during the season.”

Ever since Simeone called an end to his holidays, things have started to move at Atleti. In a single week, Villa and Demichelis have been personally convinced by the tactician. Cholo rules, Spanish reporter Rubén Uría stated the day before.

He went on : “What do they need a sports director for if Simeone is doing Caminero’s job?”

The feeling is the team has a winning spirit surplus with Simeone around. Important and experienced players attend his summons to join “the group,” as he dubs the team, and Simeone normally doesn’t take no for an answer.

Demichelis is on board, in to his own words, because “Simeone is always desperate to win, and makes you feel the same.”


  • starvs

    <3 Cholo. It was very important to upgrade Cata to an actually capable backup, that was the shallowest part of the team, and RB which he can sort of cover in emergency at least…

  • super3athens

    anyone knows if we gained any money for cata?? now we can do 1-2 more deals and we are perfect… a winger or a n’10(alejandro gomez or diego)…. a great central mid… or we can use koke as a central mid and buy both winger and a n’10 or 2 wingers(gomez and lljajic) and we are ok. oh maybe sell one of raul garcia or rodriguez

  • starvs

    With super3athens on this, except sell them both…

  • SoLobo

    Koke as a CM and AM, Oliver as an AM, Saul as a CM and a winger, Ivan Alejo as a winger. We need no one. That ‘s our bench (Koke not for the bench) and our future!

  • Can you tell me more about Alejo, I don’t really know the lad.
    Oliver is somewhere between CM and AM, I’ve noticed, kind of like Iniesta when he’s put in midfield at Barcelona.
    A more offensive midfielder or winger (unless Alejo is really really talented and ready) seems pretty useful to me, at the moment, though, only one of them and not too big of a name, so they could work as a bridge for the talented players behind them.
    With the strikers on the squad, I think a winger is the best option to focus on.
    Though all of Tiago, Raul and Cebolla staying might leave little space for such a signing and possible canterano.

  • Plus we don’t have many to pick from on the wings.
    Koke and Raul aren’t really wingers, they are CM and AM respectively, Arda and Cebolla are most capable on the wings and they both prefer the left side.
    A player great on the right, would be great.
    Adrian is more of a back up on the wings, a last resort, and third or fourth striker, depending on the opponent and training days.

  • Arjit

    Adrian is probably more capable on the wings than cebolla or Raul

  • SoLobo

    Well, he was brought here from Valladolid last year, after rejecting Valencia and Real. He is a winger, 18 years old and he is said to be very quick. He is regarded to be the next Joaquin or Jesus Navas. Simeone took him with the first team this summer. Anderlecht and Tottenham were ready to buy him, but we persuaded him to stay a few days ago and he signed a two-years contract. He was also wanted by Porto, Juventus and Liverpool.

  • SoLobo

    Aquino can be an option too, at least in cup matches.

  • kris

    Dani Aquino? Aquino can be a backup at any time. This kid can play. Should bring him up to the first team by now. And as for Ivan Alejo, bring him to the first team too.

  • I think so too, Arjit, but I still consider Adrian a forward and even if he’s better than those two, I don’t think he’s good enough on the wing to be first choice. That’s why I’d opt for a new winger until Alejo might be ready.
    Sounds good, by the way, thanks for the information, SoLoBo!

    And with Costa, Leo, Adrian, Villa, Oliver, Koke, Arda and even Raul on the team already, able to be part of the central offensive force, I really think the right wing needs most improvement right now. Diego is a possibility, but I think it’s better to move on.

  • SoLobo

    Why can’t we just keep Pizzi and Ruben Perez for a year? Are they that bad??

  • kris

    NO. Pizzi is really good. Trust me. We should use him as a winger if we are unable to buy Papu.

  • SoLobo

    That ‘s what I ‘m saying, kris… And Ruben Perez was quite decent in Betis. Why can’t we keep him as our 4th or 5th CM? If we can’t buy a world class player, what ‘s the point in transferring players of a lower level and letting go ours? I am sorry, but as far as I know, Papu is no world class player. He is a player of Catania without ever playing for Argentina. Is Pizzi worse than him? And if we wanted a good Argentinian winger, why did we let Salvio go? Is Papu better? We keep wishing for Papu and Diego, as if there are no better players. Diego is of course good enough, but he obviously doesn’t want to return. (And when he was here, Koke was a sub.) I only want world-class players that really want to come to our family, because we are a world-class team again. If they don’t, I am more than happy to see our canteranos playing.

