OFFICIAL: Atlético snag Demichelis

Los Rojiblancos pick up another valuable chip at a bargain price

atletico madrid defender martin demichelis for bayern munich

Demichelis is very familiar with red and white
(Getty Images)

All it took was for Diego Simeone to pound his fists on the table for Atlético to get the ball rolling when it came to reining in reinforcements.

Three days after the signing of David Villa was made official, Atleti have confirmed a deal that will bring Martín Demichelis to the Vicente Calderón for one year.

The Argentine centre-back joins Atlético from Málaga, where he spent two-and-a-half years after suiting up for Bayern Munich for seven-and-a-half seasons.

According to AS, Simeone was very instrumental in convincing his 32-year-old countryman to agree to the move.

The defender arrives free after failing to renew his contract with Málaga, and is said to have a pre-agreement to return to his first club, River Plate, after the 2013/14 campaign.

Demichelis will be replacing ‘Cata’ Díaz, who, in all likelihood, will sign with his former club Boca Juniors shortly.

The transfer also comes two days after Joel and Sílvio headed out the other direction, with the goalkeeper permanently joining Everton and the Portuguese fullback being loaned out to Benfica for a single term.

  • Shlomgar

    Reading the first line, laughing, saying to myself ‘I know who wrote this’. Checking… Yep, my man Martin.
    You’re the best man. Do you write anywhere else? I would love to check it out as well.

  • Erik Weidl

    No doubt he is a defender of great experience.

  • Urban

    Quality signing, another with great money for value ratio.

    Unfortunately we will not be getting Andres from Osasuna.

    In any case I hope all organizational and financial focus will be now put on Diego.

  • Martin Rosenow

    @Shlomgar Thanks bud, I’m flattered. As far as writing anywhere else, nope; although I do run a fun little blog called I Love Atleti:

  • Quality signing with great experience. All we need now is a playmaker and possibly a defensive mid and we are ready for the new season. Diego and Toulalan although i don’t know if Toulalan has signed for A$ Monaco yet :/

  • starvs

    Toulalan def is officially at Monaco.

    This squad is very close to be being ready.


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I wrote here many times that the only way to survive in this situation and circumstances is by smart signings

    well, Villa and Demichelis are not just smart signings, they are genius signings
    two top class players one for 2 M and the other for free, what’s more genius than that !!

    and Starvs, me too chanting right now :


    and trust me, we will git him

  • Shay


  • Scott


  • marcelo

    am i missing something? :p

    Did Diego say something?

  • Atletico- palestine

    Excellent signings 🙂
    We need DDDIIIIEEEEGGOOOOO in addition we are in high need for quality signing definsive midfielder or center mid as we only have gabi and mario ( tiago will leave koke natural position is same of diego) and both of them are the weakest in their positions compared to the rest of the team. I think toulalan was perfect addition but we need such quality signing.

  • Hassim El Majubi

    How can you guys be happy with him ? I know him from his time at Bayern, they kicked him ther because he payed more attention to his hair during the match than to his defensive duty’s. He is extremly overrated, and lacks defensive skills, also he’s 33 ? Pfff, very very dissapointing signing imo.

  • starvs

    Yeah, you were gonna find an CL experienced CB to back Miranda and Godin up for cheaper than this guy? Would have liked to see it.

    And no Marcelo, we are just hopefully.


  • ansharY

    I usually don’t comment but today, i feel the need to join in n say,



    The Singaporean Fan who tried in vain to stop ppl from booing Gabi on May 22nd.

  • Arjit

    Gabi weak in his position? I don’t think so, maybe Mario but not Gabi. Gabi closes down the opposition really well, he’s literally everywhere and he’s not bad going forward either. He brings the ball out of the defensive third really well. Mario is physically very strong and has good defensive abilities however he can be clumsy on possession. With Saul as their back up option, I think cm is well covered. There are also the unconfirmed futures of Ruben Perez, Ruben Michael and Raul Garcia. At the very least sell off some of these CMs before buying another one.

  • Shay

    Just have to say that Demichelis has always been my favorite CB and I’m thrilled he’s joining us.. He is a great player (even at 33) and 100 times better the Cata..

    So.. all the dissapointed FIFA players (hassim) – Just wait and see…

  • Silchas

    Micael was sold to Braga for around 3Mio, but im not sure how much money we got for him, because there are roumurs that his transfer rights have been to 100% by Gestifute( Jorge Mendes)

  • super3athens

    we bought him for about 5mil and we sell him for 3.. of course that’s a bad business but we should get rid of him

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Hassim : The overrated player does not play 44 games in the champions league, does not play World Cup with Argentina and does not play 137 games in Bundesliga with Bayern
    unless the all 7 coaches he worked with are all idiots, and I’m sure they are not (except Maradona) !

    @Arjit : I totally agree with you, Gabi is one of our most important players, me too see him better than Mario and I’ve always said that he is the one who should have been called to La Roja, not Mario

    @Silchas & @super3athens : I don’t know if these numbers are accurate or not, but even it is, don’t forget that we loaned him twice to Zaragoza and to Sporting Braga, that was for money !
    and I think it wasn’t less than 1.5 million for each year, that’s 3 M, add to the the other 3 M so we actually got 6 million out of him

    but it still a very weird deal !
    a player we had his contract for 3 years and he never played a single game with us
    search for Mendes !!

  • EC

    I know we shouldn’t talk about real here but I just seen the deal for Illarimendi went through. Even though there was lots of speculation about it I never thought it would go through. IMO €39 mil is a ludicrous amount to pay for him. Amazing buissness from Sociedad

  • DNM

    Atleti should now concentrate on getting Diego and sale Arda . Once, these deals go through enough funds will be generated to bring in a winger and a DM. How about Diego Capel(in part exchange for any surplus player) and Mohamed Diame (can be a bargain buy if shrewdly done)?
    IMO, this team can challenge real and barca.

  • EC

    @DNM – we should sign Diego and then if we’re lucky we will get a cm aswell. No way should we be selling Turan though

  • starvs

    Totally agree, no reason to sell Arda; he can function as both creative mid and more out wide if needed, too good, too versatile,t o sell.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @DNM I don’t know what are you talking about ?!
    in the last 2 seasons, our most important players were Falcao, Miranda, Courtois & Arda !

    I guess you are Greek 😉

  • SoLobo

    Heeeeeyyy! Greece talking, Arda is not going anywhere!!! 🙂

  • kris

    Dnm, arda and sell?go home, you are drunk.

  • What hell are you sayin? Sell Arda? how on earth? I think you are not atletico fan.

  • ktbell

    No selling

  • super3athens

    hehe… one turk is out (emre) the other one is too good to hate him… hope he change his nationality:P another greek:P