  • super3athens

    solobo papu trust my is very good player…of course he is not an all-star…and for about 8mil it will be a wonderfull deal! he is better than salvio(same style of player a but a little better) and i think better than pizzi(not the same style) he is a great winger he will be first 11 choice, he is young(diego isn’t) i think we should buy him.. i agree that we shall keep pizzi he is an excellent back-up and if we don’t want to spend money keep also ruben as a back-up…. we let salvio go cause we took 13-14 millions and we needed those money

  • lol


  • kris

    Yehh, um,, Ruben is gonna play for Elche on loan next season. Pizzi will stay and fight for his position. I really want to see Papu Gomez breaking in that wing, I watch Serie A a lot and I know he will be great for us, and no he isn’t a player of low level, he is really great. lol and much better than Salvio, imo. ahha,

    Capoue won’t do me for the dm position, I much
    rather prefer Saul, really. Capoue has no experience, nor does Saul. If Capoue is bought, he is much likely to go on a loan, and we don’t want another player that will just go on loan.

  • SoLobo

    Well, I don’t know about Papu, I hope you are right, if he comes, but Pizzi also cost us an extreme amount of money last year, if you remember!
    As for Capoue, he is a decent player, but not better than Gabi or Mario, or even Koke in that position. So what ‘s the point in buying a backup, as long as we have already some?

  • kris

    Exactly, Solobo. I meant a bit better, not much better than Eduardo, though. We just need to spend smartly a bit more though, to create depth for the squad as we are competing in the greatest club competition. I think we should spend about 15-20 million now, smartly, though. Not just buy any players to send them on loan and waste their careers by sending them to lower level clubs, but buy the ones that will be useful for seasons to come and use them smartly.

  • Mahmoud

    Who says Diego doesn’t want to return? Every interview he gives to the media he always talks about how much he loved his time at the club and he was even willing to take a (small) paycut.

    It is not his fault that we haven’t met Wolfsburg’s asking price, there isn’t much more he can say or do (short of playing for free) to make a move happen.

  • Kulan

    Cazorla? Can’t be true..

  • ansharY

    I don’t believe it either

  • Ty Gambo

    I keep forgetting about Pizzi, ha. But isn’t he for the left wing, as well?

  • Hey guys do you really think we need Carzola? Marca report that we reach personel agreement with him. If true he will be great addition but i think we dont have the money to sign him.

  • SoLobo

    Diego could push his team far more, if he really wanted to play with us again. He is very stubborn and he has proved that before. He may prefer to play with us, but he is OK playing with anybody else. He doesn’t really care to return.
    As for Cazorla, I don’t believe it either, but this is the world-class material I am expecting! (but we also have emptied space for foreigners with Falcao gone and Diego Costa now a Spanish citizen, shouldn’t we look for some non-EU?)
    Finally, Pulido is going to Real Madrid B? Isn’t it a pity? Was it too hard to give him a little bit more playing time than selling him to our rivals reserves?

  • SoLobo

    Cerezo just said that the thing about Cazorla is just rumours and that the squad is “complete”. So, no need to argue any more! We can continue the talk in January! 😛

  • kris

    Pulido will most realistically go to Elche then Real. LOL. Squad isn’t complete, that’s just his words. But there is no way we will be signing Cazorla. If we do, though, a world-class player like him is what we need in our team.

  • piserakos

    why not buy cazorla?? i don’t think arsenal will let him go but if they leave him for 20mill(that’s the amount i read) i will be an excellent signing… we are going to compete with the two hicho de putas(real barca)… if he won’t come we can find a lot of great players… but he is a world class player(only diego is, the others can become)

  • Silchas

    Cazorla rumours is weird. We already struggle to pay 8mio for alejandro Gomez but we can afford Cazorla for more than 20. Made my day.

  • starvs


    Think of the money people…or lack there of….